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Summary: Frodo Baggins is a hobbit from the Shire. Lucy Pevensie is a Queen of Narnia. When Frodo and Lucy meet, after Lucy's adventures on the Dawn Treader, their lives turn upside down the moment Frodo dreams about her. Scared, Lucy runs away. But is running away the answer? A Frodomance fanfic. Alternate Universe.

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Lucy sat down at the parlor table, her cup of tea in hand. It had been a day since she last drank tea. And yet, Frodo's tea was always the best. Then again, all hobbits' tea was.

Lucy drank her tea, contemplating on her decisions. Her life had changed, but it had all been worth it.

Lucy looked up, as Frodo joined her. He carried BLT sandwiches, which he brought to them to eat. Lucy smiled, munching down on her sandwich with delight in her eyes. She gazed at him. She could see the color returning to Frodo's face and eyes. His eyes were less red now than they had been.

Lucy smiled at him now, loving him. She wanted to be a part of his life. And that was all there was to it.

"Frodo," Lucy said, getting Frodo's attention.

"Hmm?" Frodo looked up, eating his sandwich. He asked her between bites, "What, my love?"

Lucy smirked, liking hearing him say that. "Do you feel better?"

Frodo contemplated on the thought, nodding in agreement. "I'm feeling better. Thank you." He gazed at her, his head tilting, as he asked, "What about you? Your spiritual awakening must have been less intense than mine. Was it not? You seemed to have recovered."

Lucy looked down at her plate. Thoughts of the events in the past few days drove her mind crazy. First, she ran away when Frodo had a dream about her. She attacked him when he chased her. And what with Jadis getting involved, Lucy feared the worst, or rather the best, for she and Frodo experienced something wonderful and terrifying, all in one day.

Lucy looked at him in interest, saying to him, "Do you think we'll ever be happy? What with the events that went on, I don't see how our lives could have changed? They changed for me. I don't know about you…"

Frodo placed his hand on Lucy's hand, telling her, "It's changed for me, too. I wouldn't have gotten out of that darkness, if it weren't for you. You encouraged me to face that darkness. Without you, I'd be lost. You saved me today. I don't know how to repay you."

Lucy looked at him now, intrigued, "Do you love me?"

Frodo nodded, saying to her, "I do."

Lucy nodded. "Good."


Four Years Later…

Lucy stepped outside Bag End, watching her daughter Liliane playing with Frodo on the green grass. It was pleasant. Lucy smiled, delighted to see her daughter playing with the daffodils.

It truly was a blissful time. And what with Frodo getting better by the day, Lucy couldn't understand how such a thing was possible. A human and a hobbit, around the same height, giving birth to a daughter. Half-human, half-hobbit.

Lucy smiled, grateful.

She looked around, facing Aslan. The Great Lion stood beside her, watching Lucy and Frodo's daughter.

"Aslan," Lucy asked, getting the Great Lion's attention, "what do you think will become of us, of our daughter?" She referred to hers and Frodo's daughter, "I mean, it can't be anything good? Something terrible will happen, won't it?" She said to him, in shock, "You know this!"

Aslan smiled, looking at her, "My dear child, that is a story for another time."


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