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A Thief who became a King

Chapter 4: Deals with the Devil

Issei was on a mission, and that mission was to bust into the abandoned church and save Asia from the Fallen Angel that not only took her but was responsible for his death prior to becoming Rias's [Pawn]. Going against the orders of his [King], he was acting on what he believed was right and was grateful to Kiba and Koneko for joining him.

They were risking Rias's trust in them to help him save Asia. He was lucky to have them as friends.

The trio were getting closer to the church, prepping themselves to crash the party and get the drop on the Fallen. However, someone blurred into sight directly in front of them. Someone they had run into a few days ago.

Without the cloak, the three members of Rias's Peerage saw that it was a young man that looked to be their [King's] age. His clothes looked to be in much better condition – save for the slightly tattered coattails – and they saw that he was a blonde man with fierce blue eyes and whisker markings on his cheeks. His hair was a bit wild and unkempt, but mostly swept backward with some stray bangs falling over his forehead while his hands rested upon the end of his katana as if the weapon were a cane.

"Evening," he greeted them casually, not reacting to them taking battle stances at his presence. He simply chuckled at their paranoia and explained, "Relax, I'm not here to fight you three. You see, one of my friends is giving the Fallen Angels in there a bit of a…surprise. It's best if we waited out here."

"How do we know you aren't in league with the Fallen?" Kiba questioned with a frown.

Smirking, Naruto took his katana into his left hand and casually stepped aside. "If you want to go on, then be my guest. Just don't blame me if you get caught up in the surprise."

"What kind of surprise?" Koneko asked.

"The rancid, puke-your-guts-out kind."

The answer brought the trio up short, not expecting that kind of description. Issei was about to ask for more details, but he was cut off by a massive explosion of deep violet smoke that was powerful enough to shatter the windows, blow apart the doors, and break away any rotten wooden framework.

"W-WHAT THE FUCK?!" the [Pawn] cried out in shock.

"Give it a minute," the whisker-faced Devil advised, calmly observing as some rogue priests and the Fallen Angels rushed out of the building only to collapse with green faces, vomit stains, and bloodshot eyes. "Huh… It was more successful than I thought it'd be. I'll have to tell her not to play around with the extras."

Rias's Peerage members all turned to him nervously. "There's more of that crap?" Koneko asked while mentally cursing her enhanced sense of smell and covering her nose.

By Hell itself, that smoke's odor was disgusting!

"Oh, yes. You wouldn't believe the types of ingredients go into making something this potent." He chuckled to himself, smirking as a woman wearing a witch's hat strolled out while whistling a jaunty tune with a dazed nun being carried piggyback.

"Asia!" Issei cried out in worry, rushing over to her and taking the poor girl from the witch. As he looked her over and checked for a pulse, Kiba and Koneko watched warily as the witch approached the man.

"Whiskers, I gotta tell ya! That shit was GREAT! The smell! The power! The usefulness! It was fucking glorious!" she exclaimed exuberantly while giving him a sharklike grin.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. Would you mind tying up everyone? But keep her," he pointed to the Fallen wearing clothing that was practically bondage gear, "separate from the rest. She'll be in for something special."

"On it!" the witch replied with a mock salute before snapping her fingers, which let off a bright green spark of magic.

To the surprise of the others, vines sprung from the earth and latched onto anyone they could grab before pulling them together and wrapping around them all. They wrapped around their wrists and their ankles before wrapping around their midsections to hold them all in place. The only one left out of the wrapped group was Raynare, who was dragged over to the blonde man's side.

Turning to the trio while Issei helped a now conscious Asia to her feet, he spoke up, "Your mistress should be here soon, along with a guest."

'Guest?' the three Devils repeated in their minds before a familiar transportation circle appeared beside them while another foreign one was revealed beside the witch.

Rias and Akeno appeared from her circle while, to their shock, Azazel appeared next to the witch. He gave the Devils a casual grin and greeted, "Hello, all. Nice night, isn't it?"

"Azazel?" Rias questioned in confusion, not expecting the leader of the Grigori to show up. "Not to be rude, but what are you and these Fallen doing here in Kuoh?"

"Well, I personally am here to take them back into my custody since they went AWOL on me and acted against my orders. As for them, I had ordered them to strictly keep an eye on the newest Red Dragon Emperor," the man answered, gesturing to a confused Issei while Rias looked shocked at the reveal.

"But… Yuuma- I mean Raynare killed me," the poor boy muttered.

"I know, and I'm offering my own personal apologies for her actions. They were not on my orders; I promise you. I only tasked her with observing you since I've made it a personal responsibility of mine to keep an eye on potential Sacred Gear holders. You never know when one will run rampant thanks to a holder unable to control its power."

Rias and her friends were barely able to hold in a wince at that, being reminded of Gasper and his Sacred Gear. Even now, the poor boy was hidden away under a plethora of seals to keep his power in check.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'll take my subordinates into my custody and deal with the rogue priests," Azazel continued before turning to the whiskered blonde. "As for Raynare, I'll agree to your request. Please wake her up."

Nodding, he turned to the witch. "Metallia? Do you mind?"

"Give me a sec," the Swamp Witch replied, grabbing some roots from her own personal magic subspace before snapping them in half and holding them in front of Raynare's nose.

Once she got a whiff of the natural smelling salt, Raynare gasped awake before gagging and turning her head to vomit. Rias's group cringed at the reaction and the smell of her puke while Metallia smirked.

Once she was done, she coughed a few times before noticing her predicament. Whatever color was left in her face was drained away at the sight of Azazel giving her a disappointed look.

"L-Lord Azazel! This isn't-!" she tried to explain but was silenced when the man raised a palm in a halting manner.

"Save the excuses. I'm fully aware of what you and your friends attempted to do this evening, Raynare. As you can see, your little plan has been thwarted thanks to an associate of mine and his [Bishop]."

Rias's group looked to the whiskered blonde in surprise, not knowing that Metallia was a member of his Peerage; let alone that he was a Devil. They saw him shoot Azazel an annoyed look that the Fallen Leader easily shrugged off.

"As payment to him for dealing with matters concerning the Grigori, it has been decided that you will be placed in his custody as a servant. You are no longer welcome amongst the Grigori, Raynare. Do you understand what your actions have done for you?"

Her eyes widened in dread at his declaration. "But I-!" she tried to say, fighting her tears at what was happening. "I only did this because Lord Kokabiel said it would please you! All I've ever done was to prove myself to you, Lord Azazel!"

"And look what that's cost you?" the man questioned without missing a beat. "We'll discuss this in further detail in a moment. For now, I need to run damage control because of what you attempted in Devil territory."

Heartbroken at his disappointed tone, Raynare sat in silence with her sobs being the only sound she made. She jumped in surprise when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder, and she turned her head to see that it was her new master who was conveying sympathy in his blue eyes. She wanted to snap at him, to pull away from his touch, but she saw that his expression was genuine. Never before, other than from Azazel, had anyone looked to her with such sincerity before.

While she still fought her sobs, she did nothing to stop him from offering her a supportive hand.

Meanwhile, Azazel was giving a more detailed explanation of his orders to Raynare and her associates. "So, I hope you understand that I didn't mean to cause trouble for you or the Sitri girl. I was just keeping an eye out just in case Hyoudou-kun lost control of his Sacred Gear. And trust me, we do not want the Red Dragon running rampant."

Rias nodded in understanding. "Yes, I can see why that would be concerning to you. Still, I'll need to inform my brother about this. This issue is bigger than me, and I don't think I have any right to keep it from him."

"True, the current Lucifer should be made aware of this. Just pass along that he can contact me at any time if he has any further questions."

"I will. I appreciate you taking responsibility for this, Lord Azazel."

"No need for the formalities, girl," he waved off, smiling casually now that the seriousness was dealt with. "To be honest, I'd rather be relaxing on the beach with a pretty gal than dealing with this crap."

Issei perked up and nodded at the man's preferred activity in agreement.

"But I'm the leader of the Fallen. As much as I don't like it, I got duties to fulfill."

With that, he approached the apprehended Fallen and rogue clergy before sending them away with his magic. He then turned to his associate and bid, "I'll be over to discuss Raynare with you later, Naruto."

Naruto grumbled at the casual reveal of his identity as he watched Azazel leave. With a sigh, he ordered, "Metallia, take Raynare to the others and explain the situation. I'll be there shortly."

"Got it, Whiskers! Let's go, Sack Girl!" she announced.

"Sack Girl…?" Raynare repeated in confusion before yelping as she was picked up and thrown over Metallia's shoulder…like a sack of potatoes.

"Yeah, I think the name fits," the Swamp Witch stated with a nod before she and the Fallen Angel vanished.

Left alone, Naruto turned to Rias and her Peerage, once again placing his hands upon his sword like a cane. "You have questions."

"Damned right, I do," Rias confirmed with a scowl. "Who are you and what are you doing in my territory? I've never heard of you or your Peerage before, and I make a point of being aware of any [Kings] that look to be my age."

"Smart of you, but I doubt either you or Sitri have heard of me; let alone the other rookie Devil Peerages. At any rate, I'll answer some of your questions tomorrow. You and your Peerage go to the academy here in town, so my Peerage will meet with you and Sitri after the academy lets out."

"What makes you think I'll let you leave?" she challenged as her Peerage, save for Issei who was moving Asia to safety behind him, readied themselves for a fight.

"Did you forget just how easily I held you and Sitri's Peerage back when you thought I was a decaying body?" Naruto fired back with a raised brow. "Or how my presence alone left you all at my mercy?"

Rias scowled and gritted her teeth, annoyed at him being right and how he could destroy them, despite their advantage in numbers. "Fine. We'll meet your Peerage tomorrow."

"Good to hear," the Uzumaki bid with a smirk. "Until then, Gremory."

And with that, he vanished in a blur. No magic circle needed; just pure speed.

"Wait," Raynare, who was now standing and free of her bonds, spoke up to Azazel with a puzzled look on her face. "You banished me from the Grigori…but you still want me to observe for you?"

"I mainly banished you because of the need to keep appearances," the man explained. "Granted, you are still a servant of Naruto and his Peerage; but that doesn't mean he's keeping you from doing a job or two for me."

"And you want me to observe Gremory's [Queen]? Why? What's so special about her?"

"She's half Fallen," Naruto explained casually, enjoying some scotch served to him by Tifa.

"Hold up. Seriously?"

"Yes," Azazel confirmed. "In fact, she's got ties with one of the Grigori's more important members. And no, I won't tell you who that member is. All you need to know is that I was asked to look after her as a favor to them; which is what I'm having you do as a punishment from me!"

Raynare's brow twitched at the pleased grin on her old leader's face, having heard that he liked to dump his responsibilities on others but always defending him since she wanted to prove herself to him. Seeing it firsthand made her realize the man she had greatly admired was just a lazy pervert who didn't want to be in charge.

"You know, it's that kind of attitude that makes Kokabiel going behind your back and operating under your nose much less surprising," Naruto deadpanned, and Raynare couldn't help but agree.

"Hey! I never asked to be the Grigori Leader! I was forced into my position!" he tried defending himself, but he came off as a petulant child.

Dry looks from his ex-subordinate, Naruto, and his Peerage were the response to his so-called defense. And he could only grumble about their judgmental looks.

"Ignoring the man-child for the moment," Naruto continued and expertly ignored the indignant cry from said man-child, "we're meeting with Gremory, Sitri, and their Peerages tomorrow. During the meeting, I plan on offering our services to Gremory in regards to her marital issues with Riser Phenex. If we can get her or her family in our back pocket, we can increase the chances of finding Lieze…"

His Peerage nodded in understanding while Rossweisse moved over to stand beside him, taking his hand in her own and offering him a gentle smile full of support.

"You know we're with you, Naruto-kun," she assured him. "We'll do whatever it takes to find Lieze-sama."

The others gave their [King] supportive smiles as well, and he returned it with a grateful smile of his own. "Thank you. Now, any word on that dusty cup?"

Metallia and Rossweisse sighed and shook their heads. "Nothing more than what we've found out and what you were told by Discordia-sama," his [Queen] answered.

"Shitty ass cup is hard to get any kind of fucking info on," Metallia grumbled irritably.

He nodded at that before offering them a reassuring smile. "Keep searching when you can. You two know the most about magical artifacts out of us. I'm sure you'll find more about it." He turned to Yoruichi and asked, "Any word from our insider?"

"Not really. She's checking her own channels, but nothing new so far. There is talk that Seiros is gathering information on relics from different pantheons and is offering generous payments for any worthwhile info. Our insider confessed to having passed along some info and was given a few sacks of gold as payment; something she was all too eager to accept."

Naruto chuckled at that. "Yeah, Anna's always been a sucker for good deals. Keep in touch with her and remind her what I'm offering her for her help." (1)

"Will do, Foxy."

He then turned to Tifa and said, "I'm going to leave Raynare in your hands. Have her work here at the bar, but also help her get tougher. No sense in letting her skills dull while in our care."

Raynare looked surprised that she was being offered training while Tifa nodded with a smile. "You got it, Naruto."

"You'll…train me?" the Fallen girl couldn't help asking.

Naruto gave her a smirk and answered, "As I said, there's no sense in letting your skills dull. You may technically be a sort of P.O.W., but that doesn't mean I'll treat you like some sort of slave. However, we will be changing your…outfit."

She huffed with crossed arms, averting her gaze with a pout. "Don't judge me on my fashion sense."

"If you think that's fashion, then you Fallen are kinkier than Devils," he deadpanned.

Deciding to try messing with her new master, she gave him a sultry smirk and offered, "I'll satisfy any of your kinks, Na-ru-to-sama~"

She then yelped and cradled her head, nursing her new bump via Neo's parasol strike. The [Pawn] smirked condescendingly and wagged her finger negatively, as if she were treating Raynare like a child. This only made her glare at the petite woman.

"Lucky shot," she grumbled.

"Moving on," Naruto spoke up again. "Everyone be ready for the meeting tomorrow. Raynare, you'll be staying here with Azazel since he's booked his room through tomorrow night and I'm sure he has more questions for you."

She looked between her old leader and her new master a few times before she sighed and nodded. "Okay…"

"Good. Now everyone, go and get some rest. We'll meet again tomorrow."

Naruto was seated in an admittedly comfortable chair within the old school building that Rias had taken for her Peerage at the academy. He sipped some tea that had been kindly offered to him by her [Queen], humming softly before giving her a nod.

"This is delicious," he complimented, earning a slightly stiff nod from her. He then turned his attention to the two heiresses who had taken the couch with their two Peerages standing behind them. What was curious to him was that the nun girl was standing next to the Red Dragon, and he felt the change in her natural power matching that of a newly instated Devil.

"I see you've gained another member to your Peerage, Gremory. I hope it wasn't done against her will."

Rias bristled at that while Issei yelled out, "Oi! Lay off on Buchou, you whiskered bastard! Asia-chan asked to become a Devil!"

"I see. Then shall we move along, then? I'm sure you both have questions."

"Indeed," Sona spoke up, fixing her glasses. "The biggest question we have is your identity. We have no clue as to who you are save for a first name. No family name or mention of someone matching your description before amongst the rookies."

"That's because I'm not a member of you rookies. I received my Evil Piece Set when I was fourteen years of age, and I obtained them in a different manner than you two and the others in your age group. You two are what? Seventeen, maybe eighteen years old?"

"Eighteen," Sona confirmed.

"I, myself, am twenty years of age. And in the six years I've had my Evil Pieces, I can tell that they would sweep through both of your Peerages simultaneously."

"Now you just sound arrogant," Rias scoffed, earning a chuckle from him. "And what's so funny?"

"Aren't we Devils, as a race, full of pride of arrogance? At least, that is the alleged truth that we and the other Factions have accepted. Who are you to judge me on my so-called arrogance, Hime-sama?"

She scowled at him while Sona cut in, "That's enough of that. We aren't here to antagonize one another. We're here to sort out our concerns regarding you and your presence here."

"Who I am is a Devil that doesn't feel too keen on revealing his past to a couple of young women with Peerages that are, for lack of a better word, lacking."

"Lacking?" the Sitri heiress repeated. "In what way would you find us to be?"

"You have plenty of members each; but they're all underdeveloped as Peerage Members. Let alone as Devils. To be fair to you, there isn't a war or conflict happening save for the ceasefire between the Factions; but that shouldn't mean you get to be complacent. I've made sure to bring out the potential of my entire Peerage, and I have total confidence in their abilities should another skirmish break out. Better to be foolishly prepared than to be an unprepared fool."

The two heiresses frowned at him while he calmly took another drink of his tea. "Why do you feel the need to be so prepared when you admitted that nothing is happening?" Rias asked.

"What would you call the actions of those Fallen Angels last evening then, Gremory? Would you classify that as nothing when Raynare called out Kokabiel – a rumored war hawk – by name? Besides that, there are wars and skirmishes going on despite the external ceasefire. Shadow plays, underhanded deals, wars hidden behind false smiles and pretty words. My Peerage has experience in these skirmishes, and it is because of that experience that we are prepared for when they break free from the shadows and expose themselves."

"I didn't know things like that actually happened," she muttered, feeling a bit nervous now. Sona was frowning at nothing, seemingly lost in her thoughts.

"Your elder siblings, as well as your parents, hope to keep this from you. But the fact is that, despite the temporary peace, there are still battles being fought in secret. My Peerage takes part in them. It is one of the reasons why we have set up our own base here in Kuoh."

"You what?" Sona asked in surprise. "How long have you established yourself here?"

He smirked and replied, "Officially? About a week now. Unofficially? I'd rather not say."

"You're trespassing on Gremory and Sitri territory," she continued, her tone one of warning.

"Am I? Now that's odd, considering how you were allowed to stay here thanks to Lady Yasaka's generosity. After all, the Yōkai Faction owns Japan as a territory. Did you honestly believe that they would allow Devils to set up shop here without observing them? Watching and waiting for them to fuck something up?"

He scoffed at the unsure looks they now sported.

"So naïve… So innocent to the real world… Tell me something: why would the Yōkai even think of allowing Devils into their lands when they were the ones who committed the near genocide of a Yōkai species? You have one of two survivors here in this building right now!"

Koneko cringed and shrank into herself, hoping to hide away from the looks that would come her way.

"But that was-!" Rias tried to argue, but she was cut off.

"Because of Kuroka, the Stray Cat? Honestly, the stupidity of our race is staggering. One Nekoshō seemingly goes mad with senjutsu and suddenly the whole race is to be held under suspicion? The actions of a single member reflect on the race as a whole? How does that make sense? How is that justified? The Yōkai have demanded the Devils to answer those questions for years, and they still haven't received an acceptable response. I wouldn't be surprised if Lady Yasaka demanded reparations for the near extinction of the Nekoshō."

An uncomfortable silence weighed heavily on the heiresses and their Peerages, even if some of the members were ignorant to the severity of what was being said.

"But we've gone off track," Naruto conceded, dropping the subject. "I've come here for three things. The first was to reveal myself to you both and tell you that my Peerage is stationed here in Kuoh with Lady Yasaka's support."

That was a surprise for them to hear.

"The second was to introduce my Peerage to you all, considering how you've extended the same courtesy and I would rather avoid any further suspicion."

With that, he tapped the butt of his sheathed katana against the ground once, prompting a few transportation circles with a spiral symbol at the core to appear on the floor behind him. From the circles, five women appeared and stood diligently behind the whiskered blonde. Two of them were smirking, one was smiling confidently, and the remaining two were perfectly calm.

"Allow me to introduce my Peerage. My [Pawn], Neopolitan, and my [Bishop], Metallia."

The two smirking women nodded, though Metallia's smirk grew into a sharklike grin while Neo's eyes both changed to a delighted pink.

"My [Knight], Yoruichi Shihōin."

Yoruichi winked at them all and revealed her own Neko features while her yellow eyes gave a faint glint in the light of the room.

"My [Rook], Tifa Lockhart."

Tifa inclined her head respectfully and gave a lovely smile that made Issei and Saji blush.

"And lastly my [Queen], Rossweisse," Naruto finished as the Valkyrie gave a polite bow. "As you can see, my Peerage is only made up of five members if you do not include myself."

"Meaning you still have some Evil Pieces left to use," Rias deduced, but she was caught flatfooted when Naruto's Peerage looked amused at her guess.

"Nope. I have a full set. All of my Evil Pieces have been used." He smirked dangerously and stressed, "Every. Last. One."

Sona's eyes widened at the implications. "Then…you mean to say that each member-!"

"Is comprised of the maximum number of their designated Evil Pieces," Naruto finished. "Correct, young Sitri."

Those not of Naruto's group were stunned at the reveal. A full Evil Piece Set, and all of it focused into the minimum number of members. This meant that each member of Naruto's Peerage had incredible potential, and a high cost to them.

"Now, onto the final reason I'm here," Naruto pressed on as he turned his attention to Rias. "I hear rumors that you're engaged to a Riser Phenex, yes?"

"H-How did you…?"

"Remember, my Peerage takes part behind the shadows. We know many things about our own Faction, such as the deals or contracts between prominent families like the Gremory and Phenex."

Rias swallowed a lump in her throat, now realizing how dangerous Naruto's Peerage was. He was obviously powerful, with his power alone able to weigh down her Peerage and Sona's with ease. But the real danger he was capable of was the information he potentially had at his disposal. If he wished to, he could give that information to other groups.

Dangerous groups with grudges against the Devils.

"From what I've noticed, you are rather adamantly against this marriage. The loathing you have for Riser is noteworthy, as is the disadvantage your Peerage would have against his should you grow desperate and challenge him to a Rating Game. He has a full set with the maximum number of members while you have the minimum like myself. The difference between us, however, is that my Peerage has realized their potential while yours…is rather green."

Rias frowned at his easy dismissal of herself and her friends. "Get to the point," she almost growled out.

Her irritation made him chuckle. "The point, as you called it, is this: I'm offering the services of myself and my Peerage to deal with this marriage contract between your family and the Phenex."

Rias's anger dropped at that, becoming surprise at his words while her friends were a mixture of confused and hopeful. Aside from Issei and Asia who were unaware of Rias's disgust for Riser, they knew how desperate Rias was becoming about finding a way out of the contract.

"How would you be able to help me? And why would you want to for that matter?" Rias couldn't help but ask, stomping down the spark of hope she was beginning to feel.

Naruto held out his hand to the side, and Yoruichi placed some papers atop his palm. Grasping them, he took a moment to show them that it was a copy of the contract before he began to leaf through it in search of something. When he found it, he cleared his throat and read:

"Should both parties find themselves at odds on the outcome of this contract, a Rating Game between them can be used to settle the matter. As for the Rating Game participants, if both parties are obviously not evenly matched against one another, the party at the disadvantage has the option of having a proxy Peerage of similar age and experience take their place."

Sending away the documents, Naruto steepled his hands atop his sword and smirked at the shocked and hopeful expression on Rias's face. "As you can see, since you're the party at the disadvantage, you can have me and my Peerage act as your proxy for the Rating Game. And it would be perfectly legal since, despite the overall experience we have over you, we have not participated in a single Rating Game. So, technically our Peerages have similar experience when it comes to Rating Games."

Sona hummed thoughtfully and readjusted her glasses again before nodding. "It sounds plausible, and your anonymity as a Peerage would keep them from being too suspicious. The only problem I see is that Peerages are given to noble families, and you've yet to tell us what family you belong to."

"I'll only reveal that when the official asks me for it. Until then, I'm offering you my aid, Rias Gremory. However, understand that my services aren't free, and the price for them would be a favor from you to be used after the Rating Game is finished." He smirked and added, "I'll even have it so that you won't owe me anything unless we win. What do you think?"

"Rias," Sona spoke up, sounding incredibly serious. "Think very hard about this before you make a decision. I understand your feelings on the matter, but be sure think about the cost you may have to pay."

"She's right," Naruto agreed. "While having a favor from you in my pocket would be quite the boon to me, I won't push you into this. It's entirely your choice."

Rias frowned, deep in thought as she considered everything. She weighed the pros and cons of accepting Naruto's offer of having his Peerage acting as a proxy for her against the pros and cons of rejecting his offer. She thought about what would happen should either of them lose to Riser, and what would happen to her friends when she became the legal wife of that pig of a Devil, Riser.

After a few moments of nobody saying anything, she finally took a breath and nodded to herself. Turning to the whisker-faced Devil sitting across from her, she rose from her feet and saw him do the same as she approached him. Staring into his eyes, she saw them flash from blue to a deep crimson so briefly that part of her wondered if she imagined it happen.

Resigning herself to her choice, she reached out her hand and watched as he took it in his own. The two of them shook, solidifying the deal.

"You'd better make sure he understands how much I refuse to marry him," Rias demanded, earning a chuckle from him.

"So demanding, Hime-sama. But I suppose I'm under contract as your proxy. So, of course." The smirk on his face grew into a fanged grin, and this time she saw his eyes change to crimson and stay there as he promised, "He will not forget this Devil's power."

While she knew she was making a literal deal with the Devil, Rias found that she didn't care. So long as she was free from the burdens of her family's contract.

That didn't mean she wasn't feeling uneasy.

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