Sean was pacing around the living room of Lord Walter's new home. He stopped every pass and looked at the clock on the wall and growled. It was now half past midnight and he was getting angry.

Louise walked down from upstairs and stared at Sean. "Sean, come to bed."

Sean shook his head. "How can you say that Louise when our little girl isn't home and it is past midnight?"

Louise sighed. "Sean Patrick O'Brien, you've got to start letting go. She isn't a little girl. She's a grown woman and we've got to let her make the decisions she wants to make. Sylvester is a good man. And perhaps just as importantly he knows what Walter would do to him if he did anything to hurt Megan. So stop borrowing trouble and come to bed."

Sean grunted as he slowly nodded. He walked over to the bottom of the steps and Louise smiled before kissing him. "Perhaps we can go have a little fun of our own."

Sean grinned as he nodded.

Louise laughed as they walked upstairs.

Louise woke up and smiled as she stretched before climbing out of bed. The morning light was cascading into the room. She looked down at Sean still asleep. She smiled as she shook her head. Slipping on her robe she stepped out of their room and walked over and saw the door of her daughter's bedroom standing open.

She sighed hoping that perhaps Megan just woke up early. She looked in but everything was perfect so she knew that Megan didn't sleep in her bed last night. She walked downstairs looking for Megan but as she walked through the small mansion she didn't see her anywhere. She cast a look up towards the ceiling wondering just how bad Sean was going to react.

She didn't have to wait long as she heard Sean bellowed. "Megan didn't even come home last night?"

Louise moved to the stairs and began climbing them quickly. "Sean, you lower your voice. Sylvia and Jerry could still be sleeping."

They both glared at each other for a moment. "Just go get cleaned up and ready to go up to the Keep for breakfast." Louise told him.

One of the bedroom doors opened and Sylvia stepped out in her robe. "Is everything okay?"

Louise glared at Sean. "See what you did? Yes Sylvia everything is fine. It is just an old goat being his normal self and inconsiderate of those around him."

Sean rolled his eyes as he walked off to the bathing room. "Sorry I woke you."

Sean was stewing all the way up to the Keep and as soon as he got out of the carriage he looked at the guards at the entrance to the Keep. "Can one of you tell me where I can find Sylvester's rooms?"

One of the guards started to explain where his tower was when Louise spoke up from the carriage. "Don't answer him. It is none of his business."

The guards looked at each other and then at Louise and back to Sean. "Uh, perhaps you should go speak with either Raynold or Sir Cabe."

Sean glared back at his wife and stormed off into the Keep.

Louise rolled her eyes as she exhaled loudly. One of the guards stepped out and held her hand as she exited the carriage. "Thank you."

The guard smiled.

Sir Cabe and Allie sat talking with Happy, Toby, Sylvester and Megan at the table in the great hall while Ralph ate a banana. Sylvester sat there with a look of wonder on his face whereas Megan had a self-satisfied smile. The conversation came to an abrupt end as Sean stormed in. "You," he nearly screamed out pointing at Sylvester.

Ralph looked up with large eyes, "Grandpa?"

Louise shook her head as she heard him and began moving quickly up the stairs.

Sir Cabe and Sylvester both pushed back from the table quickly as Sean began moving around all the extra tables in the great hall. Sylvester face was set as he considered his options with the magical energies at his command.

Sir Cabe began moving around the table as Megan finally had enough and jumped up and stepped in front of Sylvester. "That is enough Father. You are making a fool of yourself."

Sean stopped suddenly as he stared at Megan. "Oh, I'm making a fool of myself am I? And what do you call what you are making of yourself?"

Megan's eyes went wide and Sylvester growled in anger. Megan pushed her arm back out at Sylvester. "That is enough of that Father. Get out into the hallway. Now," she demanded.

Sean stood there staring as his breathing was still elevated. Megan pushed against his chest before she thrust her arm out. "I said now."

Sean slowly backed up until he was standing in the hallway outside of the great hall. Megan stepped out and looked at the guards. "Do you mind giving us a moment of privacy please?"

The guards stepped into the hall as Sylvester stepped out and they closed the doors.

Megan glared at her Father as he continued to glare at Sylvester. "I can not believe you Father. I'm a grown woman and I can make my own decisions now. You have got to stop this nonsense."

"When this bugger is ruining your reputation?" Sean shot back hotly.

Sylvester started to move forward and Megan stopped him before she shoved Sean by hitting both of his shoulders. Megan learned her lesson with her brother and had braced her leg behind her so that she didn't fall backwards.

"No one knows anything about my relationship with Sylvester except you making all kinds of accusations as you make an arse out of yourself and calling undo attention to us. And you certainly have no room to speak and lecture me about my choices. That is unless you just like being a hypocrite." Megan demanded.

Sean glared at her. "Just what is that suppose to mean?"

Megan rolled her eyes. "Don't pretend to be all righteous and holy Father, you don't have the credibility. Leave that to my little brother. At least he has the right to be that way. I've never mentioned it before but don't think for a minute I don't know what it means that I was born seven months after you married Mother. And don't you dare claim I was born prematurely. The odds of me surviving being born two months early are extremely unlikely. And no baby born two months early ever weighs eight and half pounds."

Louise gasped as Sean sputtered.

They heard heavy footfalls and Sylvester and Megan looked to the stairs coming down to that level and saw Lord Walter with Lady Paige. "What in the name of Athena is going on here?"

Sean seemed to recover from his shock and he drew back to slap Megan and as his hand lashed out Walter grabbed it in mid arc and held it fast. "How dare you boy."

Walter's face went dark. "How dare you try to strike another on my land much less my sister and then challenge me about it."

Paige stepped up to Megan. "Are you okay?"

Megan nodded. "Other then being as mad as I can possibly be I'm fine."

Walter glared at his Father. "What is all of this nonsense about?"

Louise clapped her hand over Sean's mouth as she whispered. "You better remember what happened when you insulted Paige."

Sean just glared.

"He's trying to act all holy because I chose to spend the night with Sylvester instead of going out to the house." Megan told Walter.

Sylvester closed his eyes as he slowly stepped backwards.

"That's right." Sean bellowed. "And as a Paladin of the wise Lady I demand you render a verdict about it."

Walter's eyes opened wide. "There is only one mortal who can make a demand of me, especially in my own lands. And that is my bride. However if I was to bring a judgment here it would be against you. I can not judge how others live their lives as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Megan is not bound by the same tenants I accepted to live under. And while Megan might not have been born out of wedlock she is correct that she was obviously conceived out of wedlock."

"Your behavior is atrocious Father. What should have been a very small private matter between Megan and Sylvester you've now turned into a vast spectacle that is going to be running through the corridors of this Keep for days if not weeks to come. You owe them an apology, but it is my guess you are too arrogant to make one."

"But remember, for what you have done here, you've cast a dark shadow upon yourself. People are going to be guarded around you for being so judgmental."

Walter turned to Paige. "Let's go in for breakfast my Love." He pushed against the doors and the guards moved to finish opening them as Paige took Walter's arm and they walked in followed by Megan and Sylvester and finally their parents."

After they'd finished breakfast Walter looked at his family. "When the four of you are finished with your breakfast I'd like to see you in my private study."

Sylvester nodded as he swallowed.

Walter escorted Paige up and they entered his study. He smiled as he took her in his arms and kissed her several times. He pointed to his chair. "Would you care to sit my Love?"

Paige smiled and sat down as they waited.

There was a knock a few minutes later and Walter opened the door as Sylvester and Megan stepped into the room. "What is this about little brother?" Megan was quick to try and see what was going on.

Walter shook his head. "We'll wait until Mom and Dad get here."

Megan nodded as she sat down in one of the chairs that were inside of the room. She looked around. "Have you read all of these books?"

Walter nodded. "I've read each one more than once actually."

"Is this bigger than your library Sylvester?" Megan asked.

Sylvester smiled and shook his head. "My library is about knowledge though. Legends, processes and the like, these books are about entertainment."

Megan nodded when there was another knock on the door.

Walter stepped over and opened the door and saw his parents. He let them enter before he closed and locked the door and he stepped on back to stand beside Paige. "This morning can not happen again Father. I'll be leaving after our wedding tomorrow and I have to know that you are not going to cause problems."

"I understand you feeling outrage. I know the people you were raised and lived around and how they view things such as sex outside of marriage. The difference is they never spoke about what they did out of marriage and if the truth was told they'd all most likely be guilty of it."

"You can either choose to accept that Megan is her own person now and let her live her life or you can chose to be quiet about it until your home is built and then you can live there and rail about it all you want."

"This doesn't mean that we don't love you though." Walter finished.

"I can't wait until you have a daughter and I can throw your words back at you." Sean almost spat out.

Walter's eyes opened wide for a moment. "First, if I am lucky enough to have a daughter one day, I would trust that when my daughter is 36 that I would have learned to allow her to live her life as best she can as I have guided her. However things would be different when she is a girl on the cusp of becoming a woman. It would be appropriate for her to listen to her Mother and me."

Paige nodded. "Walter is right Sean. My Mother chose to be overbearing and it caused an eleven year rift between us. She just met her nine year old grandson for the first time the other day. Is that what you want? Is your desire to be the ruler over your daughter so strong that you would risk pushing her so far away you don't hear from her?"

"I know in my case, even though you apologized about it, and clearly you having this much venom towards your own flesh then you really didn't mean your apology and still look down at me. And if that is the case I'm fine with it. But you are going to alienate your children to the point you are not welcome around them. I'm already questioning the wisdom of allowing you around our son. He's at an impressionable age and I do not want you harming his development."

Louise looked at Sean. "If you can't adjust your thinking Sean then you will be moving to the new house when it is built alone."

She stepped over to Walter and reached up and caressed his cheek and then Paige's. "I've just got my son back and he's given me another daughter to love and a grandson with another grand child on the way. I won't let your pigheadedness deprived me of this life." Louise stepped over to Megan and caressed her cheek and then Sylvester's. "Neither will I allow you to cost me my daughter and the son she may be bringing into my life and any child they might have."

Louise turned and looked at him. "They were both right. You got me pregnant before we were married and we hid the truth with a lie that Megan was premature. Has the lie been so deeply ingrained into you that you now believe it was the truth? So we physically loved each other before we were wed, the world didn't end. Athena might not condone it but she doesn't condemn it either, except in cases of her Paladins and Clerics."

Everyone looked at Sean as he stood there. It seemed like he was struggling with a great weight. He shifted from one foot to another as 5 sets of eyes bore into him waiting to see how he would respond. Suddenly his shoulders seemed to fall.

He stepped over to Paige first. "I can understand why you see it that way girl and I don't blame you feeling that way. But I promise you, my apology that night was honest and sincere. I have no problem with you, I promise."

He stepped over to Megan and kissed her forehead. "For all these years we've cared for you and taken care of you. The last two weeks have been disorientating. It has been like watching your daughter going from five to twenty overnight. I'm sorry for losing perspective."

Megan smiled at him with tears in her eyes.

He looked at Sylvester and extended his hand. "If Megan loves you and wants to spend her time with you then that's okay with me. Obviously you are a good man or my son wouldn't keep you on. And you are a man of power who can protect my daughter if she needs it."

Sylvester shook his head and nodded.

He stepped over to Walter and shook his head. "How we came to this point twice now. At least this time I didn't have to almost get choked to death." He smiled as Walter smiled back. "I'm sorry for my actions and words and I hope I haven't caused too many problems with your staff."

Walter nodded and shook his hand.

Sean stepped to his wife. "Forgive this old goat."

Louise smiled and nodded.

The next day at the end of the wedding ceremony as Walter and Paige turned to face the crowd before them Paige reached over and grabbed her flowers and she tossed them right at Megan. Megan squealed as she caught them and grinned at Paige before grinning at Sylvester. Sweat instantly beaded up on Sylvester's forehead.

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