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Chapter 1: Birth of a Legend

The streets of Konohagakure no Sato were filled with people chatting happily, all going about their business. It has been two years since the end of the Third Great Ninja War, and more than a year since the start of the reign of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

The introduction of the Yellow Flash as Hokage was the perfect change the village needed after the long tenure of Hiruzen Sarutobi as the Third Hokage.

Minato has already made several changes to the village in his time as Hokage, including raising the graduation age for academy students, to prevent forcing young children having to get introduced to the battlefield at a young age.

He also introduced a new alliance with Suna's Yondaime Kazekage, Rasa, after the war to improve trade relations with them and other minor nations. Iwa and Kumo are still suffering from the war and are staying away from Konoha, while Kiri are dealing with internal issues and have been isolated from the other five great nations.

The relationship with the Uchiha clan has been improving with Minato as Hokage, with him avoiding the elder's advice to have surveillance on them. Overall, morale is at its highest right now in Konoha and nothing can bring it down.

Walking down the street was a beautiful, young red haired woman with a large bulge in her stomach. This woman was Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of Minato Namikaze, and today was her due-day.

Minato and Kushina would welcome their son, Naruto to the world today. Both future-parents are elated to meet their child. When Minato heard the news, he was even happier than when he was announced as the Yondaime.

Kushina was just as ecstatic to officially expand their family, especially as she is still recovering from the loss of her clansmen over ten years ago.

'Today is finally the day!' Kushina thought with both excitement and anxiousness. She was anxious due to her burden, being the jailor of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Despite the Kyuubi being securely sealed inside her, childbirth was the time when the seal was weakened in order for the baby to grow.

The nine months it takes for the female jinchuuriki to give birth, the seal weakens proportionally, as the energy used to maintain the seal is used to help the baby grow. The delivery of the baby is when the seal is almost entirely undone. It is a very fragile situation. It's a good thing Minato is a sealmaster on her level.

'It also sounds like it hurts a lot, dattebane.' Kushina thought with a dramatic shiver.

The mid-age woman beside Kushina saw this and sighed. "Come on Kushina, we have to get to the outskirts of the village." Biwako Sarutobi, wife of the Sandaime, urged softly.

Kushina nodded as they kept walking. On the way, they crossed paths with a young raven haired woman with a heart-shaped face and onyx eyes. In her hands was a small bundle.

Kushina's eyes brightened as she saw her best friend Mikoto Uchiha for the first time in months, with both of them staying at home due to pregnancy. Her eyes then landed on the small infant in her best friend's hands.

"Wow! Is it a boy again?!" Kushina started gushing over the baby. She loves little Itachi and hopes to see him more after today.

Mikoto giggles, "No, it's a girl this time. Her name is Satsuki" Looking down at her daughter, Mikoto smiled. She already looks just like her mother, with the same big black eyes, long lashes, and midnight hair. Kushina smiled and patted her head, making the baby look curiously in her direction.

Biwako came up and smiled at the baby. "Oh, she is sweet. Hiruzen told me you asked permission to name your child after his father, that must have been before you learned the gender." Mikoto smiled and nodded.

"We were originally going with Sasuke, but if it was a girl we would keep the name close. And our clan was alway associated with the moon so we included the -tsuki. Itachi-kun is already so attached to her." Mikoto happily replied before looking at Kushina, who was still cooing Satsuki. "By the way, you must be due soon Kushina, you should pick a name beforehand." Kushina nodded and looked at her Uchiha friend.

"Yep it's today, and we already have a name, it will be Naruto." Kushina smiled softly before poking Satsuki's chubby cheek. "He will be your classmate Suki-chan, so please look out for him" Mikoto smiled at the interaction and also was excited to see the child of two of her best friends.

Kushina and Mikoto have known each other since they were academy classmates, and their teams would meet regularly. It also helped that Minato was on the same team with Mikoto under Jiraiya.

Mikoto is one of the few people who knew about Kushina's marriage to Minato, as well as Kushina status as jinchuriki (which is only known to select high ranking officials).

Minato and Mikoto used to be genin teammates under Jiraiya of the Sannin. So they have always been good friends and comrades. Her husband, Fugaku, has quite a competitive rivalry with Minato, though they both consider each other friends. Even if Fugaku was a little peeved at not being acknowledged as a hokage-candidate.

The four of them would meet quite frequently before Minato got busy with being Hokage and Fugaku with being Police Force Captain.

Mikoto's musing was cut off when Kushina entered her personal space. "By the way, does it really hurt?" Kushina whispered, looking agitated. Mikoto smiled nervously with closed eyes at her friend's usual goofy antics.

"So there is something that scares you Kushina, I'm surprised!" The Uchiha commented cheekily.

Before Kushina had a chance to retort she was pulled along by an impatient Biwako, "Come on Kushina, we have to get there by sundown!" Biwako ordered while dragging along a sheepish redhead.

Kushina waved back to her friend while being pulled along. "Bye Miko-chan! Bye Suki-chan! Naruto-chan will be excited to see his oba-chan later!"

Mikoto smiled as the wives of the Hokages walked away, she looked down at her baby. 'I hope you do become friends!'

Later that night

Everything was quiet and peaceful, until there was a ferocious roar.

"IT HURTS, 'TTEBANE" Screamed Kushina Uzumaki in the middle of an ANBU bunker on the outskirts of the village.

The only people who knew about what was going on were the Third Hokage and his handpicked ANBU guards, the village elders, and those in the delivery room.

Unbeknowingly to those involved, somebody else was informed on the situation.

Obito Uchiha watched from the shadows behind his orange mask, hiding his presence from the ANBU guarding the bunker, as he mentally prepared to rid himself of the last of his previous identity.

He was no longer Obito, he was Madara, he who rejects the world. For his plans to work, he needed to remove threats, and Minato Namikaze was the biggest threat of them all.

He has already begun to make movements under the mask of Madara. Controlling Kiri from the shadow under the guise of Yagura, the Yondaime Mizukage.

He has kickstarted Nagato's turn to the darkness with Yahiko's death... he had Hanzo and Danzo to thank for that.

That left Konoha, he was not strong enough at the moment to seal the Kyuubi into the Gedo Mazo, he was still just 14 years old.

But now was the chance to cause Konoha major damage and they would be less of a threat. With history in his favor, perhaps this could lead to his former clan's demise.

Yes, he was a little petty as well.

'Minato-sensei. Kushina-nee. I'm sorry.' Obito thought solemnly, 'But I will see you again in the real reality of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. You can spend all the time you like with your son there.'

'Perhaps you could have been there on time when Rin and I needed you... sensei.' Obito clenched his fists at his sides, whenever he thought of his old team.

Obito took a deep breath, he is not Obito Uchiha anymore. He is MADARA! And with that, Madara emerged.

Minato was panicking. Although it was tiring concentration on the seal, with the Kyuubi so persistent on coming out, he felt utterly useless as his wife was in agony. "Is she alright!?" Minato asked Biwako and the midwife, while sweating profoundly "I've never seen her in so much pain." The blonde kage stared worryingly at his beautiful wife, who's breathing heavily.

Biwako looks annoyed at Minato, "You're the Hokage, act like it!" she shouted at the young man. The Sarutobi shook her head, "You men would drop dead if you had experienced the pain of childbirth, but women are strong!"

"I-I'm sorry Biwako-sama" Minato apologized sheepishly while the other midwife giggled quietly. Kushina squeezed her husband's arm tightly, making him wince.

"Naruto… huff… better be… huff...a bad-... AHH… badass b-baby because we are… huff… never doing t-this again!" Kushina managed to huff out to her husband as she progressively squeezed his arm harder, making the strongest ninja alive tear up while nodding frantically.

Biwako shook her head again at the dysfunctional couple, "I can tell who wears the pants in the relationship." She ponders in amusement. Biwako was about to make a comment when the midwife beside her started shouting.

"I see his head!" The midwife, Taji, shouted as they all tensed and then turned their attention to the task at hand. Kushina pushed harder, while Minato maintained the seal, but the Kyuubi was being firm.

'AAAAHHHHH' Minato heard the Nine Tails roar from inside the seal, which made him more determined.

"Hold still Kyuubi! Naruto! Hurry up!" Minato screamed while the veins on his forehead became visible with the amount of chakra he was pumping to hold the seal.

Kushina pushed a few more times, and then the screams she let out were canceled by the scream of someone else, and it caused her eyes to widen with brimming tears.

There was complete silence in the room with the exception of infant screams from a baby with a tuft of blonde hair and three whisker marks on each cheek. The silence ended when a wide-eyed Minato whispered a soft, "He's here."

"He's a healthy baby boy!", Biwako said happily to the couple.

After washing Naruto and placing him in a blanket, Biwako and Taji walked over to Kushina, but Minato walked up with his hand up, "Naruto!" he called out joyfully, expecting to hold his son for the first time.

That dream was quickly crushed when Biwako pulled Naruto away, "No! The mother sees him first." She commanded the depressed blonde. Taji giggled again, seeing her kage pout like a child. Biwako placed the still-crying Naruto next to his mother, who had tears in her eyes.

"Naruto." she whispered lovingly, "It's great to finally meet you." as she stroked her son's damp cheek softly, stopping his crying momentarily.

The other people in the room all watched the interaction with a smile and/or tears. The moment ended when Biwako picked Naruto back up, who whimpered from being away from his mother's touch.

"There, there" Biwako cooed the baby, "There will be plenty more chances to see one-another." Then Biwako and Taji left to get Naruto properly checked up. As they walked towards the exit, Minato held his wife's hand, and smiled down at her.

"Kushina." Minato said softly, "Thank you." They shared a precious moment with each other, as tears leaked from Kushina's eyes. "Minato." She whispered with a watery smile.

After a moment, Minato punched his palm dramatically, "Yosh! Time to seal the Kyuubi and get home!" Though before he could start the sealing process, screams sounded from across the room.

The couple turned their heads to see the falling bodies of Taji and Biwako, as well as a new orange-masked occupant in the room, holding their minute-old baby in his hands. "Biwako-sama! Taji!" Minato shouted before glaring daggers at the hooded figure.

The man with a single eye said, "Yondaime Hokage Minato, step away from the jinchuuriki" he threatened ominously, "or your child's life will be over in a minute."

Minato narrowed his eyes at the man, 'He was able to bypass the powerful barrier and get past the ANBU Sandaime-sama assigned. Who is this guy!"

After he thought that, the stress in Kushina's mind caused the seal to weaken, she let out loud grunt in pain as the seal became visible across her body and the Kyuubi attempted the escape. Minato started to panic at the sight of his wife, "Kushina!" he shouted.

The masked man was getting impatient and pulled out a kunai close to little Naruto's cheek.

"I said step away. Don't you care about your brat?" He asked as he pushed his kunai towards the baby.

At this, Minato started to panic. "Calm down! Just relax!" Minato pleaded as he was caught in two minds.

Minato could have sworn the man smirk under that mask, "Speak for yourself Minato, I'm as calm as can be." And with that the man threw the crying child in the air, as Kushina screamed out his name.

The masked man then jumped to kill the infant but a flash of yellow got there first, as Minato (finally) held his son on the opposite wall.

The man seemed impressed, "You sure live up to your moniker, Yellow Flash" then placed his hands in a Ram hand sign, "but how about this!" and Minato's eyes widened as he heard the telltale signs of an explosive tag under Naruto's blanket.

Kushina's eyes filled with horror, "Minato! Naruto!" before Minato flashed himself and Naruto away with the explosives to a marked safehouse with his Hirashin.

The Yondaime was able to protect his son from any damage the explosives caused, as they both lay on the lawn outside the recently destroyed safehouse, with a bawling Naruto.

Minato smiled slightly at his child, "Good, Naruto's not hurt.", before he put on a calculated face. 'He managed to separate me and Kushina. He wants the Kyuubi for something. But what?' The blonde winced slightly as he pulled out a large splinter in his leg, 'better hurry!' and flashed away before the splinter could touch the ground.

The blonde pair arrived in a separate safehouse with a bed ready. Minato placed his whimpering son under the sheets and stroked his small head, "I have to save kaa-chan now, so I'll see you soon, Naruto." And again, he vanished.

Chained up against a rock was an exhausted Kushina Uzumaki. The time right after childbirth should be when the mother relaxes and sleeps, not having a mountain-sized demon removed from your abdomen by a madman.

"W-why are y-you d-doing this" Kushina managed to ask in both fatigue and fear. The man seemed to cock an eyebrow under the mask.

"I'm going to extract the Kyuubi from you, and destroy Konoha." He replied nonchalantly and Kushina's eyes widened in horror.

"Stop! You don't need to do this!" She pleaded but it fell on deaf ears.

The man entered Kushina's mindscape and said to the demon in chains, "Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this moment!" And the Bijuu's eyes widened at the sight of a three-tomoe sharingan.

"You're-" The rest of the Kyuubi's sentence was cut out when he fell victim to the spinning red eye of the man that now mirrored his own.

"Go! Kyuubi!" The masked man shouted with narrowed eyes as his pet left an Uzumaki for the first time since the Valley of the End. It roared with power and killing intent as it landed on the grassy earth.

Back on the rock, Kushina was breathing heavily as she collapsed, watching with sleepy-eyes as her burden walked away from her. She managed to scream out in desperation, "WAIT"

The bored-looking masked man turned to her direction, "You Uzumaki sure are strong, don't worry I'll end your miserable existence" he said as he commanded the Kyuubi to finish off his previous jailor.

Kushina shut her eyes as a massive hand descended on her. Just before the claw made contact with, a flicker of speed picked her up and teleported to the top of a tree nearby.

Minato looked down at his normally-cheerful wife, who he held bridal-style. "M-minato" Kushina mumbled out, "Y-you h-have t' stop 'im."

Kushina was wheezing after the loss of the Kyuubi. Minato was shaking slightly in both fear for his wife, and anger towards the man. "T-they are h-headin' to K-Konoha, you've got' s-stop t-them."

The Fourth looked over his shoulder and shot the most rage-filled glare he could muster, one that would make all of Iwagakure shit themselves.

"M-minato?" Kushina said to her husband, making him turn his attention back to her, "Naruto? I-Is Naruto s-safe?"

His blue-eyes softened and nodded with a small smile, "Yes, he's waiting for you. Let's go" he whispered to her lovingly.

The next moment, the two flashed away. Madara glanced in their direction, "They vanished.. Oh well, next stop… Konoha." And Madara left in his respective time-space jutsu.

Konoha, meantime

It was an average night in Konohagakure no Sato, with all the children at home, the adults both civilian and shinobi out in the town, and a peculiar pair of teenagers.

"YOSH my youthful rival, Kakashi! What challenge shall we contest upon tonight!" An booming, energetic noise coming from a 14 year old chunin with green jumpsuit and black-bowlcut hair. His most distinct feature is his unnaturally large eyebrows.

This was Might Gai, son of the infamous Might Dai, and up-and-coming taijutsu specialist in Konoha. Next to him is what many would consider his complete opposite.

A teen the same age as Gai, walking lazily next to his 'rival' while reading an ordinary book, 'I need something more exotic.' Kakashi Hatake mused as he put his boring book in his hip poach. He blankly turned his one visible-eye to address Gai, "Why not just rock-paper-scissors?" The young ANBU spoke through his black mask.

He was not really in the mood to play any games today. His sensei was expecting his son today. 'Minato-sensei, I can't wait to meet Naruto. I hope nothing goes wro-" His thought was cut off when he felt a breeze go through his gravity-defying silver hair and his 'shinobi sixth-sense' picked up on potential danger. 'No way...'

"Damn it Kakashi!" Gai fumed, though he looked more shallow than genuine. Gai has been trying to help his friend recover from the trauma he suffered from the end of the war, but getting Kakashi out of his shell was harder than he thought.

"I propose we climb the Hokage Mountain on our fingertips! Or race to the Front Gate without touching a horizontal surface! Or-" The rest of Gai's declarations were interrupted by Kakashi shushing him. "Gai, do you feel anything strange in the air tonight?" The silver-haired teen questioned.

Gai seemed to get dramatically offended by this attempted cop-out by his rival, but didn't say anything when he saw the worried look on Kakashi's face. "Kakashi" Gai thought, but then turned serious looking for any threats.

Meanwhile in the Uchiha Compound, a five year-old Itachi Uchiha rocked his sister back and forth while on the back porch. Despite only being five, Itachi was able to notice a hint of danger from the breeze just like Kakashi.

His little sister whimpered slightly from the air and slammed her big eyes shut in an attempt to get away from the odd feeling. Itachi held his sister closer after seeing this, 'Of all the nights for Kaa-san and Tou-san to be out.' He mused to himself as he continued to rock his sister.

"Shh, it's okay Satsuki-chan. No matter what, you big brother will always be there for you." Itachi reassured little Satsuki, as he continued to look up into the bright moon-lite sky.

At the Sarutobi Compound, Hiruzen Sarutobi was practicing his calligraphy for fuinjutsu, one of his favorite pastimes after his retirement as the Sandaime Hokage.

He froze midway through a stroke on his brush, when he sensed a particular killing intent that he hadn't felt since his childhood, during the time of Hashirama Senju's reign as Shodaime Hokage.

A killing intent that made him shiver despite being at the northern border of the Hi no Kuni more than 60 years ago. 'Impossible' He mumbled to himself. 'Did the seal break?' It was only one thing...

The Kyuubi no Yoko.

A lone figure materialized down an alleyway near the center of the village. Dress in a full black cloak, wearing a burnt-orange mask with black markings around it, and only one hole displaying a blood-red eye surrounded by 3 black tomoe, the sharingan.

Then he slammed his hand with as much chakra as he could push, as he only said two words: "SUMMONING JUTSU!"

And then it began….

Around the spot the man slammed his hand, a great explosion of smoke emerged, with such force around the jutsu that anything near the center was blown away, be it man or building.

When the smoke finally dissipated, it revealed a demon with eyes as red as hell itself and hatred that killed the elderly just by its intensity.

There it stood, with nine tails, each individually capable of crushing mountains and causing tsunamis, set its glowing eyes on the village below its feet.

"N-no w-w-way." A wide-eyed civilian managed to stutter out when he saw those eyes glaring into him.

The residents of Konoha who had a clear view of the demon were either frozen in fear or rushing as fast as they could towards the evacuation center. They took in the sight of a monster they only heard of in nightmares and horror stories.




Those were the common calls throughout the night as the Demon Fox ran rampant.

Back in the Sarutobi Compound, The retired Sandaime was already dressed in his black battle attire, when an ANBU dropped down.

"Sandaime-sama, the Kyuubi has invaded Konoha!" The commander quickly shouted. The elder kage nodded when he put on his helmet.

"I know. Minato may be preoccupied, we need to start evaluation procedure. Get all civilians and shinobi under age of 16 to evacuation points." The Third commanded as he thought of the next generation. "We must protect the king of the village. Get all shinobi to lure the Kyuubi to outside the village wall."

The ANBU gave a quick 'Hai' and flickered off to spread the news.

Before Hiruzen had a chance to enter the battlefield, the sound of a wooden cane made him turn around.

"Hiruzen, a moment please?" There stood a man with a bandaged eye and only one arm. A fellow student of Tobirama.

"Danzo?" The Sandaime questioned impatiently.

In the midst of all the destruction and terror, there was one noise that out-voiced the rest, "YOSH! Now is the chance for me to release all my pent-up aggression!" Gai shouted before making a pose in the direction of the Kyuubi no Yoko "Your opponent is ME!"

"No!" said a veteran jonin who jumped in front of the two teens. "Sandaime-sama orders all shinobi below 16 to evacuate. You are the next generation. Even if we fall you are still with us." The jonin said before running off to his likely death.

Gai stood dumbfounded, "Hiruzen-sama" he was confused why all shinobi weren't expected to give their lives. Kakashi broke him from his musing.

"Gai, we have to go. Hokage's orders" Kakashi commanded. His rival noted, absentmindedly, as they left.

The tragic screams heard throughout the village and the futile efforts of the shinobi who were no match for the greatest of the nine bijuu, as all that could be seen and heard during the night.

That was until the demon abruptly changed its attention towards the Hokage Monument, more specifically the small figure on the top of the fourth head.

Minato Namikaze had just finished returning his wife to their infant's side. He had decked in his Hokage attire, with a jonin flak jacket over his all-blue outfit. On top of that was his white Hokage haori with his title and red flames licking the bottom. The Konoha headband displayed proudly on his forehead.

He flashed to his marker on top of his stone face, where he knew he would get the bijuu's attention. 'As Hokage, I will protect the village that is my family.'

That proved correct when the fox glared murderously at the blue-eyed kage. "So, you've noticed me..." he said coolly. The Kyuubi began to open its mouth and produced a purple ball of chakra that was incredibly dense.

One attack would be capable of turning Konoha into a crater. Minato began to run through hand signs, "Don't think I'll let you…" he said calmly finishing in the Ram sign.

When the Kyuubi unleashed its signature Bijūdama directly at the Yondaime, scraping the tops of buildings in its path, before the ball could reach its target, it suddenly stopped…

'Hirashin: Guiding Thunder' Minato mentally called out as he summoned a gigantic seal array to trap the attack in a time-space dimension, before releasing the technique to a marker far away from the village. The after-effects of the attack came brushing towards Konoha at a fast pace.

"Jikūkan Ninjutsu (Time-Space Ninjutsu)?" called out a chubby man with red hair with a bō staff, this was Choza Akimichi, clan head of the Akimichi clan. He was looking up at the stone faces.

"Is it Minato?" Asked a hopeful man with a black ponytail and goatee. This was Nara clan head, Shikaku Nara. He looks almost identical to every other Nara, with the exception of two distinct scars on the right side of his face. A man with a blonde ponytail beside him nodded, this was Yamanaka clan head, Inoichi Yamanaka.

The three shinobi together are known as the Ino-Shika-Cho formation, due to their perfect teamwork with each member complimenting the other. They were a crucial team during the Third Great Ninja War.

The three are also great friends with Minato and Kushina, though unaware of Kushina's (previous) status. They heard she was expecting soon, and wanted their kids to be friends, as they'd all be the same age.

Back to Minato, he was currently recovering from the chakra drain that technique used, but before he had time to blink, he sensed a presence behind him, so he stabbed his tri-pronged kunai at the masked man behind it, but it simply fazed straight through him.

'What! What is this technique?' Minato's brain urgently began trying to decipher the jutsu, but the masked man gave him no chance.

He grabbed Minato's arm tightly, and roughly announced, "I am your opponent! And you have lost!"

And with that, his right eye began to form a vacuum sucking Minato away, though before he could get caught, he used Hirashin to escape to an open field.

"He's fast." The masked man muttered, before shrugging and teleporting himself to the same spot as Minato.

The Yondaime Hokage got up and winced from his rough landing, when he saw a familiar vortex reveal the same hooded figure.

Minato remained silent as he watched the man 20 feet ahead of him, but in his mind his brain was ticking, 'This man, he has the sharingan. As well as a time-space ninjutsu that surpasses Nidaime-sama and myself, that he is able to get past the Sandaime's handpicked ANBU, then through the barrier without alerting anyone. Then managed to separate me from Kushina and control the Kyuubi as well as summon it in Konoha.'

Minato thought back to the lessons he learned about the Final Valley. 'Only Madara was capable of such a feat, let's test him out.' Minato stared his opponent dead in the eye.

That's when Minato took the chance to ask, "Are you Uchiha Madara? ….No that's impossible.. he's dead." The blonde quickly dismissed his theory but wanted to see the reaction to the name from the man.

The masked man did flinch ever so slightly, but Minato saw it. He then took off his hood revealing spiky black hair.

The man then shrugged, "Maa, who knows?" He rhetorically asked. Minato narrowed his eyes at the nonchalant reply.

"Why have you attacked Konoha?" Minato demanded with an ice-cold glare that did unnerve the man under the mask.

The man raised his cloaked arm to unveil a chain and replied, "You could say I did it on a whim, or that I planned it. But you wouldn't believe me, if I said I did it for… peace." He lazily shrugged again as he connected the chains on both hands, like a long handcuff. Blue-eyes narrowed on the weapon.

'He seems to take advantage of the intangibility he possesses, and uses the chain to solidify and catch me in whatever jutsu I escaped on the stoneface.' His thoughts were cut off when he heard an explosion from the direction of Konoha. 'I don't have enough time to build up nature energy, so senjutsu is out of the question. This battle is delicate so opening the gates is ineffective, especially with the body strain using it. I still have to deal with the Kyuubi if I finish him, so I have to save my reserves as much as possible…'

Minato raised his specialized kunai and thought, 'let's test my theory out' and with that he ran straight towards the man who came just as fast. Minato held his kunai out, but as theorized, he simply went through the man. The masked man then yanked his arms after Minato went fully through him. Then Minato was caught in the chain, 'As expected!' Minato thought before flashing to the marker before him.

Minato closed his eyes for a second to concentrate, 'So he is capable of becoming intangible completely, but needs to fully solidify in order to touch me. That's why he waited until I was all the way through him.' Minato stood up to face his opponent who was pacing in place with his chains stretched out. Minato raised his kunai again. 'So this is a race to who gets the attack first, I only have a fraction of a second he materalizes. I need that hit first!'

Then they both sprinted at one another the same way as before, though this time, Minato flawless flicked his kunai through his opponent's masked head as they neared one another. The masked man didn't think much about the kunai but instead focused on grabbing hold of the Hokage.

In his right hand, Minato summoned a dense, blue ball of chakra, and just as the ring of the kunai left the masked man's head, the orange-masked man attempted to grab Minato, and confidently thought, 'I win.'

Though just before he got hold, the blonde man vanished, and before the masked man could react, he was met with an excruciating pain in his back when it was met with a powerful Rasengan. This is after Minato teleported to the kunai behind the man in the split-second he solidified.

'Damn it! He teleported to the kunai he threw! That Bastard!' The masked man seethed in anger and pain from the attack, when he fell into a crater. Minato, still in midair, looked down on his enemy and calmly said, "This is Hirashin: Level 2."

Unbeknownst to the masked man, Minato marked his back with a Hirashin tag.

The man jumped away from Minato, as white goo traveled down his left arm, detaching his chain. He looked up at Minato who stood there unscathed.

"I-Impressive, Minato. I only let my guard down for a sec-" the rest of the masked man's praise was cut off when Minato stabbed him in the stomach.

The Yellow flash saw the man still holding his arm, meaning he was solid, so he teleported to the marking on him and used this as an opportunity to free the Kyuubi.

Using his extensive fuinjutsu knowledge, Minato used chakra on his palm to form a seal that would remove summoning control to anyone who is subjected to the seal.

A seal array appeared on the masked man's chest, and he started panicking. "A contract seal!? You wish for me to lose the Kyuubi!?"

Minato simply looked coldly into his eye, "With this… the Kyuubi is no longer under your control."

And back in Konoha, the three-tomoe possessed Kyuubi becomes free again, but now was his chance for vengeance against the village that trapped him like a slave for over half a century. So the Kyuubi continued to cause havoc in Konoha.

Minato stared down the defeated opponent in front of him, and the masked man said, "You may have won the battle, but the Kyuubi will be mine." He began to swirl out of existence as he left Minato with the parting words, "One day, I will control this world." And with that, Minato was alone.

'I get the feeling he isn't lying.' He thought with a frown, before turning his attention to the last of his issues.

'I seems I have only one option left' Minato thought for the future, and was aware today would be the end of the road for him. 'But Naruto… this is something that I can only entrust you to fulfill. Succeed where I failed.' Then the Yondaime flashed back to Konoha for the last time.

When he arrived on the top of the Sandaime's stone face, he panicked when he saw the demon pointing a half-complete Bijūdama at the village after the Sandaime used his Adamantine Staff to push the Kyuubi outside the village.

He raced through hand signs again and called out, "Summoning Jutsu" and Toad Boss, Gamabunta landed on top of the Kyuubi's head.

"Minato-sama!" "Yondaime-sama!" "Thank god!" Those words were spread by all the shinobi on their last legs.

"Minato" Hiruzen called out, but Minato was too preoccupied with the Kyuubi and his last actions.

'Kushina, I'm sorry' Minato thought solemnly, as he knew his wife won't approve of his plan to make Naruto a jinchuuriki.

"Gamabunta! Hold him down a little longer!" Minato called out to his partner beneath him.

"Easier said than done, brat! I can do a few more seconds!" The kage didn't respond as he jumped down to the fox building a large amount of chakra up, while the Kyuubi was about to unleash a Bijūdama that would destroy the village.

Just as the bijuu closed its mouth, the other shinobi including Hiruzen tensed. Though before it had a chance, Minato teleported it and himself away from the village borders. All that was left was Gamabunta.

"Did Minato teleport the Kyuubi away?" Sarutobi asked rhetorically 'But where?' Before he finished the thought, there was a loud explosion far away into the forest.

"Minato" Hiruzen said softly, worried about his young successor, as he raced towards the explosion.

Minato was looking worse for wear right now. He just teleports a monster fox with infinite chakra and just about escaped getting caught in a Bijūdama. Then teleported back to the safehouse his wife and child was in and then teleported back to the recovering bijuu.

He put his wife down while holding the sleeping bundle in his hand. He was breathing very heavily. 'I'm.. huff… almost entirely… out… of chakra.. huff. But I need t-to… huff … put up a barrier' The next moment he sees his wife shoot dozens of Adamantine Sealing Chains to completely trap the Kyuubi, as well as using some of the chains to create a barrier around the area.

"KUSHINA!" Minato shouts to his wife as she coughs up a mouthful of blood. Naruto, in his arms, also started wailing.

By all logical explanations, she should be dead by now. Having given birth, bijuu extraction, and now effectively chaining the beast that took the entirety of Konoha's military and the Sandaime to just get outside the walls.

His wife truly was amazing.

"Minato" she said softly with a smile, "It's alright, I'm-I'm going to take responsibility for my burden." Minato widened his eyes at her proclamation.

"No" Minato whispered as he understood that his wife was going to die. Kushina nodded slowly with a sad smile.

"Yes, I'm going to d-draw the Ky-Kyuubi into me… me and die." Kushina announced with blood running from down the side of her lips. "T-that will delay it's re-res-resurrection for... n-now. I'll use all my chakra left to... sa-save you all." Kushina said with a smile, while staring at her now-sleeping baby and husband.

Minato remained silent, though the slight quiver in his lips showed he was close to breaking apart.

"T-thank you for ever-everything, Minato." Kushina quietly beamed at her husband. Minato was silent for a moment before replying.

"Kushina" Minato started. "It is you I should be thanking." Kushina looked up at Minato with surprise.

"It's thanks to you, I am Hokage. You made me your man, you made me a father!" Kushina smiled at her husband and nodded.

"I'm happy you loved me. Whenever I think of our future together as a family if I lived, I think of a life full of happiness!" Minato gasped as silent tears fell down his eyes. Kushina took the tears as an opportunity to tease her husband. "D-Don't get t-too emotional, g-girly man!" Minato silently chuckled at the callback to his old nickname, but the atmosphere was still solemn.

Little Naruto started to whimper at his mother, seemingly understanding the sadness of the situation. Kushina shakily rubbed Naruto's cheek lovingly. "If there's one regret I have, it's that I won't be able to see Naru-chan grow up." She said with a sad smile of acceptance.

That's when Minato made his decision, with more tears cascading down his cheeks, "Use what little chakra you have left to ensure a reunion with Naruto." Kushina blinked in confusion at her husband, but soon enough she understood what he planned to do.

"It'll be part of the Eight Trigram Seal and I will take the Kyuubi with me." Minato asserted. "But since I'm not a jinchuuriki, I'll use the only option I have left, the Reaper Death Seal." Kushina gritted her teeth and looked wide-eyed at her husband.

"But that seal! Afterwards, you will be dea-" Minato cut her off with a hand up. Kushina started shaking, not only would her husband die, but her child would be an orphan. But Minato didn't stop there.

"Also, I will only seal away half the Kyuubi with me for eternity. The other half…" Minato thought about the masked man and the threat he would prove to be, as well as Jiraiya-sensei's prophecy. That's when Minato realized who he meant by the 'Child of Prophecy'. "The other half will be sealed away into Naruto, with the Eight Trigram Seal!"

Kushina gasped, but was unable to utter any words in her current state.

Minato continued, "There are two important things I learned today. One: That masked man who attacked you will surely bring about chaos and destruction in the world. And two: The one who will stop that man…" Minato looked down at his son with a smile, "...will be our child!" Minato said with the utmost confidence.

"This boy, Jiraiya-sensei's godson, will clear the way for a future as a Jinchuuriki." Minato proclaimed with pride at his son. "I have faith in him"

Minato closed his eyes and prepared his last jutsu.

'Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake' and with a clap of his hands,


Behind Minato appeared the image of white-haired demon with horns, holding his arms out with a knife between its teeth. Minato's soul can be seen held behind him as well, as he continued to keep his hand clamped together. Though he was looking at Naruto.

"We have to believe in our child!" Minato declared, before looking at a terrified Kushina. "After I use the Shiki Fūjin, I'll see the rest of your chakra into Naruto… I want you to be there to help him when he attempts to control the Kyuubi's power as a Jinchuuriki."

Kushina finally got back her voice and started to glare at her husband, "But he's our… He's our son!" She shouted. "Which is why I don't want to put such a terrible burden on him!" She continued to shout at Minato, who just looked down sadly at her.

"And why the Reaper Death Seal?! If it's just for me to see Naruto, even if just for a short while, there's no need for you to die!" The redhead went on, before looking down at her sleeping son.

"I want for you to live and stay by Naruto as he grows and for you to protect him. I don't get it! Is it to keep the balance of the bijuu between the nation?!" She started to brim with tears, "Why must Naruto be sacrificed?!"

"Why must you sacrifice yourself for me?!" The violet-eyed began to spit out blood as she screamed. Minato allowed for her to let it all out.

"To forsake one's nation, and one's village, is the same as to forsake one's child." Minato replied calmly. "Your own homeland was destroyed, so you of all people should know…" Kushina looked down at the mention of Uzushiogakure, "...the hard life that awaits those without a country."

"Beside, our family is…"


Kushina looked up at her husband, still breathing heavily, and Minato finished, "Besides, if I were to live, I'm no match to you." Kushina gasped quietly as Minato crouched up to her, " Even though you won't have much time with him, there are some things only his mother can tell Naruto, things I can't." Minato said with a smile

"That's a mother's role."

"Though I'm not just doing this for you, I'm doing this for Naruto!" Minato picked up his snoozing infant. "I will gladly die for my son…"

"That's a father's role."

At the edge of the barrier was Hiruzen Sarutobi, as well as two of his jonin. Hiruzen banged on the barrier but it wouldn't budge. "It seems they are trying to deal with the Kyuubi themselves!"

He wasn't the professor for nothing, he could tell Minato would die after using this specific jutsu and he was angry with himself that Minato would have to give his life, when it should be his job to seal the Kyuubi away.

'He's still so young, he has a new family with Kushina-chan and Naruto-kun. He's too young to throw away his life for the village that still needs him!' Hiruzen was aware the fallout after today would cause him to step back into the Hokage position before a suitable replacement was found. But that could take years.

Hiruzen wasn't suited to take the hat again, he left because it was the right time. The village needed Minato more than anyone to help them through the aftermath. Who knows how long it will take to find the next Minato Namikaze. But he could not allow Danzo or one of his group to take control.

'Especially after my recent conversation with him.' Hiruzen shook his head at the thought of his old friend/rival.

Helpless with his two jonin, the Sandaime watched the inevitable happen.

The Shinigami had enough waiting, so he placed his arm though Minato's soul, as an arm that latched onto the Kyuubi's fur.

The Kyuubi who saw this knew what was happening. "Damn you, Yondaime Hokage!" The restrained Kyuubi growled, but Minato paid no mind.

"FUIN!" Shouted the blonde kage, as the Shinigami pulled the Yin half of the Kyuubi and sealed it into Minato's chest.

'!' Minato grunted in pain as he contained half of the fox's chakra, 'my body is getting numb… I never expected such a massive chakra' On Minato chest was an Eight Trigram Seal with an Uzumaki swirl in the center.

Unfortunately for the couple, with half the Kyuubi being sealed in Minato, the Yang side is half the height, so Kushina's chains are now loose on the small Kyuubi.

Minato summoned a sealing altar and placed Naruto inside to start the process, "I will now seal the Kyuubi inside Naruto."

The Kyuubi saw what they were doing, 'The Ritual Altar?' the demon questioned, and realized his fate. 'Does he intent to seal me again?' Raising his voice inside his head, then spotted Naruto on the altar, 'Furthermore, inside that brat?!'

Kushina started to fade into the darkness but began violently coughing up blood, losing slight control of chains. Minato panicked when he saw the state his wife was in, "KUSHINA!" He started hobbling over to her, "Are you alright?!"

When Minato ran away from the altar to his wife, the Kyuubi took this chance, and began to lunge at the infant Naruto sleeping peacefully on the altar.

"Right Now!" The Kyuubi roared as it brought its free hand towards the child, to claw him.

Both Minato and Kushina widened their eyes as they pushed every last bit of chakra left to get to their child before the claw did.

They do…

Although, in order to save their baby son's life, they throw themselves onto the claw to stop the movement before it reaches Naruto. The claw stops inches from Naruto's stomach after they both put their feet in the dirt.

There is merely a drop of his parent's combined blood that falls on his small chest. Both Minato and Kushina are pierced through their stomach and they stand over their pride and joy.

"I-I said this was a f-father's duty!" Minato managed to stutter out

"T-Then all the m-more, since I'm h-his mother!" Kushina cheekily retorted

Sarutobi watched from afar and saw an altar, "There's a child!" Then he saw a tuft of blonde hair on the altar. 'I see, so Minato-kun is making Naruto-kun into the Jinchuuriki!'

"They shielded him." The jonin stated, Sarutobi watched on as this would be his successor/to-be-predecessors final words and moment.

Kushina continued to smile, despite being pierced by her previous prisoner, "T-This is the argument I've l-lost… ...Okay, I understand you are determined to do this." Minato smiled in gratitude at his wife in front of him.

"Thank you, Kushina." Minato said, before using the blonde on his chin to do a summoning jutsu, and out puffed a long toad.

"AAAAHHHH KYUUBI! Yondaime too! What is the meaning of this!" The toad, Gerotora, demanded.

"Gerotora... I'm going to g-give you… the Sealing Formula's key…" Minato took a few more deep breaths, "Take it immediately to Jiraiya-sensei and store it away." The Yondaime commanded.

The toad nodded and he collected the key onto the scroll from Minato, "You have my word. I confirm the key is in my possession. Now I'm off!" And then Gerotora dispelled.

Minato closed his eyes, "that should do it." He looked forward at his wife, as the Shinigami started licking his knife. "Kushina," he said softly, "I'm running short on time, I will start the Eight Trigram Seal… ...I want to put some of my chakra into Naruto as well. It'll be awhile before we see him again."

He looked at his son, "Let's tell him what we want to say." Kushina nodded and took a deep breath

"Naruto.. Don't be picky.. Eat lots and grow strong.. Make sure that you bathe every day and stay warm.." Kushina started

"Also.. Don't stay up late.. You need lots of sleep.. And make friends.. You don't need a lot of friends.. Just a few.. Ones you can really, really trust.." Her voice quivered ever so slightly as she stared down at the one she would soon leave behind.

"I wasn't very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard.. Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.. So don't get too depressed if you can't do something well..Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy.."

"Oh, and this is important.. It's about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi.. Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money..Put your mission wages into your savings account.." She continued

"No alcohol until you're twenty.. Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation.. Another Prohibition is women.." Her voice took quite a protective tone, Minato thought with amusement.

"I'm a woman, so I don't know too much about this but.. All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women.. So it's only natural to take an interest in girls.. But just don't get hooked on bad women.. Find someone just like me.." She closed her eyes with a smile

"Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, 'ttebane.." Kushina and Minato both shared a cheeky smile at that remark.

Naruto," Kushina's eyes began to water "from now on, you're going to face lots of pain and hardship.. Be true to yourself.. Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true.."

"There's so much.. Oh, so much more that I want to pass on to you.. I wish I could stay with you longer.. I love you" Kushina couldn't stop crying at this point. "Minato, I'm sorry. I've u-used up all your time." Minato just shook his head with a smile.

"It's fine" Minato whispered, "Naruto… My advice as your father…" and with a wink he said, "well.. I guess you nagging kaa-chan said it all." then he looked between his silently-crying wife and his peacefully-sleeping infant. He closed his eyes one last time and whispered:

"Eight Sign Seal"

And the Kyuubi no Yoko had a new Jinchuuriki.