Once again, Data was giving massages to women in Dr. Crusher's office. Deanna Troi came in.

"Hello, Counselor. Would you like a foot massage?"

"Yes, please, Data."

"All right."

She sat on the couch and took her shoes and socks off. Then she lied down, and he began massaging her feet.

"You have gotten much better at this than when you started doing it, Data."

"Thank you, Counselor. I am happy you have come, today."

"You are?"

"Yes. There is a matter I wanted to discuss with you."


"I am considering the action of 'popping the question' with Qoyana Klix."

She smiled. "Popping the question?"

"I believe that is the correct expression. It means asking your significant love partner to marry her, does it not?"

"Yes, it does, Data! Oh, could you press a little harder right there, please?"

"Certainly. Yes, I am considering asking Qoyana to marry me."

"Data, that's wonderful! Congratulations!"

"That you, Counselor. But before I do this, I want to make sure I am…taking the right step."

"I see. Because you are an android, I'm unable to read your thoughts, Data. So, tell me, how do you feel towards Qoy?"

"I feel a special feeling towards her. I am not sure if it is love."

"Well, describe this feeling."

"I feel as though I am content with her. I feel as though she has now become an important part of my life. I feel that if she ever left me, a part of my life would also leave me."

She nodded. "I think you're in love with her, Data."

"Well, then, asking her to marry me would be a logical thing for me to do, would it not?"

She smiled. "Asking Qoy to marry you would be the most logical thing for you to do, Data!"

"Then I will do it, Counselor."

"And let me be the first to congratulate you!"

She got up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Counselor."

"When do you intended to do it?"

"I am thinking perhaps this evening, after she gets off of her shift."

"Excellent! Well, I've got to get going, now. Thanks for the massage."

"You are welcome."

She put her shoes and socks back on. "Please tell me what happens after you propose to her."

"I will counselor."

"Bye, Data."


She left.