Hi there! I hope you enjoy this crossover - kind of a plot bunny, but I figure I can afford it, since I'm about done with a couple projects in the universe. I'm aiming for this to be about 3-5 chapters, but don't quote me on that. I've been known to go painfully, hilariously overboard.

Speaking of which, you might notice this work is part of the "There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton" series! This fic is meant as a standalone, but I love both cartoons it's based on, and I'll be using elements from both later on in the series. If the larger crossover universe isn't for you, no worries!

If you do care about the larger continuity, this is chronologically the first fic in the series, taking place in summer 2011. Luz is 14, as in canon, and the twins are about to be that age, too. Weirdmaggedon took place the year prior. Hit me up with any other questions!

"Eda, do I really have to go?" –Luz asks, pursing her lips as the suitcase assembles itself into the portal to Earth.

The Owl Lady raises an eyebrow. "Why the hesitation, kid? It's just the human world – no boiling rain, no demons waiting to snack on your innermost fears, no need to constantly evade so-called criminal justice...I thought you'd appreciate the break." –she muses.

"Y'know, you get used to having your life threatened every other day surprisingly quickly." –Luz notes, then wrings her hands. "I just...I'm not super ready to talk to mami right now. Or for a while, really."

"Ah, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Not that I'm...overly familiar with the geography of your homeworld, but I'm pretty sure we're not going anywhere near the elder Noceda." –she shrugs. "Place is called Aura-Gone, I think."

Luz snickers. "I think you mean Oregon." –she says. "Why go there?"

Eda rolls her eyes, good-naturedly. "Your boundless curiosity never ceases to flicker between adorable and annoying." –she remarks. "I met a fun human a few of your 'decades' ago – not too bright, similarly annoyed with petty concepts like law and order, and not particularly inclined to ask too many questions. We briefly dated, got married overnight...and then I swindled him out of all the shiny things he owned – and trust me, the man liked his bling. Only when I returned to the Boiling Isles did I realize he'd stolen my staff, in turn." –she reminisces, amused.

"Sounds romantic. And illegal." –Luz smirks.

"Man after my own heart, really." –she agrees. "Anyhoo, I went back, gave him a few of his trinkets back, and he returned the staff. Been friends – and, more importantly, business partners – ever since. I bring him some harmless demonic junk, he trades me some human junk back. Don't know what he does with it – don't particularly care, either."

Luz crosses her arms. "And you...want me to meet this guy?"

Eda shrugs. "That's entirely up to you, kid. No, I figure that, noodle arms or not, you could help bring in the haul – and, not to give Stan too much credit, but he usually delivers." –she says.

Luz scratches at her cheek. Eda would never hold it against her if she refused, of course, but...well, it has been a while since she was last on Earth. She may not be ready to confront her mother, but this little escapade could serve as...baby steps-ing it.

"I'd ask King, but..." –Eda says, then pantomimes the tiny demon's small size and stubby little arms and legs.

The human shakes her head, disapproving even as she holds back a chuckle. "Yeah, alright, I'll come with." –she says, hoping she hasn't just made a big mistake.

True to Eda's word – and surreptitiously double-checked via her phone's GPS app, not that Eda understands what a cellphone is – the pair arrives at a remote location in central Oregon. It's a fairly thickly wooded area, just outside of town, according to the map.

Luz blinks in disbelief, seeing the town's name. "Gravity Falls?"

"Not for a Witch." –Eda says, cheekily. Luz groans at the joke, but can't help a small smile.

Much like with the portal that delivered her into the Boiling Isles in the first place, this exit also appears in an abandoned house. "Does the portal always open in creepy, broken down homes?" –Luz asks, as the blinding light fades into a normal doorway.

Eda shrugs, stuffing the shape-shifting key into her hair. "What can I say? The door likes what it likes. Half the time, it spits me out in places I've never been before." –she says, though she doesn't seem particularly bothered by this. "It does like this place, though. Never goes rogue on me when I want to visit the old man."

The older woman pulls out an old, red and white polka-dotted handkerchief, and ties it around her head in order to hide her pointed ears. She then dons a pair of thick-framed sunglasses that look straight out of the 50s. "You look like someone conveniently leaving town just before her husband is found dead." –Luz says, smirking.

"Cute, but I'm not much for subterfuge, kid. If I murdered someone, people would know." –she says, her curse-borne fang glinting through her smirk. Luz isn't super sure if she's kidding or not.

Eda leads the way, carving a winding path through the woods. There's something...unnerving about this forest; it feels like she's in one of those typical, 'lost in the forest' scenes in cartoons, being stared at by a ridiculously high amount of glowing red eyes. There's no one around, that she can tell, but the forest itself seems to regard her with some hostility.

Still, some weirdly passive aggressive vibes are easier to deal with than actual flesh-eating trees and feral demons, so she shrugs it off.

It only takes about five minutes to reach the edge of town; Gravity Falls is not a very big place, but as far as middle-of-nowhere locales go, she figures it's nice enough. From their vantage point, she spots a huge water tower – oddly graffiti'd with a really huge muffin, of all things – a small town square, a dinky little mall, some fairgrounds, and, closest to them, a small diner, classic Americana. Luz's mouth waters at the mere thought of ancient, coffee-stained mugs and days-old apple pie; she'll always prefer her mother's tostones, but diner food is pretty universal.

And really, it's just human food she's missing.

"Are we going into town?" –Luz innocently asks.

Eda snorts. "The company I keep isn't usually in the business of integrating into society. My ex-husband is no exception." –she says, sardonically. "No, Stan's old shack is just through here."

Luz whimpers in food grief as Eda leads them both to a nearby clearing, where the aforementioned shack is – the Mystery Shack, to be precise. Luz's excitement grows exponentially; there's only one thing the Mystery Shack can be: a tourist trap, and a spooky one at that. There's a small parking space nearby, and loads of cheesy, wooden warning signs, with blood-red painted messages like 'Beware the Hide Behind!', 'Don't fall into the Bottomless Pit!', and 'Ignore the gnomes' marriage proposals!'.

It's almost...tailor-made for her tastes.

The Owl Lady smirks at the fledgling witch's gob-smacked expression. "Had a feeling you'd be into this place." –she remarks. "Wait until you see the exhibits."

She almost hurts her throat gasping. "Oh por dios, what are we waiting for!?"

Eda shakes her head. "Go nuts, kid. Look for the old man with the silly little red hat."

Luz barely lets her finish before she's sprinting off into the Shack.

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