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So, new one-shot. Camp Jupiter released a new set of prompts related to roommates and, since I plan on writing several one-shots in response, this will be a multi-chapter fic. (All of the chapters will be written in response to a different prompt.)

Brief Summary: Set after Trials of Apollo! On a particularly bad day, Piper goes to her home in New Rome expecting her roommates to help her feel better. Luckily, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Reyna Ramirez and Hazel Levesque - aka, her roommates -, have protocols for this kind of situations.

Cohort: Fifth. (centurion.)

Word count: 2443.

Prompt: 5. The tales of you and your four roommates.

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Chapter 1. "The Pink Situation."

After Jason's death, Piper began looking for comfort in her friends.

The thing was that, with the passing of her former boyfriend, the scrutiny towards Piper arrived.

You see, for some reason, people expected Piper not to mourn Jason. Because she had broken up with him before he died, people were confused as to why she cried for him.

As if he wasn't her best friend. As if Piper didn't love Jason with all her heart. As if that love should have stopped the moment they broke things off.

Really, Piper was tired of people and their need to make rude and hurtful comments. Half the time, she wanted to charmspeak them into jumping off a cliff or something.

Anyways, Piper was sure she couldn't have done it without her friends. Once Apollo went back to Olympus and things went back to normal, she moved into New Rome to be closer to them. It was hard in the way that she had no idea what to do with her life - while her friends were all moving on so easily -, but they understood her grief.

They were the only ones who understood.

Since Percy decided to stay with Sally for a while to help with his sister Estelle, Annabeth had been the first to move in with Piper. That meant their nights began to be filled with studying sessions and discussions about books but it distracted Piper. Annabeth's ambition inspired the daughter of Aphrodite and, before she knew what was happening, she'd started looking into enrolling in New Rome University in the following semester.

Reyna and Thalia moved in with them at the same time. The Hunt had been an amazing experience for the two of them but quickly after Reyna joined in, the pair decided their home wasn't with the Hunt. It was with one another. So, they talked to Artemis and left the Hunt. Now, they lived with Piper and Annabeth until they managed to get a home of their own.

Living with the two snarky demigods had certainly changed Piper's and Annabeth's routine. For one, mornings were usually louder as Thalia liked to put the radio on - especially if they were playing Green Day or ACDC - and sing loudly as she readied herself for the day. Also, discussions about gender equality became a daily thing since Reyna wanted to talk about nothing else the minute she got home from her classes.

Still, Piper was grateful for them. Living with Thalia meant having company whenever Piper wanted to go out or have a horror movie marathon. On the other hand, living with Reyna was being able to talk about Jason whenever she wanted to. Reyna knew Jason as much as Piper did so, in a way, the grief they both were going through was pretty similar. As a result, Reyna was awfully protective of Piper.

Piper wasn't really sure how to feel about that.

The last to move in with them was Hazel. In a way, the daughter of Pluto was the presence they needed because, as much as the four girls were heroines who survived wars, they were still teenagers. It's safe to say Hazel quickly became the mom of the family despite her age.

Hazel was usually the one forcing Annabeth to leave her books and go to sleep. Hazel was the one who made sure Thalia ate something else other than junk food. Hazel was the one who stopped Reyna from leaving her weapons lying around the house. She was the one who made tea and sat with Piper whenever she couldn't sleep.

Piper opened the door to their house and glanced around the living room with mild amusement. Books, clothes, ripped sheets of paper and even dirty dishes were cluttering the room, a clear sign that midterms had arrived and her roommates were about to lose their minds.

Still, the house was nice. Piper had been in charge of the decoration, of course, but all the girls had helped. The walls were painted with a cream color and a sea green rug had been placed across the floor. A long, comfy, light blue couch had been placed against the left wall of the living room and facing a flat TV. Besides the TV, a corridor made way for the rest of the rooms. The kitchen, Hazel's domain, stood to the front door's left.

On any other day, Piper would have smiled. Her life was chaotic and her girls were a mess but they were her girls and, until she figured what she wanted to do with her life, that house and those girls were her safe haven.

However, that was a bad day.

With a tired sigh, Piper made her way to the couch. She shrugged her military jacket off with resignation as she let her black bag fall to the ground. Then, she fell onto the couch with a thud and sighed again as she closed her eyes.

It was a shame that her girls weren't there. They would have helped her.

When Piper woke up, a comforter had been placed on her and a brunette with commanding eyes was sitting on the coffee table before her.

"What happened?" Reyna asked. As always, she liked to go straight to the point.

Piper sighed as she sat up. While she loved her friends for taking care of her, she wasn't about to endure an interrogation.

Not without coffee, at least.

Under Reyna's watchful eyes, Piper wrapped the comforter tightly around her shoulders and smiled as charmingly as she could. "Why do you assume something happened?"

"Because I know everything," Reyna deadpanned before sighing. The daughter of Bellona cocked her head and smiled slightly as she reached to grab Piper's hand. "Pipes, it 's me. You know you can speak to me."

"It was nothing, really. They didn't even know I was there." Piper declared in a rush, blood rushing to her face as she remembered the moment yet again. When Reyna only encouraged her to continue with a look, Piper shook her head and sighed before resting her back on the sofa. "I was leaving the coffeehouse. I was really excited because I finally chose a major and I was coming to tell you guys but then...these girls...I think they were centurions because of their clothes, they began to talk about Jason."

"What did they say?" Reyna asked calmly.

Piper looked at her and felt the strange urge to laugh. Usually, Reyna would have asked for names and descriptions before grabbing her spear and leaving the house but yet there she was, choosing to comfort her friend. Right then and there, Piper was able to see the love Reyna had for her and she felt blessed for two reasons.

First, Reyna was an amazing ally and Piper was in permanent awe of the resilience and strength the daughter of Bellona showed on a daily basis.

Secondly, Reyna Ramirez-Arellano wasn't someone Piper wanted to have as an enemy. The girl was downright terrifying.

As she remembered she had to reply, Piper's small smile bled off her face. "They were speaking about how handsome he was...and then they began to criticize me for breaking up with him. I ran away from them before they could recognize them but I could hear them laughing as they talked about me."

Reyna took a deep breath to control her anger as her eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Finally, she nodded and stood up, grabbing her cellphone all at once. "I'm calling the girls. We have a Pink Situation."

"Pink Situation?" Piper questioned before she frowned. Then, she was on her feet too. "Wait. I'm the Pink Situation!?"

"Of course you are. Who did you think it was? Annabeth?" Reyna scoffed before chuckling lightly at the look of outrage in Piper's face. The taller girl approached the shorter and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Pipes, with five girls living under one roof, plans had to be made. Annabeth and I prepared a protocol in case any of us needed help."

"I don't need any help." Piper pouted. "What I need is better friends!"

"Okay, then," Reyna nodded before patting Piper's head with a smirk. "But I'm afraid you're stuck with us until then. Luckily, we're a group of overprotective girls so we have it all covered. Now, get your coat while I make some calls. Then, you will go to the market with me."

"Why the market?" Piper huffed against her will. She crossed her arms before her chest in annoyance when Reyna's smirk widened. "And stop enjoying my outrage so much."

"The fresh air will be good for you." Reyna explained with a smile before walking towards her room as she scrolled through her contact list. "Also, I don't remember the brand of those chips you love so much."

"Reyna, who are you calling? Reyna!" Piper called with an impatient frown. She cursed under her breath when Reyna didn't reply. After throwing the comforter to the ground, Piper rolled her eyes before asking. "Can I be the 'Purple Situation' at least?"

"That's me!"

Piper rolled her eyes. Of course it was.

When Piper and Reyna got back home, their arms filled with paper' grocery bags, the others were all waiting for her.

As Thalia took Piper's bags from her hands and carried them to the kitchen with Reyna, Piper gazed around the room with awe.

For the first time since midterms had arrived, the house was completely tidy. The books had been cleared from the coffee table, and so had the dirty plates and cups. Someone had swept the floor and the curtains by the opposite wall had been moved to either side of the windows so the sunlight could pour in.

Annabeth stood by the TV, her hands quickly flipping through their DVD collection as she searched for Piper's favourite movies. Feeling eyes on her, she looked up and smiled at Piper. "Hey, Pipes. How was the shopping trip?"

"Reyna bossed me around." Piper replied with a shrug. Her eyes drifted across the room as she asked, "What's going on?"

"The same as usual, then." Annabeth nodded with a laugh. After a second, her eyes softened before she was reaching to hug the girl tightly. "We're here for you, Pipes. You know we would do anything for you, right?"

"Oh, I know. You guys even have protocols and stuff." Piper replied with a laugh before snuggling into Annabeth's embrace. "I really miss him, Annabeth. I know that I should move on but everytime people speak about him, especially those who clearly didn't know him well...it makes me sad."

"Piper, look at me." Annabeth ordered as she pulled away. Her grey eyes were lit with determination as they stared at Piper. "You are allowed to process your loss however you want. Who are they to judge how you should mourn? You loved Jason and Jason loved you. His death was tragic and it should have never happened. The rest, it doesn't matter."

"Do you think one day I'll stop feeling guilty?" Piper asked with a tearful smile. "He died to save me. I broke up with him and he still sacrificed his life for me."

"Of course you will, Piper. You have no blame in my brother's death and you had every right to break up with him. Love is overrated, anyways." Thalia scoffed as she exited the room with a plate of homemade cookies, an apron tied around her waist and her worn leather jacket on her shoulders. As she took in the bewildered looks Piper and Annabeth sent her, Thalia scowled. "This is a one time thing so shut up, okay?"

"It isn't a one time thing. I will never be able to cook and I won't eat take-out every day when we get our own place," Reyna intervened as she too exited the kitchen with a bottle of Pepsi and five glasses. She pecked Thalia on the lips before smiling at Piper. "No matter what, you aren't going through this on your own. You can vent, cry or scream and we'll be here to get you through it. Okay?"

"Also, we miss him too. We will never get tired of remembering Jason, Pipes. We loved him too, after all." Hazel quipped in with a kind smile as she too exited the kitchen. Hazel walked straight to Piper and wrapped an arm around her waist before scowling at Thalia. "You didn't turn off the oven, Thals."

"Gods, one day you're going to burn down the house and I'm not even going to be surprised," Annabeth scoffed.

"Because you're better than me?" Thalia spat in return.

"I think I'm re-thinking the idea of living on take-out," Reyna commented lightly. She took the plate filled with cookies from his girlfriend and grabbed Piper's hand before leading them to the couch. "Better that than being homeless because my girlfriend burned down the house."

"I heard that!" Thalia called as she walked into the kitchen to get the chips, candy and ice cream Piper and Reyna bought.

"You were meant to hear it!" Reyna yelled in return.

"Wait, tell me more about my protocol." Piper changed the subject drastically as a thought came to her mind. "It seems so specific."

"Well, I'm in charge of the groceries, as you know." Reyna smirked with satisfaction as she leaned back on her seat. "Thalia was in charge of taking you for a walk but she wasn't here. That's why you came with me. Annabeth is in charge of getting the movies to make a Harry Potter marathon and Hazel is in charge of baking cookies...besides her usual mothering' attitude, of course."

By then, Annabeth had sat by Piper's other side, while Hazel had pulled a chair besides the couch and Thalia was sprawled on the floor with her back resting against Reyna's legs. Piper smiled at all of them lovingly before her eyes fell on Thalia. "What are you in charge of as you didn't take me for a walk?"

"I'm in charge of calling the pizza' delivery." Thalia explained proudly.

For a moment, utter silence reigned as Piper, Annabeth, Hazel and Reyna fixed Thalia with an exasperated look. Thalia returned their look with a nonchalant gaze, slowly frowning as no one said a word.

Then, she cursed and ran towards the kitchen, where she had left her phone.

"Do I want to know what the protocol for a Thalia's crisis is?" Piper asked slowly.

Reyna shook her head vehemently. "Oh, the Black Day. If it happens when we move into our new place, I'm calling you all for help."

"You got it."