Paraguay's truth

Chapter 50

"Is there any proof Director Vance that Jose Juan Hernandez is still in Paraguay in this village called Somalia? Senator HIll had to say to the director over the phone.

"Senator Hill my people don't lie about someone especially when the call was trace to this location and I highly doubt
it that he will leave knowing that Gibbs is alive. He will want this man to come there and once again try to kill the agent. And Gibbs wants to go very badly in spite the fact that his wife is upset over these facts if he does leave."

"He must be out of his mind to go after being shot in his own home town of Stillwater, Pa?" The senator says with drinking some water from inside his chambers.

"Yeah I know sir. However I can put together a team to go to Paraguay with a small group of Marines and Seals to try and get into the location he's in at this time. We will need two helicopters from the Marine base in order to have us dropped off a few miles so they won't see us coming in with the surprise." Vance said with the plans.

"Okay, I will talk with the others and get back to you and how much of the funds will be taken out of Crawford's account that was stolen in the first place." He replied with hanging up the phone to speak with the others.

And in the meantime Gibbs was resting in bed when his phone once again rang telling him it's Vance. He answered it right away ..."Did they go for the mission Leon?" He asked with concern in his tone of voice.

"Senator Hill is going to speak with the others before letting me know. You do know that you're opening a can of worms with having to tell Loreile when the word comes in with either a positive or negative response?"

"Yeah I know Leon and I will be the one to tell her when she is released from the hospital sometime today. Doctor Taft will be here later to check me out and make his decision afterwards. Anything else I should know about ?"

"No. Other than the fact that Palmer and his assistant are supposed to been starting the autopsy on both of the snipers. I haven't received a report so I should head downstairs and find out about the results. Talk to you soon Gibbs." He hangs up...

Downstairs in Autopsy with Doctor Palmer alone for the moment while Gerald went looking for some supplies. He had finished the autopsies on both of the snipers to find nothing at all with the bodies along with no evidence on the bodies to be a total waste of time.

Director Leon Vance walked inside the sterile autopsy bay with Palmer cleaning up. "Palmer Did you any a thing on the two bodies at all?" He asked with the both bodies having been placed inside the coolers.

"I wasn't able to find a thing with the bodies director. Besides the killer shots to their heads and body killed by the agents. There was nothing as well among their personal effects." Palmer turned to face him with taking off his mask.

"That's too bad Palmer. Well anyway we might have a possible to where Hernandez might be and the DOD is thinking of setting up another trip to Paraguay to search for the monster."

"So does this mean that Special Agent Gibbs might be going along for the trip? I don't even want to think about the ramifications of that one decision to change his life as with his wife?"

"I can't answer both of your questions Palmer for the moment. Just be sure to send the report to me when it's ready to be signed off." Vance turned to leave the area with Palmer shaking his head on the entire affair.