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Two weeks later

"Clark, are you sure about this?" Lois asked. Dressed in a burgundy dress she had recently bought, she walked down Prescott Street along with Clark to Veggera the most famous and expensive Greek restaurant in New Troy.

Clark who was dressed in charcoal suit rolled his eyes as he walked beside Lois. "Lois you asked me multiple times and I answered to you." he replied as he rested his one hand at her lower back. "I'm perfectly fine with having dinner with your parents."

Clark had met both Lois' parents a year ago but under unfortunate circumstances; her father during his involvement in bionic boxers' scandal and her mother after Lois' almost-wedding to Luthor where they exchanged only few glances. That dinner was a good chance to get to know them.

"Well I' am not." Lois said her soft voice small and pitiful, her lips pursed in an impish pout. "You didn't see how they were functioning while they were married." she added. "For example, your parents made marriage look fun. Mine made it look like root canal." she reasoned. "Think how they are behaving now that they are divorced." she pointed out.

"Lois." Clark stopped Lois before she opened the front door of the restaurant. "I'll be right here." he assured her. "And don't forget, Lucy."

"Let's just go to get this over with." Lois pulled in a steadying lungful of air. "I want to go back home as soon as possible." she put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"Yea." Clark replied huskily after he pulled away from the kiss and pushed Lois slightly against the wall. "Besides you know what happens to me when I see you dressed in burgundy." he murmured seductively, his mouth close to her ear.

To say that Clark liked what Lois had worn that day would have been an understatement. The neckline of the burgundy dress dipped down, giving anyone just a peek of what lay underneath the silken fabric. Her back was bare, the dress came back into view at the small of her back as it clung to her in all the right places while Lois wore her hair down and straight the way he like it. Clark was fascinated by the woman before him.

Clark's warm breath wafted across Lois' sensitive skin, sending slight tingles racing across the nerve endings. "Let's go." she groaned in defeat.

Clark couldn't help at Lois' reaction as he opened the door of the restaurant for her.

"Lois! Clark!" they both heard a familiar feminine voice from the crowded restaurant. Lois and Clark turned their attention in the direction of the voice. It was Lucy who had been sitting on the other side of the room along with her and Lois' parents. "Over here!" she motioned toward them.

Clark offered Lois his arm with smile which she gratefully took and patted her hand encouragingly as they walked toward the table. He could feel her deliberate every step she took as they got closer to their destination.

"Hi, Lucy." Lois greeted happily her sister. "Dad, Mother." she addressed her parents on her crispest professional tone.

Sam stood from his seat and approached Lois. "Happy birthday, Princess." he hugged Lois and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Happy birthday belated, sweetie." Ellenstood up, walked over to them and pulled Lois into a tight bear hug.

"Thank you, Mother, Dad." Lois looked between her parents, giving them a forced smile.

"Happy birthday, sis." Lucy jumped up from her chair and reached over to give Lois a tight hug.

"Thank you, Luce." Lois said with a genuine smile and tightened her arms around her sister.

"Clark!" Lucy exclaimed happily as she pulled away from her sister and threw herself into Clark's arms. "It's so nice to see you again."

"Hey, Lucy." Clark hugged Lucy back. "It's nice to see you too." he said with a smile. "Dr. Lane." he addressed Lois' father and extended his hand for a shake.

"Sam." Sam corrected as he took Clark's hand and shook it with the heartiest good-will. "It's good to see again." he admitted with a smile."

"And I'm Ellen." Lois' mother offeredher hand to Clark in a handshake after he broke off the one he had with Sam. "Lois' mother. We had met briefly during…" he trailed off, the moment she saw Lois' stiffen and cool expression at the day she almost married Lex. "I had never had the chance to thank you for being there for my daughter back then and…" she paused as she looked momentarily at Lois. "And every other time she needed it." she turned attention back to Clark. "Anyway." Ellen broke off the handshake, taking the hint by Lois' look to change the topic. "It's a pleasure to officially meet you, Clark. Lucy has told us so much about you."

"Thank you for your kind words…Ellen." Clark's smile was one of those warm, sincere beams that had never failed to soften even the hardest interview subjects he turned on. "You too, Lucy."

"Shall we?" Sam gestured for Lois and Clark to take a seat.

"Thank you, Clark." Lois said blushing as Clark pulled the chair from the table for her to sit in.

"I gotta tell you Clark." Lucy started to say as she took her seat back at the table. "I'm so glad that my big sister came to her senses and realized what a great catch you are."

"Lucy!" Lois exclaimed embarrassed.

"Lucy!" Ellen said in warning tone. "Behave."

Lucy chuckled then started to look through the menu.

Clark turned beet red and shifted in his chair, trying to find a comfortable position, then hid his face behind the menu, thankful that the waiter hadn't taken it away. Lois was very pleased how the night had turned out during the dinner with her family and Clark. They ate dinner peacefully, making small talk and just relaxing with her parents, with the older couple avoiding every slight remark that was a presage of argument between them. She was surprised that her parents for the first time in years they behaved so maturely around one another. Instead, both Ellen and Sam focused on Clark. They kept asking him about Smallville, Jonathan and Martha and his birth parents. Clark answered as honestly as possible, trying not to give away too much information that could expose his double identity, while Lois squeezed his hand under the table, silently lending him support. In an attempt to change a subject she mentioned Clark's first attempt to write a novel and publish it. Clark's book, with the title "The Murders He Wrote" which was inspired by the crime drama with Angela Lansbury, recounted the story of a successful mystery novelist who teamed up with a M.P.D. Homicide Detective to catch a serial killer who started killing based on incidents in one of his best sellers. Her parents found the storyline interesting while Lucy commented that it could be very popular to the female audience. Lois had to admit that her little sister had a point. She would never forget the first time she had read Clark's manuscript; how she had chuckled to herself when she realized that Clark had named his fictional characters after their aliases when they were undercover at the Metro Club. However, she also spotted the similarities immediately between them and the duo on his book. How Defective Lola Dane was initially infuriated at the thought of working with a writer like Charlie King going to great lengths to keep him out of her way, before she started liking him as a friend and a partner and then developing romantic feelings for him. Reading that manuscript, it was as if she were looking into Clark's soul. The way he described their relationship, the way he felt about some of the things that happened. She had felt like she knew him so much better than before. The rest of the dinner passed quickly, without incident between Lois' parents, but with occasional laughs and the typical banter ensued before the couple left the restaurant and went back home.

"You see, Lois you were worrying over nothing." Clark told simply as he stepped into the townhouse on Hyperion Avenue.

Lois who was following Clark not far behind shut the door behind her. "Yea." she told simply. "I don't think I've ever seen them so calm and so…civilized." she also. "It was scary." she said with a frown.

Clark couldn't help but laugh. "At least your mother seems to like me." he commented.

Lois looked at him incredulously. "Are you kidding me?" she exclaimed. "I think she likes you more than she likes me!" she replied. "She's crazy about you! I've never seen anyone so completely win her over—and in one meeting! I'm telling you, that is a record." she pointed out.

"What do you think? Is my country charm or just a family trait of the Lane women?" Clark teased. "Because obviously Lucy loves me too."

Lois smiled at Clark and wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a heated kiss.

Clark moaned, pressing Lois against the wall as he devoured her lips with all the pent up passion inside of him. One of his hands sliding down to grip her waist, while the other held her face delicately as their mouths moved passionately against one another. Clark kept holding Lois' face gently as he moved his mouth over her jaw, pressing kisses against her skin then made his way down to her neck. He started nibbling on the delicate flesh, smirking at the way she gasped and clutched him tighter to her.

Lois tilted her head back to give Clark better access, closing her eyes as she lost herself to the bliss of his mouth on her neck, making her core throb with need. She raised her leg to wrap around his waist, pulling him closer to her, moaning as she felt his hardness against her.

Clark ran the hand from Lois' waist over her hips to smooth over her thigh that was wrapped around him. He smirked against her shoulder before he dipped his hand beneath the hem of her dress to palm her bare cheek in his palm, the thong she wore leaving her bare to his touch. Clark moved back up to Lois' mouth, taking her lips passionately with his as he devoured her. He let his hand drift down her neck her breast and cupped the side of it over her dress. He brushed his thumb over her nipple through the cotton, humming at the way it pebbled instantly at his touch.

Lois gasped into Clark's mouth as he played with her breast, the touch heading straight to her core making her wet. She pulled away breathing heavily, staring lustfully into Clark's darkened eyes, smirking at him just before she jumped up and wrapped her other leg around him.

Clark slowly ran his tongue against her skin, tracing a heated path up her throat. He gently tugged at her earlobe, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. He smiled against her skin and tugged at it once more. Clark looked at Lois questionably, "Bedroom?" he managed in a shaky breath.

"Too far even with super-speed." Lois murmured capturing his mouth once more. She arched her back towards him, "I need you now."

Clark started to undo his belt with his one hand. He pulled it loop by loop enticingly, followed by the fly and button of his pants afterwards. He wanted to be inside of her right this second or else he would explode. His gaze followed the line of Lois' body, his own body remembering what it was like to kiss, to touch, to worship what he saw in front of him. Clark pulled both his pants and boxers down in one swift movement down to his ankles.

"Hey! Lois protested when Clark ripped her thong off. "I bought those for you."

"Then I can do to them whatever I want." Clark reasoned with a grin.

"Clark." Lois whimpered against Clark as he slowly entered her, fully sheathing himself within her.

Clark planted his hand against the wall and began to thrust into Lois again and again. He buried his face into her neck with a groan, feeling nothing but her warm, slick center surrounding him, clenching him, tightening around him with every thrust. "See what happens to me when you are dressed in burgundy?" he murmured against her ear. This was the woman he loved, the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, his Lois.

"God yes!" Lois whimpered. "Clark oh God do it ahhh, do it, just like that… just…" she gripped Clark's shoulders through his jacket and she couldn't get close enough to the man she loved, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, her hero. Lois crossed her ankles against his lower back, clinging to him in desperation as Clark he kept thrust inside her.

Clark raised his head and looked at Lois. "I love it when you make that sound." he murmured against Lois' lips and kissed her fiercely as he pinned her hand to the wall with his own, entwining their fingers.

"I love it when you…." Lois shuddered against him as he pulled out so that just the tip was inside then thrust all the way in once more. "That! Oh, yes, Clark!" she bucked against him, meeting his every thrust, both of them grunting and gasping in time to their rhythm. Lois was overwhelmed by sensations; she grabbed Clark's jaws and kissed him, biting his lips softly, as he continued to thrust into her as hard as he could. Then she pulled back, her face twisting as if she were in pain. She couldn't speak; her orgasm was coming so hard and fast that stole her words. She began to nod as caressed Clark's face and held his gaze, trying to control the approaching tsunami. Lois began to shiver and her face crumpled, flinging her head back with a guttural moan. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't move, caught in the teeth of a ferocious orgasm. She clung to him, unable to accept the pleasure he was giving her, unable to stop, lost in that single exquisite moment of pure ecstasy. Lois couldn't hold back anymore; she gasped and her chest heaved, whimpering in sync with him. And suddenly, she collapsed, as if all her strength had washed out of her with her orgasm.

However, Clark didn't stop; he banged Lois back against the wall further and continued to drive into her deeper and deeper, with each thrust, his fingers tenderly through her long hair. The way she fell into her orgasm was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. Clark began to groan throatily. His eyes were fixed on Lois and his jaw clenched, breathing hard; he was coming hard and fast. "Oh God!" his strained howl echoed through the room, the vein in his neck pulsing violently. Oh God, God Go- Awww!" he screamed and, with a savage thrust, he came, throwing his head back. His legs began to shake with the power of his release as the orgasm hit him like a train. Clark held Lois and leaned into her, waiting for the storm of pleasure to break. He squeezed her between the wall and his hard sculptured body, the pressure a delicious pleasure, as his heaving chest caressed her.

Both Clark and Lois stood together, his shaft still inside her, until they were steady enough to peel her off the wall. Clark pulled out of Lois and then slowly lowered her to the floor. "God…" he sighed. "Are you okay?" he asked. Now that the red fog of lust and need had gone, he was worried that he'd hurt her. "I don't know what happened to me. I just…I just I had to have you."

Lois smiled and bit the corner of her lower lip. "So much more than okay." she pulled his lips into a slow and gentle kiss, a perfect topper to the hard and fast fucking they'd just finished. As their lips parted, she smiled at Clark again. Lois took a deep breath and closed her eyes in contentment. She felt like the sexiest woman in the Universe. To have a man like Clark, a man who could have any woman he wanted, to be so overcome with desire and love for her that he couldn't control himself, was every woman's fantasy. Lois opened her met Clark's shy smile with one of her own and touched his face again, pulling his lips to hers once more.

Lois woke up in the morning nauseated. She barely had time to get out of bed and reach the toilet before she emptied her stomach a few times. Once she didn't have the urge to vomit, she sat on the cool white tile before she stood up and brushed her teeth to get rid of the nasty taste in her mouth. Then she headed back to bed and noticed Clark was still asleep, thankful that he didn't hear her throwing up in the bathroom. The last couple weeks there were days extra fatigue and nauseous. The first time she experienced those symptoms she thought it had to do with excessive food intake during the dinner that Clark had organized at the cabin for her birthday. However, the more the days were passing and the symptoms insisted the more she believed that she had caught a stomach bug like Clark had originally suggested. Lois rubbed her stomach with a sigh. Despite she emptied the contents of her stomach earlier, she still felt a little under weather. Although she intended to visit the doctor's office that day she didn't want to ruin her and Clark's day off and preferred to reschedule it the following week if she wasn't getting any better. Lois turned slowly, so as not to disturb Clark and lay there for a few minutes just watching him sleep. His best feature, his deep brown eyes were hidden behind his closed lids which were moving from side to side. Lois wondered what he was dreaming, seeing a faint smile spread across his lips. 'Whatever it is, it must be a good dream.' She thought. Movement caught the corner of Lois' eye as the sheets that covering him, stirred. 'Oh my!' she heard her inner voice in her head and her eyes widened at the sight, suppressing a giggle. Yes, it was definitely a good dream. Lois attempted to wake up Clark but she saw him open his eyes slightly.

"Lois." he mumbled in his sleep, not quite waking up.

"Good morning, Handsome." Lois whispered as he opened completely his eyes to gaze up at her.

"Morning," Clark mumbled and buried his face against Lois' neck "Oh, God, what time is it?"

"A little after seven." Lois informed with a whisper. "Go back to sleep."

"What?!" Clark swung his upper body into a sitting positionshocked. "We have to go to work." he threw the covers off, proceeding to get up.

"Lois stopped him. "Clark, did you forget that today we have a day off?"

"Actually I did." Clark admitted and relaxed back to the bed. "The truth is I didn't want to go at the office today, anyway." he snuggled up against Lois and yawned, his eyes fully closed.

"Why? You feel sleepy?" Lois asked running her hand through Clark's hair. It had been a difficult week for both of them. Not only they had filed three front page stories that week at the Planet, but also Clark had been very busy because of his duties as Superman.

"Uh huh." Clark shook his head and climbed on top of Lois. "I'm horny." he replied with his full-toothed boyish grin and his mischievous eyes, brushing the tip against her.

"You are incorrigible, you know that?" Lois whispered as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Yea but I also know how much you like it." Clark murmured against her skin as she tightened her thighs around his waist.

"I don't like it." Lois responded. "I love it." she reached in between their bodies and wrapped her hand around him.

"One of these days, you will be the death of me, woman." Clark said with an impish grin. "But at least I know I will certainly die a proud and happy man."

"Kryptonite's got nothing on me. Trust me on this, Clark." Lois pointed out, her eyes were dancing now with a mixture between desire and the satisfaction.

"I'm one percent about that." Clark said huskily and kissed Lois, his eyes dark and intense, before he slipped his head under the covers.

"You are so sexy dressed in this uniform." Lois murmured and slipped her arms around Clark's waist from behind, leaning her head against his broad back. She finally had managed to make him wear the military uniform when they had snuck into the military base to stop Ryan Wiley and Hawkeye Satellite.

Clark turned, wrapping his arms around Lois to prevent from moving. "Sir." His voice was stern and serious, though his eyes seemed to sparkle slightly with mischief. "I'm your superior have you forgotten that…" he ran his finger across the name tape on her uniform. "Private Lane?" He was surprised to see Lois' name on the patch name of her uniform but what shocked him most, was the fact she had bought a military tag name with his name on. It was obvious she wanted everything to be perfect during their little game.


"Are you disobeying orders from your superior, Private?" Clark looked into her eyes, hardening them just slightly, his jaw set despite the smallest of smirks that twitched at his lips.

Lois swallowed lightly. They'd played that game once more before one month ago at Lexor's Honeymoon Suite, but he had left her sort of in charge. Lois' stomach twisted in pleasurable knots at this change in dynamics. It would be interesting to be Clark in command this time and the one who set the rules.

"Now, I will not say it again, Lane." Clark went on in the same tone. "You have disobeyed straight order and you should be punished." He made sure the greedy look he was giving her would not leave Lois in any doubts that he was about to take advantage of his higher rank to boss her around. Besides she wanted to play that game in the first place.

"Do I have a choice…" Lois paused as she ran her fingers over the black rectangular name tag on his uniform. "Captain, Kent?" She made sure her voice was low and seductive, the way it often got when she was teasing him.

"Not really." He sounded more like Clark in that moment; his tone was light and amused, a grin plastered on his face in a way that showed he was very satisfied with himself. His Adam's apple bobbed gently as he swallowed. Even when he was trying to be in control, she could still get these sorts of reactions out of him. Clark cleared his throat quickly and went back to his stern, cold expression once more when he noticed he'd broken character. "I think there's disciplinary action needed." Clark growled attempting to maintain that level of control and superiority in his voice. "Not following order of superior Officer is quite a serious offence, Lane."

"Aye, aye Captain, Kent." Lois feigned obedience and stood at attention saluting him. "But what can I do to make it up to you?" she asked in her singsong voice with the coy smile she liked to flash at him when they were alone. "Sir?" she added huskily as her fingers hovered in front of the tie of his uniform.

Clark clasped his hands behind his back and gave Lois a lascivious smile. "Take me to Heaven." he whispered his command into her ear and just waited.

Lois' eyes darkened. She wasn't one for thinking slowly, especially when it came to intimate moments between her and Clark. She took to heart his command and if he wished that she would take him to heaven, she would exactly do so. Someday, she would be the death of him and so would he for her. And just like a female lion that would go after her prey, Lois grabbed Clark by the tie and dragged him on top of her as they both fell onto the bed. "Aye, aye, Sir." she husked, leaning in to brush her lips across his, her eyes sparkling.

"You do know that you address me wrong, right?" Clark smirked against her lips, bringing his hands up to tangle in her hair. "It's a salute that is used for Navy Officers and not for Army Officers." he clarified. "It's an additional offence and it should be punished further." he teased.

"I have no problem with that." Lois nipped at Clark's lip and in one smooth motion rolled them so she was on top Clark, his hat falling off his head. "Sir." she deftly began to unbutton Clark's uniform, her fingers tightening against the soft fabric of it, while Clark brought his hands up to cup her face and slowly leaned in to brush her lips with his own. A tiny whimper made its way up Lois' throat when she felt the tip of his tongue graze her lip. Passionate kisses slowed and shortened into sweet kisses. Finally, when they stopped and sat with their foreheads touching, Lois' hands moved on Clark's collar to loose his tie.

Clark's insides lurched with need. Lois' touch was like a drug to him. His sleep-deprived brain was addicted. His head and neck were on fire underneath her fingertips. And he wanted more, he wanted much more and he wanted to be much closer to her.

Lois started to unbutton Clark's buttons. She slid her hand inside, his chest, taking comfort from the warmth of his flesh against her palm. She could feel the steady rise and fall of his breath as she leaned her head against his shoulder. It felt so right being there with him. He felt so right. Lois ran her hand absently down Clark's chest after she unbuttoned his shirt completely, feeling his hard muscles under her fingers. She let them trace around his stomach for a few more moments before she started to kiss down his chest. Her mouth moved his nipples, sliding her tongue over them, licking, savoring the taste of him.

With his eyes closed, Clark groaned loudly. The feel of Lois' lips against his chest was driving him crazy. Grabbing a handful of her long silky hair gently Clark moved Lois' head up, and kissed her lips hard, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. The smell of her sweet odor, a mixture of soap and perfume filled his senses with delight. Hearing her moan only added to his desire to have her.

Lois' eyes twinkled with a naughty glint and smiled mischievously at the soft growls that Clark's was when her mouth moved back on his nipples once more and the tip of her tongue teased the hard nubbins of his nipples. As she reached his belly button she tugged his belt out of the loops, slower than she had ever done before - painfully so. What would have taken her possibly five seconds took thirty before she was finally tossing it to the side. Lois' hands slid up his thighs, brushing over the already formed arousal that was pressing against the fabric in what she guessed was a very painful manner.

Clark whimpered gently at the feeling, his eyes closing a little and subconsciously gripped her hair tight.

When Lois' hands finally found the button of his trousers, she carefully undid them before she leaned forward to slowly pull the zipper down with her teeth. She grinned and raised up on her knees so that she could pull Clark's pants over his hips, taking his boxers with them, then scooted down the bed as she moved them down his legs. She gazed up at him, laying there gorgeous and naked, a feast waiting for her. Lois licked her lips as climbed back onto the bed. Her quick tongue snaked out and began to trace its way down to his navel. He was hard and erect, laying flat and proud, against his stomach, waiting for her attention, while the opening glistened with promise.

Clark sighed hard. He didn't say anything to Lois, but he just watched her. "Baby, come here." he choked out his hands finding her waist, attempting to pull her against him.

"Ugh, ugh." Lois shook her head. "I want to get on the good side of my Captain again." she replied and a naughty, impish smile crossed her face flushing with heat as she lowered her mouth fully over him, taking him in her mouth. She had gone down so far, testing the feel of him near her throat.

"Oh God Lois." Clark groaned, as his hips jerked forward towards Lois. His head shot up off his pillow as he looked down at the top of her head between his thighs.

Lois let out a small chuckle around Clark, which only seemed to spur him on and he grabbed two fistfuls of bed sheets on either side of her, trying to control himself. Lois reached up with one hand and pressed against his chest, signalling for him to lay back and he followed her instruction, dropping his head back against his pillow and tightening his grip on the bed sheets. Her hands moved to his hips as she continued working him with her lips and her tongue, taking pleasure in the way he was moaning her name and the little thrusts of his hips. The touch of her mouth on the tip of his length sent a feeling going down his spine, and the warmness of it was enough to drive him crazy. He felt the moist warmth of her mouth all around his member. Clark grunted; loving the pleasure he was feeling as Lois let him thrust her mouth. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, taking in the sweet feel of her mouth on him, her tongue sliding up his member and over his tip. How did she know how to please him like this? How in the Earth did she even know how to handle him, how to lick him, how to suck him and bite him? At one point she must have taken him in so deep that his tip felt her throat, and he pursed his lips tightly, his face flinching in pure pleasure. Clark felt his member throbbing so hard and his balls getting heavy. "Stop, stop, stop…" he breathed. Her teeth grazed his skin as she pulled back and he couldn't control the hiss that came out.

Lois giggled at the whine that Clark released and ran her fingernail slowly up the length of his member. She could feel him to swell and she knew that he would soon be close to an orgasm. She followed the path that her finger just took, flattening her tongue to lick along his length until she reached his head, then briefly suckled on his tip before releasing it with a pop. She kissed, licked, and mouthed her way down his member, listening with rapt attention to the sounds that Clark was making – the agonised groans and the pleading moans.

Clark moaned at Lois' teasing touch. He wanted to feel her whole hand cradle his member to stroke him with that perfect way she always did. Clark thrust his hips up, involuntary but at the same timedesperately, feeling the warmth of Lois' mouth around him.

Lois hollowed her cheeks and wrapped her lips around Clark, descending down agonisingly slowly until he hit the back of her throat. She hummed around him, then swallowed him so that he slipped all the way down her oral cavity, before she pulled back. She swirled her tongue around his head before moving down again, repeating the motions over and over until she was bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm. Lois moaned happily as Clark thrust his hips, the desperateness of his need obvious in the gasps and moans that fell from his throat. She loved the way she could get him to lose control, it made her feel powerful, that she alone could make him so crazy that he would beg her to let him come.

Clark groaned in pleasurable pain. The sensations Lois was creating were nothing less than blissful torture to him. "Oh baby." he grunted as Lois ran her tongue over the tip once more before swirling a lick around the whole engorged head of his erection. Her tongue had gone from short little lizard dabs, to long, leisurely strokes that ran the length of his shaft. Clark got on his elbows, watching her in awe. He truly loved this woman. Unable to control himself anymore, he flexed his hips up. He could feel his shaft growing inside of her mouth, and brought his one hand to her hair. He growled with passion at Lois and tried to ruse his hips to match her rhythm.

Lois moaned as she engulfed Clark's member once more, sucking him and licking along his length even faster. His pleas made her whole body feel electrified with energy, wanting more than anything to make him completely had fallen to pieces because of her. She wrapped her hand around the base of his lenght pumping him as she sucked frantically on his head, his hips jerking as his moans grew louder. She knew he was so close. She swirled her tongue around his head, suckling on him and groaned, making sure that it vibrated against him. That was it; Clark froze, groaning out her name as his hips thrust once more and then her mouth was filled with his seed. She swallowed it eagerly, loving the taste of his essence, making sure not to miss a single drop as she milked him.

Clark collapsed boneless against the bed, his breath coming in pants as he tried to calm his racing heart. Lois had just completely blown his mind, while his body was shuddering with aftershocks of pleasure, floating in a haze of bliss from her wonderful mouth. He smiled as he felt her lay against his chest; his arms immediately coming around to cradle her against him, dropping a kiss on her head as he relished the feel of her in his arms. Clark stroked his fingertips along Lois' skin, humming in happiness as she peppered kisses across his chest, her loving actions taking his breath away. His beautiful girl.

Lois closed her eyes and smiled as she caressed Clark's chest, loving being wrapped up in his arms; he made her feel safe and loved, and she never wanted to be away from him. She moved back to his mouth and kissed him deeply. She let out a yelp as Clark broke off their kiss suddenly and rolled her onto her back, so he was on top of her.

"It's time for your Captain to show you his gratitude for being such a loyal and good soldier." Clark smiled down at Lois as he took off his glasses, throwing them across the room and then pushed his unbuttoned dress shirt and uniform off his shoulders.

Lois propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Clark. "Can't wait, Sir." A sly but seductive smile curved on her lips and she beckoned Clark closer with a sensual curl of her index finger.

Clark's brow winged at Lois' invitation a moment before a wolfish grin claimed his features. He climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately.

Lois whimpered into Clark's kiss, and pressed her hips up, encouraging him. Her skin was burning and every touch felt almost too much with her senses barely able to process what her body was so clearly seeking.

Clark moaned when Lois' hands roamed around his abs and his chest. His lips broke from hers and began gliding down her chin and her neck. He moved his hand even farther up under her shirt, until he felt her nipple come to life under his hand. He always loved Lois' breasts; they were the perfect size and shape; not big, but not small, either. Clark watched Lois' fluttering pulse at her throat, heard her hitched breathing, and knew that he had her. He loved seeing her like this, and that increased the anticipation of making love to her.

Lois let out a deep, shaky breath, shivering at Clark's touch. She pushed her uniform off her shoulders, then reached for the hem of her shirt and just slowly enough to torture him to the brink, she pulled it over her head, scenting Clark's arousal as his eyes fixated on her breasts. "Kiss me." she demanded.

"I thought I was the one who gave the orders." Clark teased and crushed his lips against Lois', making her arch into him. He almost immediately broke free from their kiss and Lois whimpered in protest until she felt his mouth latch on to one of her nipples. Each time Clark's lips touched her skin, her body felt electrical current crackle through her. Clark's mouth left Lois' breasts and began to travel down her body. He kissed her under her both breasts, her ribs and down to her belly button. Then, he unfastened her pants and pulled them down with her panties. In the dim light of the room, she appeared like a Greek Goddess. Lois Lane for him was the epitome of feminine power and beauty and uninhibited sensuality.

"Oh God, Clark!" Lois cried out, throwing her head back in pleasure. She wasn't prepared for that action. She gasped as Clark rubbed her clit clockwise with growing intensity. "Oh Clark," she whispered and moved her hips back and forth rhythmically against Clark's fingers. She shut her eyes and dug her nails into the heavy cotton sheets managing to hold off a scream.

"Captain." Clark corrected as he kept swirling his fingers into Lois' heat. "Captain Kent." he pinned Lois' wrists on either side of her body, gripping them tightly and traveled his tongue inward and slowly towards her entrance.

Lois just nodded. The velvet rasp in Clark's voice sent shiver after voluptuous shiver down her rigid, trembling spine. She had not lost only the control of her body but also the control of her mind. "Oh God!" Lois cried out and her back arched, straining against Clark's hands when his firm, insistent mouth circled her needy bud. She felt Clark latching over the nub, clamping it lightly with his teeth. "Oh, God Clark." Her voice was hoarse and needy, begging him to let her climax hit. Every nerve in her body was alive and tingling, her core clenching with longing as the pressure built to an almost unbearable level.

Clark licked Lois once from bottom to top. She was sweet and salty. He could even taste the coconut-scented body wash while he was sucking up her flowing juices that were running all over his face. He couldn't control himself anymore. Her clitoris was a magnet for his tongue, drawing it right there. Clark began to pump his tongue in and out as far as it could go. He wanted to drag every last drop out of Lois' core, trickling it down his throat. He was going to lick and lick and lick at her clit like it was the only thing in the world for him to do. When he felt Lois near her climax he sucked her clitoral hood between his lips once more, before flicking and rolling with his tongue on her hard bud. He placed the forefinger of his right hand on the one side of the clitoris, and his middle finger on the other side, forming a 'V', and pushed the skin there back and up gently, continuing to lick her.

"Yes. Oh, God yes." Lois moaned, clenching the sheets in her hands. This is what she'd been waiting for, this was what she needed, a good tongue-fucking. She was riding Clark's tongue like a hard shaft when she felt his fingers on her clit swirling with dangerous precision. Her orgasm spiraled Lois high to heavens where fireworks and stars collided. She'd never come like this, so hard that she was certain the bed was splitting apart beneath her. Her orgasm went on and on as Clark's tongue was stroking sensitive spots along her inner walls.

Once he felt Lois begin to come down to Earth again, Clark slowed and then stopped licking her altogether. "Look at me," he demanded breathlessly, bringing her hand up to his lips to kiss her palm. Lois obeyed and shifted her eyes to him. The intensity in his brown eyes and the emotion she saw there, took her breath away. Clark positioned himself at Lois' entrance, keeping their fingers interlocked and entered her slowly, clenching his teeth in her tightness. He had never felt so nice, sliding into her. Clark groaned as he flexed his hips and pushed further into her. He stopped momentarily, looked at her more intensity in the eyes and thrust all the way in. Hard.

"Oh, God!" Lois cried squeezing her eyes shut. His penetration was so sharp, that she had to fist the sheets with her free hand in an effort to assuage the pain. It felt like she lost her virginity once again. Lois wrapped her legs around Clark's waist. She loved the feeling of Clark's being inside even if it caused her pain because of his size.

"Lois." Clark breathed. "Lois" he repeated and she opened her eyes. "You 'Kay?" Lois nodded and Clark pulled away, tightening his fingers more around hers before he thrust back slowly. She was like a velvet sheath around him. It was too much. Too good. Clark quickly set a rhythm and Lois matched it, digging her heels on his back and countering each thrust. He kissed her and rested their joined hands above her head, burying his head in the crook of her neck. He could hear her breath in his ear, her gasp after every thrust.

"Aha." Lois nodded reassuringly. She began thrusting against Clark's body sharper because she wanted him deeper, much deeper inside, even if she didn't know if she could handle it.

Clark's hands caught Lois'. Their fingers threaded together, theirs hands against the pillows over her head. He thrust into her. A groan tore from him because she felt amazing. Hot. Tight. Perfect. Even after such a long hour of lovemaking. Clark withdrew, then thrust into Lois again. He was too rough, too hard. He felt Lois wrapping her legs around his waist tighter, pulling him closer. She was repeating his name gasping with pleasure urging him on. He wanted to feel her explode him buried deep inside of her. Lois whispered his name. A whisper of satisfaction and she was blinded by stars behind her eyelids as a wrecking orgasm tore through her. Her internal muscles contracted around him, and he quitted fighting. It was his turn to explode. Clark groaned, spurting his seed into Lois. He felt his release hit him with a force of a tidal wave. He kept thrusting into her spurting the last drops of seed into Lois. Out of breath, he shifted to one side, pulling on Lois' hip to bring it with him, to stay inside her, then put his arm around her waist and pulled her against his chest.

"I can't believe this is happening," Lois said incredulously as she walked obviously pissed to work.

"If you think about it, you can see the reason these things are so popular." Clark mused as he walked next to Lois, while he was reading the National Inquisitor, a tabloid, at the same time. Momentarily he looked at the front page where there was a paparazzi photo of him and Lois' in passionate embrace taken outside their house accompanied by the banner headline FRONT PAGE ROMANCE STILL ALIVE before he flicked back to the page of the article which he was reading earlier.

"Oh come on!" Lois protested as she kept walking. "Next you're going to be defending big-time wrestling." she added annoyed. "Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it has any value." she reasoned.

"There is some sort of truth here. Or maybe truth is too strong a word." Clark relented, showing Lois the full-lenght article he was reading, which was titled Lane & Kent: The Hottest News Team And Couple In Town accompanied by their infamous photo from the Planet's Lane and Kent campaign and two other paparazzi photos of two of them kissing with passion, taken in the middle of Hyperion Avenue and outside the building of the Daily Planet respectively.

"They have no right." Lois insisted. "This is our life. We declined to comment, and that should be the end of it."

"Lois if that was the end of it, we'd be out of jobs." Clark pointed out.

Seconds ticked by as Lois stopped and stared at Clark in shocked silence. "You're not comparing what they do to what we do?!" she asked in disbelief.

"Well, I like to think that what we do has a higher purpose." Clark replied as he looked at her. "But I wonder if it feels that way to the people we go after." he defended.

Lois rolled her eyes and began to walk again with Clark following her. "A lot of chocolate, a little caffeine, and no fat." Lois said the tone of her voice still raspy and a little edgy the moment she and Clark reached the coffee stand few blocks from the Daily Planet's building.

"Same here, but double the caffeine and triple the fat." Clark said with a grin as he shut the magazine and looked at Lois. She was still tensed. Clark smiled to himself; he had already come up with something that it could calm her down later that night.

The spicy, almost peppery smell of Ralph's cologne along with the smell of the black coffee and other infusions from the coffee area assaulted Lois' nose the moment she and Clark stepped out the elevator. First she froze in place, not moving any further than the balcony of the newsroom. She had felt the same thing earlier that morning during their breakfast at home and when they bought and drank the coffee from the coffee stand. She had been feeling the same thing in the morning the last few days.

Sensing that something was wrong, Clark shot Lois a concerned look and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Are you ok?" he asked, worry etched into his face. Lois nodded as she held a hand over her mouth, hoping the feeling would pass. Clark gave her a questioning look, not believing her claim but when Lois met his gaze with a pointed look he backed off.

It took Lois a while to regain her composure before she walked down the steps along with Clark that led into the newsroom floor, taking their seats at their respective desks. She sent Clark a reassuring smile and he returned it, glad that she was feeling better. It was three hours later when Ralph's cologne hit Lois' nostrils once more, when he moved past her desk walking into Perry's office on the other side. Unable to control another wave of nausea, Lois held a hand over her mouth and ran into the Ladies' Room. Once she had emptied her stomach, she closed her eyes and sat against the wall. Her head was spinning. She didn't want to move; just the effort to control her breathing through the persistent gagging at the back of her throat was difficult enough as the all the energy had been drawn away from her body. Lois opened her eyes and got up. She walked over to the sink and rinsed her mouth thankful that Clark was away on a Superman activity. The last thing she wanted was a lecture from him about her refusal to slow down a bit at work and see a doctor immediately. Lois leaned against the wall to support herself. She knew that something wrong. She felt ill; unwell…disabled. She felt completely out of control.

"Are you alright?" Clark asked as he reached out and pulled Lois close to him, wrapping his arms around her from behind in the main storage room where she had gone to get stationery.

Lois turned in Clark's arms to look at him. "Of course." she reassured with a smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Why wouldn't I be?" she replied, a small and real grin spreading across her face at that last part.

"Lois, the color drained of your face." Clark pointed out concerned as he played with Lois' ponytail. She was rarely wore her hair like that at work. She used to wear it down the way he liked it most.

"I will be fine." Lois ran her hand across Clark's cheek soothingly, seeing his worried look.

"I think you should see a doctor." Clark suggested. "What if…" he trailed off with an exasperated sigh.

Lois pulled away from Clark. "What?" she looked at him in wonder.

"What if…what if I hurt you?" Clark questioned hesitant. "You know…When I…when we…you know." Despite Dr. Klein's reassurances that Superman's biology and an Earth woman's were compatible for reproduction and that his non-human DNA would not harm the woman he was involved with and potential mother of his child, there was a lurking fear in his heart of hurting Lois. She was pretty sick the last couple of days and he was afraid that he was the cause.

"Clark, you are overreacting." Lois pointed out, rolling her eyes. "We have that kind of…connection for months."

"Maybe the symptoms appeared now." Clark assumed still skeptical.

"It's just a stomach bug." Lois protested playfully. "How about this?" she said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Clark's neck once more. "If I'm not better I'll go to the doctor next week. Okay?" she suggested.

Clark nodded, seeming to accept that answer and smiled as he tightened his hold on her. Maybe Lois was right. Maybe he indeed overreacted. Clark leaned his head down and put his hands on Lois' hips.

Lois slightly opened her mouth and bit his lower lip. "Have you locked the door?" she asked breathlessly, pulling away when the need for oxygen became too great to bear.

"Yea but- Lois, really?" Clark asked in disbelief when he realized what Lois meant. "Over here?" They had dragged each other in there many a times over the last couple months when they couldn't resist the need to kiss each other….touch each other in ways that were inappropriate for the office. However, they had never lost control completely.

"Two years of quiet longing, Clark." Lois let out a shuddering breath as she pressed her small frame against him. "Two freaking years!" she said clearly frustrated. "I will do anything to make up for it." she murmured, her voice low and husky, brushing her lips against Clark's.

"Aren't we breaking Rule #2?" Clark asked breathless.

"Ugh. Ugh." Lois shook her head. "We are just bending it a little." she whispered huskily as she ran her hands across Clark's chest.

That was enough for Clark to do what Lois asked for. He crushed his lips against hers and groaned lowly, as he slipped his tongue in her mouth causing Lois moan at contact.

Lois wrapped her legs around Clark's waist and her arms around his neck as he lifted her on counter not breaking the kiss. She moved her right hand in Clark's hair and gently pulled it, which caused Clark to put his hands around her waist and pull her so close to him that there was no space between them. She could feel hardness of the bulge in his pants against her heat and rocked her hips against him.

Clark's head was spinning. "God Lois you are so beautiful." he growled fiercely and bit Lois' lower lip. The only thing he could think of was her soft pink lips and her body pressed against him, rocking her hips. He started to kiss Lois down to crook of her neck and moved his hands from her small waist down her hips to her buttocks, squeezing them lightly.

Lois sighed softly arching her back. "I want you so bad."' she whispered and kissed Clark's on the lips again. She slid both her hands in his hair and pulled it roughly making him moan against her lips, before she slid them down his chest. "Where is the suit?" she asked with a raised eyebrow and a curious tone when she saw his naked chest after she untied his tie and undid his shirt.

"I didn't wear it from home today but I have it with me." Clark murmured half-lost in delirium as he undid the buttons and zipper of Lois'pants.

"Where do you have it?" Lois asked between kisses as she unbuckled Clark's belt. "I was always wondering where you kept the cape and the boots." she went on in the same tone while she unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down the zipper.

"It's a secret." Clark answered shortly and pushed her pants, pantyhose and her lace boy short panties down to the floor.

"I thought we did not have secrets between us." Lois teased.

"Well mystery is always arousing." Clark replied in a mumble close to her Lois' ear. "You don't really want to know about that now, don't you?" he slid his right hand down over her stomach and rested it between her thighs.

"No." Lois shook her head. "I-Oh God!" she cried out softly as Clark slid his middle finger down between her folds, stroking over her clit before pressing the long digit into her. "…Clark…"

Clark smiled around Lois' earlobe as he pulled his finger out of her, bringing the now wet digit up to circle once again her sensitive bud. "Do you like this?" he whispered in her ear. Lois nodded, reaching out to clasp his wrist. "I love the feel of you, Lois." he told her. "And I love how wet I make you," he slid two fingers back into her. "So, wet...and so hot," he stroked his fingers in and out of her as he pressed himself against her. "Can you feel what you do to me?"

"Yes," Lois rasped, barely hearing Clark over the steadily growing pounding in her ears. "Clark..."

"Tell me what you want, love..."

"Fast... faster..." Lois tightened her grip on Clark's wrist, urging him to move his fingers quicker in her. "And… more..." she grabbed his left hand which was still on the back of her head and brought it down, directing his fingers to her swollen flesh. "Here..."

"Like this?" He rubbed his fingers against her clit in tight, firm circles, while his other fingers matched the same pace within her snug channel.

"Oh yes... just like that…" Lois gasped as the feelings intensified. "God, I love your hands!"

Clark chuckled softly. "I'm glad to hear it." He continued to stroke her... her hips slowly starting to move in time with his hands. "That's it, my darling…go with it."

"Ooh... oh God..." Lois moaned and buried her face into Clark's shoulder, her hands clutching tightly to his thighs on either side of her. " yes... Clark, please..."

Clark increased the pressure and the speed of his fingers at the need in her voice. "Let it go, Lois…come for me."

"Oh…" she felt his fingers close around her clit, squeezing just right and cried out his name in relief. "Clark!"

Clark continued to move his fingers within Lois, even as she writhed against him, her inner muscles clenching and releasing his thrusting fingers until she finally collapsed completely against him with a deep, satisfied groan.

"Mmm…that was wonderful." Lois sighed happily.

"You should see it from this angle." Clark told her as he pulled his fingers out of her and brought them to his mouth, licking her juices away. "Mmm…you taste good." he commented. "But now I want you so much." he shoved his own pants and boxers down his thighs and his erection sprung out to breathe.

Lois groaned once more at the sight of Clark's lenght pulsating with need in the heavy air of the storage room.

Clark pressed Lois against the shelf and started to kiss her. His hands immediately slid under the hem of her shirt having it off in a split of a second the moment they broke off the kiss. The contact of his chest against her breasts always left them both stunned, especially her, pebble in response.

"I want you so much, Lois Lane." His sharp inhale made a tremor run down her.

Lois rocked her hips against Clark's, too turned on to hold back any longer. If she didn't feel him inside her soon, she was going to go crazy. She couldn't remember ever being so desperate to make love with him. She loosened her hair from its bun and left it dangling around her shoulders, the way he liked it, kicking off her shoes at the same time. "Then what are you waiting for?" The couple shared a quick second of recognition. There was a clear invitation in her tone for Clark to proceed further and have the desired outcome.

Not able to fight it anymore, Clark trailed his hands to her waist.

"Please, Clark." Lois begged, feeling Clark's tip at her entrance. He used it to rub against her clitoris once so he would tease her, before he guided into her completely.

"God, Lois. I missed being inside you so many hours." Clark groaned after he buried his shaft all the way to the hilt. He was filled with a wonderfully warm feeling, experiencing a whole new kind of pleasure every time they made love.

"Do not dare to stop." Lois warned and glared at him, her eyes heated with anger, lust and something else the moment Clark began to pull out. The loud protest could've probably been heard through the doors of the storage room but she was too far gone to muzzle her response. Lois wrapped her legs around Clark's waist tightly and urged him to go on.

Clark smirked at Lois' reaction and began to push it back again before the head even left. He had one hand on the wall by her head and the other supporting her bottom and slowly he started to move with a steady pace; pulling nearly out completely before pushing back in again. God! He loved being inside her.

Lois grabbed his shoulders, bracing herself against Clark's relentless drives. The energy she had kept locked down for hours burst its dam, and she felt a surge through her body, luscious and rich, pushing her to this. To take him once more. To feed from his prana, his life force. To take what she wished; make love to Clark, the man she loved. It was so good. The stretch and burn. The friction. She had been right all along; Patrick and Claude couldn't hold a candle to Clark.

"Oh…" Lois groaned out and her neck was arched, closing her eyes. She dug her heels dug into his back, trying to get him as deep as she could.

Clark began to push, back and forth, back and forth, his hips rolling in a sensuous motion that it became faster and faster until he felt like he was about to explode. Although he was invulnerable he could sense Lois' nails rake across his chest and the bite of pain but quickly faded into a sweet utopia that carried him deeper into ulterior universe. She looked as beautiful as he had never seen her and he had caused that.

"More." Lois whispered out huskily, her words followed by a moan. Clark pushed into spots she didn't even know she had, and at faster and faster rates, his body was becoming more and more forceful as he threw himself against her. Lois could feel Clark smacking against her with audible noises, and with each thrust; her clit was getting pounded, increasing her pleasure, and making her let out a string of curses for him to keep going. She shoved her hands into Clark's dark hair and dragged his mouth to hers. "Do not stop." she demanded after she broke off the kiss.

With need, Clark thrust his tongue inside Lois' mouth mirroring the driving and senseless strokes of his shaft. His hips met her thrust for thrust. Cheeks flushed and damped from sweat. She was giving what he craved. All the fire and sultry passion that turned his head from day one she was present in his life.

"Harder." Lois screamed loudly "Harder! Harder! Harder!" she repeated screaming loudly again and again as Clark kept pounding into her, thankful that the storage room was isolated from the newsroom. Her hands gripped the collar of his shirt trying to steady herself. She could feel it coming; her muscles were tightening, straining, and the coiling deep within her belly had become a strong burning. She twisted, her neck and back arching as she pushed closer, wanting to be a part of him, to become one once more with Clark Kent.

Lois' words took Clark to the next level and increased his force. Somewhere in the distance, Clark thought he might have heard weird noise. Soon, he realized it was Lois' body pound against a shelf and some pencils boxes had gotten knocked down from it and increased his pace and force. He slammed back into Lois with enough force to move a truck without the use of super powers. In a way to assert his dominance over her, he took the hand of the wall and pressed it over her mouth, muffling the sound of her screams. Clark shut his eyes and concentrated on the feel of his going in and out of Lois. He felt the sensation of her impending orgasm pulse around him nearly wiped out his vision. He found the courage and opened his eyes again glancing down to where they were joined. He watched the head of his shaft slip out before driving deep again. "God." he mumbled with pant of exhaustion and his eyes began to crank shut again.

Clark heard Lois muffle a scream and he snapped his eyes open. Their eyes connected speaking more volumes than the act they were partaking in. The both voiced their approval for this action at the same time, with throaty groans and heady moans. A drop of sweat trickled down Clark's cheek and Lois brushed it away with her fingertip. She bit her lip, her nails biting into his skin as her breath cut off. Her nails dug in even harder when her orgasm hit her hard and fast, as her body jerked against him. Instead of a mumbled scream, because of Clark's pressure on her mouth, she gasped as pleasure coursed through her.

Lois' orgasm snapped his restraint and Clark eased his pressure on her mouth. The twitches Lois caused were the final nail in the coffin for his orgasm and there was no way of holding back. Her muscles gripped him like a vise, and with a strangled cry, he gave one last brutally hard thrust and spilled his seed into her. Clark let go of Lois' throat as he brought them back down. "Ya okay?" he asked breathless after he set her down on her feet and brushed the sweat-drenched hair out of her face. The pleasure he'd just experienced was unlike anything he'd ever felt.

Lois sunk into Clark's arms still panting. She wanted them curl around her slender form holding her close. When her breathing came back to normal and her body started to relax, she tried to answer but she and Clark heard a loud bang on the door.

"Is anyone in there?" Jimmy's mumbled voice was heard from the other side of the door. Clark and Lois remained silent, shocked that Jimmy might have suspected that something was up. "Is anyone in there?" Lois and Clark heard Jimmy repeat. Lois and Clark looked at each other, their eyes widened in terror as Jimmy turned the doorknob in his attempt to open the door. They silently thanked God by raising their head up to the Heavens when they heard Jimmy's footsteps walking away from the door. They last thing they wanted to put on quite a show if their co-workers had seen them like that.

Lex Luthor stared at the front page of the National Inquisitor in front of him. He did his best to control his fury at the image of his former fiancée in the arms of Clark Kent. Not only had she moved on with someone so lowly, but she continued to flaunt the new relationship in his face. Lex took a deep breath and began flipping through the pages until his eyes caught the article about Lois and Kent. His only response for several minutes was a slight tightening of his fists which rumpled the edges of the magazine within his grasp audibly, but he said nothing as he scanned the page staring at the images of Lois kiss Kent passionately. She had never kissed him like that, so passionate, so lustful, especially in public. She had given him only few pecks to his lips and much less kisses that they could be considered as real. And judging by the pictures, she and that hack Kent had definitely consummated their relationship while she refused that to him until they had officially gone through with the marriage. "Aghh!" Lex growled furious and ripped down the magazine in the middle splitting forever Lois and Clark in the photo. "Aghh!" he growled again, tossing the torn magazine across the room before he knocked his belongings off his desk in the other end of his cell. "Aghh!" he shouted again and knelt on the floor, raising his head to stare at the ceiling. He was such a fool. He was only another tool for Lois to play with and use. She and her friends from the Planet had used their wiles and weakened him, brought him down; destroyed him. Yet, he would always be in love with her. "Aghh!" Lex screamed once more.

"What the Hell, Luthor?" a guard cursed when he opened the door and entered Luthor's cell. "What the fu-" the guard barely managed to mumble when he tried to grab Luthor's arm, but Lex twisted free by smashing his hand into the guard's breast bone.

The guard stumbled back, abruptly coughing.

Lex struck again, chopping him in the throat. As the guard choked, clutching his neck, he began to slam his fists into the guard's ribs, making him crash to the ground with a sickening crack. Lex kicked him onto his back, the thought of stopping, not even crossing his mind. The guard resembled so much Kent. Same eyes, same glasses, same body type. It felt as if he was Kent he was hitting and not some random prison guard. Lex climbed over the guard and started pounding his fist into the guard's face. He couldn't stop. He didn't want to stop. He struck him again and again without a mercy.

"Luthor!" a voice was heard from the doorway of his cell and two guards rushed into the cell. With several well-executed karate moves, Lex disposed both guards when he felt the shocks of a taser. Lex's vision blurred. The last thing he saw was the guard he had beaten to the inch of his life, face bloody, near unrecognizable. Lex slumped to the ground, the darkness surrounding him, and he welcomed it. It was all he had left.

"Wow that was..." Clark tried to take a breath after yet another passionate round of love making with Lois.

"Unbelievable." Lois finished for him, resting her head on his chest with her ear resting over his heart so she could hear its steady beat. "Amazing."

"Yeah." Clark confirmed and kissed her on the tip of Lois' nose.

"Was this one the sixth or the seventh time we made love tonight?" Lois asked completely dazed by lovemaking with Clark.

"To tell you the truth I've lost count." Clark replied with a grin as he stared at the ceiling.

Lois couldn't help but laugh at Clark's statement. "Me too." she answered honestly and kissed Clark's chest over his heart.

"Well I hope you know that my bed abilities have nothing to do with my super powers." Clark clarified.

Lois raised her head and looked at Clark. "Really?" she teased with a smirk on her face.

"Well." Clark began as he repositioned his body on the bed that so he could get a better look at Lois' facial features. "When we spent our first morning together and we were….you know." he trailed off. "There was a moment that I thought that…um." he cleared his throat uncomfortably. "That I…before…you, you know." he told bushed.

"Oh Clark." Lois laughed as she straddled him with her strong, slender legs. "If you only knew how nervous and scared I was when we made love for the first time, especially knowing that the man I love was a superhero." she confessed. "But I want you to know that if ever happens, it won't make you as less of a man." she explained. "And since you seem so concerned about your abilities it's not the quantity that counts but quality." she replied. "I'm just lucky enough to have both because of you." she added. "Besides, powers or not, you are much different from other men." she whispered huskily and gave Clark a seductive kiss.

Clark deepened kiss but broke it off few moment later staring blankly at Lois.

"Oh no." Lois sighed defeated. "Not now." she rolled over on her side away from Clark.

"I will be back in a minute." Clark promised as he pulled off the covers and got out of bed. "In a minute." he repeated as he put his boxers on and walked out of the room.

Lois sighed and threw herself back on the bed, staring at the ceiling as she heard a distant whoosh on the first floor followed by the familiar sonic boom seconds later. She took Clark's pillow and covered her face. She remained like that until she heard Clark's familiar sonic boom. Lois sat up in bed their bedroom checked at watch beside on the nightstand. It was only five minutes since Clark had left and he had already come back.

"That was really, really fast." Lois commented as she pulled the covers over her body, the moment saw Clark step into their bedroom.

"I told you I will be quick." Clark reminded as he pulled the covers aside to lie down next to her. "But I had to go." he reasoned as he pulled the covers up only to his waist, leaving his chest bare. "An 8 year old girl was hanging off a fifth-floor balcony."

"Oh my God!" Lois' eyes widened at Clark's statement. "Is she alright?"

Clark nodded as he looked at her. "Yea. Seems that girl woke up in the middle of the night, went out on the balcony and climbed the railing while her parents were sleeping."

"Jesus." Lois murmured in disbelief.

"I jus…I just want to know that since we became a couple if there is any incident that could be handled from the authorities I'm not going." Clark explained. "I need to prioritize because World might need me but you need me too."

"Oh Clark." Lois cupped Clark's cheek touched by his words. "I just want you to be okay in the end."

"Of course I will." Clark assured as he tucked a strand of hair behind Lois ear. "I have you by my side."

"Clark." Lois laughed at his statement.

"Now where were we, before we were interrupted?" he rolled on top of her, under the covers. He pulled her closer as his lips lowered to hers. It started as a gentle passionate kiss until he felt Lois' arms move around his neck, then their tongues began to dance together. Drawing back slightly, Clark licked and nibbled at her lower lip then heard a soft sigh escape from her as he disappeared completely under the covers.

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