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Legolas: the greatest elven archer there ever was. Of course, he didn't count upon a fishy man wearing a fish suit to interrupt his archery. The scene was disastrous!

"What are you doing here?" Legolas asked, beside himself with worry.

"Why I'm fishing. Care to join me?" Aquaman asked, smiling at him.

Legolas huffed. He really wanted to do archery. He shrugged, joining the man. "As long as it doesn't take too long. I have archery to do!"

"Here. Sit for a spell. Tell me all you know about fish, and I will teach you how to train with a triton," Aquaman said, pleased.

Legolas looked around. This wasn't good. Still, this man seemed friendly. However, he didn't count upon his Ada stepping in time to block him from joining Aquaman by a stone bench.

"You sir are a traitor! Go back to your land!" Thranduil said, forcing the man to return to the flowing river.

"Hm. Suit yourself. I have better things to do," Aquaman said, taking his triton and diving into the river.

Thranduil wrapped an arm around Legolas, telling the elfling, "Come, my son. I will teach you how to ride a horse."

"Who was that man?" Legolas asked, confused.

Thranduil faced the river, saying, "He is a very troubled man. Shall we?" Of course, Thranduil didn't know Aquaman's whole story. He just knew the fish man was trouble. Still, he took Legolas to do horseback riding, for however long it lasted.


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