It was a peaceful day in konoha, everything was right in the world and there were no problems. Well there weren't any until what happened an hour ago. "Should I leave to see the dumpster fire that's about to take place? Or should I finish my work?... Decisions Decisions." Naruto said mumbling.

The decision was painfully obvious as the real naruto was leaping across buildings as he left a clone to finish up his work. "I've got to see this with my own eyes." Naruto thought as he did his best to stifle his laughter.

Just then he heard a loud sound, as if the earth was shattering. It could only mean one thing...

As Naruto reached his destination he concealed himself as best as he could. He saw the Uchiha family in a heated argument. And the truth of the matter was, naruto knew exactly why.

A Divorce.

"Sasuke want to run that by me one more time?" Sakura ashes as she clenched her fist in rage. Sasuke with his usual poker face repeated exactly what he told her. "I want a divorce." As Sasuke said that naruto was cursing himself mentally, he wanted to laugh SO BAD but he had to endure. "And that's not all I'm taking sarada with me." Sasuke said in a as a matter of factly way. "Papa don't I get a say in this?" Sarada asked with worry in her voice. "Shhhh don't worry I'm trying to save you from becoming your mom." Sasuke said half whispering but loud enough for Sakura to hear.

"AND WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?" Sakura asked screaming. "You see I think you're mistaken so allow me to clear things up. First of all the only reason I 'married' your ass was so that I could breed you and pump out Uchiha babies. And after that one time I have to admit sex with you was no different from using one of those blowup dolls." Sasuke ranted with disgust in his voice. On Naruto's end he was dying, hearing his best friend roast Sakura to such a degree was something he may never hear again. But there were more flames to come, he could feel it.

"Second of all you have birth to an Uchiha... Who... And follow me on this... NEEDS GLASSES!" Sasuke bellowed as he pointed straight at Sarada. "There it is! The bastard really said it!" Naruto said in his mind, the need to laugh was nigh.

"Oh there's two things I regret to inform you. A. I'm taking full custody of Salad I mean Sarada. B. I'm gonna need you to take the Uchiha logo off of your clothes. Oh and I may or may not have mistresses so do with that as you will." Sasuke told Sakura as he took Sarada for a walk.

Naruto then burst into tears and laughter. Sakura then proceeded to act like a gorilla, a pissed, flat, pink gorilla.

The End

Authors Comment: I'm sorry but this was funny.