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Summary: Someone finds it a bit too hard to stay away from Angelica once crossing paths with her in Tortuga.

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This is a typical late evening, really. One of many whereupon Jack had announced a set course to the all-time favorite sea town - Tortuga. Where all crewmen deserve a night of celebrations. Abundance of liquid, any sort of company there is and a good old bloody classic night of fun. That is all.

To finally be back, ruling his very beloved Pearl, the captain finds himself rather content with it all. For a time where he so needily does not seek to regain his ship, he instead catches treasure maps, ambushes merchant ships and focuses on traditional piracy he grew up with. Because all over again, he is the captain of The Black Pearl.

To a certain point this is all enjoyable. Although surely he too finds it somewhat boring, in between. If he dares admitting that. The constant urge of ending up a legend still echoes in the back of his mind. Frankly, he does everything to achieve his name a legacy.

Nevertheless over all, Captain Jack Sparrow simply lives the life he always worked for. A life of possibilities to do whatever he so likes with his precious ship waiting for him patiently in the harbor. There is honestly nothing more a man like him can wish for. So on the grand surprise upon her path crossing his, which completely brings his previously cheery mood into a numb form.

They are all inside this inn. It could be all upside down by the noise inside. Some furniture are in fact upside down as result of intoxicated people. Merrily people share drinks and crowd awfully much, which would make it utterly impossible to penetratingly pass the room. Once one would order a drink or ten, a man had to take one for the team and manage getting the attention of the overly busy staff across the inn.

By a room this stocked, one can find it stupendous that he manages seeing her much further away. Nobody would have caught the sight of this enchanting lady, but him. Now this is a room, hence the excuse. However anybody can set ones bettings on the matter of him spotting her by a distance across the Atlantic Ocean if that would have been the case. There is just not a chance that she possibly could pass his vision without him detecting it.

Just moments before he loosely in his relaxed state found peace in his wooden chair by the table, shared with his closest crewmembers. Gibbs and Scrum among them. Some whistled for nearby women to join meanwhile Scrum tried to make his voice heard to a waiter, having loads of beverage ordered. A moment where a crewmember holds a toast to gush over what a legendary captain Jack is, where the captain raises his bottle of rum as well before tilting it towards his lips - when he sees her.

Angelica Teach.

A decade must have passed but he would never make a mistake when it comes to her magnetic appearance. His traveling eyes never intended to it, to catch the sight of her. But his vision, betraying him had of all people wandered just past her. Naturally caught right the moment her features puncture his vision. And of course she is outrightly unaware of her viewer. Admirer, perhaps suits descriptively better of what Jack is.

"This is just like your twenties - all over again," Gibbs comments bitterly by the sight of her still carrying that spell upon his captain. "The lady from Seville."

Having Gibbs stating her presence, turned in his seat just as the others attending the table. All curious to fetch what has captured Jack's elusive attention. Apparently he must have been staring for long. His reply to Gibbs is barely intercepted by himself, but some sort of audible response he must have murmured. Inasmuch his observant appreciation refrains from being teared from her form.

Somewhere further away, engaging in conversations with others while in between sipping a drink. Seemingly she finds pleasure in this very moment. A dangerous, conniving ferocity of a womanly form is not allowed to appear that gracious. Eyes with such warmth in between the daggers they fearlessly can shoot. A confident posture adding to this smirky expression, making her this immensely hard nut to crack.

"She is just a damsel, aye," Jack distantly tries but Gibbs does not buy it at all.

"Aye, just a damsel, you say. And that is why you can't stop staring," he points out before continuing. "That lady will have me losing my first mate position, mark my words."

Somehow Jack must have stood and even knocked into a person, as he distantly feels an angry push to his side. Only to the following moment stumble into another chair, or table that brings upset voices and accusative outcries to him. Odd is the situation to by any means never letting him look away from her. As if he so loses the sight of her; she will be gone.

For a common sized chamber of an inn, tonight it feels particularly grand. Too many people, too crowded, too far of a distance. The obstacles are everywhere, knocking into Jack in all the ways. Yet they go past him as if he never really noticed them in the first place. His crew is probably shouting for him, but having their voices drowned by the rejoices of all other people they never either got a fair chance of getting heard by him. Truthfully it would not have mattered if the room had been all silent altogether because he still would not have heard them.

Maybe he did not think this through enough. Clearly he did not, acting on all impulse. More like his body and mind brought him over to her without him controlling it. A strong force literally just dragging him across the room to get over to her. And now he stands there, eying her down without her still noticing him. She is so close but overly busy in her company.

What is he supposed to say? Try to gain her attention after years of not seeing each other is not the smoothest thing, perhaps. Neither is a tryout of beginning a conversation. What can they even talk about without him appearing like a complete fool, stuttering on his words?

A waiter knocking his passage free nearby brings Jack to sneakily snatch a bottle of rum upon the tray. Swiftly he takes a swig and continues to view her. Why did he even get over here? It was such a stupid idea. What was he thinking? First of all she hates him. She must, for how he treated her the last time he saw her. Not would she happily throw herself into his arms, that he can be certain of.

No, this was a bad idea. No matter for how long he has envisioned encountering her, this appears way harder than he has imagined.

Just as he is about to turn around though, she looks up.

If something magnetic had stung in him before by the mere sight of her, she brings it all to a new level. By now with her piercing eyes staring right into his depths surely kick him harder into whatever trance she obviously had set him into in the first place. Bloody hell she is marvelous.

They are both older, probably more life experience that has formed the both of them. Hence the purest look still remains by the eye of the other one. There are hundreds or thousands of women around the Caribbean islands. Not can he justify why she of all is the sole one to glue his most seeking gaze to her like this.

When he understands it is about time he utters something, her friends or whatever they are, have all turned to look at him quizzically.

"Hello Angelica."

Aye. That makes for a greeting, revealing his knowledge of this woman to the others. Now things would turn much easier for his part if she would direct him, to say whatsoever benefits her. Just something to acknowledge his presence. Stricken by surprise she seems nothing but numb. Inwardly struggling with a response. At last her weak smile excuses her actions to the others as she stands, carefully. Almost fragilely, actually, like she is hesitating to the occurrences.

"Would you care for something to drink?"

It slips right through him, desperation searching for just anything to get this going and having her attention remaining on him. Just for a bit longer, as if it is some addicting potion she beholds. However he did sound rather polite, did he not?

Her answer delays still, admittedly exposing her guarded behavior.


Something about her speaks of her gracious amounts of layers built of solidly guarded shields. An itching scratch to Jack in letting him know those would require much time to unfold. Maybe he deserved that. Or perhaps this can be interpreted as her simply barely reckoning him, seeing it was years ago since they last saw each other. Probably she has forgotten all about him, moved on and not dedicated a single second to him.

Nervously he drinks more rum while trying to appear casual in his attempt of leaning against the counter of a bar. Why is he acting this way? Most of all he needs to question why he speaks like this to himself. Telling himself a woman forgets about him. That has not happened in history. So why bloody goddamnit does he debate such ideas in her presence? What is so particular about this insane yet madly marvelous woman, aye, that he begins to grow quite insecure.

"What will it be?"

Carefully she holds his gaze but stands firm with the physical distance of them.

"Red wine."

When a bartender coincidentally, and thankfully, passes by just by then, Jack is fast to order that glass to her right away. Immediately this is poured in her glass and Jack fumbles up that coin to slide it across the counter. Again he finds himself completely fidgety when he returns his focus to her. Why that now is.

"It's been a while."

Jack interprets something of an agreeing mumble from her meanwhile she sips her wine. Whilst this does not make things better, he cannot stop himself from as well devouring his own bottle of liquid. Not simply because he needs to calm his nerves, but moreover to preoccupy time in order to buy enough. What is he supposed to say to her? He does not even comprehend what he wants to have said, what he wants to have accomplished by this clumsy walk over to her. Why did he even get over here?

At last he understands how he needs to develop this or else he will lose her. Or that may be simply what he believes. Not necessarily what truly would have happened. However that is not for his destiny, as he opens his mouth.

"It's lovely to see you."

Now she lowers her glass and tilts her head.

"I didn't expect you to be here."

"What?" Finally Jack can try his wry charming smile. "In Tortuga?"

She muffles a chuckle and lets her vision drift to her glass of wine. "No, at the same bar I happen to be at; at the very same time."

When her eyes travel back to cautiously meet his, something inwardly must knock a breath air out of him. Literally, how cheesy that may sound. He hates to admit it, but he cannot stop eying her down. That grin that threatens at the end of his lips probably and highly unfortunately reveals his genuine thoughts of this. Because bloody hell she is stunning. All he can pray for is her not discovering how he cannot stop staring at her. Aye, that awful.

For what it is worth, she too has that grin threatening to break out, even if she is much better to keep it back.

"You hang here a lot, do you?" she wonders, amused.

Jack takes another sip. Not that he urges the taste of it, but because it gives him time to think of an answer. At last he ends up shrugging.

"Of course, in between."

Carefully she sets the glass of wine down onto the counter and her previous tensed shoulders appear to partly soften.

"Congratulations, Jack," she genuinely speaks. "I've seen the increased bounty. You got The Pearl back, just what you wanted."

His previous grin grows into a proud beam. Just about when he opens his mouth to go on, he notices her discreet glance thrown over her shoulder towards the group of people she accompanied. Instead his question reforms.

"Who are those?"

"The crew I work with."

"What are you, the first mate?"

"No, the navigator."

To a certain point he hopes she does not notice how he needs to hold back to not burst out laughing, whereas he at the same time loves the teasing part of how it typically tends to wind her up. Works like a charm as she for a first time without thinking twice has reached out to nudge him as if to smack his taunting smile away. Achieving opposite effect, this act of playfulness widens his smile and soon even she seems to not be able to resist grinning. No matter how much she tries to hold back and hide it, she is unable to prevent it.

She looks terrific. That smile can melt any person into a puddle. Literally it does for him. Bloody infernal, winsome woman makes him such a mule. If she only knew.

"Navigator," Jack repeats and tries not to taunt her too much. "Has the captain seen your excellency in coordinating?"

The warning glare she gives him in response of his sarcasm is not to be taken seriously. "I do a good job."

"I bet," he snickers. Before he has thought things through and even laid it out properly in his mind, the words are already out there. Unstoppable suggestion slipping right out of him. "Why don't you return to The Pearl?"

Aye, he did just propose this. Having her back on his vessel, working for him like she did all those years ago. Well, if he shall push aside all knowledge of the apparent reasons of why he suggested this; he prefers to point out that they certainly were great partners. Dazzling partners. She completed The Black Pearl more than well. Her skills developed in such a fast pace Jack slightly had to worry she would try to lead a mutiny against him. However she never would. Somewhere deep down he knew their shared respect for one another was far greater than a kick of temporary joy.

Taking her time to react to this blunt offer, she reaches for her glass of wine again to preoccupy her actions. Also, letting Jack's waiting awfully painful by her silence. At last finding no more wine left, she needs to place it back down onto the counter for a final time.

"I don't know if that would be such a great idea."

No, she is probably right. Damn that hot-tempered and magnetizing lady always is. Although, this particular time he just cannot seem to prevent what blurts out of him. Not at all, actually. Everything comes out of him without his ability to stop it.

"I'd degrade Gibbs and you'd be first mate aboard The Pearl."

Thankfully Gibbs is way too far away to hear this.

This obviously catches her as she immediately snaps attentively to him. "Come again?"

Uh... is he really supposed to repeat this? If Gibbs had heard him now he may as well resign right on the spot. Why did he say such a stupid thing? With Angelica's strong will she simply fights against his any command as a captain. Whether he permits to admit it or not, somewhere deep down he in fact also lets her. This is not a working solution, so why is he the damned idiot to suggest such a bad idea? Although it can work out, because it did once. Before things went to hell and their immensely passionated love turned to hatred. Not that it really ever was that, hatred.

Objectively this is the worst idea ever that has been offered by him. Yet he cannot feel it. Oddly it feels just right. Sufficiently enough for him to push on and strongly want this desire fulfilled. Fully he is neglecting the matter that he will be doomed. On the other hand, perhaps he already is.

"Join us, Angelica."

Confusion displays on her. Clearly it is not because she has not comprehended his question, or demand. But rather not comprehending why he would say this. After so many years they see each other for a blink of a moment and he has already fallen helplessly down into Land-Angelica to not be far from pleading her to come with him.

Still not bought on the idea, she smilingly shakes her head. By her own crewmembers beginning to shout for her to return to their table, her distraction starts to dissolve. Before Jack has opportunity into persuading her further, she backs to make her way towards them.

"It was nice to see you, Jack."

No, no, no. She is getting away. But how on earth is he supposed to stop her? Please turn around. Go back to him.

She sits down.

Nope, she is definitely closing him behind her.

Bloody woman. How is he now supposed to catch her attention? Is this one of those moments where he needs to just... kidnap her? But then she would hate him. That would not be a good idea. The fierce hiding below that mask of beauty is terrifying to face and he knows of no one that does not fear that side of hers. Nonetheless, does she not already hate him as it is? How much can things get worse if he abducts her?

He receives the response to this idea once Gibbs's glass slips through his hand back at the table. It shatters on the floor and Gibbs's eyes are about to pop.

"My apologies, I fear I didn't hear you correctly."

So Jack needs to repeat himself. Take Angelica with them, on The Pearl.

After a terrified glance exchanged with Scrum and the rest around the table, Jack rolls his eyes at their apparent dislike of this idea.

"Have you lost your mind, Captain?" Gibbs sincerely wonders. "This is the lady from Seville we're talking about."

"Aye!" Scrum agrees. "Blackbeard's daughter. Mark my words when I tell you I fear death less than her."

"She's not that bad," Jack tries but only brings all men to gasp in unison.

"She's not that bad?" Gibbs bursts out. "Do you hear yourself, Jack? Did you not see how you knocked over three people on your walk over to her? One even hit you back and you didn't notice."

"Of course he didn't," Scrum merrily chips in. "The witch entranced him, aye?"

Tiresome Jack shakes his head to their negative descriptions of that hot Spanish lass he simply cannot let slip his vision. In between her laughter across the room, she definitely is aware of her audience. Specifically - Jack. Now when he has seen her, met her, it appars as if nothing can make him look away from her.

Something unfamiliar is happening in him. Perhaps he has been like this before. But it must have been such a long time ago he has forgotten all about it. The emotional whirlwind going on inside. Having her right there in front of him makes him want to remain as glued to his seat. With that perfect view over her. Preferably he wants her by his table. He wants to talk to her, but unless she does he is quite happy with just having her there in his sight. Aye, he is behaving completely irrationally. But he cannot help it.

"Let's forget about it," a crewman tries to cheer the mood up and waves over ladies's company instead. With Gibbs also working to distract Jack from making stupid decisions, the captain almost succeeds getting sold into a conversation when he notices the crew Angelica accompanies stand up. She does as well, and they are heading towards a door to leave.

Is she leaving? If so, when will he see her next time? Will he ever see her again? It took this much time to finally meet her. Only Lord Almighty knows when he will encounter her again. No, he will not have it. By now he wishes he would just carelessly order another bottle of rum and cheer with his crew. Forget all about her attendance and be rather carefree about this matter. But something inside of him takes over. No matter how much his crew attempts to catch his attention and make him stay, he soon finds himself outside in the night of the streets of Tortuga. In search for her.

For a denying moment in fright that he has lost her, he surely hears the softness of her tone. Funny how he can distinguish her particular voice among all hundreds there must be out in the night of Tortuga. Surely he also finds her standing still with that group of crewmen, all seemingly in debate of what next bar to choose - Angelica proposing to just head back to the ship. Not ready to spill another minute from her, Jack soon finds himself aiming to approach them. However coming to grips of understanding that he has no bloody idea in what to say to her, he stops to leave a long distance between them.

Perhaps Gibbs, his first mate, is right. What is he doing? Not is he thinking clearly. Is he ever when she is around? Maybe it is better if he tries to just forget all about this and leave before it is too late? There are hundreds of women. Why is he treating her this specially? Why is he behaving like she is a goddamned goddess he is nothing but a fool for?

Just as he is about to leave, destiny fails him by having her catching his stare. Instantly he understands that he will not be going anywhere. Certainly when he can detect her movements which speaks of her excusing herself from the group of people. Again he finds shivers run through him as if it is cold during this night. Partly it is, but that is definitely not why his stomach is flipping. Quite embarrassingly, he understands that his legs are growing weak. Bloody hell, this is bad.

Departing from the group, she is making her way straight over to him. Heavily he can feel how his heartbeat quickens by each approaching step she takes. By the chilly air, she folds her arms defensively while slowly rubbing them as well. A not too accusative eye nor tone though as she directs him.

"Are you following me?"

Aye, he is indeed so very much. But that does not simply go for tonight. If she only knew for how long he discreetly in secrecy has been looking for her.

"Just needed some fresh air, aye."

"And you just happened to end up on the very same street as me."

"Small town."

"It appears so."

He smirks and so does she. The smile is rather shy and that goes for the both of them. Then suddenly she licks her lips, probably unintentionally to weaken his legs more - but unbeknownst she achieves it. Darn bloody beautiful woman she is. Not that he ever would intentionally utter such aloud. Specifically not for her ears to hear. By God, he barely wants to reckon what he so descriptively thinks of her.

Regardless she is the most precious he has ever met. Whether he likes to admit that for himself, or not.

"You wished to head for your ship."

She gives him a peering eye. "Still much of a nosy eavesdropper."

"Allow me to walk you."

For a moment she stays silent. Distinctly she is debating whether she shall refuse him this or let him. To make this a non decision, he shimmies out of his coat to gently hang it around her shoulders. At first she hands him a waring look, still obviously on her guard when it comes to him. But before she has a chance to retort he already gestures in his gentle manner down the cobbled street which leads to the harbor. Cautiously and keeping away from Jack as if he is perilous, she keeps a fair distance between them before she silently begins to walk. It is a slow walk and for that Jack is thankful for. Buying time to be able to spend more of that with her. Meanwhile he knows that deep down she absolutely drives him insane, he must also admit he is literally wrapped around her finger. Hence, every moment with her by now seems like a blissful satisfaction. An addiction he craves more of her attention. The expensive divine watchful gaze he seeks with everything he may have. Aye, it is as bad as that. Truthfully something bothersome and frightening to confess, but that is literally how he knows he must be behaving around her. Wholeheartedly, it is impossible for him to keep away from her.

"Navigating on the seas. All these years..," he fishes for information of what she has been up to.

With her peaceful breathing alongside her comfortable ways of hugging his coat close around her, she gives away a hint of being comfortable enough in his presence.

"Yes, there have been many ships, really. Since I joined this last one three years ago I have stayed. Quite happy, I think."

Alright, he hopes she does not understand how his eyes glue on her. Hearing her speak is... ugh, dear so cliché but it is like a homey feeling he has not felt for such a long time. Like she is this magnetizing form that just attracts him to her without him having any obstacle protecting himself from her hazardous aura. Forcefully it pulls him to her and inevitably he cannot resist tearing his focus from her.

Contentment displays within him upon understanding that she is well. As awful as it may sound, but he really is delighted that she has been well. At least that way his constant worries of her wellbeing were finally answered. Not that he ever had uttered them aloud to anybody. But at points his mind had spun insanely much, driven him mad by all sickening ideas of what happened to her. Horrid to the thought he had not stumbled upon her wanted pictures for long and that would make him question everything about her. Had she faced the gallows. More importantly, was it all his fault? Had things been different if they never parted that day?

"And what about you?" she finally glances carefully to him.

Realizing he must have been in his silent thoughts for long to have her hand him a question, he begins by clearing his throat.

"Got The Pearl back," he beams confidently and tries to redirect his eyes forward instead of drooling over her. "Had that spaniard Salazar drown and..."

"Salazar?" she repeats and slows her steps to fully look at him in surprise. "You killed him?"

Sheepishly Jack shrugs. "More like, Barbossa."

"The one-legged man," her mood shifts into a hidden irritation.

"Ah, but he too is dead, love."

She frowns, truly not expecting this. Anticipating a following question coming from her by her opening mouth, seemingly she has a change of hearts as she closes it, without a word. Her questioning and surprised eyes staring deeply into his travel to land ahead of them, where they are heading. Again she begins to walk and he quickly joins like the puppet he is for her.

"I think they expect me at the ship soon," she states and only allows him a fast glance. Her steps are in hurry now and whilst he barely dares acknowledging the reason why, deep down he understands precisely why. For all she cares, she does not let him peel her hard covers of protection. This is all up against him, like a wall of bricks that stands steadily against him. Somewhere she must understand that he is working himself past it and clearly she highly disapproves of this.

What he desires to tell her is how much he really has missed her. Even her annoying ways of being. How loving she looks, how her eyes drive him mad and how hopelessly numb he frequently becomes in her company. An urge is even near to just grab her wrist to ask for a quick permission before he will lean down and surprise her in the kiss he has desired ever since he dumped her on that island all those years ago.

Although, if he so would try any of those things right now, she would for sure be frightened enough to run off. And he would never get the chance into spending another excuse of a moment with her. If she so would suspect him flirting with her, she would definitely set punctuation to whatever goes on between them right now and firmly leave for good. Charming his ways with her require more of him and moreover of time with her.

Finding themselves at the harbor, she works herself out of his coat and immediately offers it back to him. No, she cannot be this fast? She cannot just say goodbye to him like this. Leave like this and never let him know when they will meet again. So many times he has encountered or seen women that appeared like her. That for which the slightest minimal moment tricked his eye into believing it was her. For the shortest moment his hopes had raised and nervousness shivered inside of him only to the following second face the disappointment of understanding that it never was her. But now, when he finally has been the fortunate idiot out there to actually share the same location and time with her, he refuses to just let it slip through his fingers. Not this time. Sorry, Angelica. He will not let that happen.

It is obvious she is about to say goodbye for good to him with her backing step to create distance. Denying her this, Jack is fast with his words. He nods towards his ship. It works to shut her opening mouth as she follows his direction to glimpse The Pearl's dark features in this pitch dark night. Long down the pier she bobs on the calm rocky waves.

"I'd fancy showing it to you. Must have been over a decade since you saw her, aye."

Still reluctant to the idea of joining him to this by her evident fright of what may happen next, she backs another step.

"Jack, I..," she is struggling to make up a lie to him, but Jack will not allow her.

"Takes a mere second, love. I'll have a crewmember follow you to your ship, if you prefer."

Such an obvious lie and she must somewhere deep down be aware of that too. She is still struggling to just agree to him and he can tell why. By doing so she will consequently make a decision she probably is not keen to make. Because she understands as much as he does of what will happen. Even if the both of them refuse to say it out loud. Hopeful to still leave, her breath hitches in her way of trying to word out something of a reply to him.

"Come on, you must have missed her," he urges and now begins to walk himself. It is a daring manner of him, jeopardizing a possible outcome of having her remaining on her spot and not joining him. But knowing her for these decades, he assuredly did the right thing. With a skipping heartbeat in fear she would not come after him, he feels that heartbeat only quicken once his look over his shoulder lands on her slow pace heading towards him.

Her walk is gluey and she keeps throwing glances back to the harbor as she ends up further and further down this pier. When Jack at last stops, a shy smile appear on her face. It is probably a result of what must be telling on Jack's.

"Don't worry, love," he earnestly speaks.

Her rolling eyes are discreet but sufficiently revealing to let him understand that she knows that there is everything to worry about. By this boarding plank, she accepts his outreached hand to assist her boarding. Right away he feels a rush of warmth by the feeling of her tender hand in his. In the most gentle manner he guides her. Very softly she takes that step down aboard the dark deck of The Black Pearl. Immediately she spins around as if every detail soaks into her vision like a sponge.

By the time Jack too ends up on the empty deck, he finds her by the other side, slowly walking along the railing with her hand gently caressing it. For a sight it is quite surreal, to have her there. The years passed are so many, and by the time he lastly saw her it had already been an awful amount of time since he had this ship. Or her, by those matters.

Seeing her enjoying her time in taking everything in silence, he makes his way up to the helm, where his very own private captain's quarters also are. Frankly this time he has no second plans lurking around but rather a longing for a bottle of rum. Which he has loads of in an empty barrel located just by the helm. For practical reasons as he is not the keenest into leaving his position to either search for rum or have his first mate fetch one for him.

Soon he detects her cautiously make her way up to him with that hand protectively holding the railing in the stairway.

"She looks just the same," she says. "Untouched, unharmed."

Jack pulls a cork up with his teeth and spits it overboard before gulping a bit from the rum. Then he holds the bottle for her but she shakes her head. So he returns the bottle to his lips and sips on the golden taste.

"Sail'll be set upon the crew's return," he announces.

As if on cue, her vision drifts back to the pier and harbor where light illuminate the sea town of Tortuga. Despite what suggestions mark their heaviness in leaving The Pearl just right at once, she nonetheless stays right on the spot. Jack can tell. He knows her. Well, obviously she can do some rather unpredictable things, and she truthfully at points scares him equally as all enemies he otherwise has gained throughout his years. But no matter how much she may frighten him, there will always be that little soft spot as well. Seemingly no matter how much he tries to make that feeling go away.

And here they are again. Quite alone on The Pearl. Except for a few guarding men, sailors, pirates, that keep below deck. With voices heard from down the pier, the both of them must identify Gibbs's tone at the same time. Because meanwhile one of the guarding men escapes up to deck to snatch a glimpse of Jack upon the helm, who hands him a saluting gesture; Angelica makes a step back towards the staircase. Obviously willing to leave. However something hesitant idea must go on within her as she appears reluctant.

Helping her in this choice, Jack gestures towards his captain's quarters. She immediately shakes her head.

"If they're coming to set sail, I must get off, now."

Jack too shakes his head, but in order to disagree with her.

"Allow me ask for your assistance in navigating a thing or two, once you're in fact here," he smirks. He is definitely not ready to depart ways with her. He has waited for so many years for this moment. Not in a million years that he will have to say goodbye just yet. Therefore he is too keen on having her head into his quarters.

Not believing a word from him, she probably understands how he is not in need of that guidance at all. Thus, she points out.

"As far as I recall, mi amor, the charting room was by deck's level."

Ah, he may not know much of the Spanish language, but he definitely knows it is a grand good thing when Angelica calls him those words.

Smirky grin of his gives away her popping truth, ability in seeing him through. Yet with his persistent gesture, she swallows and hands him a content glare with a hint of playfulness shimmering somewhere deeply in her eyes. All that matters is that she passes him into his room and awaits him to bring out the charts.

She must swallow that sigh but Jack surely detects it. Her act of pretending she is bored by his ways of charming her. Making an attempt though to neglect this, he merrily unrolls a chart across his desk to have her investigate it. Carefully when he takes a step away she dares approaching it. Always with a wary eye as if she keeps track on his position, almost behaving like he is some predator.

With her puzzled look thrown over her shoulder, she tries to read an answer in Jack. Clearly she is wondering what he wants by this, so he explains.

"That's the route the French merchant ship sails. Going to ambush it by the north bay of Grenada island."

With his nod back towards the map she has in front of her, she looks back to it and begins to speak ideas of where he is now, how he shall move and what he possibly can do ahead in time.

Truth be told, Jack already knows all of that. He just keeps staring at her back and debates on what to do next. All he has tried is to save time with her. How in the world can he make her kiss him, or just embrace him? Have her undivided attention is a moment that he cherishes priceless. Unworthy of any treasures he finds. If only gold could buy this lady's warmth he would be emptying every single chest he has below deck. Nonetheless this is not how it works with her. She is not the type who can be bought that way, but rather works like an impossible puzzle he never seems to make. Perhaps that is another part of why he so is buried in the depths of her name. Quite straightly he prefers not even thinking about how horrendously much he craves for her attention. It is awful, really. An awful deep grave he has dug himself by promptly intruding himself into her room at that convent all those years ago. If he had known by then he would rewrite all chapters ahead of him, it probably would have scared him enough to keep away from that damned window. But he never did - and here he is.

Worst part is that he does not even want to be anywhere else in the world now when he is with her.

When she looks over her shoulder and wears that confused frown, Jack understands she has detected his glued eyes on her. Upset in irritation, she fully spins around. Aye, she has definitely seen him through.

"Have you listened at all to what I just told you?"

No, he has not. He has been way too busy trying to figure out how to feel those speaking lips silence against his. Wonder how they taste..? Still that addictive flavored softness he cannot resist? Oh, yes, probably. And a profound curiosity in how that body feels under the touch of his hand. Softness..? He would bet. Her skin has always been silky, smooth and he used to fancy stroking his hand along it. Again his eyes land on her lips. Ugh, if she only has any idea how much he just wants to erase the space between them and capture those.

Her clearing her throat with a hint of annoyance is another way of her means to make him aware that she still awaits a reply. Now he too clears his throat as if he can save this situation. Overly sweetly and flirtatiously he tries to charm her with that playful grin.

"Tried to but... got distracted," yes he is openly flirting. Which is a daring move. "Aye."

Suddenly he notices her loss in holding a grin away from her face as she ends up smiling blushingly. Ah, so it is working..? Instantly in shame she looks away and Jack hears his snicker just escape him. Clearly she is trying to act more serious than she really is. For a difficult woman with unmovable layers she is.

She fights her smile away and is about to turn back to the desk.

"Try harder then."

Aye, 'try harder then'. That is precisely what he shall do. Try harder to get her back to him. Although even him in his desperateness must have realized his coming suggestion would not find its place in Angelica. Such an idea would perhaps settle much better further down the road, if he would be a fortunate man to get her acceptance - ever. However this early on, just no. Barely she would be willing to even discuss such of a proposal in her mind, as much.

"Stay here on The Pearl, love."

When she swiftly spins around, astonished by his blunt suggestion, or demand, her whole face screams 'what'.

Oh, no, that did really not go how Jack wanted it to. And it certainly did not come out as he had hoped. Can he really blame her for reacting this way? Nope, probably not.

In frustration she pulls in her breath and is everything but amused by hearing this. Knowing her, she probably thinks of him as impudent to put this forward. Angrily she storms towards the door to leave and he earns that booming feeling of shatter. The helplessness in not knowing how to stop her. What he can say right here to have her stay just for a bit longer, or what he can do. He has never been the man to physically block her and he never would. She does what she wants and all he can do is trying to be manipulative enough to have her stay. Which is now a manner he has lost to her will. She does what she so wants. And now she so happens to want to leave.

Bloody wicked, darn marvelous lady to make him feel this empty to realize he will have to let her go.

Oddly enough she decides to stop by the door, her hand pausing in her motion of twisting the doorknob. After a deep breath as if surrendering to an inner battle, she turns around and heavily sinks her back into the closed door to face him, again.

Whatever her reasons for such, Jack immediately notices her shift of expression. A face reflecting a profound defeat. But what for? For the smallest moment he considers her agreeing to his offer. How lucky he as a man can be. Basically he expects her to announce something like that, or claim that she hates him and never wants to see him again. Frankly, he cannot blame her for that either. He deserves it, to a certain part, maybe. Inasmuch he never awaits what will truly be spilled from her, coming right from the bottom of her heart.

"You know what, Jack..," and whilst she since the first second he saw her tonight and had his fullest attention, she is literally pulling his inner out of him by now. "I'll give you this."

A sad smile appears on her face. If she had not had sunken shoulders revealing her relaxing mood, Jack had surely gotten anxious as to what hell she aimed to hand him.

Although this is nothing of loathe at all. Quite the opposite. But it surely is hell, a deep type of hell that hits harder than a physical punch.

"If we go way, way back," she continues to admit and holds his eyes. "I used to really love you. Deeply."

Instantly each word digs deep into him until it buries so profoundly he knows he can never get them removed.

What is he supposed to say? Admit that he also did just that, for her. Saw her in the lights he quite found the situation dangerous for himself? It cannot possibly be healthy to put someone that high on that pedestal as he frequently did with her. Or admittedly, as he apparently still seems to do.

Out of curiosity, he peers to her. 'Used to love him'. What does that mean; that she does not anymore?

"Claiming you moved on?" he questions, hoping it does not sound as hostile as it probably does.

He cannot help it, even if he probably deserves this. The idea of her moving on is just too... wrenching for him to handle. Aye, exactly that. Although if anybody ever asks of that out loud, he more than assuringly will brush this off as nonsense and point out that she is nothing but a former lunatic he was bewitched by.

That does not mean though that he will act and say things differently behind closed doors like this. When she is the only one who will witness his behavior and words.

"I mean nothing to you, Sparrow," she says more matter of factly than with any trace of emotion.

Is she pulling a prank with him? She has got to be joking..? This woman who he gave away lifelong years to, deems him not caring the slightest for her? Well, perhaps she IS a madwoman after all.

"Come again..?" Jack must peer further to her to now hear her correctly. Surely he cannot have heard her right the first time around. Not in hell that she claims he treats her as if she means nothing to him. Bloody irritatingly infernal woman. Aye.

"You left me on that island. Ready to have me die."

"Did not!" he refuses.

"Sí, and I waited for a long time to have you be given a second chance."

"Apparently not long enough," Jack shoots back whereas her slip of information strikes him. She had waited for him? But he had returned. "Did return and did look for you. But by then, someone had taken off."

"Well!" she snaps, a higher tone than before whilst she as well is stricken by this new sudden piece of information he just gave her. "I was busy bringing myself straight to our bay at La Martinique to wait for you."

A wave of frustration runs somewhere deep in Jack upon the knowledge of what has happened. As it appears; circumstances have not let their paths cross. Instead they have missed each other.

"And I kept returning to the island, savvy?" he needs to make his point clear. Because he did look for her.

Sort of refusing letting any information sink in about him truly searching for her, she frowns in denial and avoids his gaze.

"If you wanted to find me you would have pinned recruiting posters somewhere."

Jack chuckles in disbelief. "First of all, dearie, I can't do that unless I desire having East India Trading Company on my heel. And secondly, seeing your wanted posters down, it's easy to believe you had headed back to Spain to a more low-key life."

"I may as well would have," she is upset. "I waited for you in Martinique for so long, you desgrciado."

Now almost ending up in her face, Jack needs equally much to get this off his chest as he believes she does.

"When I arrived in our bay in Martinique, love, - you were gone."

By this time he cannot tell if she is just as upset as she was before, or simply annoyingly frustrated with the situation alike him. Because it is horrendously annoying to understand they should have met each other a long time ago.

"I sure was," she confesses. "I returned to the island to see if you ever came back looking for me. But naturally you weren't there."

"'Course not," Jack puts his palm resting beside her head at the door. "Was to head for Tortuga to only see all your posters taken down for good."

Stubbornly she shoots him a glare and he fully matches it. Both blaming the other one for their mismatching choice of picking locations to search for the other one. Admittedly the whole idea with Angelica thinking the straight off opposite as him makes him go insane. But to fully accuse her of this would not set right either. Because truth is that they both had kept moving around when one of them just needed to stay.

"I figured you didn't want anything to do with me," she suddenly surrenders to something else but Jack. Her previous challenging eye burning with passion has now a vision looking down, quite avoidant to meet his gaze.

"Likewise," he speaks and pushes himself away from her to stand straightly a bit away.

The whole idea is just too much to take in. He cannot understand what annoys him more. It seems so unfair. And now, what about now? Has she moved on? Has he now missed it all with her? Those are questions he would have muttered on if the awareness of their never meeting paths did not rile him up this much.

"Tell me, savvy?" he needs to know. "I came to our bay in La Martinique October the third, aye," he has to know when she left this place or he will go insane.

However when she yet again looks up to him, he can literally feel this striking emotion push him harshly. More than he likes to admit. Her expression says it all. Frankly, he wonders if he even wants to hear her say it. It will sound too awful, really.

"And I left in October the second."

Aye, there it was. Months of not seeing each other and they had missed each other by a day. By an infernal hell-forsaken spit of a day. How is that even possible? What has he done wrongly to face that?

This was years ago.

"When did you give up?" he has to know. When did she give up waiting for him, or looking for him.

For a moment she stays silent and thinks of this. Her face displays everything from temporarily bewilderment to a saddening, surrendering breath of air that she is letting go of. Then at last she takes a deep breath and is ready to face him.

"Decided to give this a last chance by that following February. Think it was the tenth, in the tavern in New Providence where we first..," her words die mid-sentence and she sighs another time. "But now I dare to believe you did come..?"

Aye, he had come to this place. It had felt odd to be there without her. Expectantly had this been his last shot. Somewhere deep down he had hoped this would be the place where he would have found her. At last. He had hoped to set aside all lingering irritation between the two of them and ask for a proper chance to start over again.

But by the time he arrived, she was not to be found.

"Aye," he nods to answer her. "Anchored outside the harbor the eleventh of February."

Dang, the truth is perhaps at points better to keep as a secret. That way he never would have to live with these small regrets of not hurrying up, sailing faster or simply remaining longer on at least that darned island he marooned her on. Things like this even make him question if it was worth it to abandon her like that. Thing is it was the right thing then, right there when it happened. Otherwise she would have gone mad by anger of the emotional dealing of losing her long lost father. Captain Jack Sparrow would have been the one punished by this.

However if he never had done that, only Tia Dalma must know what would have happened by all this lost time that has passed until now. It is crazy how close they were at so many points.

This is a moment when people in frustration, pure anger, may throw things around themselves, bark out loud or kneel in faithful frustation for a possible breakdown. Regardless neither Jack is this person and nor is Angelica.

Instead a smile creeps up on his face and soon even on her. It is not like this is something funny, or amusing - but rather hilariously awful to understand how badly they have walked around the other one without knowing it.

"Fate has its ways," Angelica at last lets out and nods slowly as she takes this new information in.

"Indeed," he agrees and takes a long moment before he daringly shoots the brutal truth to her. "Interpreting this properly... You wanted me to find you."

Unsure of how to answer must be the reason she begins to bite her bottom lip. Because that look she wears reflect a deep musing. And it is still obviously by the idea of her terrified layers shielding her from him. From the depths of emotions she prefers not reliving ever again. He knows this, because somewhere he understands it. Eventually she speaks.

"You wanted me to find you, too."

"Aye, I did."

For a moment Jack begins to wonder if this is the moment when he is supposed to again beg her to stay, suggest a dinner down back in the town and hold this ship for a few more hours - well, bloody anything to not leave just yet. By understanding that she indeed had wanted him to find her, he may partly expect her to now agree to his deal.

But bringing him to utter confusion, she grabs the doorknob to now leave.

Acting by pure instinct, following the sensational gut feeling, he prevents her by calling out her name.


For another time this night she freezes in her posture, her hand pausing on the doorknob. For what it is worth, he understands that he so may speak now, or will have to keep his mouth shut for a very long time. If she leaves now, it is not like he will meet her by tomorrow. So on, he blurts it all out, speaking from the bottom of his heart. Being able to detect that is more than likely the reason she reacts in the way she will.

"I've missed you."

And that is quite all he had needed to say.

Fragilely she turns around to be able to look him straight into his eyes. When her lips separate, he begins to struggle to try to look at them and therefore break the gaze she holds caught. Although when she is the one with a vision drifting to land on his mouth, he immediately feels that inner pull towards her, which he keeps fighting to hold against.

With her careful yet prompt step forward and lips separating just further, she is practically begging to get kissed and he cannot resist her anymore. As if this could not wait another second, Jack has her against his body and deeply kisses her. Every spark in him is on and he inwardly needs to curse at how he seemingly cannot get enough of this. Of her. The addictive taste of her lips, her soft lips or her muffled moaning he can catch. To a certain part he must understand that he is basically eating her up, but frankly, so does she with him as well.

It has been so long since he lastly felt this. Oddly it appears familiar enough as if he were making out with her just by yesterday. Her scent still drives him up the wall and he painfully remembers why he frequently never preferred ending their kissing sessions with just that, a kiss. Not so surprisingly, he understands that he urges more.

Excruciatingly enough he knows that the awful truth is that she can possibly do literally whatever she likes with him and he will not be able to budge. He has fallen headlong right into Angelica-Land all over again, and he does not even want it any other way.

Careful with his fondling, he is allowed to touch her down her lower back until he squeezes her bum. As result he has his collar pulled down closer to her body while she keeps devouring him for all she is worth. This is such deep kissing he is sure his mind is about to go dizzy.

Which he soon unfortunately finds out when she remains in his embrace but stops kissing him. Closely they instead keep looking into each other's eyes.

"I'll stay."

He cannot hold a smile back. "You'll stay?"

"Yes, if you make me first mate."

Of course he will. He is at such point of light headiness in between an immense forceful want for her, that he would literally offer her anything. She may have whatever she wants and he will give it to her.

Softly she brings her hand to his cheek and caresses it in the warmest of ways, displaying her loving side he is so secretively fond of.

"'Course, daling."

With a content smile, she backs to let him join the deck of which voices and noisy shouted commands break through the door. Reluctantly he stands straight and excuses himself.

"Will be right back."

But as Jack goes out back on the deck he can barely hold back his awfully lovesick grin only a crushing schoolboy wears. Detecting this at once, Gibbs stops tracks and elbows Scrum.

"Gibbs," Jack greets.

His first mate looks past Jack and shakes his head. All three men look at Angelica that calmly leans in Jack's doorway as if she has claimed her territory.

"I refuse!" Gibbs protests, already knowing what has happened and what is coming. "I won't give away my first mate position! Forget about it."

"To a woman on top of it," Scrum tries to side with Gibbs.

However nothing can be said to change what has been decided. In an attempt of decreasing the drama, Angelica joins them down on deck but by Jack's side. It is specifically noticed by Gibbs and Scrum who share a knowing glance.

"You keep all additional parts of each claim we make," Jack assures him. "Savvy?"

Still frowning of disapproval, Gibbs looks accusingly to Angelica. She winks to him with an eye of mischief.

"You'll still have your quarters," she promises.

Grinningly Jack meets a similar reflection in her, and it brings the other two mates to fake a puke. Sensually she caresses him below his chin to tease his beard before she makes her way back towards their quarters, a few commands already demanded to crewmen on her way.

Gibbs cannot believe what he witnesses.

"You're bewitched! How can you let her do this, Sparrow?"

Still Jack cannot stop staring to her figure, confident moving hips making their way towards their quarters.

Things will be better this time around, he knows it. They are older, more experienced in life - and more importantly, now he knows that she was looking for him. And he will not let her slip through his fingers this time.

At last Gibbs bitterly sighs in surrender.

"Like I said - this is just like your twenties, all over again."

Sheepishly Jack tries to wipe his stupid grin away but he simply cannot stop looking at her. However he distantly tries to keep the act on in front of Gibbs.

"She is just a damsel, aye."

"Aye, just a damsel, you say," Gibbs does not believe this even for a second. "And that is why you can't stop staring."

But after a long moment of silence, Gibbs finds his captain returning like a magnet pulled to stand behind the helm. Not in order to rule The Pearl, but because that lady happens to be standing nearby.

Giving up and sharing a look of defeat with Scrum, he sighs yet another time.

"I knew that lady would have me losing my first mate position," he speaks. "A woman aboard is bad luck."

Scrum frowns. "Why is that?"

The two crewmembers keep inspecting the duo at the helm. The infatuated pair who keeps laughing at something incoherently in between playfully touching each other in teasing manners.

"Because," Gibbs mutters at the sickening sweet sight. "Mark my words when I set my bettings she'll give him miniatures."