This one went a little long. The monster in this story was graciously provided by Google and Wikepedia.

The monster and characters are borrowed by myself for entertainment purposes only...I'll eventually give them back.


WOW: nature

" I say we let nature take its course and find the closest bar."

" Dean!"

"What! They summoned the damned thing here, they can suffer the consequences. I'm tired of cleaning up after idiots."

" Dean, we can't just leave them, it's our job."

"Yeah, well our job sucks and the benefit package blows."

"What the hell has gotten into you. You're usually the one pushing the family business, you don't usually leave civilians to the mercy of monsters."

"First of all, don't lecture me on the family business, I know what the family business is. But when suburban housewives looking to win a scrapbooking contest start messing with witchcraft and happen to summon some paper monster freak, I say let them learn their lesson. Fuck it!"

"You can't be serious? They brought an Ittan-Momen here."

"So?! You said they summoned a Japanese paper monster. What the hell can a piece of paper do, give them paper cuts?"

"Do you ever listen when I talk? Did you not hear me tell you the Ittan-Momen is said to be a piece of cloth that spins around a person's face or neck and suffocates them. The Ittan will smother each and every one of those women to death. Then it will work it's way through the town."

"Well why didn't you say something Sammy! "