Something about that road was suspicious. The road to the unknown, the unknown place that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I don't trust this road that I find myself on. Or is it my own self that I don't trust on this road? My name is Edward Remus Lupin, but you can call me Teddy. Everyone who knows me calls me that. I'm eleven years old. The age at which every wizard and witch goes off to Hogwarts to study magic. Unlike everyone else, I'm not normal as I'm a half-werewolf orphan freak and no one would want to be friends with me, even though my grandma and my Godfather tell me otherwise.

I looked around as I saw kids running around and laughing as they hugged their friends and told them about their summer. It was loud in there, but I did not care as I looked up to the train and raised an eyebrow. It was, well, better than I had heard about. I sighed and looked at my grandma as we started to walk through the crowd, no, the sea of people. I've never seen so many people in one place. "Are you ready, Edward?" my grandma asked, running her hand through my hair which had just changed to blue to reflect my conflicted feelings. I smiled at her and nodded. "Now, Ted, don't worry about making friends on the first day, but I want you to find someone who sees you for you. Not who your parents were."

I nodded and looked around to see a group of first years talking to each other. They were already dressed in their robes and, well, they looked mean. So, I stayed close to my grandma as we approached the train. I smiled and parked my trolley and took off my bag. "Well, here we are," she said to me awkwardly. I knew that she was trying not to cry because I'm the last connection to her daughter, my mother. Oh, how I miss her. I shook that thought away and looked at my grandma.

"I can't do this, Gran. I don't trust this. What if something happens like what happened to Uncle Harry when he was at school? I don't like the unknown. I'm just a freak and who would want to be friends with a freak?" I let out a harsh laugh and looked at the other parents who were looking at me. Rolling my eyes, I said, "I don't trust this road that I'm going on." I tried to hide the fact that I'm about to cry. My grandma sighed and lowered herself to look me in the eyes.

"Edward Remus Lupin. You are not a freak. What made you think you were? And this is the best road you can be on right now. You are going to learn about magic and grow as a wizard. I thought you wanted that? It's ok not to trust this, but you must understand that nothing will happen. Do you understand me?" Looking down I nod and sigh. She smiled at me and I helped her to stand.

"I'm sorry Gran. It was… was the full moon last night and I'm just so tired," I laugh again. "Another reason why someone wouldn't be my friend," after I said laughing harshly but my gran shook her head and pulled me into her arms.

"You will make friends Ted, it will take time, or you will meet someone on the train. I told you not to worry all right?"

"Thanks, Gran. Where is Uncle Harry and the other's?" I ask looking around with worry in my eyes. My gran smiled and looked around again. She then helped me look.

It took a while to see them. I was getting worried but after a few minutes, I saw Harry and everyone else walking over to us. "Hi Teddy," Ginny Potter said to me while my Godfather hugged me.

"Hello Aunt Ginny," I say, pulling out of Harry's arms. "I thought you weren't coming," I added looking at my uncle Ron and my aunt Hermione. Harry smiled and nodded.

"What makes you think that Ted? Now, are you excited?" Harry asked me. However, I sighed and looked at my grandma. She nodded and I told them everything that I was feeling. After I was done everyone shook their heads. "Ted, you are not a freak ok. You are the most wonderful wizard that I have ever met and if your father and mother were here they would say the same," my heart melted and broke at the same time as I allowed tears to fall out of my eyes. I stood there lost in the fact that maybe someone will see me, maybe Mum and Dad are watching me. However, as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Everyone pulled me in for a big hug and by everyone I mean everyone. They all came here, my Godfather, and his wife's family. We stood there in that hug for a few minutes before I pulled out of it and nodded to them.

We talked for a while till it was time for me to get on the train. I hugged everyone one last time before I stepped foot on the train with a deep breath. 'Mum and Dad are proud of me.' I kept saying to myself as I found an empty compartment. "Everyone is proud of me," I said out loud before sitting down and closing my eyes. I opened my eyes when I heard the train move. Smiling a little I looked out the window to see the fields and trees move by I watched this for a few minutes before I pulled out a picture of my parents out of my pocket. "I will make you proud guys," I said to the picture before I looked up to see a boy standing there nervously. He had black hair and brown eyes.

"C-can I sit here?" he asked me. I smiled a little and nodded but I said nothing as I put the picture away. "I'm John," he said sitting down.

"Edward but you can call me Teddy," I said, even more, nervous than him. Why was I the nervous one? Shaking my head, I asked: "Are you excited to go to Hogwarts?" He smiled and nodded slowly.

"Yeah! I can't wait to get there. Though, I'm scared of what would happen. I hate the unknown," My heart melted for the second time of the day.

"Me too!" I said laughing a little. He laughed also and said:

"I wonder what is in store though. My cousin told me that it will be an adventure," I smiled and nodded.

"My Godfather said the same thing. So, what house do you want to be in?" I asked him and that moment I knew that he might be my friend, a fast friend that will be there for me and maybe he will still be my friend when I tell him who my parents are and what I am. 'This is going to be a good year Mum, Dad. I know you will be there for me even though you are not here.' I thought with a smile.

A/N: Summary: Teddy is going to Hogwarts for the first time, but he does not trust what lies ahead of him.

Written for the THC Monthly challenge: Back to School!

Theme One: Returning/going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Prompts: [First Line] Something about that road was suspicious.

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