Paraguay's truth

Chapter One

The past three weeks...

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was in a great deal of pain caused by his captors of the compound in Paraguay. His friend Stan Burley watched in horror as his friend was being beaten for the fourth time in a space of a few days looking for certain Intel of an American rescue mission by the DOD.

He was hanging down by his wrists as the Cartel soldiers having been ordered by the leader Juan Jose Hernandez now finally to get his revenge against the agent both here and the states.

Special Agent Gibbs was a damn bloody mess with Burley covered in stained blood and dirt himself watching needing to turn his head at the sight of his friend and former boss. He just couldn't believe that Gibbs would actually come here again after the first time with getting captured and being gone for two months before being rescued by his friends.

Gibbs was hot, sweaty, thirsty and most of all hungry. Even though he had to endured the horrible pain of being beaten and left in the sun as part of the punishment and thrown into the stockade in the dark with his thoughts.

There was nothing he was able to do accept take the beatings for which he hopes will be rescued. His own bodily functions were fading away as he had to let go again to have the damn soldiers laughing at the aged agent. It was really stupid of the agent to come here in the first place. He had remembered the fights he had with Vance and his own wife before deciding on coming to Paraguay.


NCIS Three weeks and three days

Special Agent Gibbs having been thinking the night before at home with his wife Jacqueline to be back the next morning visiting her daughter Faith in New York. Gibbs had called Director Leon Vance in his office having arrived early. He was going to tell him that he had decided to go on the rescue mission sanctioned by the DOD this time. Since they had the evidence by satellite photos about the marines and Burley having been captured by the Paraguay's soldiers down the river for where the compound was located.

Moving inside the Naval Yards of NCIS and parking his grey truck. He walked inside to be greeted by Field agent Timothy McGee sitting at his desk with the Intel Gibbs had asked for on the rescue mission. Gibbs had mention to Tim that he was going along. And to spark a reaction out of the agent and friend.

Timothy McGee shook his head in disbelief that this man his boss once again was making a decision that will no doubt get him killed. "Why Boss go to Paraguay after what had happened the last time?" It was at this time that both Nick and Bishop had walked over from the elevator.

They were able to hear parts of the question before they had realized that it was really serious and Tim was hot under the collar. "Come on Tim this is Burley I am talking about and his Marine friends. It's my duty to go along to try and get them out like we did with the young children. Burley needs us to get him out and it's my sole duty to do so after all he has done for me and NCIS.

"Boss have you spoken with Director Vance about it and your decision to go along?" He looked over to see both Nick and Bishop with looks on their faces that he knew really well from over the years.

"Not yet Tim. But I did called him earlier that I was coming in early to speak with about something important. I will be upstairs discussing the matter with him. And don't try to come upstairs to interrupt the meeting. Do I make myself clear with the order?"

"Aye boss. But what about Nick Torres? Why don't you take him with you this time since he will differently fit in with the crowd of the country?" Tim will asked with turning his face to see his reaction to the question.

"Not a chance! And besides Nick and Elle are getting married in three weeks and I hope to be back by than with finding Burley and the marines. So please get to your work with some paperwork that needs to be signed." Gibbs cried out with heading for the elevator to speak with Vance when Bishop said the following.

"What about your wife Jacqueline? Does she know about your decision with going to Paraguay?" Bishop asked with concern in her voice and body language with turning her face to see the expression on Nick's face.

"No she doesn't know my decision. She will be arriving back sometime today visiting her daughter Faith in New York."

Director Vance's office..

"Are you out of your damn mind Man? How could you even think about going on the rescue mission to get Burley out Gibbs? You're risking your life again and at your aged to be running around trying to get into the compound with your knees and anything else that might get in the way of you getting to the marines. " He screamed out at the 69 year old Special Agent supervisory agent of NCIS standing in front of him not acting his age at this time of the morning.

"I don't give a damn Leon about being held back because of my age once again with throwing the retirement issue into my face. I need to do this because it's Burley and I owe him to do this Leon. I am going any way no matter what you say. I just might be fired doing this and I just don't give a damn at this point in time."

"You are just damn stubborn for when it comes to your own life and now your wife and unborn child. I just can't believe this Gibbs that you're taking this chance to go on the rescue mission. Is there anything I can say to change your mind accept maybe Jack. And since she is not here I can assume she doesn't know?" Director Leon Vance will say with anger with standing up watching Gibbs own body language.

"I haven't told her the news and besides she will only try to talk me out of it in the first place. Now if you will excuse me I have to get things together before leaving and that includes my team already knowing my decision." He walked out of the director's office with Vance mad as a hornet's nest. He grabbed his phone to dial the number given to him by Sloane to reach her in New York. Even though She was already on the way home via plane to be landing in Dulles within the hour or sooner.