This comes from a challenge on the M7 Fic Corral group on Facebook. I've bolded the challenge words (although you could probably figure them out :).) This also happens to be the first piece of M7 fanfic that I wrote.


"There was a gentleman I encountered some years back. He was a paralian and quite an acosmist. He had quite aureate diction and would frequently mimp...and was fond of saying he was eumoirous...when he wasn't dwaling." Ezra paused to take a breath before going on. He had an aubade he was quite fond of." He looked around at the other six. "As you know, I quite prefer sabaism myself. Early mornings give me quite the feeling of dysphoria." He turned slightly on his side, snuggling down into the pillow. "If you gentlemen would excuse me." He was asleep in moments.

"What the hell was that?" Buck asked into the silence that ensued. He looked at the equally confused faces of the other five. "I thought they were fixing his shoulder, not inserting a dictionary in his head."

"It's probably the anesthesia and pain meds," Nathan suggested. "I'm sure he'll be fine once he wakes up."

"It would seem Ezra got a hit of the good stuff," Josiah added with a smile.