chapter 3

Starscream woke up he didn't know where he was or what happened. Then he saw his chest, back, shoulders, collar, and his right wing were all bandaged. "What happened to me?" Starscream asked.

"I can explain I merely gave you some upgrades," Hook said. "It was Megatron's orders." he said.

"I feel weird," Starscream said.

"You will for a while, but these upgrades will help you become more powerful but I want you here for next week I have more upgrades to install," Hook asked.

"How many more upgrades?" Starscream asked.

"At least five more." Hook said. "These upgrades will make you the most feared Decepticon in Megatron's army," he said.

"Okay," Starscream said.

For the next five weeks Starscream went into to Hooks Medical lab and went through his intense up grades. Then Hook started to run tests on him treating him as a lab rat.

Starscream started to feel hurt and angry. He was very upset of being treated this way. Many Decepticon recruits would try to beat him up and when he fought back his strength frightened them. Megatron expected a great deal from Starscream and got in the young ones grill if he didn't get what he expected from him.

As Starscream grew as did his, strength, speed, agility and fire power. He was also becoming very intelligent. He was also very perceptive and determined. Other than that he was prone to outbursts of anger, he also had issues trusting others because many of times his trust had been broken. Starscream was also very obedient to his superiors. But sometimes he would get into to fights with his fellow soldiers about rank and about how Megatron seems to put so much pressure on him because he was one of the Decepticon leader's favorites. Starscream showed signs of arrogance but it was mostly just an act to keep others off his back. Other times Starscream would take things to heart to easily.

Soon Starscream became Megatron's second in command and he was still abused. He was wished there was another way. Now on earth he his only friend was his minicon Swindle. He loved Swindle very much. He wished he felt like he could have more people he could trust.