Danke für deine Reviews. I don't know what that word is in German. Anyway, have some Bard magic, Luz being a good kid and stuff. Btw, the ages for the OCs are (oldest to youngest): Bartholomew, Gerheade/Bastille, Jenkins, Durin, Weiss, Gertrude, Belos/Albert, Sierra. Yes, Belos is young.

Almost 50 years ago, in the outskirts of Bonesborough…

From the dark forests that border the town, several hooded figures hid behind the bushes, whispering quietly amongst themselves. One, in particular, was a lanky-bodied man with a snivelling face only a mother would love. He was Toucan, a cowardly small-time bandit with a relatively big posse.

Toucan had big dreams. He was tired of being pushed around and for once in his life, wanted to push around others. It was easy, really. Towns often had their own law enforcement but the small ones were pathetic compared to the big cities. After stealing a powerful wand from a deceased lord, he made his name by terrorizing these rural areas.

But it wasn't enough. He was still just a small-fry and was afraid of the truly dangerous witches. He couldn't hope of challenging them in any way. His wand wasn't strong enough and thus, he needed more.

"There it is! Hexside School of Magic and Demonics! I heard it is home to some of the most powerful relics in all of the Demon Realm." Toucan exclaimed, a toothy yet sadistic grin stretched across his face.

His minion, a small and pudgy demon that looked more like an overweight child with a name he never bothered to remember, turned to him nervously. "Wait, we're not going to actually attack a magic school, right? It's, like, full of witches and crazy dangerous!"

Toucan laughed mockingly. "Oh, please! It's just a bunch of dumb kids! Once we take control of the school, we can use the relics to take over the city."

"Hoh! That's so smart, boss!"

Prideful, Toucan's chest puffed up. "That's why I'm the boss. Now get ready! We'll attack at sundown."

"Is that so? I'll have to make sure the defences are up then."

Upon hearing an unfamiliar voice, Toucan jumped out and away from the bush. He pulled out a small wooden wand from his belt and pointed into the dark forest, primed and ready. From the shadows, a short, middle-aged and bespectacled man appeared. He had a pair of sharps horns and a cute dog-like face.

He was also carrying a unique golden harp, shaped like a musical note.

Seeing the instrument, Toucan quickly realized who it was; the current principal of Hexside. "Y-You're Bartholomew! How did you know we were here?!"

The young-ish Bart — short for Bartholomew — chuckled. "I simply listened. Is it not obvious?"

Flinging his wand, Toucan drew a magic circle and shot out a powerful fireball made of hellish purple flames. The fireball, as if alive, roared across the field, its demonic flames consuming anything it touches with a deathly curse.


This was Toucan's ultimate spell. Or more precisely, the wand's. Such powerful and destructive capabilities made him almost untouchable. Along with his unstable behaviour, he was feared in the boonies. Any that challenged was immediately burned to ash and those scared for their lives began working for him.

Yet, Bart was unfazed. With just a finger, he plucked three strings on his harp in succession, causing it to glow. Just as the flames were about to swallow him with its ethereal jaws, a magical shield appeared around him, causing the fireball to disperse upon contact.

So much for the ultimate spell.

"Using a wand that doesn't belong to you…" Bart said darkly. "How shameless."

His teeth clattering and legs shaking, Toucan nervously stepped back and barked at his underlings. "K-kill him! KILL HIM NOW!"

Suddenly, the other hooded figures jumped into the fray and charged at the diminutive man. Calmly, Bart played a melody and his harp glowed magically once more. One by one, the attackers became drowsy and eventually, fell asleep.

Not all, however. One, in particular, was able to get close enough and attempted to stab him with a dagger. Unfortunately, it was proved futile. The shield from before protected Bart and the dagger, upon hitting, bent sideways. The underling stared in shock at his deformed dagger and before he could react, Bart played a single chord, bursting his shield and sending the attacker flying into the woods.

"S-s-sh-shit!" Toucan blurted. He readied another spell — the same fireball spell he used earlier — but his opponent was quicker.

Noticing what Toucan was about to do, Bartholomew quickly strung all the chords on his harp, flinging magic at the bandit. The ground rippled and rolled, physically turning to liquid while appearing the same.

Before he knew it, Toucan sunk into the dirt like stone, accidentally dropping his wand aside. "AH!"

The ground hardened after, leaving him trapped waist-deep. Seeing him harmless, Bartholomew walked up to him and leaned forward.

"Now then, I am not a fan of shedding blood, so you will leave quietly and never come back. Do you understand?" The bespectacled man said.

Meanwhile, the nameless pudgy minion stood nearby, watching it all unfold. His boss's entire force was singlehandedly defeated by the principal of Hexside and he wasn't even serious about it. Before he could run, however, the wand conveniently fell to his feet and more importantly, away from Toucan.

The minion never liked Toucan. He only followed him because Toucan was the strongest and being nearby guaranteed his safety. But now, the cowardly bandit lost and his weapon was in his grasp.

The pudgy demon smiled maliciously. Grabbing the wand, he immediately formed a magic circle and aimed at the two witches. "Goodbye, boss."


"W-what?!" Bartholomew voiced in shock, turning to the roar. He quickly pulled out his harp to form a magic shield but it was too late. The fireball, several times his size, was ready to consume its target.

And it almost did, had not a small black orb appear between them. Like a vacuum, the orb sucked up the flames with incredible pressure. Even the principal was struggling to stay on the ground. Within a few seconds, all the flames were extinguished and the black orb sucked itself, vanishing from existence.

"I apologize for intruding but it seemed as if you needed some assistance." A new figure said, emerging from the roadside. He wore torn clothes, an old cape and a simple wooden mask that hid his face.

Bartholomew glared to the masked man. He felt something odd about him, something that caused the hairs on his back to stand. "You're dangerous."

The masked man tilted his head. "Really? I wouldn't have guessed. I am Alexander E. Belos. A pleasure to be of acquaintance."

Back in the present, on a cliffside watching over Bonesborough...

Lord Bartholomew of the Bard Coven stood by the cliff's edge. The sun had risen completely and the day was just beginning. Everyone was getting ready to work, learn or play. Stores and stalls opened up shop, their signs glistening under the sunlight. Even at this distance, he could smell the freshly baked bread.

"Ah, Belos. You've finally arrived." Bartholomew said with a smile. Even after so many years, he didn't look much different from his younger self, barring the wrinkles on his face. No matter the time, he still held an image of modesty.

The highly-esteemed Emperor Belos nodded in his usual royal garb. "I apologize for the delay. I have been busy with other matters."

"Your daughter, I take it?" Bart asked in a friendly tone.

"She has taken an interest in musical instruments. I had one of my coven members teach her a few basics, just to get an understanding of it. It will be good practice for when she'll train in Bard magic."

Bartholomew laughed. "Huhuhu, you really do plan on teaching her everything, don't you?"

"I must. After all, she is my flesh and blood. I will not accept anything less." Belos replied.

"Good, good. Providing her with opportunities that most could only dream of is a trait of a parent."

The two stared off into the distance, watching the townsfolk below continue on with their daily lives. It was unthinkable to think that back then, being able to wake up and not be afraid of the dark was an uncommon sight. Such a peaceful view was only possible in the schools back then and even then, it was risky.

Now, everyone looked so happy and secure.

"Belos, our time is almost at an end. We had a good run but…" Bartholomew lifted his hand — it was shaking. "Well, I'm just not as spry as I used to be."

For a moment, Belos said nothing. "… I understand. And what of the Bard Coven?"

Bart smiled "Not to worry. I've already selected my successor and the advisors. They'll do just fine."

"And… what of you?"

While Belos did care about the stability of the covens, the true pillars of his society were the heads. Any replacement would have big shoes to fill. Thus, concern for his co-worker — his friend — was justified.

Bart looked up, staring at the slowly disappearing stars. "Do you remember that promise you made to me?"

Belos nodded. "Of course. You wanted me to watch over the schools."

"Hmph, well, can you still keep it? Even when I leave?"

He answered immediately. "I plan on it."

Bart's smile faded, just slightly so. There was sadness in his eyes, not from Belos's answer but from his own question. Yet, his smile stayed strong as much as he could.

"Thank you, Belos. You truly are a dear friend."

Throughout her time on the Boiling Isles, Luz Noceda-Belos (or Luz Belos-Noceda) has been training. To be fair, when you have the magical capabilities equivalent to a nuclear bomb, you should definitely practise and fine-tune your magecraft whenever possible.

However, not all magic involved throwing fireballs or causing earthquakes. Most magic was non-offensive and amongst them were spells that required a medium. For example, Bard magic. The Bard Coven, one of the Nine Main Coven, might seem out of place. For what was the use of music in a realm of magic?

The thing is; Bard magic was extremely versatile. It had the one property no other magic had – it could control the flow of the environment. A few plucks of string or blasts of horn and you could pull the very ground from underneath your opponent's feet. Or maybe create a shield, hypnotize enemies, turn rocks to puddle, etc. For such a flexible form of magic, why was it not more commonly used?

Because it's finicky and stupid and emotional and annoying. That's what Lilith thought.

Within the confines of Luz's room, Lilith Clawthorne looked traumatized. Split hairs and wrinkled skin — she looked like she had aged a decade within a minute. In front of her was the eponymous Luz, looking quite smug with an ocarina, a type of seashell-looking wind instrument.

Lilith nervously fixed her hair. "W-wonderful, Princess Luz! Your skills with the ocarina are truly… shocking…"

"Really?!" Luz asked with proud eyes.

Lilith paused. "… Yes."

Just then, a loud bell rang, signalling the return of their glorious emperor and Luz's biological father. Lilith gave out a sigh of relief as if she was finally free from torment.

"Ah, it seems the emperor has finally returned. Now go along. You probably want to greet your father." She said, pulling the bedroom door open.

Luz giddily nodded. "I'mma show him my blowing skills!"

"NO!" Lilith shouted, uncharacteristically of her. Realising her harsh behaviour, she quickly straightened herself. "I-I mean, you shouldn't yet! Yes, that's it! Maybe you should practice a bit more. That way you can really blow his socks off!"

Luz looked at her, confused. "I don't want to blow his socks. Socks smell."

"I-It's, hah… a figure of speech." She sighed. It was odd how teaching a child was harder than cursing people. Maybe her talent lied elsewhere. "L-let's just go..."

Done with today's lesson, the two head off to the throne room. Lilith wished to report today's class to her superior while Luz was there to greet her father. It was, after all, important for parents to be involved in their children's growth. Especially in their younger years when they're still malleable and aloof.

Once arrived, Lilith bowed courteously as her leader sat on his rightful throne. "Greetings, oh great Emperor Belos." She hailed, title and all.

Beside her, Luz bowed as well, having gone to a few etiquette lessons. According to Lilith and Kikimora, it was polite to bow to Emperor Belos since he was the supreme and ultimate leader of the realm. What they forgot to realize was that rule actually only applied to them. Little Luz did not need to bow to her own father outside of public events.

Belos raised a brow at that. He might need to have a closer look at the lessons after all.

"As requested, I have attempted teaching Luz the basics of Bard magic and I can safely say it…" Lilith paused, hesitant and unsure of what words to say. "… It is progress."

That's just a codeword for 'It's horrible, please don't kill me'. He recognized it anywhere since he was the one that coined it. Although, he wouldn't harm her or anything for something like this. He wasn't completely unreasonable.

"That is acceptable," Belos suddenly paused, trying to remember her name. "... Lilith. It will take her several years to truly be at the level of intermediate players. For now, it is to cultivate an interest over it."

Lilith perked up and smiled, understanding what he meant. "Ah, of course! How wise of you, my liege. My apologies for such illogical expectations."

"… It is fine. You are dismissed for the day."

And with that, Lilith took her exit. While she did have the exclusive duty of being the emperor's daughter's assistant teacher, she had other responsibilities that needed to be taken care off. If she failed those, then her good graces with the emperor would be for nought. And there was no way she was going to let the other potential coven head candidates one-up her while she was busy.

If they dared, curses would fly.

Nevertheless, her departure left the two most powerful people alone. Belos, who was trying to be a good father, attempted some small talk.

"Luz, you look well." He said, a small tone of concern.

On the other hand, Luz nodded happily. "Hm! Miss Lilith gave me a bunch of cool instruments like cheese drums and the otamatamatone!"

"Ah, sounds delightful." He replied. Traditional Boiling Isles instruments. Lilith chose well.

"It was super fun! Miss Lilith also said I was shocking! That means I'm super-duper good!" Luz exclaimed, retelling her day.

"Is that so? Her praises must not be false, then."

"Yep! She's really honest like that."

Belos, knowing the witch's history with her sister, cringed. "… Yes, that probably it."

Daily task on being a good dad: ask your child how their day was going. Check. He would go on to do the rest but his mind was elsewhere, preoccupied with a personal issue.

Luz might not have known her father for very long but she could tell from his slumped shoulders and disinterested tone that there was something off today. Concerned, she proceeded to push.

"Are you okay? You look really sad." Luz asked with care.

Belos lazily waved a hand. "Oh, it's nothing. A friend will be leaving soon and I won't be seeing him that often anymore."

She looked at him, confused. "Why not just visit?"

"I'm a very busy ruler. I cannot simply visit someone without notice."

"Why not?"

"Because I have responsibilities. That's what it means to be a ruler."

Luz whined. "Hnng, that sounds sucky."

Hearing that, Belos chuckled slightly. "Hehe, I guess you could say it is quite… sucky." He said, amused. "Though someday, you'll take over my position and become the Empress of the Boiling Isles."

Luz frowned, disgusted. "Bleghh, that's so boring!"

She preferred staying as a princess, thank you very much. Princesses get to sing all day and have forest creatures help them with chores. She didn't know what an empress did but she bet it was no fun. Plus, 'Empress Luz' sounded evil like a disaster waiting to happen.

"I assure you, it's quite interesting." He replied, lying just a little. Being an emperor wasn't always fun but there were moments where interesting political discourse occurred.

Were they worth it? Well, no. Paperwork sucked no matter what reality it's from but the discourse at least made it bearable.

"Now run along. I have other matters to attend to, mostly in the form of paperwork." Belos said, shooing her off. "That is, by the way, another thing you'll have to do as Empress."

Luz didn't know what paperwork was but she didn't like the sound of that.

If there was one thing Bart enjoyed doing, it would be smelling the flowers. The Emperor's Coven, though situated in an inhospitable part of the Titan's body, had a very nice garden. It was a little project Belos enacted as proof that he could make something beautiful grow in a place where Death slept.

It was a small garden, full of flowers, bushes, trees and strategically placed rocks, and was taken care of entirely by shades and abominations but it worked. Belos's private garden was a marvel, even though it didn't look that impressive.

He wanted to see the place one last time.

Watching a bomber-bee float around, Bart pulled out a harp and breathed in. He listened to the melody of nature, tuning himself like a musician tuning their instrument. As he lifted a finger for the first strum, a painful high-pitched cry broke his concentration.

"What is that wretched noise?!" He complained. Following the horrible wail of a dying goose, he looked around a bush and there on a bench was s familiar face.

"Miss Luz?" He called in surprise.

Startled, the 6-year-old girl turned to him and waved. "Oh, hiya Mr, uh… Barto-, Bratho-, eh, Barthelomo…?" She stammered for a moment. "Bartholomew!"

"Huhu, you can just call me Bart." He permitted, smiling.

This was probably the first time they ever truly spoke to one another. Even though it's been over a month, he's still surprised that Belos actually had a romantic partner, let alone a child of his own. The emperor was so secretive and asocial that any notion of him being open was ludicrous.

Yet, the proof against that stood before him. The world sure had no shortage of miracles.

Looking around, he noticed a small oblong-shaped object in her hands. "Hm? What's that you have there?"

Luz lifted her instrument to show. "This? Miss Lilith says it's called an ocarina. It's like a flute but round!"

"An ocarina? My, it's been a while since I've seen someone play it. You know, there's actually a legend behind it." He exclaimed before clearing his throat.

"It's said that in a faraway land, a fair princess was once threatened by the whims of an evil king. In response, she used an ocarina to send her most-trusted knight into the future in order to find the evil king's weakness. With knowledge from the future, the knight and the princess banished the evil king into a realm of twilight."

Luz stared at him in awe. "Wow! That sounds really cool! What's the story called?"

"Fire Emblem, or something like that." He dismissively replied. History was never his best skill. "Still, I'm surprised you actually play it."

"Yep and Miss Lilith says I'm pretty good at it! Watch!"

Luz began blowing into the ocarina, allowing the instrument's odd shape to make sound. With her fingers, she controlled the notes that came out, using the little knowledge she had regarding music theory. However, being a child that she was, sounding good was never a priority. She just wanted to play it.

Which was why what came out was equivalent to a brutal car wreck in an express highway. Bart tried his best to not flinch but he could feel his sweat sliding off his forehead. His glasses cracked under the pressure.

After a minute or so of playing, Luz looking absolutely flushed, having given her all in that performance. She smiled, proud of herself. "What do you think?"

"In my professional opinion," He started, raising a finger. "You suck." He stated bluntly, shocking the poor girl.

Nonetheless, a smile appeared on his face, honest and hopeful. "But that's normal. You're still young and it takes time to learn. Your father wasn't very good at playing music either."

"Really?" Luz said, surprised.

Bart nodded. "Yep. He also didn't want to take off his mask so playing wind instruments was almost impossible."

Out of all the forms of magic, Bard magic was the hardest for Emperor Belos. Potions were simply chemistry with magecraft while Construction was just a bunch of sigils. There was structure with obvious boundary conditions and rules. Bard magic, on the other hand, was subjective.

Bard magic was creative and playful. It did not adhere to common rules or etiquettes; it simply did what it wanted. Pure chaos in the form of music, reined in through the use of musical instruments. Learning how to play was easy when you had a music sheet. For Bard magic, the world was the sheet.

Belos was all about rules. He liked having structure and liked having laws. It's one of the reasons why he conquered the wild Boiling Isles, to begin with. Bard magic was his antithesis and while he was a master of it now, it took a lot of bloody knuckles and broken bones.

"Mr Bart? Can you show me some music?" Luz asked.

"Hmm, why so?" He asked in return.

"Dad looked really sad today. He said something about his friend leaving and I want to cheer him up!"

Belos looked sad? One would think that his mask would hide his expressions better but Luz was his daughter. You can't hide from that.

Bart rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well… I do have one particular song he might enjoy but it's a bit complicated for you."

"Then teach me."

An unhesitant reply without pause or nervousness. Was this willingness brave or foolish? Bart glared, waiting for more.

"You said that I'm young so I'm not good yet. But I won't stay young forever, so teach me. That way, I get to be good." She stated as if it was obvious.

It should be and yet, it left him amazed. Not only did she not hesitate to reply but she also had an explanation ready. Her thirst for knowledge rivalled that of Belos but there was a certain innocence in her eyes. She wanted to learn but not for herself nor was it for the sake of learning.

His smile softened.

"If that's the case…"

Meanwhile in his office, several hours later, Belos cursed.

For the record, Belos did not spend his time in his throne room, looking down on peasants and smiting them with otherworldly spells. The throne room was for parties and events, and occasionally he'd publicly judge criminals there as well. Most of the time, however, the room was empty. Though, one member with a broom was always there, sweeping and cleaning.

Instead, he'd spend his time in his office which was far smaller than the throne room and much more normal. It did have a great view if you could call looking empty plains of hell as 'great'.

"Who wrote all of this? Such horrendous grammar and writing. I'll have their head on a pike for this." He scowled, snapping his pen in rage. The Emperor's Coven was supposed to be the best of the best. How could a witch join if they could barely write a formal letter?

Maybe he should include numerology and linguistics into the requirements. One should at least know basic math and language to join.

Belos sighed, massaging his head. No, something as pitiful of this shouldn't have gotten him mad. He thought that he was at peace with his friend's departure and yet, his trembling hands said otherwise. Belos began reminiscing of the past, back during a simpler time when paperwork didn't exist and he simply killed those that crossed him without a thought.

Nowadays, all his work involved signing and reviewing documents and he couldn't just kill witches just for looking at him funny. Nope! They needed to go through a public court hearing. Not that it mattered when he decided the outcome on a whim but it was easier to just zap them into ash or turn them to stone.

Too preoccupied with his thoughts, he didn't notice that the office door opened, revealing the young Luz, still with her ocarina.

"Daughter, I am somewhat busy at the moment. Can you come later?" He requested, feeling annoyed at everything at the moment.

"I want to perform!"

"… What?"

Luz didn't bother to answer and immediately began playing. Her ocarina shrieked like a dead woman and as he was about to tell her to stop and do it later, he instead found himself compelled to listen. Her notes were awkward and uneven but he knew this tune anywhere. With hazy sight, he closed his eyes as if lulled to sleep.

A familiar melody, one from many years ago.

"He's not coming, Belos!" Weiss, former executioner shouted.

During Belos's journey in becoming the tyrannical emperor known in the present, he had many enemies, very powerful ones at that. Early on, most didn't take him seriously, seeing him as just a minor threat to deal with early. And while Belos gathered his forces, that was how he kept it.

But then, he killed a lord. That's when everything changed.

With the power vacuum apparent and his rapid rise of influence, he was finally seen as a legitimate threat. The noble houses that controlled the Boiling Isles were not stupid. Realising how dangerous he was, they took the effort to cut him off before he could grow any further.

In less than two months after that incident, the fort that he took over from the previous lord was under attack with enemies coming from all sides. Belos was powerful but even he could not go against an army. Alongside allies such as Weiss, the proto-Emperor's Coven took arms to protect themselves.

While distracted, a cocky witch ran up to Weiss and stabbed the illusionist in the chest, only for him to poof into a cloud of thick smoke. Quickly, the smoke dissipated and to no surprise, Weiss was left unharmed. But the same could not be said about his attacker who was missing their left lung.

"He will. I am sure of it." Belos insisted, standing beside him and blocking a few bolts of lightning with a powerful magic shield. The bolts ricocheted off the shield, some flying back towards the casters.

"Yeah, I bet you'll be less sure once we're DEAD!" Weiss yelled. From his blindside, a stray bolt hit Weiss in the arm, searing his flesh. "ARGH, SON OF A TITAN'S WH-!"

"Language, Weiss. Or do I need to wash that mouth of yours again?" Gertrude chided, punching the witch that threw that bolt off the castle walls. Immediately, she ran towards him and began healing his injury, her palms glowing with magic.

"Agh, says you! Your mouth is dirtier than an orc's pen!" Weiss spat. Frowning, Gertrude squeezed his arm, causing him more pain. "AAHHH!"

Belos, however, was unconcerned. Instead, he thought it was the best time to bring up an interesting fact to lighten the mood. "Contrary to popular belief, the pen of an orc is actually quite clean. They are very hygienic and would even decorate their sleeping space with fragrant flowers."


With his free arm, Weiss formed a magic circle and flicked it at a few wayward enemies. He then snapped his fingers, causing the circle to explode into a blaze of glory. That bought time for Gertrude to heal him completely.

"There, done! Don't say I didn't do anything!" Gertrude said, the injury now gone. Testing his fingers, he scoffed at the healer pridefully, then took out a curved knife and stabbed the air behind him. Moments later, the air took form, revealing a hidden enemy under a cloaking spell, now bleeding in the head.

"You know, I followed you because I truly believed in your 'take over the world' plan. Looking at it again, I should've just murdered you in your sleep." Weiss hissed, pulling his knife out and letting the body fall.

The would-be emperor did not reply, instead staring at a hilltop far off and outside the gates. Weiss growled. "Belos, are you even listening?"

Belos turned to his company, lifting a finger over his mask. "Hush, Weiss. Our esteemed guest has arrived."

And right there on that same hilltop, Bartholomew appeared. None of the enemy forces had noticed him — exactly as intended. In his hands was not his signature harp. To even Belos's surprise, it was actually an intricately designed trumpet.

Bart lifted his trumpet high up and took a deep breath.

"I'd plug my ears if I were you," Belos whispered.

With a single breath, Bart played the most beautiful melody, empowered by magic. Through that melody, he dominated the battlefield, guaranteeing victory for the proto-Emperor's Coven.

Singlehandedly, he changed the course of history.

After what felt like an eternity, Belos opened his eyes, finding himself back in the present. His boring paperwork-filled office, the same one he despised so much, was peaceful compared to the bloody violent battlefields decades ago. How long has it been since he last felt such a sense of victory?

Belos stared at his human daughter, her face red from the performance. She looked at him and smiled, all while breathing raggedly.

"D-do you like it?" Luz asked, nervous about the response.

Underneath his mask, Belos smiled. It was genuinely horrible. "It's beautiful."

Hearing that, her face brightened despite the red flush from cheek to cheek. Mr Bart was right; the song did lighten his mood. It took her hours to learn but with enough practice, she'd get it right someday.

"If you ever feel sad again, I'll play this again. That way, you won't be." Little Luz offered.

He knew he never needed it again. In fact, he'd probably die if he ever heard it again. Still, what a generous endeavour from a 6-year-old.

"I look forward to it."