Chapter One: Welcome to Hope's Peak High School

Hope's Peak High School...the legendary school that accepted only the best, the ultimate students.

Jeremy had no idea how he'd been lucky enough to be accepted.

In fact, the only reason he had been accepted was because of his ultimate luck. Or at least, that's what the letter he and his dad had received called it. Apparently there was an annual lottery for students that didn't quite fit the "ultimate" type, and Jeremy had been lucky enough to win.

So here he stood, in front of the gigantic school, so large it was practically intimidating. Jeremy couldn't imagine himself, a loser, attending school with all these ultimate students. He wouldn't ever match up, no matter how much he tried.

Still, the ultimate lucky student had to count for something, right?

Jeremy uneasily pushed against the large crooked metal gates, flinching at the loud screeching sound they made. It sounded almost as if they were giving him a warning to run away...that he didn't belong at such a prestigious school.

Jeremy shook those thoughts away as he cautiously took his first steps into the grand school, peering around at the seemingly empty hallway. It was eerily silent, save for the wind rushing through as he shoved open the large wooden doors. They quickly closed shut behind him, almost as if they were magnetized.


Still, Jeremy persisted, taking an uneasy step forward, his knees wobbling in fear against his will. "Hello?" He called out, his voice sounding small in the large hallway. He was met with more eerie silence, making him sweat with worry.

Where was everyone?

Jeremy began to wring his hands, which had quickly become cold and clammy. After all, it didn't take much to stress him out. If it weren't for his best friend Michael, (who was also supposed to be attending Hope's Peak as the ultimate gamer) Jeremy would be completely and utterly hopeless.

As Jeremy took another hesitant step forward, his vision blurred, sending him into disarray.


He stumbled backwards in confusion as the hallway began to spiral around him, making him dizzy. He could feel himself falling and his vision began to darken, no matter how hard he tried to blink back to focus.

Jeremy tried to yell out, but his voice wouldn't work, as if it had just been shut off by some unnatural power. He groaned as his head hit the floor and he was knocked into unconsciousness.


Jeremy groaned, slowly raising his head off of the desk below him. He blinked, his surroundings slowly coming into focus. He seemed to be in a classroom, sitting at a desk, which was strange, since he didn't even remember getting more than a few steps into the school, let alone a classroom.

Jeremy's eyes widened once he saw the large metal plates covering the windows around the classroom, nailed down leaving no escape. As Jeremy tried to wrap his head around why there would be metal plates covering the windows, he spotted a security camera near the clock on the wall, seemingly watching him.

Jeremy shivered at the thought of someone watching him. Why would there be security cameras in a classroom?

He quickly shoved his chair behind him and ran over to the plated windows. Breathing heavily, he tugged hard at them, but they wouldn't give way no matter how hard he tried.

Feeling defeated, Jeremy turned back to his desk, only to spot a folded piece of paper by the foot of the chair.


Hesitantly, Jeremy reached down and snatched the paper and unfolded it, quickly ready the words, which were scribbled in neat cursive in black.

"Welcome to Hope's Peak High School." Jeremy read aloud, growing more and more confused as he read on. "Gather in the gym at eight for the welcoming ceremony? But that's—" Jeremy broke from his reading and glanced up at the clock before him, his hands trembling as he read the time.

"Ten minutes ago!" He stammered, realizing how late he was going to be. His stomach filled with dread at the thought of being that kid.

Great, he was barely ten minutes into his new school year and he'd already messed up.

Stuffing the note into the pocket of his jeans, Jeremy quickly sped towards the door, desperately glancing this way and that. All he needed now was to get lost and be even more late!

Thankfully, there were signs atop of each door, indicating what each room held. As Jeremy ran, he took note of the gaming room, which seemed to hold many arcade machines, similar to the ones back at home.

Michael's gonna love that.

Finally, he came to two doors marked "gym" in bold lettering. He nervously pushed them open, scared of what awaited him inside.

This is it. The moment where I go from boring Jeremy to Jeremy, the Ultimate Lucky Student.

Jeremy shoved open the doors to find the gym filled with other teens his age, all chatting happily. He immediately felt small, sure he didn't belong.

Starting to have second thoughts, Jeremy took a step backwards, already planning out his excuse as to why he couldn't attend Hope's Peak, but a loud, cheery voice stopped him.

"Jeremy! You made it!"

Jeremy was attacked with a monster hug that threatened to knock him to the ground. He immediately broke out into a grin, relieved to see his best friend. "Michael!" Jeremy exclaimed, hugging his best friend tightly, relief washing over him. "How long did I keep you waiting?" He asked as he pulled away, eyeing the other teens in the classroom. Most were busy chatting amongst themselves, but one seemed to be watching Jeremy with heavy interest.

As Michael talked, Jeremy found himself staring at the girl with strange curiosity. He knew her from somewhere, but he couldn't quite place the memory.

Suddenly, it hit him.

"Michael, is that Brooke Lohst?" Jeremy asked, interrupting Michael's little spiel about slushies and 7/11. He nodded his head towards the girl as he spoke, making sure not to point and seem like a creep.

Michael scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion as he glanced at the girl, who turned away as soon as he met her eyes. Then, his eyes widened in recognition. "It is! We went to middle school school with her, remember? I think she's the ultimate actress or something."

"Ultimate actress…" Jeremy trailed off in disbelief, unable to process the talent that all these teens held. Each was special in their own unique way. There was the Ultimate Gamer (Michael), Ultimate Actress, Ultimate Cheerleader, Ultimate Affluent Prodigy, Ultimate Football Player, Ultimate Swimmer...even an Ultimate Fanfiction Creator.

As Jeremy glanced around at his new classmates, he tried to guess which each one had which talent. It was harder than he'd first thought. It wasn't like they all carried around signs that said "Ultimate Swimmer" or "Ultimate Analyst". All Jeremy could do was guess.

"Don't worry, buddy. You and I will stick together." Michael reassured him, slinging his arm around Jeremy. "We make it a two player game, right?"

That did reassure Jeremy a bit and he allowed himself to relax a little. "Right." He replied, stuffing his hands into his pockets. He wondered how long they would have to wait until a teacher or their principal appeared. A lot of the teens seemed to share Jeremy's impatience as they muttered among themselves.

"This is so not what I signed up for." A tall girl grumbled, arms crossed over her chest in an impatient manner. She looked quite intimidating in her red blazer and skirt. In fact, her whole outfit was red, from the scrunchie tying back her hair all the way down to her red and black criss cross knee highs. Jeremy found her very beautiful, but in a deadly way, like she wasn't someone to mess with. She seemed to carry an air of wealth as she talked, in a very commanding manner. Two other girls flocked her, both notably shorter, one in all green, the other in all yellow (too much yellow for Jeremy's preference).

"Agreed." The girl in green spoke, scowling as she tried to mimic the taller girl's movements. She didn't look nearly as scary, but still gave off a vibe that sent shivers down Jeremy's spine.

"Maybe they're just late?" The yellow one asked, not really sounding too sure of herself. She didn't seem intimidating in the slightest, a cheery smile plastered on her pretty face. She held her hands out in front of her, wringing them nervously. She teetered backwards as the red one, obviously the leader, rolled her eyes.

"Well they'd better hurry the hell up. This is starting to seem like a waste of time and money." She huffed, ignoring the nervous glances the other two shared. Even they seemed to be scared of her, which gave Jeremy the impression that these three were not to be messed with.

Jeremy turned his focus to Brooke, who'd sparked a conversation with two other girls: Chloe and Jenna. Jeremy also knew them from middle school. Chloe had been the most popular girl, snagging all the cute guys in the class while Brooke and Jenna stood by, overshadowed by Chloe's great popularity. Jenna had been the gossip, collecting everyone's secrets and spreading them around like wildfire. She wasn't exactly close with Chloe or Brooke, but she was the class gossip and had info on everyone. She stuck with Chloe and Brooke like an annoying pest, following them wherever they went, even if she didn't feel included.

And then there was Brooke. Brooke had been Jeremy's biggest crush...his dream girl. She was popular, cute, and entrancing. Sadly, she never noticed him, since he was all the way at the bottom of the ranks with Michael.

There was no way a girl like Brooke would fall for a guy like him.

Jeremy gulped as Brooke caught his eye and smiled, genuinely smiled at him. He could feel his face growing hot and probably turning as red as a tomato, but he couldn't look away, especially when she began to make her way over to him.

"Er—Hey, Brooke!" Jeremy stammered, practically stumbling over the simple sentence. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, keeping his eyes focused on Brooke's neck, afraid he'd make things awkward if he stared into her eyes.

Brooke laughed merrily, her eyes twinkling in amusement as she watched Jeremy freak out. Next to Jeremy, Michael smiled, hoping Jeremy's confidence would arise. "Hey, Brooke, what's up?"

Brooke shrugged, her straight blonde hair falling perfectly on her shoulders. "Eh, Chloe's pissed that they're fifteen minutes late." She explained, glancing back at Chloe, who seemed to be yelling at Jenna about something. "Anyway, you were in my elementary class, right, Jerry?" She asked, reaching out to squeeze Jeremy's shoulder.

Jeremy looked ready to pass out right there and then.

"Yep! We both were!" Michael chimed in, saving his friend from stammering all over again. "And his name is actually Jeremy, not Jerry." He added, grinning at his best friend, who blinked, but didn't say anything. He seemed to be having trouble forming sentences, something that happened whenever a cute girl showed up.

Brooke frowned, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "It is? I could've sworn..." She trailed off, her confident composure slightly wavering.

"Mr Greene's English class!" Jeremy suddenly blurted out, his face turning a darker shade of red as both Brooke and Michael gave him confused looks. "That's, uh, the class we had together." He added, momentarily looking proud of himself for remembering.

Brooke gasped, her lips parting to form a wide smile. "You're right! You sat behind me!" She exclaimed, reaching out to squeeze Jeremy's arm again, sending Jeremy back into freak out mode.

"Er—Yeah! Yeah, I did." He stammered, cursing himself for being such a stumbling mess around girls. Especially girls like Brooke. "It's nice to know some people here, eh?"

Brooke nodded in agreement. "Yeah, some look kinda scary." She said, glancing at the girls in red, green, and yellow, who were gossiping amongst themselves. "Those three look ready to snap any minute." She murmured, fear creeping into her usually calm voice.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about them. I mean, you're Brooke Lost, Ultimate Actress!" Jeremy said quickly, hoping to reassure her in some way. "How are they better than that?"

Brooke shrugged. "Chloe says the three of them make a mean trio. Apparently they're called the Heathers."

"Wait...all three of them are named Heather?" Michael asked with disbelief, glancing at the trio of girls.

Brooke shrugged again. "I guess. Kinda weird if you ask me." She trailed off, turning back to Jeremy again. "Man, I wish the principal would hurry up, don't you?" She asked, glancing around at the room.

As if on cue, the loudspeakers screeched horribly, making Jeremy and everyone else cover their ears.

"Testing, testing!" The loudspeakers screeched, practically piercing Jeremy's eardrums. "Everybody hear me okay on this thing?"


Everyone turned their gaze to the stage, where the loudspeakers stood. A podium sat in the center, probably meant for the principal of the school.

"See, we're fine!" A tall, muscular teen called out. He wore a varsity football jacket with the name "Kurt Kelly" stitched into the back, a football tucked underneath his arm. He looked like a bully and apparently a pervert too, as Jeremy spotted him sneaking looks at Heather's short yellow skirt.

"Then where's the principal?" An Asian girl nearby Jeremy asked. She had short wavy black hair and wore pink leggings, a green dress with a flower on the front, and a jean jacket. She looked like she was all dressed up for first grade, but Jeremy found it kind of cute. He squinted, wondering where he'd seen her face, before remembering her as Christine Canigula, the Ultimate Broadway Star. She had an amazing voice and a promising career as a Broadway star.

"Obviously not here, genius." A short guy spoke, his hair spiked up in an easy haircut, a few tattoos trailing up his arms. He looked pretty buff and wore a blue tie dye tank top and camo pants. Jeremy recognized him as Rich Goranski, the Ultimate Biker. He remembered reading about him and his ultimate biker gang in the newspapers...and the trouble they caused.

"Oh my god, Veronica, we're all gonna die as prisoners in here." A chubby, but nice looking girl stammered, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She didn't seem to care about what she looked like, as she wore a unicorn sweater and had her hair tied up in a bright pink scrunchie.

"Don't be silly, Martha." A girl next to her, probably Veronica, spoke, giving the chubby girl a reassuring smile. She wore a blue blazer, a grey skirt, and blue knee high socks, kind of matching the Heathers' uniform. She looked nice enough and seemed to be friends with Martha. "We're not prisoners...this is just probably how they do things around here in Hope's Peak!"

"Well, you're half right." A tall, thin boy remarked, his eyes glimmering mysteriously. He wore a long black trench coat that swooshed as he moved to lean against the wall. Jeremy caught his eye and quickly looked away, goosebumps crawling up and down his arms. Something about him made Jeremy very uncomfortable.


Before anyone could respond, a spot on top of the stage opened up and out jumped...a stuffed bear?