A/N: Clint picks up Scott, only to find a tall surprise waiting for him. Based on a review/request that I left for Miscellaneous Birdflash by the-fandom-writer-ha on . I don't own any Supernatural characters.

Clint Barton walked up to the door of Scott Lang's house, rang the doorbell, and waited somewhat impatiently outside. It was almost a month since he and his boyfriend went on a date. Both of them had been extremely busy between their own everyday lives.

The door opened after what felt like an eternity, and Clint was left staring face to… chest, with Scott. Clint had to physically lift his head to meet his boyfriend's eyes, his expression slightly stunned. When did Scott get so tall?

Scott, who was always a little bit taller than Clint, walked through the door in a jogging suit and blushed nervously. He obviously knowing why Clint was staring at him. "So…it turns out I'm not done growing yet. I grew a few inches a few days ago," he said with a shy laugh.

"A few?" he asked sarcastically as he blinked at him. "Dude, you're like a 7 footer. I could climb you like a jungle gym," he said and met Scott's eyes again.

Scott grinned at him and laughed. "I wouldn't mind that. I managed to find clothes for me at the local boutique. And besides, I think you've managed to become even cuter from this angle with the way you're looking up at me."

"I'm not cute," warned an annoyed Clint. He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Are we gonna go or what? It's been over a month since we've been on a proper date," he grumbled.

Scott's grin only grew. "Awe, look at my baby getting all pouty and angry," he cooed and smirked, suddenly swooping Clint up in his arms bridal style. Clint yelped as Scott picked him up. "You're so tiny compared to me now. In fact, I think I can carry you like this to your car like the perfect gentleman."

Clint glared daggers at the redhead. "I'm not tiny, and I'm not your baby," he said, but didn't struggle to get out of Scott's hold.

Scott laughed and held Clint closer to his broad chest and bouncing pecs so warm him up as if Clint was shivering. "Oh just shut up and accept it. You're puny, I'm tall, and you like it," he purred and looked down at Clint with a more seductive glint in his eye.

Clint repressed a shiver and grumbled, just crossing his arms over himself and not making eye contact with Scott.

Scott smirked wide. "That's what I thought. Now, let me carry you to your car. It must be a long walk for you. If you're a good boy while we eat, maybe we can have a special type of dessert afterwards where you can get a closer look at all of me," he said with a wink as he took long strides to Clint's car.

Clint didn't say anything as he got into the driver's seat and watched as Scott tried to fit into his car. Clint thought to himself, "Who knows? Maybe he'll grow even taller."