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Chapter 23

Ouya looked at the older-looking Neptune sadly. "Do you really need to go?"

Neptune nodded and ruffled Ouya's hair. "Sorry, kiddo, but I have to help Uzume out." She sighed as both Ouya and Stadia frowned upon hearing that name. "I don't think she's bad, she just seems lonely, you know? Maybe if we become friends with her she'll become nicer."

"Maybe," Stadia muttered softly. "We're just waiting for this to all be over."

"You shouldn't want to die." Neptune pointed out, frowning softly as the two looked away. "Hey!" She pulled both of them into hugs. "You might not be my daughters, but I wouldn't want you to die."

"But we don't want to fight anymore." Ouya said as both she and Stadia hugged the taller version of their mother back. "Mommy should have killed us."

Neptune wanted to hit them again, but she knew it wouldn't do any good. "Alright..." She said while hugging them, "let's make a deal." Both girls gave her a confused murmur, but nodded, "no more talking about anyone killing you, okay? You both try to face this without thinking you're going to die and then you're going to apologize to Tiny Me and you're going to be happy with her."

"But if we see her, we'll be forced to attack her." Ouya pointed out, confusion in her voice.

Neptune let go of the hug and stepped back smiling. "But you said it yourself, you're forced to attack the CPUs in charge of whatever world you're in. So if Tiny Me was in a dimension where she's not in charge, you wouldn't have to attack her, would you?"

They nodded and sighed.

"Hey, I know that I shouldn't say anything, but..." Croire spoke up from inside the NepNote. "But we need to go to Leanbox already."

"Alright, alright, gotta go." Neptune smiled as a portal opened behind her.

"Hold on a second, Nepsy." Uzume spoke up as she appeared in front of them. "Could you make a detour to Lowee and take of these two with you?"

Both girls looked at Uzume in confusion.

"I just need one of you to keep an eye on things at the tower." Uzume said, her purple eyes showing amusement. "Nothing more. You don't even need to fight against any CPU that shows up."

"I'll go." Stadia said, looking somewhat upset as she walked towards Neptune. "...I don't need to fight, you're sure?"

Uzume nodded at her. "Yes, and Nepsy, could you take this one to Lastation? There's someone she knows very well that she'll need to bring back."

"Sheesh, I ain't no damn taxi!" Croire grumbled as Ouya ran over to Neptune and put Neptune between her and Uzume. "But fine, it's all in the same dimension, so that's not hard to do."

The portal flashed for a moment and Stadia walked through it before it flashed again and Ouya walked through it. "There! One Rainbow Bitch in Lowee, one Gray Bitch in Lastation! Let's go already."

"Sure!" Neptune smiled and gave Uzume a calculating look.


Neptune smiled at the blue-haired girl. "You know, Uzume, you should wear a sunflower dress." Uzume looked at her in confusion. "When this is over, I'll take you to look at this dimension that had this awesome field of sunflowers that Crostie and I ended up in once."

"Heh heh," Uzume gave Neptune a small smile. "When this is over, sure, I'd love to go, Nepsy." Neptune smiled brightly and ran through the portal. Uzume sighed softly. "...Why are you wasting your time trying to be so friendly with me?"

For some reason, even though she was filled with nothing but negative emotions, she felt happy. "Must be just an echo of what I used to be."


In Lowee...

Stadia looked around the Golden Tower as she stepped out of the portal in confusion. "It's so..." She trailed off as she saw someone nearby. "...Big sis?!"

Peashy stiffened and spun around, her eyes wide. "Why are you here?!" She grimaced as she glowed with black energy. "Ngh! Please! Don't come here! I don't want to hurt you!" Tears were coming out of her eyes as her body throbbed. "Please! I don't want to hurt you!"

Stadia balled her hands into a fist and looked at how much pain Peashy was in. "...Big sis, why?"

Peashy smiled at her. "Because I love you, you big dummy! Even when you left me crippled for five years."

"You're sounding like you do in HDD." Stadia commented and Peashy nodded as she hugged her sides. "What happened?"

Peashy grinned at her weakly. "Seems that the brain implant I got to make my HDD self smarter is working when I'm in my human form right now. It feels weird to talk normal again." She grimaced as her body started to heat up. "...Stadia..." She looked at her little sister with tears coming out of her eyes. "Go hide."

Stadia looked around and sweat-dropped. "Not a lot of places to do that around here." She paused as she saw a platform not far away. "But..."

Peashy smiled at her. "I know you'll be forced to fight Blanny when she comes here. I know you don't want to."

"Yeah, I only want to fight mom." Stadia nodded and walked away.

"No you don't." Peashy said and Stadia paused. "You love mom more than anyone else. When mom disappeared for a month, you were crying even more than anyone." Stadia didn't say anything and Peashy gave her a smirk while her body burned from within. "The best time of our lives were when you and Ouya were there, you know? Mom didn't mention this world much at all."

"...I don't want to fight anymore, Peashy. I want to fight mom so hard she has no choice but to kill me. That's all I want."

"Mom won't ever kill you." Peashy told her. "If she didn't let us genocide the Mole People after what they did to us, she won't kill you." Stadia gave her a sad look and Peashy grimaced from the pain she was feeling. "Please? Give mom one more chance to save you?" Groaning, Peashy fell on her face as her body throbbed and started to glow yellow and black.

"...This reminds me of that parasite that jumped from one CPU to the next." Stadia muttered and jumped off the platform to another one that wasn't too far away and laid on her side to watch what was going to happen.

Hearing her sister crying out in pain as her body started to change and shift was painful to listen to. "...Mom..." Stadia muttered, thinking about something Neptune had told her shortly after being freed from the Mole People's control.


"Come on!" Peashy smiled at Ouya and Stadia as the three ran through the mall. Some of the people were looking at all three suspiciously, but most were letting them run, especially since they were in the running lane in the center of the hallway.

"Wait for me!" Ouya yelled as she ran after Peashy while Stadia walked at a slower pace next to Neptune, a sullen look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Neptune, who was walking next to Stadia, asked.

"How can any of you be... So happy?" Stadia asked and looked around, before looking down, her face burning from the looks she was getting. "...We helped take over Gamindustri, I hear the worst rumors about you, Peashy and the other CPUs, we're not allowed to go anywhere without you with us."

Neptune sighed softly. "Because people are upset about things right now. Being ruled by the Mole People for years, some came to accept it, others were born into it, people are mad at me for not allowing the execution of all the Mole People after we got our memories back."

"...Why not?" Stadia asked her. "Why did you allow most of them to live? They're just as guilty as the people who were in charge and ruled over us." Her eyes teared up as she remembered all the things she had seen and done while under their control. "They used us, they abused us, treated us like property and didn't let us have any free will, so why?"

Neptune sighed softly and stopped to look at Stadia, who was just a little taller than her. "Because, Stadia, even if all of the Mole People were guilty of ruling over the people, even if all of them used and abused us and the people of Gamindustri, they aren't the ones who were at fault." Stadia looked confused. "I won't blame those who grew up in a culture for acting a specific way. I won't hold children guilty for the sins of their fathers."

"...Even if some of those children were born..."

Neptune sighed and nodded. "Yes, even if they were born because of that." She turned and walked towards where Ouya and Peashy were at. "...If you only feel anger and intolerance towards others, especially those who wronged you in the past," she winked at Stadia, "well, you'll eventually be like that to everyone, you know? Things in the past should stay in the past. Learn from it, have reminders to show you what happened and move on so you don't repeat the same mistakes."

"You're too damn nice, mother." Stadia grumbled, but nodded. "Fine, we'll do it your way."

Neptune smiled at her. "I guess spending so many years in my HDD state left my mind a bit altered in my human form, huh?" She winked at Stadia, who smiled nervously. "Besides, people will eventually forget, just give them time and be the best person you can be."

"The best person I can be..?" Stadia whispered to herself as she walked after Neptune and blinked as she wasn't just seeing Neptune in her human form, but above her, Stadia could swear she was seeing Purple Heart standing there and smiling at her.

It was a very warm and comforting feeling.

*End Flashback*

"...It took a long time, but mom was right." Stadia muttered to herself. "People did eventually forget and treated us better." Even the Mole People's descendants had been largely forgiven for everything, and other than some idiots every few decades popping up to stir up tensions between everyone, it seemed like things had gotten better over-all for everyone.


In Lastation...

Ouya stepped out of the portal and pulled out a large purple stuffed octopus and hugged in front of her as the portal closed behind her. "So who am I..." She trailed off as she saw someone familiar walk in front of her. "Auntie?!"

"Huuuuh?!" Plutia turned and gawked at Ouya. "What are you doing here?" Plutia asked and ran up to Ouya. "Why are you here?"

"...I'm supposed to get you. ...Uzume sent us."

Plutia sighed and pulled Ouya into a hug. "I thought you were fighting Neppy again. I saw the news."

Ouya sniffled and hugged Plutia back. "Auntie, we have to, you know that." Plutia nodded and patted Ouya on the back. "We have to go."

Plutia let go of the hug and shook her head. "...I want to bring Neppy home with me." A sad look crossed her face. "But I know she wants to be here."

Ouya held up her octopus plushie and Plutia smiled upon seeing it. "I still have this."

"Yeah..." Plutia looked at her with tears building up in her eyes. "...You and Compa are the only two of our kids that never hated me. Why?"

Ouya smiled at Plutia. "Auntie is a mean, sadistic bitch sometimes, but she still loves us. Because when auntie hates someone, they get tortured to death."

Plutia sighed softly and hung her head. "...I was a bad parent, Ouya..."


Even if it was centuries ago by now, IF's angry yell echoed through her head and Plutia sighed. "I know that no one told you, but... Even Iffy and Peashy stopped liking me as their mother."

Ouya didn't know who Iffy was, other than she was someone that both Neptune and Peashy held in high regards and even Plutia cared for. "...But big sis doesn't..." Ouya began and Plutia shook her head.

"Peashy doesn't mind me, but she told me that Neppy is her mother, not me." Plutia blinked as Ouya hugged her. "...Why? I thought you had to..."

"This isn't our world, auntie." Ouya whispered and Plutia hugged her back tightly. "I only have to fight if you're in charge." The two held their hug for a few minutes before letting go. "So what are you going to do now?"

Plutia sighed softly. "I need to go see something, that's all." Plutia turned and started to walk with Ouya walking with her. "You don't need to come with."

"We're family." Ouya smiled at Plutia. "You're my auntie." She blinked as Plutia grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, smiling gently at her.


In Leanbox...

Neptune smiled as she saw two familiar people running her way. "Yoo hoo! Nepgear! Miss Busty!"

"Huh?!" Nepgear gawked at who she was seeing. "Neptune?!"

"You're the older-looking Neptune?" Vert asked, appraising Neptune and nodding. "Yes, you have her face, hair and sound a little like her, though you're less chubby than Neptune is."

"Heh heh, you're making me blush." Neptune smiled at them. "By the way, Miss Busty, thanks for letting me fondle your boobs before."

Vert blushed softly while Nepgear gawked at her. "Well, you asked so nicely and slid up behind me to fondle me like that, it felt really nice."

"Big sis is a big pervert who lets strangers fondle her boobs." Nepgear muttered while pouting and puffing out her cheeks.

"Are you getting jealous?" Vert asked in amusement. "But didn't you say that you wouldn't fondle my chest?"

"Because every time I fondle big sis's boobs, she starts getting fidgety and tries to upgrade our relationship!" Nepgear pointed out and Vert laughed at her.

"Wow..." Neptune chuckled in amusement. "I didn't know that you two were in THAT kind of relationship."

"We're not!" Nepgear cried out in despair and Vert chuckled at her. "BIG SIS! Come on!"

"I'm merely teasing you." Vert smiled at her. "While I would like nothing more than for you to accept my advances, I always respect your personal space when you tell me to stop, Nepgear." She then winked at Neptune. "Though, if you wished to have fun like that, you could just..."

Neptune's eyes went white and blank as she held up her hands while sweating slightly. "A-at least take me out to dinner first! I'm not someone who puts out just like that!"

"Oh darn, rejected again." Vert pouted as she sighed dramatically. "Curses, I think I might have to change my vector of approach, I think I'm putting people off by being too aggressive."

"You are." Both Neptune and Nepgear said flatly, causing Vert to laugh and rub the back of her head.

"Well, as much as I'd love to have fun with Miss Busty and enjoy a possible kinky lesbian fling with my little sister," Neptune winked at Nepgear, who had a bright red blush on her face, "I was asked to stand in your way."

"...You were?!" Both Vert and Nepgear asked at the same time.

"Yeah, sorry," Neptune had a solemn look on her face as she pulled out her two swords, "as much as I would love to play catch up over a cup of coffee, we're forced to fight due to being on opposite sides. It's just business."

Both Vert and Nepgear sighed and nodded, knowing that sometimes people ended up on the opposite sides of things and had to fight.

But that didn't make it any easier.

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