There was a knocking on the door.

"Mr. Donald Davenport?"


"Mr. Davenport, sir?"

Door opens.

A man appears with a dark coat.

"This is he."

"Hello, Mr. Davenport, this is the FBTP… or the Federal Bionic Training Program. You did say you wanted to continue with us, correct?"

"What exactly is this going to entail?"

"This program trains a child into becoming one of the world's best soldiers. We are in a war right now, as you know. If you decide to donate a child to the program, you will receive a mansion in Mission Creek, California to live with your family. Now, this can either be an open case or a government secret. You will get to see your child and he will return back to you when the war is over."

No emotion shown whatsoever.

Not sure if I like him… but a mansion to keep over a stupid war?

More silence.

Tough decisions call for silence.

"Now remember, you're the only one being offered this position. This is not a public scheme."

Shut up, I'm thinking.

"Fine. Just take the child before I get attached to it."

"Which one, sir?"

"The youngest."

Cold hands touched the warm, smiling child.

It's a sad day in history.

"Thank you for your sacrifice, sir."

"Get out of my house before I regret my decision."

Door closes.

I regret my decision.

I look out the window… the car is gone.