A/N: Welcome to what I think life was like for Santana and Brittany growing up. This fic will follow them from the day they meet (see below) all the way to the day they graduate high school. If I feel so obliged, I will published a second fic following them into college and marriage and so forth. This is much softer than my other fic, so if that one is too much for you I'd love if you'd give this one a try.

Chapter 1: Five Years Old

She wasn't sure what was the most alluring about the little blonde girl. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't seem to notice how her ice cream had dripped down and stained her unicorn t-shirt. Maybe it was her big blue eyes that darted wildly about as her mom told her to eat her ice cream so she could play. Maybe it was how the sun reflected off her hair. Santana just knew it was magnetic. She dusted off her jeans as she stood up from the sandbox where she'd built a castle far beyond what a 5 year old should be capable of and went over to the little girl, tapping her shoulder politely. The blonde swung around, her ice cream dripping onto the ground. Santana smiled

"You dropped something". The blonde looked at the ground and then back at the Latina.

"Where?" she spun in a circle as her ice cream melted through her fingers.

"Your ice cream", Santana pointed at the chocolate splattered concrete.

"OH. Yeah I guess I did." the freckled faced girl smiled a toothy grin, throwing the mushy cone in the trash and wiping her hand on her shirt. She held out the still sticky hand and introduced herself "I'm Brittany." Santana eyed the chocolate covered hand, and decided it was worth shaking to see those blue eyes light up. "I'm Santana." As soon as she shook Brittany's hand, Santana cringed at the sticky sugar that coated her previously dry hands.

"I got ice cream on you!" Brittany suddenly realized, running off to an older blonde and pointing animatedly back at Santana. When she returned she had a wet wipe, which Santana took gladly.

"Thanks. Do you want to build a sand castle?" Santana said, grabbing the girls hand again. Blue eyes sparkled and she nodded exuberantly. Santana liked this Brittany girl. She liked her a whole lot.

Kindergarten, Day 1

Santana clutched a Wonder Woman lunchbox in one hand and held tightly to her father with the other. Santana wasn't nervous about school- she knew she was smart, she already read books on her own. She was nervous about her classmates. Santana has only one friend: Brittany S. Pierce, a freckle faced blonde who made Santana smile with one word. She tentatively stepped into the classroom, looking for the seat furthest from anyone else when a body barreled into her. Santana immediately bristled, ready to teach whoever thought hugging her was okay when she saw blue eyes blinking inches away from her own.

"Hi." Brittany said, releasing Santana as a grin spread on the raven-haired girls face.

"Hey Britt-Britt. Are you in my class?" Santana asked hopefully, letting go of her father without another thought.

"Yeah, come sit with me and this other girl, Quinn." Brittany grabbed Santanas hand dragging her towards a girl who sat straight up and wore a flowery summer dress. Santana had never seen someone more prim and proper, and she'd seen her abuelita in her Sunday best.

"Quinn this is my best friend Santana, Santana this is Quinn." Brittany giggled happily and Santana shook the other blonde's hand.

"Santana Lopez" she said, sizing up the girl.

"Quinn Fabray." the girl responded, smirking. Santana liked her. Not how she liked Brittany. But she liked her, she was confident.

Kindergarten Day 60

"B, why didn't you write the words down?" Santana whispered, eyeing the drawing a large, angry looking cat Brittany was drawing.

"I don't know the words." She shrugged simply. Santana looked to Quinn for help,but she shrugged just as confused. The words were right there on the page.

"Britt you have to write the words," Santana gently instructed "it's the rules." She looked up and saw the teacher approaching, she raised her hand on Brittany's account.

"How are you doing Santana?" the teacher said, looking over the girls mostly perfect penmanship, save for some left-handed smearing of the graphite.

"Brittany needs help" she said, pointing to the down-trodden girl who had drawn a cigar in the cat's mouth. The teacher nodded kneeling in front of Brittany.

"That's a very pretty picture honey but you need to write the words." the teacher said, pointing to Santana and Quinn who had both finished their work.

"But I don't know how." Brittany said "I'm not smart like them." Santana looked at her best friend and noticed red creeping up her neck from embarrassment. The teacher stood up and wrote a note before making a call. Brittany got called out of class 5 minutes later. When the bell rang signaling recess, Brittany was walked back to the playground by the secretary.

"B! You're back." Santana hugged her friend who sniffled lightly and didn't move to hug her back.

"S, what happened?" Quinn said approaching a teary eyed Brittany and a concerned Santana.

"They said I'm dumb. That I think special. I think they called it Alexia." Brittany said, sitting on the bench, playing idly with her shoelace. Santana knew what she meant. She'd heard her mom say it when she saw her students who had trouble reading.

"Dyslexia Britt?" Santana breathed out quietly. Brittany nodded. Santana gave Quinn a look that told the other blonde this wasn't going to be easy.

"I don't even know what it is. Am I stupid?" Blue eyes watered and Santana shook her head violently.

"No, it just means you think differently. You might even be a genius Britt-Britt" Santana coerced Quinn into encouraging their friend similarly. Brittany smiled happily and then launched into a story about Lord Tubbington, who apparently was the cat she'd been drawing.