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Watching the weird girl, Neptune, Noire reminded herself, make a call to someone who looked a lot like the Histoire in the room that she, Plutia and Neptune were in, she huffed in annoyance when she realized that Neptune really was from another dimension.

"I see..." The other Histoire said as she finished listening to Neptune's story. "I will see what I can do for you, Neptune, but transporting between dimensions is hard." She gave Neptune, who had a sheepish look on her face, a hard look. "In fact, with how low our shares are right now, it may be some time before you can come back." When Neptune gave her a shocked look, her facial expression softened. "If you gather as many shares as possible on your end, it should make things easier for us on this end."

Neptune nodded and saluted. "Just leave it to me, Histy! I'll gather shares and be back super fast!"

The screen cut off and Noire scoffed at her. "And how will you do that when you aren't a CPU over here?"

Neptune pointed at Noire. "Don't sweat the small details! I'll find a way to go HDD again and get all sorts of shares!"

"Yay!" Plutia smiled and clapped her hands together. "We'll get Neppy home!"

The small Histoire gave Plutia a flat look. "With your work ethic, it will take three hundred years before we can gather enough shares for that to happen."

'But maybe she'll do her work for once?' Histoire thought to herself, hoping that maybe helping someone would give Plutia enough drive to do her work like a proper CPU.


Several years later...

"So..?" Histoire looked at Neptune and Plutia as they came back from Lastation. "What do, abababababababababa..."

"Huh?" Plutia tilted her head. "Is something wrong, Histy?"

"You ate eggplants while we were gone!" Neptune gasped and put her hands on her cheeks. "I knew they were no good! Now Histy's broken and we have to fix her!" Plutia gasped and Neptune pointed at the other CPU. "Quick! Plutie! We need to give her the heimenhal move!"

"The what?" Plutia had a confused look on her face. When Neptune suggested that Histoire was choking, Plutia tilted her head. "But that doesn't sound like the right name for the move, isn't it..."

Suddenly Histoire lit up and the other Histoire filled the wall. "Neptune, I hope you're doing well..." The other Histoire said, though she had a sad look on her face.

"...Uh, Histy, why do I have a feeling like you're going to tell me a really bad plot point." Neptune put her hand to her cheek and started to sweat.

Histoire sighed and hung her head. "Sadly, Neptune, something's wrong. I tried to use the shares we had on this side to open a portal to cross dimensions, but when I tried to open a portal, I was stopped by something."

"No way!" Neptune stared in horror. "D...Do you think that someone sealed off the dimensions? Will I be trapped here like I was in the graveyard?" She screwed her eyes shut and swayed from side to side in a comical manner. "Oh no! Is this going to turn into a bad end where I get wrapped up in tentacles and cables and am forced to make monsters to over-run the world?"

"I don't think the developers would do the same plot twice." The other Histoire answered Neptune. "Though they do like to reuse assets, so..." She coughed into her fist. "Regardless, Neptune, I shall do my best to find a way around this situation. You need to gather as many shares as possible on your end. At the very worst, we might be able to brute force a way through this whole thing."

Neptune nodded and gave Histoire a salute. "You can count on me, Histy!"

"...I hope so." Histoire sighed softly as the connection ended.


Many, many years later...

Sitting at the top floor of the newly redesigned residential Basilicom, which was different from the government offices as it allowed the CPUs to live without being bothered too much by day to day activities that didn't need their direct attention, Neptune looked out the window at Planeptune and sighed. "How long have I been here?"

"Neptuna!" A familiar voice was heard and Neptune turned to smile as Peashy came running in. "Are we going to go see them again?"

"Yeah." Neptune nodded and Peashy smiled as Neptune got up and the two left the room to go to a place only a few people knew about.

It wasn't because it was in a secret location or because it wasn't public information.

It was simply because most people had no idea about the importance of the place.

As they left, Plutia watched them leave sadly and sighed while looking at Histoire. "I'm glad Neppy's here, but she's always sad on this day."

"You can't blame her." Histoire told Plutia. "Why don't you go with them anymore? Those two meant as much to you as they did to Peashy and Neptune."

Plutia shook her head. "I... I always get so upset when I go, and thanks to what Neppy did to me..."

"You know it was for the best." Histoire told Plutia, who nodded, though she looked upset. "Please, don't hate her."

Plutia shook her head and smiled at Histoire. "I don't... My life's been easier since Neppy took over as the full time CPU." She looked back at the door and frowned. "...Histy... When Neppy finally gets a chance to go home... Do you think she'll take it? She's been the CPU of this world longer than she was the CPU of her world."

"She misses her sister so much." Histoire told Plutia. "Regardless, let's..." Her body shook and her eyes started to glow. "Oh my!"

"Histy?" Plutia gave her a surprised look.

"...I might be able to return Neptune home."

While Histoire had a happy tone to her voice, but a conflicted look on her face, Plutia had a far more sad expression. "Oh..."

"You knew this day would come." Histoire told her. "She's been here for so long now."

"I know." Plutia said and walked outside and looked up as cars flew around. "I know." She said softly.


Walking down a stone path, Neptune held two flowers in her hands while Peashy held the same amount in her hands. One was white and the other was red.

After awhile, they stopped in front of two stone tablets that were beside a tree. The two stopped and put the flowers in front of the stone tablets and stepped back.

"Hey, Iffy... Compa..." Neptune smiled sadly, tears in her eyes. "It's been awhile, huh? I know that only me, Plutie and P-Ko still remember you. I mean, Blanc, Vert and Noire remember you, but they didn't know you like we did." She sighed and lowered her head. "...It's been about a thousand years since you two passed away. I still remember you, but..."

"Pea misses her sisters." Peashy pouted as she looked at the stones. The details were still there, but they were starting to fade. "Neptuna, can we get new stones put here?"

"Yeah, it's been almost a hundred years, huh?" Neptune ran her hands over the tablets. "...I don't think I'll ever get home, P-Ko."

"Is that bad, Neptuna?" Peashy asked Neptune. "You still have me and Ploot and Beru Beru and Blanc and Nowa, right?"

"Yeah..." Neptune nodded and sighed softly. "I just..."

A screen popped up in front of them and Histoire's face appeared on the screen. "Neptune! Something happened!"

Neptune tilted her head. "What is it, Histy?"

"We might be able to get you home."

Both Neptune and Peashy stared in shock at Histoire. "B...But didn't Rei say that the other her had sealed my home off with this world when she sent me here thanks to her fairy?"

Histoire nodded at Neptune. "Yes, but something happened in dimensional space. A path from your home world to another dimension is currently open and connected between the two dimensions! If you hurry, I can open a portal so you can get there and go back to your home!"

Neptune perked up and smiled. "Thank you. I'll be there soon." She looked at Peashy, who looked upset as the screen turned off. "P-Ko..."

"Pea knows..." Peashy nodded and looked sad. "That Neptuna misses her sister but..." Peashy jumped at Neptune, hugging her. "Pea loves Neptuna! Pea doesn't want her mother to go!"

"...I'm sorry..." Neptune said softly and hugged Peashy back. "But I..." She screwed her eyes shut. "P-Ko, I love you too, you're the best daughter I could ask for." Peashy looked at her and Neptune smiled sadly. "I know that you'll work hard to make sure Planeptune survives, same with Plutie. But I need to go."

"...Pea knows," Peashy nodded and let go of the hug. "Pea wishes you could stay though."

"Yeah." Neptune nodded and the two left the graveyard, making their way back to the Basilicom.


When they got there, Neptune was pleasantly surprised to see Vert, Noire and Blanc there waiting for them.

"I sure hope you weren't planning on leaving without saying goodbye." Noire gave Neptune an annoyed look. "And we had that convention we were going to do next week."

"And you promised to help me with a play." Blanc said softly, looking sad and frustrated.

"And you were going to help me with some of my problems." Vert told Neptune, who flinched, but Vert sighed softly. "That's fine. We all know and understand."

"Hopefully there won't be anything like the great Dogoo mutation four hundred years ago." Noire muttered, grimacing at that memory. It was not a fun time for any of the CPUs.

"Thanks for reminding me about that." Blanc muttered and glowered at Noire. "But she's right, don't be too much of a stranger and give us a call once in awhile."

"But with the time difference between dimensions..." Vert trailed off and everyone paused, a feeling of finality covering all of them as they realized that this was likely the last time any of them would see Neptune again. "...Just take care, okay?" Neptune nodded and Vert pulled her into a hug, mashing the purple-haired CPU's head against her chest. "I know you have a me over there, but let me do this to you one last time."

"Never should have let Vert find out that Neptune likes big boobs." Noire sighed and looked at Plutia and Peashy before looking at Neptune, who was let go of the hug. "Neptune..." The small CPU looked at her. "You won't be able to say that I'm inferior to the Noire of your world anymore." She crossed her arms and huffed, only to blush as she felt Neptune hug her from behind.

"You're you, she's she." Neptune smiled and let go of the hug as Noire turned and hugged her. "I'll miss you, you big loner."

"Oh be quiet, Virgin MILF." Noire smirked as Neptune stiffened in the hug.

After letting go, Neptune looked at Blanc, who was fidgeting in place. Neptune opened her arms and the red-clad Miko ran forward and hugged Neptune tightly. "You big dummy!" Blanc yelled at her. "You come into our lives, give us a reason to be friends and now you're leaving after only a thousand years?!"

"It's been one thousand, ninety two years, nine months, fifty-three days, twelve hours, thirty-two minutes and..."

"I didn't want it down to the exact detail, Histoire..." Blanc glowered at the tiny fairy, who blushed softly.

After letting go of Blanc, Neptune looked at Plutia. "Plutie, I..."

"It's okay, Neppy." Plutia smiled and gave Neptune a hug. "I knew that you'd be leaving some day. You helped make Planeptune super advanced and we have loads of shares now. I'll be fine."

Neptune hugged her back. "I'll miss you, even when you get mad or want to play those games with me."

Plutia giggled and squeezed Neptune tightly. "Well... We could always spend a few hours..."

"No, no!" Neptune shook her head and let go of the hug while Plutia giggled. "I'd rather not be sore when I meet Nep Jr. again!"

"Neptuna!" Peashy was looking at her sadly. "...Can Pea come with you?"

"Sorry, Peashy," Histoire told the small CPU. "Even with all of the shares that we have, the fact is, my specs only allow me to open a portal big enough for one person."

"Oh." Peashy pouted as Histoire started to glow and a portal opened up in the room. "Neptuna!" She waved at Neptune, who walked into the portal backwards. "I love you, mommy!"

"Bye, P-Ko! Plutie! Vert! Noire! Blanc! Histy! I love all of you!" Neptune waved goodbye to all of them and turned to run through the portal, both happy and sad.

As the portal closed, Noire's eyes went white and blank. "Oh darn it! We forgot to have Neptune undo what she did to Plutia and Peashy!"

Everyone's eyes went white and blank at hearing that.




Nepgear looked up at the towering giant. "Even with your sharing field and the shares from Gamindustri, I don't know if we have enough for this."

"And there's only you, me and Nepsy..." Uzume grimaced as she looked at the purple-haired girl in the black parka. "Still, even if that hag has merged with the Dark CPU and can cancel shares, I won't..."

"You don't have enough for what?" A new voice spoke up and Nepgear stiffened, both at the voice and the flood of new shares that were filling the area. Turning, the girl had a look of pure disbelief on her face as her eyes teared up. "Really, Nepgear..." Neptune smiled at her little sister with unshed tears in her eyes. "I disappear for over a thousand years in my time and you just give up when things are tough?"

"NEPTUNE!" Nepgear cheered happily.

"Let's deal with this monster and then we'll catch up on everything." Neptune winked before closing her eyes and allowing herself to transform into Purple Heart. "It's been so long since I had to face a threat like this, I hope I'm not too rusty."

To be continued...

A rather long prologue, I know, but oh well.