The Legend of Zelda: Youths Chosen By the Goddesses

Part 2: The Golden Power

The Resistance is victorious! After dismantling the Imperials at Death Mountain, the Resistance has set their sights to invading North Hyrule.

With the three Pendants of Virtue in tow, the Hero Link Koroks, Princess Zelda Hyrule, and their allies are sent to search for 'a timeless temple' as described by the goddesses.

Meanwhile, at Mido Town in North Hyrule, the leader of the city is about to get some welcome news about their recent visitor…

"He's coming to, Your Highness."

The figure spoken to looked up to the one who bothered her, her green eyes sparkling with interest. It had been a week since two merchants found their guest, and upon seeing him, the royal woman immediately had him brought to her abode. By now, most of Mido would have heard the news that a male had been brought into the city, against the rules but this was a special case. One that was five years in the making.

The royal nodded and stood up from her throne. She faced her muscled guard woman, smiling. "Thank you, Buliara. I'll tend to him immediately."

Just as the young royal shifted past her guard, the latter woman paused her with a touch on the former's bare shoulder. "Are your sure about him. It has been five years and I know you seek a reunion but… He's different. I sense something different."

"I know. But despite that… You know how I once felt about him. Maybe this is fate giving me another chance."

"But… Not only is he a voe, but he is one of them. He is-was their future king. You keep him here, and he'll want his rightful place."

"Maybe so, but I am not deterred, Buliara. I will meet with him, alone and privately." Her glare was enough to make the guard back off, bow, and leave.

"At least put your jewelry on, Chief."

Afterward, the queen made her way from her throne room to her her quarters above it. The guards standing outside it were immediately dismissed. Once they were comfortably distant, the girl entered her quarters, staring at the young man that inhabited her bed. He was awake, she could see, but he hadn't acknowledged her presence. That gave her time. Quickly she walked over to a mirror, checking herself out. She removed her golden headdress, setting it on the table. Next, she made sure her makeup and headpiece were in order. Then she clasped on a golden choker around her neck, then came a bracelet on each wrist and an armlet on each arm. Last, she equipped her large gold necklace and straightened it to a perfect position. Pleased with her appearance, the queen turned around, smirking until she spotted her guest.

He was sitting up, his arms folded as he watched her watch him. His brow lowered as he recognized his host, yellow eyes shining like pure gold as she stepped slowly up to him. For her, she was quite mesmerized. It had been five long years, but he hadn't lost a single handsome feature. His hair was much longer than she remembered, but retained the fiery red both she, he, and their people were known for. His skin, bruised and scarred recently, marked the warrior the Gerudo made all their kind to be. He still had an affinity for dark clothes, something not common among the Gerudo but not rare either. The biggest different between the two royals was the color of their eyes. Yellow battled green for a start for what will be a long conversation. The Chief of the Gerudo that erased a demon from existence, and the King of the Gerudo that kept him written and his decendants ruling. Two rivaling clans only distinguishable by their eyes, and although the boy was in every way her superior, he knew that she had the upper hand at this moment.

His eyes softened, relegating himself to subjectivity. He looked away from the chief, down to his hidden lap. Now his mind turned to the last moments he remembered before awakening...his battle with Midna that ended in a draw, then his embarrassing defeat by whom he can only surmise by the power he felt as the dark King of Hyrule. How long has it been? Hopefully not too long once again. How and where was Midna and the Resistance. Did the others know about what happened to him? If he returned, would they send him away?

"Sav'otta, Ganondorf." Ganondorf raised his head, feeling the weight of the queen sink into the bed beside him. She sat in front of him, her face warm and friendly, contrasting his confused and empty demeanor. As they traded sight, she smiled, taking his hand in hers. "I cannot believe you're alive. Do you remember me?"

"Riju." She nodded, and the boy sighed in relief. He looked around at the room again, wondering how did he get to Mido Town, hundreds of miles away from Spectacle Rock. "How am I here?"

"Merchants by the name of Telma and Ro. They found you collapsed and beaten near Saria. It took a lot of arguing to let you in. Once I was called and saw you, you were permitted."

"You bypassed the law like that?"

"You are royalty and my cousin. One of the last reminders of what life was like before…"

Ganondorf looked to her, placing his hand now on top of hers. "Five years ago."

"Yeah. When we heard what happened to Nabooru, we were shocked. I know our clans aren't on the best terms, but it is better than ever. We didn't suffer the same fate, the age of 13, I became chief."

Ganondorf frowned, then saw the headdress on the dresser, biting his lip. "Your mother...passed?"

Riju shook her head. "Killed."

"Let me guess, weirdo in a mask?"


"Zant." Ganondorf rolled the name off his tongue in disgust, like a bad tasting medicine. "He's dead, but unfortunately, it wasn't by my hand. He had much to pay for. He was responsible for Nabooru...and now Mido?"

"Yes." Riju stood up, turning away from Ganondorf, staying silent for the moment. This allowed his to analyze the young woman before him, a changed woman at that. When he last saw her years ago, she was quite the beauty, but not the warrior that the only other girl he could compare Riju to-Aveil-was. Back then, Riju was like a typical princess, a politician rather than the typical warrior their people are known for. However, she was a powerful magician, preferring fighting from afar than up close, only having the twin scimitars of their people for times she needed it. But now, he could see a change and not just the womanly proportions. She was toned, hardened, ready for battle. He sensed she was no longer the pompous girl he knew as a preteen, but then again, he was not the carefree boy she once knew. One day had changed them both.

Making sure he was clothed (still in his garments from the battle on Spectacle Rock) Ganondorf stood up and turned Riju around. Tears fell from her eyes, and she leaned herself on Ganondorf's chest. "I'm just so happy you're alive."

Ganondorf smiled and brought his arms around Riju's back. "Yeah, so am I."

One month later...

Being on the northern side of Death Mountain was no less treacherous than the south side, but in the war he was fighting, it was damn well pleasing. After five years, he had returned to his side of Hyrule.

He had, with help from his friends and former soldiers Error and Bagu, built up the Resistance, trained its best soldiers, and lead two successful campaigns against the Imperials. But South Hyrule was an easier battleground. Now the rebels faced the half of the world they had no ground in.

But fighting the war wasn't their only task. The Hero and Princess, the legends of Hyrule, had an important relic to find within the confines of a 'timeless temple.' He had no time for riddles, but if it was important, two people weren't going to find it. So he assembled the two into a team of the best agents of the Resistances.

Link Koroks, Hero of the Resistance. Zelda Harkinian Hyrule, Princess of Hyrule. Ralph Ambi, Prince of Labrynna. Hilda Lorule, Princess of Lorule and Sage of Shadow. Ravio Sheerow, Guardian of Lorule's Princess. Oren, Princess of the Zoras and Sage of Water.

And once she was awake, Midna Twilight, the one he can almost call daughter, will join them.

"Bu ba, ba ba ba bu-de-ba, bu-da-do, ba bu-de-ba, bu da. Ba ba ba-de-ba ba. Ba ba ba-de-ba ba." Auru turned from his sightseeing over the plains of North Hyrule to a man wearing a green cloak over a green and brown tunic. Brown hairs dotted his weathered face, and while the Resistance leader was older than this man by a few years, the newcomer's eyes had seen some much more than he did. Scratching the back of his nearly bald head, Auru turned back to the land before him as the man came up beside him. "Welcome to the dark world, General."

"Welcome to the dark world, Hero."

"How long has it been since you were last here?"

"Five years. You."


Auru hummed to himself, crossing his arms. "Well, it is about time we return Link. Wouldn't want to keep our king waiting… This was once a beautiful land, and now… Monsters roam freely, the people live in fear. They need hope, and a will to fight against the Imperials."

Link smiled. "Don't worry, sir. They'll join us. We won those two battles a month ago."

Auru caught the cocky tone in the old hero's voice. That meant something. "Link...what have you done or are planning?"

Link chuckled as he looked to the only visible town from their position, Saria Town. "Let's just say my team is about to accept our welcome into the dark world with open arms."

The streets of the southernmost town in North Hyrule, Saria, were unusually quiet. As the town closest to Death Mountain, it was a bustling gateway between both sides of Hyrule for travelers and merchants. Not even the rise of the Imperials had ceased Saria's economy. Matter of fact, the organization had taken advantage of it. Weapons had to be stored somewhere for the faction's troops in the south.

Weapons were also needed by the Resistance.

Across the street from a heavily guarded Imperial warehouse, three boys leaning over the edge of another warehouse, spying on their target. Nightfall had given them the cover they desired to pull the heist off, but it would be impossible if they couldn't get past the guards. But an interesting development came up recently.

The Imperials had a monster army, but their most powerful infantry, besides bigger monsters, were humans in armor. The boys were unsure if these armored knights were created like the monsters or were actual humans of their country, but it was unnerving. That was, until, one boy had a plan so devious yet it had to work.

"Ralph, I cannot believe you made the girls do this." A boy with a huge purple robe, complete with a bunny-shaped hood, crossed his arms as he sat with his back against the edge. He stared at the redhead boy in a blue tunic and cloak, his smirk contrasting the speaker's snarl. "That is very degrading of Her Majesty. Of Their Majesties!"

Ralph looked to the third boy, a brown-haired boy in a green tunic. "Link, what are your thoughts?"

Link smiled. "I'm not complaining if it works."

Ralph snickered. "See, even the Hero wants to see a slightly slutty dressed Princess of Hyrule, and he's supposed to be the most chivalrous of all men. Besides, Sir Ravio, just because I have given up on Hilda doesn't mean I don't want to see her not be hot. What are you going to do if she jumps at you, naked, and ready to get it on? Tell her to put clothes on?"

Ravio blushed at the thought, although he was red for another reason. "Yes, I would."

Ralph sighed. "Boy, when are you going to make up with her? Just let it go. If what Zant said about her making a wish to vanquish Lorule was true, I'm sure it is a much better fate than Calatia or being under Imperial rule. She had to make a hard choice."

"She lied to me. All these years, she lied to me. How am I supposed to forgive her?"

Link knelt beside Ravio, placing a hand on his companion's shoulder. "For one, you haven't confronted her about it, so start there. Then forgive her. She's Hilda, your best friend."

Ralph nodded. "And if she asks how can she make it up to you…"

Link raised his eyebrow. "Ralph, why are you like this?"

"Because once I'm king, I cannot indulge in personal pleasures. I'll have a queen, an heir, and a country to look after. You two commoners, knights if so please, get to date any woman you want, but me, noble girls, and they're so...submissive." Ralph turned away, focusing on the road. "Well, except one. But she's… Doing it casually, with no meaning except to sate your lust is below her. No, she needs it all… Maybe I am a bad person for doing what I do." Ralph closed his eyes and shrugged. "Maybe I wish… If she hadn't been made Oracle, I would be a much nobler prince. Hmm…" Ralph popped his eyes open at the sound of footsteps and looked down the street. "Hey hey hey, eye candy coming on down. Now unless you guys want me ogling at your girls alone, I suggest we all watch over them." Link got up second, leaving Ravio alone. The Lorulean knight sighed, not wanting Ralph of all people looking at Hilda disgustingly by himself, so he joined the other boys. He was unsure if he regretted it or not once he saw the trio.

"Din, Nayru, and Farore…"

"Forgive me, King Yuga."

Ralph snickered at the awestruck faces of Link and Ravio. "I told you boys they'll be hot. Now be respectful." He resumed gazing at the girls, all wearing strapless dresses that either covered all or exposed the top half of their bosoms and left the legs to be seen. It was the same style of dresses, colors being the only variable. The blonde haired girl to the left is the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, who wore a white dress, and she looked the most worried of the trio. To the right in a purple dress is the raven-haired Princess of Lorule, Hilda, and she looked pissed. The leader of the trio, who held the most confidence, is the Zora Princess Oren, whose amphibious body was covered by a blue dress. They quietly made their way to the warehouse.


"Yes, Ravio?"

"You're a nasty, disgusting, filthy minded genius."

Ralph smiled. "Just keep your sheets clean, sir. You too, Link."

Link sucked in the air that had escaped him. "Uh huh." The guys watched as the girls strolled up towards the warehouse, the dark knights eyeing the girls as well. Oren made first contact, talking it up with one of the guards. Hilda and Zelda stood back, trying not to act suspiciously as they looked for their male companions. Hilda must have seen them first, for she held up her middle finger towards their position. Ralph patted Ravio on the back as the knight sighed.

"If only Midna was here, as a human. This would be to die for. You know what would make this hotter?" Ravio and Link stared at Ralph, who got the silent message and simmered down. "Fine. But you know it's true. Too bad the Zora is the star of the show for you guys."

Link chuckled. "Someone craving seafood of the green variety."

Ravio wanted to push both boys off the roof. "Focus. I think it is working." Returning to silence, the boys watched as the green Zora girl managed to lead both knights away from their posts, the other two girls following behind. Oren took one while Hilda and Zelda took another, and split down separate alleyways. That was all the three boys needed.

Link lead them down to the warehouse door, finding it unlocked. "Remember that we secure the area. Once the girls return, they'll open up a portal, and we'll get these weapons and go. We're on limited time as well, got it?"

Ralph rolled his eyes. "Who made you our leader?"

"We voted. I won."

"What was it again?"

"5 votes, compared to your 1." Link gently pushed open the door, sword leading as he and the other boys entered the warehouse. It was empty of living beings for they could see, but filled with weaponry.

Ralph whistled as he parted from the others, looking at the different types of weapons. "Jackpot. General Auru is going to have a field day with this… This is too easy."

Link nodded. The Prince of Labrynna was not the doofus Link assume him to be when they first met and he heard of the royal's conquests of women and battle. "This is too easy."

Ravio drew his sword. "For us or the girls?"

"Nah, the girls did their job. But an filled warehouse, an Imperial warehouse, with just two guards? Not buying it. Ralph?"

"Hmm, I sense no dark magic anywhere. Nothing… But I believe we have the company of the non-magical sort."

Ravio sighed. "If Hilda was here, we could figure it out. She can feel the shadows, or so she says."

Link gestured the other boys to form up, "Well, we'll have to make do until she comes. Ralph, what are you doing?" The prince was investigating a large chest leaning against the wall. He waved his hand over it, touching it slightly before feeling the top move. He jumped out the way as the covering collapsed against the ground, making an echoing noise in the large chamber. Ralph turned away from the cover back to the chest, gasping and leaping back as he saw its contents.

Ravio rolled his eyes. "What is wrong with you?"

Ralph slowly stepped back from the chest. "It's a dead body... a very dead body." Link and Ravio joined their frightened comrade, seeing the mummified being standing in the chest. Ralph turned around, seeing similar chests in the room. "And there are others…"

"Calm down, Your Majesty. It's just a mummified body." Link turned away, then he heard it; a low growl coming from behind. Facing the chest again, Link noticed a pair of red lights coming from where the eye sockets might be. "...Or not."

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! The other chests in the room fell, revealing their mummies as well. All three boys were shaken now.

"Where's that damn fairy of yours, Link?"

"I left her in a bottle back at base."

"Oh, that's great, Mr. Hero."

"Shut up Ravio."

"Both of you quell it! They are moving!" Ralph, Link, and Ravio held their swords in front of them, watching and waiting as the six mummies slowly marched towards them. It made Link impatient, seeing their slow speed as a weakness. "The dead are walking."

"We can beat them. Attack. Make them redead." Link rushed the first one they met, feeling the power of the Master Sword coursing through him. He made a leap towards the mummy, but instead of defending itself (although Link didn't think it would anyway), it screamed. Link felt his eardrums pop, and that was the only thing he felt. Not a limb move, not a vessel pump blood, all Link knew was that he was frozen in mid-air after the wrapped mummy screamed.

The other boys were okay but watched in horror as Link hovered above the ground in place. Ravio smacked his head. "Gibdos."

"I don't know, after Link said 'redead', I think that's a better name."

"Doesn't matter, we got to help Link." Ravio and Ralph rushed to Link's aid, the prince igniting his blade while Ravio sought to get Link moving again. The Gibdo almost had Link in his clutches until Ravio sliced it aside, nearly endangering himself, but managing to save Link from certain doom. Ralph came forth, impaling the mummy in its back. The Gibdo didn't last a second, immediately become dust as Ralph attacked it. Link felt his body became warm again, finishing the move he made before the Gibdo put him in stasis. Realizing he was okay, Link looked to the other approaching Gibdos, still ways from them.

"Just some advice, don't get close."

Ralph shrugged. "I think they're weak to fire. It was barely wounded when Ravio hit it with his sword but didn't fully take my stab before it was annihilated. I can handle them."

Ravio traded his sword for a Fire Rod. "I'll assist. Hero… Today we're saving you." Link scowled as the other boys ran into the fray, leaving the green-clad boy to watch. It was one thing for Zelda to continuously rescue him from bosses and Imperial generals, bit for a prince and a knight to do it against...zombies? It irked Link to no end, but in consolation, he had another objective to work on, more important than monsters.

Weapons to fight them.

So while Ravio and Ralph fought the mummies, Link casually investigated the weapons the Imperials stored in this warehouse. He ignored the shrieks of the Gibdos, the chants of the boys, and one even called out to him, also falling on deaf ears. It was another minute before the battle behind him ended, Link finally acknowledging them. "Hey guys, you did it."

Ravio scowled. "Petty asshole."

Ralph shrugged. "C'mon, it was glorious while our chosen hero sulked. No matters though, where the hell are the girls?"

Link now noticed how much time had passed. The girls should be here by now. "You think everything is okay?"

Ralph crossed his arms "Well, you're the leader. I should ask you that. But nothing should be going wrong. How hard is it to subdue two guys when you have three Sages working together? For the Sage of Time, Zelda is taking hers."

Ravio sighed. "Well, what's the worst that could happen?"

"One knight is having tuna, the other, a 2 for 1 royal special. That's the worst, bunny boy."

"Ralph, we're taking matters into our hands. Create a portal, get our folks in here, start getting these weapons to the base. Ravio, we'll go find the girls."

As Link and Ravio began to leave, Ralph felt a little cheated that he was going to be left behind. "Woah, why do I get to stay?"

Link smiled. "Because, Your Majesty, we're knights, and it is our duty to rescue damsels in distress of the princess type. Now sit tight, Prince Ambi. We'll be back in no time." Ravio and Link shared a chuckle as they exited the warehouse, while Ralph mumbled to himself as he created the portal connecting Kakariko Village to Ralph's location.

"Knights, my royal ass."