Author Notes
So this story was made cause I had a lot of idea's for Marvel Stories, but I couldn't rectify them all, so here's the Avengers I might spin stuff out from this but for now it's just Avengers.

Victor Von Doom collapsed onto the ground from his chains spitting up some blood, before pulling himself up and casting a simple magic blast toward the cell door sending it flying, Doom then got up and ran out conjuring a magic shield, and running down the halls he knew by heart occasionally destroying doom bots that were patrolling the halls, he eventually found the room he was looking for and input the code shutting down the security allowing him to enter the hanger without consequence, where he found a fighter, broke in and flew off.

Steve Rogers and a younger man sat down on a bench in Central Park, the wish foundation had put this together cause the boy was dying,

"Beautiful day," Steve said

"Yeah, yeah it is," the kid said

"So anything you want to ask me?" Steve asked

"Yeah what's it like going through the ages as you have?" the kid asked

"Well in one word strange," Steve said

"Can I get a bit more detail than that?" the kid asked

"Sure," Steve said.

Jane Foster left the hospital she worked at from the back door, well finishing a drink, she was just here to take a breath and get back to work, thanks to a recent bank robbery, their halls were packed so any chance to breath was a welcome one right now, putting her hand on her golden bracher and took a deep breath.

Bruce Banner stood on the street as his wife Betty Banner walked out fixing her hair

"Alright how's that?" she asked as she exited the back alley they had snuck into to change after arriving

"You act like I'm going to say anything but you look beautiful," Bruce said

"Yeah you are the kinda a guy who would lie," Betty said chuckling

"Let's just go," Bruce said offering his arm, Betty took it and they began walking down the street.

Laura Kinney, walked into a small club where some unsavory folks were killing time, undeterred by the men she walked up to the bar where an old man was cleaning a cup,

"What will it be?" he asked putting the cup away

"Just a coke bottle," she said throwing a 20 on the desk between them, the man took it and grabbed one coke giving it to her,

"Thanks," she said getting up and leaving, once she was out, Laura popped a claw and cut off the top before downing it, and well it did cut her lip a bit, the small wound quickly healed.

"Hey Cass," Scott said as he put his phone to his ear,

"Hey dad will I be seeing you any time soon?" Cassie asked

"Yeah I'll be coming up soon, you doing ok?" Scott asked

"Yeah I'm doing great I was just worried about you," Cassie said

"Hey I've said before don't worry about me, alright," Scott explained

"You say that like it's gonna stop me," Cassie said

"Yeah I guess that is a bit dumb anyway talk to you later," Scott said as he hung up and looking over at the Statue of Liberty and smiling.

Patrick Mulligan sat in his squad car with another man as they opened a donut box giving Patrick a few chocolate donuts and his hot chocolate, well he took out some donuts, and a slushie,

"So you hear about the new guy on the streets, uh Toxin?" the man said

"Yeah yeah I have," Patrick said taking a bit out of the donut,

"Yeah I'm not sure, I mean first there's Spider-Man who is ok, then Venom sure not the best but he got better, then Carnage a madman and now Toxin, it's a lot," the man said

"Yeah but hey that's New York," Patrick said

"Yeah sometimes I just think I should move to New Jersey," the man said.

Carol Danvers laid on her bed with her cat Chewie, looking at her dog tags and drinking some water, when her phone wrang

"Danvers here," she said picking it up

"Hey Carol it's Tony I need you to check something that just entered New York air space for me," Tony said,

"Sure just tell me where," Carol said getting up and changing the molecules of her clothes and the air to make her costume,

" It should be near the Statue of Liberty," Tony said

"Understood," Carol said, jumping out and flying off. It didn't take long to reach the jet, which Carol immediately recognized it as Latverian, stopping in front of it and forcing it to stop with her hand,

"Latverian aircraft I am Captain Marvel please tell me what you doing," Carol said

"I'm here to save you all," the unmistakable voice of Dr. Doom said

"Doom why are you here?" Carol asked

"Look behind you and find out," Doom said, Carol did so only to see a dome forming over Manhattan, at the sight of this both she and Doom blasted in before the dome could cover the island.