Harry had been called to Dumbledore's office. He had no idea why he had been summoned. When he arrived at the gargoyle he realized that Neville had been in such a state when he had told him of the summons that they had both forgotten about a password.

He was shocked and surprised when the stone figure merely looked up at him and leaped aside. When he got to the top of the stairs he heard several angry sounding voices inside the office. He knocked but no one seemed to hear. He was about to knock harder when Mad Eye opened the door.

"What did I do now?" He asked the old Auror. "Nothing that I know of son." The man answered surprisingly softly. "Come on in Potter." As he walked in one by one the occupants fell silent. "Mr. Potter, give me your wand." Professor McGonagall directed. "Professor?" "Your wand Potter. Give it to me."

Harry looked around at the people crowded into the office. A few looked perturbed at this, especially Dumbledore. "Sir?" "I'm afraid I can not council you on your actions in this matter Harry. Except to point out that she is your Head of House." "Why do," "Your wand Mr. Potter, or I shall give you a month's detention." Harry looked around the office once more.

Mad Eye was looking angrier than he had ever seen him, however, he wasn't looking at Harry, but oddly enough both eyes were looking at McGonagall. Mr. Weasley too looked angry, but he too seemed to be directing his anger at McGonagall. Mrs. Weasley smiled weakly at him and nodded however.

Kingsley Shacklebolt looked back calmly and he too nodded. The rest of those gathered seemed to be split too. Harry took out his wand and seemed to study it for a moment. He looked into Dumbledore's eyes for another moment, then handed over his wand.

"Sit down Harry and we will explain what has happened." Dumbledore directed. Harry sat down in front of the headmaster's desk. "Fifteen minutes ago Mr's. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Miss Parkinson kidnapped miss Granger and apparently port-keyed her out of Hogsmeade."

Harry leaped to his feet and demanded his wand. McGonagall had stowed it in her robes and made no move to give it back. In fact she clutched at her robes where she had put it. Harry could not bring himself to try to wrestle it away from the matronly woman. He stared at her grimly for a moment. "I need my wand. I will go without it, and you should know by now, you can't stop me. Give! Me! My! Wand!"

He turned angry eyes on the Headmaster. Kingsley and Mad eye grabbed for their wands, but before they could draw them Harry was no longer there. Dumbledore closed his eyes, McGonagall gasped, Mad Eye cursed angrily, Molly screamed, Kingsley just shook his head as it and his shoulders slumped, Arthur Weasley jumped to his feet and began yelling at McGonagall. All of that took place in the single moment after Harry Vanished. Dumbledore took off his glasses and laid them on his desk before rubbing his eyes tiredly. "We most likely have just killed Harry Potter." He mumbled through his hands.

Harry appeared in a room full of black robed, cloaked, and masked people. Voldemort was torturing Hermione. She was so hoarse her scream was little more than a squeak. Several things seemed to happen at once. Hermione vanished, along with the Death Eaters, Snape was pressed against a wall and held there.

A third of the Death Eaters found themselves wandless and in Ministry holding cells, four or five found themselves confused and in the middle of Hogsmeade wondering how they got there but glad to be free of the curse they had been under. Snape was still pinned to the wall unable to move.

Snape still had his wand, in fact he had even managed to draw it before he was pinned to the wall. No matter what he tried he could not free himself. "Crusio!" Voldemort bellowed. A glow erupted from Harry yet he seemed unaffected by the curse. "What is this magic?!" Voldemort demanded. "That's nothing, just a little something I picked up." Harry answered. "What have you done with my Death Eaters?" Tom demanded. "I'd be worried about myself if I were you Tom." Harry responded.

"So. Here we are, the half blood boys. Your father was a Muggle, my mother was, and Professor Snape's father was too. Amazing isn't it. Any of the three of us have more power than your pure-blood Death Eaters had, eh Tom?" Harry asked. "Lord Voldemort has more power than you will ever have boy!" Tom declared. "Oh lie to someone who believes you Tom.

"You can't even Apparate out of here unless you kill me first. I on the other hand came here right through your," Harry broke off. He sensed something behind him. He spun around just in time to find Nagini sinking her fangs into his arm. He sent an exploding spell into her and was almost immediately engulfed in a green cloud.

The horcrux was seeking possession of his body. Harry knew what he had to do. He flooded his mind with scenes of Hermione and their love for each other. The horcrux quickly gave up on him and headed toward Snape. Harry sent a banishment charm at it, since it was weakened by the struggle with Harry it simply... vanished.

Voldemort yelled before Harry could turn back to face him. "Avarda Kadavra!" The spell hit Harry before he could think about how to avoid it. Voldemort's whoop of victory rang off the walls of the room. Voldemort turned to try to free Snape, but he couldn't break through Harry's magic any better than Snape could. "I don't understand it. His magic should have ended when he died." Tom said, bewildered.

Snape's eyes widened as he looked past Voldemort. There was Harry, alive and apparently unharmed, getting to his feet. The fact that his hair and robes were smoking was the only hint that he had even been hit by the curse. Voldemort spun around sending a stream of spells and curses at Harry. Harry simply held up his empty hand and absorbed them all. Draco was in a room in the manor waiting for Lord Voldemort to finish with Granger. The Dark Lord had promised that he, Crabbe, and Goyle could have her to play with before she died.

Draco wished that The Dark Lord had let them have her first. When his master was finished using the Cruciatus curse on her, her mind would be shattered. She wouldn't be able to fight any more and where was the fun in a girl with no fight left. Suddenly he found himself stumbling and falling on his arse.

He looked around to see Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy in similar states. There was Lord Voldemort dueling with, no it couldn't be! Not only that but Potter didn't even seem to be dueling. Harry winked at Draco before he announced, "Sorry Tom, but I'm getting bored. Either you're going to have to try harder, or I'm going to finish this."

Draco could see sweat poring off the Dark Lord and Potter wasn't even breathing hard yet. "I'd just like to say Draco, I'm sorry we were never friends. I'm sorry you chose the loosing side in this. What do you say Professor Snape? Shall we end this?" Snape felt the spell let him go. "I can think of nothing that would please me more Harry. How did you know?"

Harry snorted. "I know you saw what I was writing in my first ever potions class and yet you accused me of not paying attention. I saw a hint of sadness in your eyes as you said it and I knew something was up. It took me until this year to figure it out. You may have hated my father, but I know you loved my mum.

"Then too you saved my life more times than I can count. At considerable risk of your own I might add. Why would you do that if you hated me as much as you seem to? No, you, like me, are Dumbledore's man through and through. Sorry Tom. He was never yours. But now, it's time to end this. I gave you every chance Draco. Still you came running to Tom. Besides that, you kidnapped my fiance and gave her to Tom.

"After what you've done you can't be trusted. Hermione was going to die here today and you had everything to do with that. May God forgive me, but I'm going to judge you, sentence you, and along with Tom, Crabbe, Goyle, and Parkinson, execute you like I did most of his Death Eaters already. No one else is going to suffer at any of your hands again."

"Please Harry, don't kill me! I don't want to die!" Voldemort pleaded. "Did Hermione want to die? Did any of the people you killed or any of the people you had killed, or allowed your Death Eaters to kill want to die? No they did not! There is no promise you can make, no oath you can swear that I could ever believe. No! Rabid dogs have to die. Rabies can't be cured."

There was a blinding light like the flash of a great many cameras. Several Muggles in the nearby town looked up at the old Riddle mansion. They were amazed to see that it was gone. Harry and professor Snape appeared in Dumbledore's office a moment later. Molly grabbed Harry and sobbed into his chest she was so relieved to see him. "Well profess" "Severus. Or Sev if you prefer Harry. I'll not allow a wizard of such tremendous power to call me sir or even professor."

"But, it wouldn't be proper for me to address you like that." Snape responded, "I don't care Harry. Albus, tell him he may do as I ask." "First, tell me Severus, how is it you survived. Harry always seemed to hate you as much as he hated Voldemort, and what happened? Hermione came back and was unable to tell us anything, she had no voice left to speak with."

"Well, let me just say that if there are any Death Eaters left, it is only because they were not at the Riddle manor. I'm afraid the Pure-blood blood lines have suffered a major loss this day." "Profess" "Severus." "Severus, you tell them what happened. I think Stan Shunpike has been locked up far to long and I'm going to see that he's released." With that Harry vanished.

As he had hoped Harry was greeted by a large number of the press. He walked over to the guard at the desk and said loudly, "Would you ask the minister if he would come down and meet with me please, and no, I won't go up. If he has any hope of remaining minister he'll come down, and he'll be quick."

In less than five minutes Fudge came down and greeted Harry. "Has Stan Shunpike been released yet minister?" Harry asked, still loudly, without responding to the greeting. "Stan Shunpike was arrested under suspicion of being a Death Eater Harry. No he has not been released." "You were aware that he never had a trial minister. I have repeatedly told you that and have personally vouched that poor Stan doesn't have the capability of becoming a Death Eater. I'm going to ask you one more time to release him."

"I will not let a suspected Death Eater out of Azkaban Harry!" Fudge snapped. "Then you leave me no choice minister. Stan Shunpike was put in prison without a trial and kept there with no proof to back up your claim that he is guilty. I have personally vouched for him to you several times. I hereby call for a vote of no confidence and personally minister, I think you should be put in prison for violating Mr. Shunpike's rights."

"How dare you speak to me in that manner! I've half a mind to curse you!" "Well minister, I hope for your sake you're far more powerful than Tom Riddle was." "Who?" "Again minister, I have given you that information. Like the year before Voldemort made his first public appearance after the Tri-Wizard Tournament fiasco. You chose then to ignore me and the information I gave you so freely.

"Voldemort was born of a minor Muggle nobleman, Tom Riddle Sr., and a pure-blood witch, Merope Gaunt, who took a fancy to the man and gave him a love potion. Tom Riddle Jr. framed his uncle for his Muggle father and Muggle grandparents murders. He then murdered his own pure-blood grandfather in order to claim what he thought was Salazar Slytherin's ring. It was Tom Riddle not Rubeus Hagrid that opened the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts fifty years ago. Riddle framed Hagrid for the crime and Hagrid was expelled.

"I gave you all this information myself and I know for a fact Albus Dumbledore also gave you the same information. So again I say, I call for a vote of no confidence." "You can't do that Potter!" "Oh yes he can! Any witch or wizard can call for the vote!" Madam Marchbanks stated.

"Is all that true Harry?" Marchbanks asked. "If I were you Madam Marchbanks, I would search the minister's office. I would also search the records and see if Stan had a trial. Although, I think you would know if he had. Do you remember such a trial, you would have been one of the ones who presided." "I have no recollection of such a trial. You there, Auror Tonks. I want a thorough search of the ministers office. Bring me any such proof you find."

Ten minutes later Tonks and an older Auror came back with two sheaves of parchment. "Just as he said Madam. Here are several pieces of parchment from Harry and Albus Dumbledore in reference to several things the minister has done." She handed the older woman the mass of parchment and Marchbanks leafed through them. "We would have been back sooner Madam, except that I took it upon myself to also search Deloris Umbridge's office.

"Here is proof of several things she has done as well. We tested the blood found on these Contract Quills and the blood recovered from them includes Dean Thomas, Harry Potter, and several other students at Hogwarts. Also, I have copies of orders where she sent two Dementors into Little Whinging after Harry Potter on a seek and destroy mission." "So I see. Well Miss Tonks, seize Fudge and Umbridge and hold them both for trial."

Fudge whipped out his wand and tried to seize Madam Marchbanks. Harry was too quick and without so much as a twitch dropped Fudge to the floor stunned. "Who stunned him? I didn't see anyone move." Marchbanks said. "If I'm not mistaken, Harry did it Madam Marchbanks." Tonks answered. "But he didn't move! I was looking right at him. He wasn't even holding a wand!" "I've learned to never underestimate Harry, Madam. I wouldn't want Albus Dumbledore hear me say it, but I think Harry's even more powerful than he is."

"I quite agree with you Miss Tonks." Albus said from just behind her. Everyone from the office was there with him. "Harry is the single most powerful wizard alive today." "More powerful than You-Know-Who?" One of the reporters asked. "For crying out loud! Call him Tom if you can't say Voldemort.

"Besides, he can't hurt you anymore. His reign of terror has ended. By law Madam Marchbanks, you are acting minister, may I have permission to retrieve Stan Shunpike from prison?" Harry asked. "Of course Mr. Potter. But," Harry was gone. Seconds later he was back with an emaciated, scraggly, unkempt Stan Shunpike.

"Stan, do you trust me?" "Wif my life 'Arry." "May I do Legilimens on you to see if you are secretly a Death Eater?" "I dunno wha tha is 'Arry. Bu' if it won't 'ert to much, go a 'ed." "I promise it won't hurt Stan. Just look into my eyes." Harry said with a reassuring smile. After several seconds Harry laughed softly.

"If you want to use truth serum Madam Marchbanks you'll find out that Stan is no more a Death Eater than I am." Harry said. "That won't be necessary Harry. I trust you. If you say he's not, he's not. Mr. Shunpike, you're free to go. You will be compensated by the ministry for the crimes against you and for the time you've lost from your job. Please accept my humble apologies for taking so long in freeing you." Marchbanks said. "I'm jus glad to be goin 'ome. Fanks 'Arry. If you ever need anyfink from me ya know how ta' fine me." Stan said, smiling at Harry. "Yeah, see you Stan." "S'long 'Arry."

"Now, Severus, if you'd join me please." Harry said over his shoulder. Many people gasped as Snape came up along side him. "Now I know most of you believe Severus Snape is a Death Eater. I'm here to tell you he is not. I don't expect you to believe me alone, but Professor Dumbledore will tell you the same thing. Severus Snape was passing information to the Order of the Phoenix and, through Albus Dumbledore, to the ministry.

"I trust Severus with my life, and he has already saved it many more times than I can count. He was instrumental in my being there to face Voldemort. He was also instrumental in my training which allowed me to overcome the Dark Lord. Severus is, and always was, loyal to professor Dumbledore.

"Through his selfless service, unbelievable sacrifice and incredible bravery most of you here today are alive and well. I am honored to be able to call this man friend. If you have problems with him, then you have problems with me. This is the bravest man I have ever known.