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**Previously on The Final Countdown**

Clark took a deep breath. "You know how you're always complaining that...that I seem to run off every time we start talking about something important?"

"I recall mentioning it once or twice." Lois responded and flashed Clark a weak smile interlacing her fingers with his.

"Well, I think I should just tell you this as simply and as honestly as I can, then." Clark said simply. "Lois." he paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "Lois, I'm Superman."

**And now let's continue**

There was a look on intense disbelief on Lois' face as he stared up at Clark. "Nice try Clark." she said with a note of laughter in her voice as she stood from the couch and began to pace slowly in circles on the braided rug around the coffee table.


"I have to admit you had me there for a moment." Lois let out a slight laughter and pointed her index finger at him.

"Lois." Clark cut her off from whatever she was going to say next. I'm kinda pouring my heart out here to you, and you seem to…" he trailed off nervously at Lois' attitude. How could she doubt about his words to her, his revelation? All this time, she demanded the truth about his disappearances, why he dashed away using lame excuses and now that he had let her on the biggest secret of his life she was laughing at him.

"Well then," Lois responded and sat on the coffee table facing him. "Why don't you give me a demonstration of your powers then?" she asked and crossed her arms in her chest, her face with her known typical Lane attitude. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." This was ridiculous. When the supposed revelation Dianna Stride had uncovered on Top Copy, resulted in a press conference being called by Clark both he and Superman had been there. But on the other hand she immediately recalled the unexplained absences and lame excuses from Clark. Lois shook her head. This was insanity. It had to be a joke, right? Clark couldn't be Superman. "Well?"

Clark looked at Lois for a moment but remained still silent. The way she looked at him that moment reminded of him a lot her impatient and demanding attitude two days ago in the café when they stalking Calvin Dreggs and Elise Carr. Clark mentally shook his head. Maybe it was bad idea to reveal his secret to Lois. "Lois," he started, hesitantly, almost as if he were afraid. "I do not think…it is wise to use my powers in front of you right now because I'm afraid that this might freak you out." he explained. He had takenan entirelywrong approach to the Superman subject. He should have been more cautious and apparently less outspoken. "Okay, okay how about this?" he offered and stood from the couch when he heard Lois let out a snort as she rolled her eyes. "Ask me something that only you and Superman could know." he challenged and began to pace slowly around his living room. "Arianna Carlin shot Super- me with a Kryptonite bullet and tried to frame you, for instance."

"That's absolutely ridiculous, Clark!" Lois exclaimed all in one breath and jumped from the coffee table like a jack in the box. "I told Clark- I I I mean you and Perry what happened there." she argued.

"Yes." Clark nodded as he approached Lois. "But you didn't tell me or Perry that Superman told you to get the Kryptonite bullet away from him preferably in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle."

Clark's words halted Lois. Recognition struck a moment later. Superman indeed had said those words to her and then she remembered clearly that she hadn't mentioned that minor detail or the Kryptonite bullet to Clark or Perry, so she would protect Superman. She clearly remembered that she never mentioned her discussion with Superman at all, much less his mention to the Bermuda Triangle. She only had only said she would probably take a cruise there when Perry suggested her to take some time off. No. It couldn't be. Superman must have told Clark what happened.

"But if you don't believe me I can tell you what happened after the Church's ball when I came to your apartment as Superman and we danced floating the 'Fly Me to the Moon' by Dinah Washington." he continued. "I saw your look in your face when Mayson interrupted our dance and I came to your apartment." he added. "You also told me how your uncle wanted to thank that Officer that saved his life and I told you to inform him that he was retired from the Force."

Lois couldn't believe it. It was impossible. Clark was Superman. Superman was Clark. She stared at Clark, her mouth adrift, her heart thumping as all her hopes crumbled to dust. She tried to find words … anything … but nothing came to fill the raging void of her mind. It was a sign of just how confused her thoughts were at that time that she didn't immediately register the significance of the revelation, but then she heard Clark's slight intake of breath and saw him looking at her. And the expression in his face as he met her eyes made the truth come crashing down on her. Clark was Superman. Superman was Clark.

"Lois," Clark said in a low, cracked voice. "Please say something." he pleaded.

Lois gaped at Clark, too shocked to think of any words to say or express her confused emotions. She wasn't even sure what she was feeling. She sucked in her breath sharply, standing to stare at him, as another thought surfaced. Pain lanced through her heart, mixed with anger. She clamped her eyes closed as the image of him lying on the floor of Georgie Hairdo's casino –supposedly dead—after being shot by Clyde Barrow. The painful reminder of how deep the lies were, stung the corner of her eyes as she fought back tears.

"Lois." Clark repeated more softly and rested his hand on Lois' shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" Lois brushed Clark away, crying out and sunk onto the couch. "You- you let me think you were dead! How could you…" she paused for a little while to swallow the lump that was forming in her throat, as it was gettingmore difficult than what she had imagined. She felt as if were ready and throw up and pass out afterwards.

"I'm sorry." Clark said softly seeing the pained expression on Lois' face. There was no excuse for what he had done. He knew how much Lois had gone through during those days she thought he was dead but he had panicked that his secret would be exposed. He had every intention to reveal he was Superman at least to her. However, because of Dr. Hamilton's research and his insecurities that Lois might love only still love Superman and not Clark Kent, he backed up.

Lois stood from the couch Her eyes were full of fire, staring at him intently, holding his gaze, not letting him move an inch away from the truth. "Do you have any idea what you put me through? Those two days when I thought you were dead and it was all my fault and…" her voice cracked in remembered pain as she relived those most painful days of her life.

"I'm sorry," Clark offered the same expression of regret that he had earlier. He had never seen her so angry. He knew that his apology couldn't erase the pain he caused her, the betrayal she had felt.

"Sorry." Lois scoffed. "Do you think by keep apologizing would change things?" she asked incredulously. "I don't want you to say you're sorry. Saying you're sorry doesn't make things easier. It can't erase you lies to me your betrayal, your…." she was breathing heavily, on the verge of crying. The memories of those years brought pain. Everything was a lie, everything was a deception. "You've been lying to me from day one!" she broke into tears. "I gave you my heart. Every fiber of my being was yours. I almost gave you my body. I actually loved you! Both sides of you." she yelled her voice was getting louder. "And what did you give me? Nothing but lies, nothing but deceit."

"I never lied when I said I loved you." Clark interjected. "I…I." he stuttered. He watched Lois for a while, and then reached to touch her. He still wanted so much to comfort her.

"Don't!" Lois answered, jerking her arm away from him. "Don't! I can't believe whatever you are going to say." she went on "Just don't."she repeated more sharply, holding up both hands in an unmistakable gesture. "Look I can't do this anymore." she said shaking her head. "I don't want to listen to this anymore. I- I feel like I don't know who you are anymore and I don't know how I can ever trust you again." Lois hesitated and then added in a lower voice, "I need to get away from you. I can't—I think we should end from, well, whatever-this-is between us."

"Lois please-"

"Just don't!" Lois yelled and held her hands up, before then dropped them, as if words had failed her and walked toward the exit.

Clark reached the couch and collapsed onto it the moment Lois slammed the door shut behind her. He took off his glasses and let them on the table burying his face in his hands. Yes, he expected her to be angry; he thought that might get her stony glare and silence. He didn't expect her to do what she did. He didn't except her to insult him. He didn't expect her to accuse him of deception and lies. Lois was unfair to him. He had loved her for so long. The certainty had grown deeper each day from the moment he first met her and he had proven his love to her so many times. Few moments earlier he was ready to give up his own life so he would stop hurting her. How could she doubt about his love?

'I can't believe whatever you are going to say' 'I don't know how I can ever trust you again'. Her words ran through his mind like a mantra, obliterating the noise of Metropolis, the sound of the waves in the harbor, the passage of the planes overhead. Obliquely, she had compared him to Paul, Claude and Lex the three men who had betrayed her, lied to her and deceived her in the worst way. He was just a liar; someone who used her, taunted her, dared her to see the secret hiding right in front of her. She hadn't listened to a word he'd said, hadn't seen anything he'd tried so hard to show her…and it was all his fault. For Lois he was just a liar. A con artist. A pretender. Clark felt as if he'd been stabbed with a Kryptonite blade, and despite his best efforts, tears sprung to his eyes. He should never have told her. He should have flown away as fast as he could away for Lois and Metropolis. Clark adamantly shook his head rocking his body back and forth when he heard a key scrape in the lock. He brushed away tears and took a deep breath before he saw his mother stepped into the apartment, his father right behind.

"I know that look." Martha said concerned at how much upset Clark was. "What's wrong?" she asked as she walked down the steps along with Jonathan.

Clark cleared his throat. "Well, I told Lois the truth about Superman." he managed to get the words out, his voice in the verge of cracking.

"I suppose she didn't take it too well, huh?" although Jonathan knew by Clark's forlorn expression that his question was obviously rhetorical he couldn't help but voice it loud.

"She didn't take it well at all." Clark sank back onto his couch. "I knew it wouldn't be easy for her." he added and put his elbows on his knees. "But the truth is, I never expected she would react so bad." he buried his head in his hands in despair as the over exertion of the past hour dragged heavily upon him. "There is only one thing left to do now."

"What?" Martha asked puzzled with a cool edge of fear in her voice.

Clark heaved a deep sigh and raised his head to look at his parents. "For starters I'll fly you two back to Smallville. You have been through a lot because of me the last couple of days. Then," heclapped his hands on his knees as he stood and approached them. "I will come back to Smallville and take over the farm along with dad."

"What!?" Martha gasped and at the same time Jonathan let out a "That is ridiculous!"

"Son." Jonathan approached Clark, placing his hands on Clark's shoulders. "I know what happened with Lois affected you but Clark like I told you earlier -this is wrong, you can't give up your whole life like this."

"Clark, you know we usually are not sticking our noises in your personal life and your decisions but your father is right." Martha interjected defending her husband's opinion. "You can't quit your job at the Planet because Lois can't accept-"

"Mom, mom you don't understand." Clark cut his mother off. "Neither of you understand." he turned and looked at his father before he walked back to the couch and sat onto it. "Lois was the reason I stayed in Metropolis. Lois was the reason that Superman was created. She gave me the idea of the suit when I saved that poor guy from the manhole by telling me to bring a change of clothing to work." he explained. "Without Lois Superman wouldn't have existed. I, as Clark might have the powers and the need to help but she was the one that kept me centered. Every time I gave up she was there pulling me back to keep fighting." he sighed running his fingers through his hair. "I thought I could do this." he went on in a choked voice. "I thought I could be Superman without being Clark around Lois but I can't." he realized "She's the real Superman, not me, Clark." he continued. "Or to be more specific there is no Clark."

"Oh honey." Martha said sounding heartbroken as she approached her son to comfort him.

"Lois made her choice and I made mine." Clark said completely devastated. "And there is no going back." he added defeated. "There isn't."

Lois tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep no matter how much she tried. The revelation that Clark was Superman It still rocked her to the core.

'Lois, I'm Superman.' Three words she had never imagined she'd hear from Clark. He had lied to her for almost two years. He had made her believe he was dead for two days. She really knew how to pick the men on her life. First Paul, then Claude and Lex and now Clark. She thought she knew him, she thought he was a decent and straight-up guy, she thought he was the last honest man, but for one more time she was wrong. Lois wanted to cry, but she refused to allow herself to do so. Instead of that, flashes of memories from the last two years pushed their way to the forefront of her mind, again and again, reconciling the memories with the two men she thought were two separate people, combined as one. It was Clark who had saved her life countless times. It was Superman who had sent her on a wild goose chase for stealing his story. It was Clark she had been fawning over at the beginning of their partnership. It was Superman she had gone undercover and had stakeouts countless times. It was Clark who had stopped the Nightfall twice and it was Superman who had lost his memory back then. It was Clark who was blind and stayed overnight at her apartment while she thought he had gone to the mountains with Mayson. It was Superman who was supposedly killed by Clyde Barrow. It was Clark who was shot by Arianna Carlin and poisoned by Diana Stride with Kryptonite and she saved his life both times. It was Superman that she had turned down that day in the park. It was Clark who had turned her down that night at her apartment. It was Superman who had visited her and spent the Christmas Eve with her, who had asked her to date, and dated her. It was Clark and Superman who had kissed her so passionately the night that Mayson died. It was Clark. All of it was Clark.

Lois sat up in bed burying her face in her hands. She did have to admit that she had played her own part in this mess. She had given him every reason to keep that secret from her.

'Not brown brown. Not dull, Insipid, mud Clark's. More vibrant, more radiant.' 'What we've got here is an example of human evolution: 'before and after.' Clark is the 'before. Superman is the 'after.' Make that: way, way after.'

'You know, he didn't seem that special to me. Except for the flying and the uniform, he could have been any ordinary guy.'

'Ordinary? Give me a break.'

'Lois, when I thought about losing my job at the Planet, saying goodbye to Perry, Jimmy, everyone... I realized something. I realized I could lose all that and still go on. I realized there was only one thing I didn't want to live without…and that was you. Seeing you every day, working with you, being with you.' 'I'm talking about us. I've been in love with you for a long time. You must have known.'

'I knew...I guess, I knew that you liked me, or were attracted to me, but...Clark I'm sorry. I don't feel that way about you...romantically. You're my best friend and, the only partner I could ever stand to work with. I admire you and respect you, and I do love you, as a friend.'

'Superman is there any hope for us? You and me? I'm so completely in love with you… I can't do anything else without knowing'

'Lois, I do care for you. But...there are things about me you don't know, that you may never know.'

'But it doesn't matter. I know you. And I don't mean you the celebrity or you the 'superhero.' If you had no powers, if you were just an ordinary man leading an ordinary life, I'd love you just the same.'

'You know, he didn't seem that special to me. Except for the flying and the uniform, he could have been any ordinary guy.'

'Ordinary? Give me a break.'

'If you were just an ordinary man leading an ordinary life, I'd love you just the same.'

Lois raised her head and stared at the ceiling for a while as flights of thoughts flitted from her heart to her mind. All of them now were centered on how many times she had blown him off.

'Not brown brown. Not dull, Insipid, mud Clark's. More vibrant, more radiant.' 'What we've got here is an example of human evolution: 'before and after.' Clark is the 'before. Superman is the 'after.' Make that: way, way after.'

'Hey, Lois, this asteroid was no picnic for me, either.'

'Clark, please. Superman put it all on the line, not just once, but twice. You, you fell into some garbage cans in the dark. No offense, but I don't think you can put yourself in the same league with him.'

'Somebody tried to kill you!'

'Yes, you'

'Now there you go using that word again Clark. There is 'you,' there is 'I', there is no 'we,''

'Not yet,'

'Not ever,'

'We'll see,'

'How long can you hold your breath?'

'Well, I guess if I can forgive Superman for almost leaving….I suppose I can forgive you, too.'


'After all, you're only human.'

'I'm only interested in one man in blue.'

'I mean we both did good stories. Mine destroyed an international drug network and yours... really told the searing truth about... old people. And...and…I just can't believe it! There's got to be some mistake! They lost my story or their brains were taken over by aliens or-'

'A mild-mannered reporter... really a super-hero? Clark, please.'

Lois let out a heavy sigh as she buried her head in her hands in despair once more. How hadn't she seen the signs? How blind had she been not to see what been going on? She was quite an investigative reporter, wasn't she?

'People see what they want to see.' she had once told both Clark and Perry and she rolled her eyes remembering it.

'Lois, trust me on this, I'm not your typical male.'

'You're a strange one, Clark Kent.'

'Am I?'

'Yeah. But I think I've got you figured out.'

'Uh, could we continue this later, Lois? I've got to go.'

'Sure. Why not? Go. Run off and disappear like you always do whenever we're having a discussion'

'Lois, I'm going downstairs to...uh... put some money in the meter.'

'Oh, gosh, I forgot to get my mail when I was downstairs.'

'Clark, this is important. You can get your mail later.'

'I'm expecting, um, my cheese of the month shipment. Go on in, I'll be right back.'

'Does he think, because he couldn't defeat some robot that changes the way I feel? Clark, that's not what attracts me. It's his intelligence and caring. He's... He has integrity and innate goodness. I mean, he's a lot like you.'

Lois groaned remembering how she had stopped, when she had realized what she'd said back then. How they stared at each other before they were interrupted by Jimmy. The same stare they had exchanged one year ago when she was under the influence of the Pheromones and told him that he looked like Superman. The same stare they had exchanged the day of Perry's birthday when for a strange reason she had suspected that he was Superman but she quickly pushed that thought away. Maybe deep down, subconsciously, she always knew the truth but she didn't want to admit it to herself.

'Lois. You know, I really hope someday that you learn... that sometimes what it seems like people are doing isn't what they're really doing.'

'We had a date, Clark. And you just disappeared and you never came back.'

'I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, Lois.'

'The truth. I'm at the point now with this, with us, that I need to hear the truth. Whatever it is.'

'People see what they want to see.'

He wasn't afraid of commitment with her. He never did. All those lame excuses, all those sudden disappearances, all this baffling behavior were rescues that Superman had to make, natural disasters and crime activities that he had to prevent.

'Lois, this isn't the best time, but I've always wanted to tell you something...'

'I like you a lot, too, Clark. I'm sorry what I did on our date.'

The events from that evening came flooding back. Clark intended to reveal his dual identity back then but she had unwittingly stopped him. And Mayson's death later that night made things even worse with Clark shutting her out completely. Lois threw her legs over the side of the bed swinging her legs back and forth.

"Oh no." Lois' eyes widened, as realization hit her. Clark had packed all his belongings to flee Metropolis forever. And Clark was Superman. And Superman was faster than a bullet and the strongest man on the World and he could vanish off the face of the Earth any moment. Lois immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the closet to grab her clothes. She was still mad at him, furious to be exact, but she loved him, she couldn't live without him. Lois dressed quickly and grabbed her car keys and her apartment's keys, bolting out the front door of her apartment with hope that it wasn't too late for her and Clark.

Clark let out a sigh of defeat as he landed on the terrace of his apartment. He had just flown both of his parents back to Smallville. He entered downhearted through the unlatched window at super-speed and changed into a t-shirt and boxer shorts, tossing the suit on the couch. It was the worst night of his life. He had lost himself forever. He had lost Lois Lane forever.

'I can't believe whatever you are going to say' 'I don't know how I can ever trust you again.' 'I- I feel like I don't know who you are anymore.' Clark put on his glasses and stared intensely at the familiar blue spandex with the big red S on it and the red cape. There could be no Superman without her. Sure, he could rescue people, stop the bad guys, and breathe in and out, but without Lois Lane beside him, he felt empty inside, unable to truly live. Without Lois, there was only this façade nothing but an empty suit; there was no Clark Kent, no one who truly understood him. Without her love and support, he didn't know how long he could keep up this life. Lois Lane was and always would be his ultimate weakness. Clark grabbed the suit he wore earlier from the couch and dragged himself to the terrace taking with him the box where he had packed the rest of his Superman suits. After he placed the box on one of the nearby chairs that were there, he tossed his suit on the ground and grabbed a box of matches from the table. Carefully, he pulled out a match and struck it on the side of the box. As soon as it burst into flame threw it on his Superman suit. Clark watched as the fire quickly engulfed the pile. Cutting all his ties with Lois and Superman was more painful than Kryptonite, but that moment he wished to be normal. Once the first Superman suit was turned into ashes Clark opened the box and pulled the garments out tossing them piece by piece into the flames.

Lois Lane gripped the steering wheel, mentally preparing herself for what was to come. Her overactive imagination was working overtime all kinds of horrible scenarios and situations where Clark was leaving Metropolis and walking out of her life.

'I don't think I've ever, will ever meet anyone quite like you.'

"I can do this. I can do this and I will be there on time to stop him." she said with a shaky breath and with that she hit the gas, speeding her Jeep more. Reaching Clark's apartment building, she slammed on the brakes and jumped out of her car closing the door behind her violently. As she passed the alleyway out of the familiar building something shiny caught the corner of her eye. An imaginary noose tightened around Lois' throat as she turned and saw flames erupting from Clark's terrace. She wanted so desperately to cry Clark's name, to cry the word 'fire' but nothing came out. Impulsively, she ran to the apartment building, heading up the steps to Clark's apartment. Fire was her greatest fear since she was a child, but she didn't stop. It was Clark's apartment. It was Clark. Lois reached for the spare key that Clark had kept under the flower pot by the door in case of emergency, stumbled forward and with trembling fingers finally managed to shove the key into the lock and turn it.

"Clark!" she cried the moment she rushed into the apartment, slamming the door behind her. She was rooted to the spot with shock when she saw Clark to stand in front of the flames tossing pieces of his Superman suits into them. "Stop!" she yelled seeing Clark to retrieve his cape from the box.

Clark turned and looked at her, his eyes filled with pain and hurt, as if he were going to cry. She had seen that look on his face before. He had seen it when she told him that Lex asked her to marry him. She had seen it when she turned him down after his confession of love that day in the park. She had seen it the night he found Dan at her apartment. She had seen it few hours ago when she broke his heart for one more time. Clark he paid his attention back to the fire ready to toss the cape into the flames.

"Stop!" Lois shouted once more the moment and sprinted toward him when she realized what Clark was intended to do. "Stop it, damn it!" she repeated louder and grabbed the cape from Clark's hands just in time.

Clark blew out the fire with his super breath before he turned to look at Lois apologetically.

"Wow." Lois exclaimed, dazzled. It was the first she saw him use his powers as Clark but it didn't distract her from what she had witnessed moments ago. "Have you lost your mind?" she asked Clark obviously upset with his actions. "Oh, wonderful," she commented sarcastically after she looked at the contents of the box. "There is one Superman suit left." she added as she paid her attention back to Clark. "Your mother is gonna kill you." she remarked and tossed the Superman cape she kept on the box.

Clark cracked a small smile but quickly faded away as Lois had the same crestfallen look on her face she had a few hours when she realized his intention to leave town.

"This isn't funny Clark and I really want some answers." Lois demanded. "Why did you do this?" she gestured toward the burnt rags of his Superman suits.

"Because there is no Superman anymore." Clark answered without a blinking an eye.

"What?" Lois asked in the same Lois Lane manner she always did when she was genuinely surprised.

"There is no Superman anymore." Clark grabbed his Superman cape from where Lois had left for earlier and walked back into his apartment, Lois' eyes never leave him. "What do you see in here, Lois?" he asked as he turned to look at Lois.

Lois took a few steps into the apartment. "An apartment." she answered casually, as she looked around Clark's place. "An empty apartment." she clarified. "There are still some things left around that need to be packed up but-"

"Whose apartment is this, Lois?" Clark pushed further. "Empty or not."

"Clark, I'm not sure what-"

Clark took a few steps towards Lois. "Answer me, Lois." He wanted so desperately to kiss her but the doubt in his heart still lingered. Although the pain was obvious he still wondered if she had come back because whether she wanted to be him or wanted just to finish the job by breaking his heart more.

"Yours." Lois whispered. "Clark's." She felt a quiver of excitement run through her as she voiced her response to his question. Part of her wanted to launch herself at him and kiss him passionately, that's why she came back there after all, because she loved him. However, she couldn't get past the fact he had lied to her, that he had pretended to be dead for two weeks, that he hadn't trust her, the fact that he was going to leave without saying goodbye. She couldn't help but wonder that he hadn't revealed his secret earlier to her. She couldn't help but if he had been afraid that his secret would have been her Pulitzer Prize story and would have printed by her in a heartbeat. She couldn't help but wonder if he had thought so poorly of her.

Clark took a few steps back from Lois. "Exactly!" he pointed out. "Clark is staying in this apartment, not Superman; Clark renovated and decorated this apartment, not Superman. You had been here to see movies with me, Clark," he indicated to himself still keeping Superman's cape in one hand. "And not Superman." he added. "You said earlier that you felt like you didn't know who I' am anymore. Well, you are wrong. "This is who I am, Lois." he used an expansive hand to indicate the whole of the apartment.

"But, Clark you are Superman." Lois argued with narrowed eyes.

"No. Superman is only this." Clark indicated the red cape he was keeping, before he tossed it in the couch. "The ethics, the kindness, the intelligence, the integrity and everything else, is Clark. Because Lois, Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I' am." For a strange reason his last words felt so familiar in his tongue, as if he said them to her before.

Lois arched an eyebrow as if a flicker of recognition hit her for a brief second the moment the words slipped out of his mouth. She would have sworn she heard that words from Clark before. They felt so familiar, but just as quickly as that recognition came, it disappeared. She would have remembered if he had told that thing to her before and she would definitely have remembered that Clark was Superman.

"If you take away Superman, Clark Kent, the farmboy from Kansas will still be here. Maybe, he will leave Metropolis and move to another place until he will move on again after too many anonymous rescues, just like I was doing before I wore that suit—but still I will be me. But now that you took Clark Kent away…there is no Superman. There's no one, nobody, nothing. Both Clark Kent and Superman are dead. And, you, Lois Lane, killed them."'

"Took? Killed?" Lois asked in a perplexed tone. "I didn't-" she cut herself off. "You made me think that you were dead." she fumed. "Really dead. You didn't trust me."

"You are right." Clark affirmed. And I'm sorry but I had to keep my dual identity secret to protect my parents, you."

"You could have told me though, Clark." Lois said back with hurt. "You could have trusted me. I'm your friend."

"I was going to. That night in Lucky Leon's old factory but-"

"I stopped you." Lois finished for him quietly.

And then that night…Mayson's death…" Clark collapsed onto the couch defeated. "You know that night she found out that I was Superman." he told Lois and kept his eyes peeled on the floor, avoiding any eye contact. "She saw my suit through my torn shirt while I kept her in my arms. She died thinking, knowing…"

"Clark." Lois said her voice laced with sadness. It was true that his grief over Mayson's murder, and his inability to save her had caused him to turn inward. She couldn't help but think that it was the reason he pushed her away back then, shutting her out completely. If he wasn't kissing her, maybe just maybe Mayson would have been still alive.

'I need to know if I'm yesterday's news.'


'You know. Stale, old. I mean, it's been a week since our first date and our first kiss. You haven't said a word about it. It's like it never happened.'

'Lois, I'm sorry if it feels like I've been ignoring you lately, but…"

The intrusion of Dan Scardino turned everything upside down. The undeniableattraction she felt the moment she had seen him in Mayson's office and then in Perry's the first time he had flirted with her while she reciprocated his interest, probably made Clark to keep his shield up. Maybe she had pushed things further than she had to, without thinking Clark's emotional rollercoaster that time because of Mayson's death.

"I'm really sorry, Lois I really do. I was going to tell you but…and I'm…I have grown to depend on you so much that-"

Lois gripped his hands tight as she sat onto the couch. "It's okay. I'm right here."

"So are you not mad at me anymore?" Clark asked cautiously with a slight frown. Her lack of anger was terrifying, especially given the anger she'd directed at him earlier.

"I'm not only mad at you, Clark. I'm furious." Lois answered with honesty. "But I also know that I want you in my life." she went on. "I lo-" she paused for a moment and leaned close to him. She couldn't live without him. She couldn't go back to the way things were before she met Clark. She didn't want to. She couldn't go into that newsroom knowing that he would not be there, smiling at her. I couldn't write stories without his name beside hers. Lois reached up to take his glasses off. "Please:" she pleaded with Clark when he tried to pull away. "I want to see what I missed for two years. I want how I could be so blind." she took off his glasses, folding them in her palm, and placed on the coffee table. She drew closer she began to discern his features more clearly. Superman. And Clark. The same strong jaw. The same mouth. They both had the same smile, she remembered. And the same brown eyes, which could dance with laughter and brim with gentle caring. How did she miss that?

I'm sorry," Clark whispered. "I never wanted to hurt you. I just…."

"I know." Lois mumbled, barely louder than a whisper. Slowly, she leaned in to kiss him. She wasn't sure if her heart had ever pounded so fast in her life before. Just as the longing became unbearable, her lips met Clark's. The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. Lois threw her arms around his neck as she lost herself in his peppermint breath and soft lips.

Time stopped in a collision of senses for Clark when his lips met Lois'. He kept his eyes half open, sneaking a guilty peek at her every time he came back for air, just to make sure this wasn't a product of his imagination. He wasn't sure if nature rooted for this moment or if his mind tricked him into a perfect present, but every breath he took, Lois smelled like jasmine and vanilla and for the first time since he'd known himself he didn't want to stop what he was doing. If anything, the warm feeling of her breath, although destabilizing, was inviting. Clark draped both arms around Lois' frame and met her lips again halfway.

Heat rose from Lois' stomach to her chest. Lois placed her hands on Clark's shoulders, pushing him back slightly onto the couch and straddled him. She ran her hands in his hair, as she continued to kiss him, the kiss getting deeper. Tentatively, she met Clark's tongue with her own and was rewarded with a satisfied sound from deep in his throat as he tightened his grip, sending another wave of heat through her. He retreated, and she followed, matching his movements until his lips closed scandalously around her tongue and he sucked gently- the sensation rocked her to her core. All at once she was aflame.

Lois' kiss lit Clark up like supernova. He moaned, unable to keep himself apart any longer, unable to pretend. Two years of dreams, dreams in which this position had led to its inevitable conclusion. Since that long ago day of seeing her for the first time, of hearing her voice and her weighted words, Lois haunted the corners of his mind. Holding her like that felt better than anything he'd experienced in his life. "Lois." he sighed after he slowly broke off the kiss. "I think we should stop." he suggested, resting forehead against hers. As much as he wanted to, as much as he desired Lois, they had to regain the control, especially him. She was emotional vulnerable and he wouldn't take advantage of it. He didn't want to confirm his worst fear, his worst thoughts, thoughts that undeniably had crossed also Lois' mind that he was like Paul, Claude and Lex. After what had happened that night, he had to earn her trust back.

Lois understood Clark's hesitation with her track record with her relationships but she couldn't hold back anymore. Her lips gently touched his, covering his mouth. "What if I don't want to?" she asked breathlessly after they parted once more. "I'm tired of hiding, Clark. I'm tired of pretending." she confessed. "I don't want to live with regrets."

Lois' words were all the encouragement Clark needed. He pressed his lips against hers passionately and groaned softly, low in his throat. Her kiss enchanted him. All the rational thoughts vanished. The sweet taste of her lips intoxicated him. Clark circled Lois in his arms, gathering her against him, and rolled over on top of her. He lifted her slowly and carried her bridal style into his bedroom and to bed, kissing her. "Are you sure?" he asked hesitantly as he lay her and stroked her hair softly with the back of his hand.

"Yes." Lois answered determination. "I trust you with my life."

Clark looked into Lois' eyes for any signs of doubt or hesitation as he rested his body on top of her, but he didn't find any. "I want you." he whispered into her ear and leaned to kiss her, using his arms and legs to help support his weight.

"I need you more." Lois said huskily. Clark's kiss was tender gentle, careful, but it wasn't gentleness Lois wanted, not now, not after all this time. "Oh God!" she cried the moment she felt him press against her belly as his arousal stirred. She knotted her fists in Clark's shirt, pulling him harder against her and her breath hitched in her throat audibly the moment she processed what had just happened. Even though she had not been sexually with a man for almost six years, she never expected that a simple physical contact with Clark while he was aroused would…Lois shook herself mentally. Did Clark have so much effect on her?

"Lois, are you okay?" Clark asked, his voice laced with concern but also surprise. He felt as he were going to explode, his body one giant ticking bomb that its time was running out. He never believed that a simply foreplay would turn on both of them so much. And Lois did she just…

"I'm okay." Lois assured. "Just…" she trailed off. "It's been-Please Clark." she begged. "I need you." She needed him; badly. She wanted him with every fiber of her being. And he wanted her too. So, what in the Hell was he waiting for? Lois let her hands skim down the front of him, and then slip beneath the hem of his shirt. His skin underneath was hot, and she felt him take a sharp breath in when her hands pressed flat against his stomach.

Clark stared down at Lois with a heated glint in his eye. His hands fell to the hem of her shirt and she sat up to assist him, kicking her shoes at the same time. His mouth suddenly went dry as dust, when he tossed her shirt on the floor and realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Slowly, he began to trail hot kisses down her neck to her collarbone. His warm breath coiled out before his teeth grazed the soft flesh there, and one of his hands rose to skim along the side of her breast. "You're so beautiful, Lois." he said against her chest, nuzzling between her breasts. He lifted his head, and his eyes pierced her.

Lois' head swam her thoughts coming in dull waves of fog. Slowly, she slipped her hands under his T-shirt and began to lift the fabric. With one swift motion, she pulled the T-shirt over his head and tossed it across the room. She wanted him. God, she wanted him. She wasn't sure she could wait much longer. "Clark."

Clark's head was so clouded with wanting her. He kissed her with just as much passion than before, if not more, while his hands moved lower to unbutton and unzip her jeans. As he brought them down past her ivory thighs along with her panties and pulled them off, he froze. A sizable lump formed in his throat when he was faced with an undressed Lois Lane. He swallowed hard. She was undeniably the most breathtakingly beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes-and he stood transfixed at the sight before him.

Lois ran her fingernails down his back and grasped his hips, pulling him closer. She felt his desire, and she wanted it. She wanted all of it. She slipped her one hand between their bodies sliding up his length, up down, until she found the hem of his short. When she shoved them down, then tried to sneak her hand inside his boxers to cup him. She'd longed for this moment for so long.

"Stop." Clark ordered and grabbed Lois by the wrist to stop her. "What about…?" he paused for a moment, before he went on. "You know…protection?" he asked. "I don't.-"

"It's okay." Lois reassured and touched Clark's cheek with her other hand, looking at him in the eyes. "I'm already on the pill." she informed. "I…Um…." she hesitated for a moment. "It's for medical reasons." she added embarrassed. "Ι have very irregular…um" she cleared her throat obviously uncomfortable. "Periods."

"Oh." Clark mumbled a little awkward and let Lois' wrist. He felt a thrill ache in his gut when he felt her skin against his. He shuddered as Lois stroke him up and down. He couldn't hold back anymore. He pulled out his boxers off and tossed them on the floor, taking that moment to drink her in with his eyes. He made a journey from her moist lips to the swell of her breast. "You are beautiful Lois Lane. Every inch of you is beautiful."

Lois smiled at him and pulled him closer, running her fingernails down his back. She had dreamed of seeing him like that since that day at the Apollo Hotel where he was wearing nothing more than a towel around his waist.

'I said nine. I thought you'd be …naked…um, ready.''

Lois couldn't take her eyes off Clark's naked was awestruck by his size. He was massive, yet elegant. He was rigid, mesmerizing, as if chiseled from a slate of granite. He was a God through and through. Powers or not, Clark was indeed Superman. She had never felt like this before and she shuddered in anticipation, opening her legs more to give Clark more accommodation.

Clark wound his hands in Lois' wonderful hair and lowered his mouth to kiss her, moving in between her thighs. He watched her reaction as the tip of his erection brushed against her entrance. "I love you, Lois," he told her and slowly began to enter her.

"Oh God!" Lois yelled out and closed her eyes as a familiar stretching sensation washed over her. "I love you too, Clark." she growled and let out a soft gasp in pleasure, digging her fingernails into his back as he filled her so completely.

Clark stilled his motions looking at her in concern. "Are you okay? I'm not hurting you, am I?" he asked with worry. "Your legs and your body are trembling. And the way you tensed when I-"

"Shhh" Lois silenced Clark with her index finger placing her palm on his cheek. In the dim light, she could see his worried frown. "I'm fine. We're good. It's been a long time since…" she trailed off, smiling at him. "Years." she mumbled and leaned up to kiss him. She felt his worry in his kiss and the way he held her that he treated her like she was made of the most fragile glass in the world.

Clark's features relaxed, and slowly started stroking in andout of Lois, looking at her as his arm encircled her waist, anchoring her to him. "I love you."

"Clark." Lois managed to mumble as Clark buried himself deep inside of her. She let out a sigh of pleasure as Clark entered her, inch by glorious inch before pulling back to repeat the same sweet stroke over and over again. She hooked her legs around Clark's waist, heels digging into his back and melted into his ardent kisses as he held her onto his arms.

"Lois." Clark breathed out and buried his face in her neck, surrounding himself with the scent of her hair and the sounds of her pleasure as he thrust into her. He pulled away capturing her lips and let his tongue slip into her mouth before he kissed down to her neck sucking it lightly there. He wanted to memorize her body, her collarbone, her perfect breasts, the curve of her hips, her cute belly button. His body melded with hers. Clark's mouth continued its descent down to Lois' nipples, his hands roaming to her sides, over her breasts, and finally all over her body. His lips found Lois' in a deep kiss once again, while his hands met hers as he pulled them up over her head.

Clark broke off the kiss and locked his gaze on Lois,the fingers of their hands intertwined. No words were needed as he continued to thrust into her with a gentle rhythm; the physical and mental contact they had that moment were enough for them.

Lois began to grind against him. She knew if they continued like this, neither of them would hold out very long.

A sense of pride over took Clark as he saw Lois' eyes shut and bit her lip as he made love to her. He continued slid out, and then slowly slid back in, taking his time.

Lois was so engrossed with the way Clark was making her feel. She couldn't get enough of him. She could feel her skin growing heated as all her nerve-endings bunched in exquisitely tight anticipation. She could feel the inexorable build-up of excitement to such a pitch that she honestly didn't think she could take it anymore. And then it happened. Like a swollen dam bursting open, waves of intense pleasure began to take Lois under. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and felt herself, as if Clark needed to break her apart before she could become whole again.

The way Lois' muscles massaged and clenched around his member sent Clark over the edge. They both had ridden out their orgasms together for what seemed like eternity. Clark pulled out of Lois and rolled back against the pillows to suck in a ragged breath. When finally his breath had begun to even out, he kissed her shoulder, her collarbone, her neck, her cheek. He traced her jaw lightly with his fingers and gazed into her eyes, his lips a mere inch from hers before kissing her lips.

"Oh my God." Lois breathed heavily after she broke off the kiss, lying on her left side.

Clark pressed firmly his chest against Lois' back. "Oh my God indeed." he confirmed and buried his face in Lois' head. He intertwined his right hand with hers resting them over stomach, while his other played with her hair. Clark began to kiss the dimples on Lois' lower back and then all the way up her spine to her neck.

"It was…" Lois trailed off. She was dumbfounded by what has just occurred. That was supposed to feel like not to have regrets, and fear; that was supposed to feel like to be with someone and the only thing she could feel was loved. "It was so…that the only thing I'd like more would be…" she paused once more unable to find the words to continue. She looked on the ceiling lost in a euphoric haze as she was like she had seen God.

"More?" Clark asked with a smile and planted a kiss to Lois neck.

"Exactly!" Lois answered completely dazed. "Clark, really? Already?" she asked incredulously when she felt Clark long and hard, pressing against her butt.

"You are doing this to me." Clark whispered into Lois' ear and nuzzled his mouth against her neck. His eyes drifted down to her breasts as she flipped over onto her back so she would look at him, but quickly darted to her eyes.

Lois couldn't help but let out a small laugh as suddenly they were all over each other kissing. They kissed so deep, so passionate that it didn't take long to turn into love making once more.

"That was wonderful!" Lois breathed out, as she settled from the effects of her orgasm after one more round of love-making.

Clark kissed Lois on the lips, still onto of her. "It was magnificent," he said and pulled the covers over them, resting his forehead against hers. It still felt like dream. Lois knew the truth about him and yet she loved him; she was there into his arms. They had made love for a third time that night. Clark rolled over in bed and held Lois, wrapping his arms around her.

Lois smiled in content, as she rested her head on Clark's chest over his heart. Yes, now she knew. She was 100 percent sure of where she belonged. Here in Clark's arms. Or, to be more exact, she belonged wherever Clark belonged. Keeping her eyes closed and tracing small patterns his chest, she couldn't stop replaying in her mind their love-making that night. He had been so gentle, so caring with every inch of her, that only the thought of it made a shiver go down her spine. Panic gripped her the moment she realized that Clark almost walked out of her life for one time, twice that night. She was an idiot. She hadn't leant her lesson the first time. She hadn't leant the lesson when she almost lost him during the heat wave. She hadn't learnt her lesson when she almost lost him by turning him down that day in the park and almost marrying Lex.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Clark asked, watching on Lois silent and skeptical for a while.

Lois looked up at Clark's eyes, and knew for sure she was in love with him. Her heart thudded fiercely as it was the first time she was ever feeling this rush inside of her. He looked alluringly perfect, his shoulders were broad, and she gasped for breath. She gently rubbed his shoulders as they both lay on the fluffy bed, and smoothed her hand gently down his back and rubbed, not getting enough of him. She closed her eyes as she did so, and she was being taken into that preliminary trance. "I was thinking about you." Lois answered. "How you almost walked out of my life for a second time in a year." she added. "Twice in a night." she pointed out.

"Everything is alright." Clark assured and brushed away a strand of hair from Lois' eyes. "I'm here. .HERE." he emphasized and kissed the top of her head.

"Still, I was too pigheaded and selfish." Lois argued. "For one more time." she noted. "Instead of trying to find out what was wrong with you, I thought you were afraid of commitment and I pushed you away." she said regretfully.

'You're an investigative reporter. Investigate.'

'People see what they want to see.'

She had to admit to herself the truth. She was the one who was afraid of commitment and not Clark. She had rejected him over a man she knew that she could never have. She had rejected him and accepted the wedding proposal of a man she never loved. She had preferred to go out with Scardino to spite him than trying to figure out what was going on with his constant, unexplained absences and his lame excuses. If she could never have Superman, he could never really hurt her. If she could never love Lex, he could never hurt her. If she had never really interested in Dan, he could never hurt her. She'd had her chance with Clark three times and blown them in favor of pursuing the 'safer' options of three men she could never love. Clark always had been much more dangerous in her eyes. Because if she'd allowed herself to love him, and things had gone badly, she would have never recovered from that hurt. But eventually Clark was worth the risk. She had realized it that night, when she saw all his belongings packed. She was thankful she made up her mind to admit herself how she really felt and didn't let her fears to get the better of her and ruin everything.

"Yea and you went on two dates with Dan." Clark commented with a frown. He still felt uncomfortable that a man who wasn't him made her laugh, made her feel special, that she was the center of his universe.

"Well." Lois began slowly. "I have to admit it was not one of my brightest ideas." she confessed and as kept drawing circles on Clark'sskin, kissing lightly his stern. She had to admit she had fun with on her dates with Dan and she appreciated the fact he wasn't running away like Clark. However, she didn't feel for Dan, what she felt for Clark. There was no magic, tension and spark between them; just a brief attraction between them when they had first met and that was all. "But face it. We would have saved ourselves a lot of trouble, if you had trusted me and told me sooner."

"It wasn't that I didn't trust youin keeping my secret." It was a half truth. At first, Superman was a big news story and back then she was chasing down every single Superman exclusive. The revelation of his secret could be easily the Pulitzer story she had yearned for so long. But when she had proved to him that she could be trustworthy he felt incredibly ashamed of him for thinking of her like that.

"It was the fact I kept rubbing on your face my crush on Superman." It was a statement, not a question. She felt tightness in her chest thinking how Clark might have felt every time she was swooning over Superman while she was ignoring him. "You wanted me to love you for Clark, not the superhero."

'Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I' am.'

'If you were just an ordinary man leading an ordinary life, I'd love you just the same.'

Who was she kidding? She could just kick herself that she'd allowed to be so dazzled by Superman's brilliance that she'd overlooked the wonderful man that Clark was, for so long. She had turned down the real man over the person who wore the suit. And on the top of that, she had accepted Lex's marriage proposal.

'You're afraid of the truth. And the truth is that Lex Luthor may be hiding from you what really happened at the Planet. I've been doing some digging and-'

'I know why you're doing this.'

You do, huh?

'Yes. You told me your feelings, and you're hurt. I am sorry about that, Clark, but all of this is just sour grapes.'

'What if I find evidence?'

'You're talking about a man I trust... who has always been completely truthful with me.'

Clark had warned her multiple times for Lex from the first day, yet she didn't listen to him. No wonder he hadn't trusted his secret to her.

'If you really cared about me you would let me... You would help me to be happy…and someone who wants to spend his life with me. What is wrong with that?'

I've been in love with you for a long time. You must have known.'

'I knew...I guess, I knew that you liked me, or were attracted to me, but...Clark I'm sorry. I don't feel that way about you...romantically.' 'I admire you and respect you, and I do love you, as a friend.'

'Lois Lane…Kent.'

It wasn't until she was standing in front of the mirror in her wedding dress in tears and walking down the aisle that she realized how much Clark meant to her. He was the only reason for believing that there could be more to her life than the Daily Planet She always felt safe when she was with him. Protected. Cared for…Loved.

Lois mentally cursed herself and snuggled deeper into his arms breathing in his scent. She had done too many mistakes, she had lived with many regrets but now she was determined to make up for the lost time. She was grateful that Fate and Clark gave her that second chance, this opportunity to start over again and maybe fix the things that went wrong the first time. This time she would do the things right. For Clark's sake. And for hers.

"Yea." Clark admitted. "But most of all, I wanted to protect you." he told further. "Let's face it, ever since you got involved with Superman, you have been kidnapped, pushed off buildings and planes, buried alive, staffed in a barrel and thrown into the harbor and who knows what else, and it's all because of me." he reasoned.

"Yes but it was not only your decision to make." Lois shot back a little angry.

"I know." Clark nodded and kissed the top of Lois' head. "But doesn't matter anymore." he heaved a contend sigh. "We are together." he looked down at her, as he brushed a strand of hair off her face.

"That doesn't mean that I don't reserve the right to be mad at you as long as I want and whenever it suits me, flyboy." Lois said with a pout.

"Let's see if there is anything I can do about it." Clark teased and rolled on top Lois, and giving her a hungry kiss, he pulled the covers over their heads. It didn't take a long time before the room filled with Lois' giggles. Giggles which quickly turned into moans of pleasure.

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