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"Thank God!"

There was a low chuckle. "She was stubborn, wasn't she?"

"I thought she would never die." Light brown hair cascaded over the bed as the owner fell onto it. "But—finally!"

"I did tell you to be patient, sister."

"And you, brother, are damningly so." The woman glared at him with cold hazel eyes. "Why did you have to wait so long? Three times, three times she was so weak you could have ended her life there and then—but you didn't."

"What would be the use of having her for a few hours, and then being destroyed by God?"

His sister mused over this for a few minutes as he lounged in a nearby chair, eyeing her with amusement. She was impatient, and quick to act without thinking of the consequences.

"The other five could have still dealt with him," she said, refusing to admit that he was right.

"Best not to take chances."

She sat up suddenly, seizing her brother by the collar of his shirt and shaking him. "Chances? Who, brother, decided we should take a chance? We could have ended this months ago! What the hell were you thinking, gambling everything away like that?"

He smirked at her fiery temper, the same as always. "Calm yourself."

She let go of the collar and sat down again on the bed. "Then explain."

"The difference between you and me…" He paused, purposely agitating her further as he drank his glass of water, but before she exploded again he continued. "The difference is that you gamble when you think you can win; I gamble when I know how to cheat."

She raised an eyebrow at him, indicating that this was not a sufficient explanation. "The girl was not a trade for him, she was a bonus. He'll still be dead when all's said and done."

"He better off himself soon," she grumbled.

"Even if he doesn't…" He grinned devilishly. "I have a plan."

Author's Note: So…there you go. Take note, this is not related at all to any of my other fanfics at all. I actually just thought of this idea yesterday, partially thanks to Nights Mistress's 'Hollow' (good fanfic ^^), so let's just say it's highly experimental.

Also, there's a chance that everyone is going to hate this fanfic. And maybe not just hate, but hate.

Yuri: I think they get the point, Aegis.