Well it didn't take much to get John Hart's attention. There mere mention of a bounty had him appearing with glee, taking her off their hands with an eagerness once he saw who it was and promising to return with 'something' to say thanks. Ianto shuddered to think what that might possibly be.

They met with UNIT and closed what files they could cleaned up what they could and agreed to let UNIT have what they didn't want. It was after this when Ianto was cleaning up the meeting room, after the debrief that Jack found him and closed the door softly, effectively locking them both in. Ianto noticed, pretended that he didn't and continued to shove things into the trolley's areas for cleaning or rubbish. Yes. He has a tea trolley. So?

"Ianto, do you have a moment for a private conversation? Just us?" Jack asked as he pulled out a chair and settled to watch anther plate get scraped into a bucket before slipping it underneath the top tier.


"Ianto? Care to take a seat? I want to speak to you" Jack said, still calm.

Ianto glanced at him and seemed to waiver, then place down the plate of mess, settling opposite Jack with mild interest. Also confusion. He never annoyed Ianto when cleaning. This was a cathartic thing for him, almost like a form of therapy making things clean and uniform. Control amongst the chaos. Ya know? Jack always waited for him to come to him afterwards. Whatever the conversation was going to be, he felt he should give Jack the attention he was asking for.

"Ianto. I just wanted to take the time, just you and me alone here, to tell you that… well … you are worth more to me than a faint memory some day."

Ianto blinked.

OK, not the conversation he was expecting and this felt a little weird to tell the truth. "Huh?"

"What you said to her. About being expendable, like everyone else… I just wanted to take a moment here to tell you that you mean something to me. That… I do not want to lose you, know one day I must but until then… I will never…NEVER… willingly place you in a situation where you…"

"Stop. That's not fair" Ianto interrupted "you can't place me above anyone else. This is a team and…"

"I care for you!" Jack said forcefully, then rubbed his face and finally said "Ianto... I love you!"

"Don't!" Ianto rose with something akin to anger "don't use that word. You know what it means to me. You know… don't use such a strong… forceful and time eclipsing word like it's not that…. Jack. To tell someone you love them is to give your heart and soul. I know that is not possible here."

"And yet, here we are. Ianto. Just this one time, I needed to say it out loud. Not just for your ears... for mine too. To make it real. Solid. I will mourn you, miss you and never forget you." Jack rose so they were facing one another again "I promise. You have made a dent here in this armour I try so hard to keep the world out with. I swear to you. You are someone special to me."


"Don't' say it back. I know already. I also know what it costs you to say it… don't. Just know that… I know. I just want to make sure you know too. This is not a game for me, not some sort of… dabbling, no matter what I might tell others to protect us. To protect you. There are people who would hurt you to hurt me. I mean… want can they do to me? Hurting you… would kill me a thousand times over. You get that?"

Jack was now holding Ianto's arms, looking deep onto his eyes as he whisper "we never have to use the L word again. Not with the power it wields. Know that the day I lose you… I will destroy the entire world if I have to in order to avenge you. Understand?"

Ianto answered with a searing kiss that left them both breathless.

Then a loud thud sounded making them both jump and Ianto swung to find a body part sliding down the glass wall of the meeting room, down in the Hub Owen stood with his hands on his hips and a look of annoyance.

"OI!" he shouted up at them "Do that on your own time!"

Ianto blinked, then started to snort with amusement as Jack gaped. For once Jack seemed lost for words, the usual comeback not there.

"Cheeky little shit" Jack finally spluttered.

"The real question is… who is cleaning that off the glass?" Ianto pointed to the large smear.

"Yes. Right" Jack stormed off to give Owen an earful as Ianto took a moment to lower himself into chair and let things settle in his mind.

He would destroy the world to avenge him.

Ianto wondered if he would ever wield such a power in his last moments, if he would dare call down that level of commitment from Jack and hoped like hell that when his final moment came… he would die with honour.

And would not have to ask Jack to fulfil such a promise.

For hopefully… no one would ever do something on such a global scale to warrant such wrath.





This is where I shall end this, it was supposed to be a small brain cleanser … became a little more. As we know… in the end Ianto did die with honour, his last words calling in that promise with the tragic yet final results.

But of course… what else would Jack do when he lost Ianto … nothing else mattered but the need to fill that cold void with a wrathful heat of revenge.

Thanks for reading. Glad I let this go further than the first 6 chaps. Hope you enjoyed xxxx