The reason I cancelled Another The Loud House Q&A was because I felt bad about using The Loud House as the basis for something I was making when it's a show I consider bad. I like most of the characters and I love the network it's on, I just hate the show itself most of the time. I wish I didn't. Because I like some elements of it, that made me feel like I was still a fan in my own way. Imagine a Star Wars fan who hates the prequels but still loves the original movies. I'm kind of like that but in reverse. However, I don't think that's good enough for me to get to deserve to write TLH "fan"fiction.

With that said, I've always thought that The Casagrandes is a good show. There's been a few episodes I didn't like but I've genuinely enjoyed all of the good episodes the show's had. Even if there were no TLH episodes I didn't like, I think I would still like The Casagrandes better. So I don't think there's any harm in me writing TC fics.

So since I'm starting to miss making Q&A episodes, I'm bringing this back. However, this time, The Casagrandes is gonna be the main focus and there's not going to be any The Loud House in it unless someone posts a comment about it.

And before anyone brings it up, I know why someone might say that "TLH" shouldn't be in the title. I only did that for the sake of tying this together with what it's a sequel to. It's like how Mega Man Zero is still called that despite the fact Mega Man isn't in any of the Zero games.

On the first day of September, Sid and her best friend Izzy were in the Chang family's living room when Adelaide walked in. Like usual, the little vampire was very angry about something. She was also wearing her hat of unbelievable power that a Pokémon trainer from Sinnoh gave her.

Izzy: She's gonna say that this is super stupid.

Adelaide: This is super stupid!

Sid: You're gonna have to be more specific, sis.

Adelaide: This dumb show we're gonna be on. What's it called again? A U&J?

Sid: A Q&A.

Izzy: You've already been in like 13 episodes of this. How did you not know what it's called?

Adelaide: 'Cause I don't care. Let's just get this done.

Sid: Okay. But why are you so cranky?

Adelaide: 'Cause I just wanna go outside and play soccer but Mommy and Daddy are making me do this. Being a kid who has to do whatever her parents say sucks more than Kirby. I can't wait 'til I'm a growed up and I can do whatever I want!

Izzy: You don't have to wait. I can use my psychic powers to show you what being an adult is like RIGHT NOW!

Adelaide: DO IT!

Izzy: I will. But let's do the show first.

Adelaide: What?! Why did you lie to me? You said I wouldn't have to wait.

Izzy: So sue me.

Adelaide: What does that mean?

The Announcer: Not important. Let's start the show.

Kirby asks "Could the finale have Jake and Lola having their first kiss?"

Sid: Sorry, but it can't because that finale's not happening anymore.

Izzy: They probably kissed by now anyway.

Adelaide: Aren't they like my age though?

Izzy: Actually, I don't know. What difference does it make?

Omega asks "Lisa, do you love Darcy?"

Sid: OMEGA?!

Izzy: No, she does not. She's always saying she only keeps her around so she can have someone to use as a test subject. Unless you're maybe talking about a different duo of people named Lisa and Darcy, but I wouldn't know the answer then.

Aaron says "Did you know in the last episode my name was used twice. Yeah and I didn't even ask any questions. Now I am wondering how many people don't show up on my computer. Or maybe it was because I was making videos. And thank you for this not being in the episode and now for the question. This goes to everyone: if you could Shane one thing what would it be. I want individual answers."

Sid: Who's Shane?

Anthony Staffenhagen says "Aaron, I'm sorry, but I don't understand what your new comment means. If you see this, could you please explain to me what you were saying?"

Adelaide: Anthony sucks.

Testing Rock asks "How come Lincoln gets his own bedroom?"

Izzy: Lynn and Lucy explained this to me recently. He used to share a room with them but he didn't like that and said he'd rather sleep in the closet. After they told me, they started arguing about who it was that made him not like sleeping in their room. Lana could tell where that was going, so she put plates of spaghetti in their hands and a food fight ensued.

Adelaide: Did you get that on video? I'd like to see it.

Sid: She sure did!

A Friendly Neighborhood Duck says "Actually, I would like to see that ending... I mean what? Okay, so I might be dark sometimes but I could try to keep my standards"

Sid: Sorry, but it's not gonna happen.

Guest says "This is solomivan239 from reddit. Thank you for the story. I love many moments of this episode and its script like structure. It always interesting when characters break the fourth wall. Dialogs were good and often funny."

Sid: I don't have any clue what you're talking about, but thank you.

Adelaide: Are we done now?

The Announcer: We are.

Adelaide: Sweet! Izzy, make me a growed up now!

Sid: Yeah! Me too!

Izzy: Before I do, I've got a bet to make. Ada, there is no way you'll think being an adult is better than being a kid.

Adelaide: You're on! When I win, you've gotta buy me a video game.

Izzy: Psst. No problemo. And if I win, you've gotta bake me a cake as fast as you can.

Adelaide: Deal.

Izzy: Now both of you hold my hands and close your eyes.

As Izzy held her hands out, each Chang sister grabbed one of them and then all three girls shut their eyes. After a few seconds of intense flashes of light and loud noises, all of their consciousnesses were sucked out of their bodies and into Izzy's brain.

When they opened their eyes, they could see that they had all gotten taller. Sid now appeared to be 33 years old, Adelaide appeared to be 27, and Izzy appeared to be 25. After the Changs adjusted to this, Izzy chose that it was time to explain to them what was happening.

Izzy: The three of us are now inside my mind! You're welcome.

Sid: So, are we in the future now? Should I go see if Jordan's been born yet?

Izzy: No, it's still September 1st, 2020. And it's okay if we go out and interact with other people because this is all imaginary.

Adelaide: I don't understand.

Sid: I don't think I do either.

Izzy: Not my problem.

Adelaide: Mine either. Now I'll see you suckers later 'cause I've got soccer to go play.

Adelaide turned into a Noibat and crashed through a closed window, shattering it to pieces.

Sid: Izzy, why are you so sure she's not gonna like being an adult?

Izzy: I'm not. In fact, I'll bet she does and I'll lose the bet. But there's a tiny chance I'm wrong and I'll actually win, which would mean she'd have to give me cake. I'm not gonna say 'no' to possible cake.

Sid: Okay.


Sid and Izzy were walking through the Great Lake City streets and happened to come across Adelaide, no longer in her Pokémon form.

Sid: Hey, sis. How's your day been?

Adelaide: Great! Being a growed up is so much better than being a kid. It's not even a contest. I don't have to go to work, I don't have to go to school, I don't have to hide the fact that I hate most humans. It's perfect!

Izzy: Yeah, but you do know adults still have to gets jobs, right?

Adelaide: Of course. But when I'm a growed up for real, I'll get to pick my job, won't I?

Izzy: I guess.

Adelaide: Then it's still better than Mommy and Daddy making me work on the Glart. Now let's go home so you can get me that video game.

Izzy: Alrighty then.

Izzy grabbed Sid and Adelaide's hands, causing them to return to their bodies in the real world. Once they were back, everything was dark until Izzy pushed open a dumpster lid. They were in a dumpster and covered with garbage. Sid found a piece of paper taped to her face, which she removed so she could read it.

Sid: Sorry about this, everyone. The Announcer told me what happened and I didn't want anybody to think you were all dead. I would've put you in a better hiding place but this was the only good one I could find. 💗 Robbie.

Izzy: Robbie's that robot you built?

Sid: Yeah. And that's so considerate of him to throw us in the garbage.

Adelaide: He could've just told people what was going on. He didn't have to hide us.

Sid: Yeah, he's pretty dumb sometimes.