Third person point of view

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A shiny, bright, round object could be seen just zooming at an impressive speed, all around the object was darkness, it was a spaceship, a spaceship containing the last son of krypton, no less. A boy, who would grow and become a savior of universes, and hero to all, a god among mortal and immortal alike. The pod soon came into earth's atmosphere, after passing several other planets, and landed in a mighty crater. The noise and impact drew several viewers over to gather themselves a look, to see what had caused the ruckus, however unbeknownst to these mortals, but one of these onlookers, was no mere mortal, no for indeed, one of these watchers, was…..a god. An Olympian to be exact, arguably, the strongest Olympian.

Poseidon, Greek god of the seas, droughts, floods, father of horses, father of Pegasus, several cyclopes', several other heroes and heroines, as well as a few more monsters, the king and ruler of Atlantis, the earth shaker, storm bringer. He stood, while in human form, at a rather impressive height of six foot and five inches. He had powerful, and compact muscles, not unlike a swimmer, maybe even a decent body builder. His beautiful, soul capturing sea green eyes, shined with love, happiness, joy, mischief, and even some wisdom, however there was also a look of weariness, and fear in those orbs, fear of what is to come.

Standing next to the god, was a beautiful young woman, who was no older than eighteen years of age. She was rather tall herself, standing at five foot and nine inches. She had long brown hair, almost black, with beautiful blue eyes, full of kindness and love, compassion, joy, and wisdom. She had a flat stomach, with very little fat. Her amazingly long legs seemed to go on for miles. This woman is Sally Jackson, and she too was rather anxious about the pod, sitting in the crater in front of her.

"Poseidon, what is that? What do we do about it?" Sally asked her lover. Poseidon looked over at the, in his own words, queen amongst women. He smiled at her, and said "don't worry my love, I am sure it is nothing dangerous, and if it is, I will protect you with my life." with having said that, Poseidon quickly snapped his fingers, and erased the other mortals memories of the pod, and sent them off, while weaving a thick layer of mist around the area, to keep the other gods from noticing anything, he then walked to the pod and as soon as he got in front of it, the door opened.

"what in the name of chaos?" Poseidon was astounded, for inside the pod, was a baby.

"what's wrong Poseidon….oh my gods, is that a BABY?" Sally asked.

"obviously, I mean it looks like a baby, sounds like a baby, feels like a baby, smells like a baby, acts like a baby, no I thought it was a dog."Poseidon drawled dryly.

Sally slapped him upside the head, "oh hush you, so aliens exist now, okay now what do we do with him, it is a he, right?" Sally asked.

Poseidon, after checking, laughed, and said "yes, it is indeed a he, and well, how about we adopt him, I mean I can't have a half blood child, because of the prophecy, but since he is half Kryptonian, judging from the design of the ship, and markings on the ship itself, if we blood adopt him, he will gain all of my abilities, that any offspring from me would gain, and if you agree and do it, then he will gain your humanity, which may help him in the long run, so he would be, in essence, one third god, one third human, and one third kryptonian. So therefore, Zeus can't throw a little tantrum, not that he could anyways, since he already fathered a daughter, about five years ago."

Sally stood for a minute, thinking it through, and quite frankly she found it to be good idea. So she agreed, and then Poseidon, after calling Hecate, and then the two of them started to chant in an old language, the child, along with Sally, and Poseidon, all three started to glow a bright sea green color. After a minute or two the light died down, and nothing seemed different, at least to Sally, everything seemed the same.

Poseidon looked at the baby, and then after focusing his divine sight on him, his eyes widened, and then he looked at Sally, and said "I have made a mistake. It seems he was a reborn god, so he is now a kryptonian, who is also a god, because when he was reborn instead of being born a pure kryptonian, his godly heritage seems to co exist with said krypton heritage. He will be very powerful, with very few equals, as a matter of fact, I will have to limit and damper his power, for it will be very overwhelming, as will his scent, I will visit when I can, and I shall check in regularly to make sure his power is limited, I don't want Zeus to come down here, and harm either of you. Also we need to give him a name, because I am getting tired of referring to the baby as him, it, baby, the baby, so what are you thinking on names?"

Sally, after thinking on names for a minute or five, said "his name will be Perseus Alistair Jackson, and he will be the world's greatest hero, with the best happy ending." she beamed up at Poseidon, after taking Perseus from him.

Poseidon just smiled at her, while thinking 'you may not be able to naturally have children, but I am glad you could at least adopt one, you will be an amazing mother. He will truly grow to be the light and hope for the universe, a symbol of all that is good, and justice.' Poseidon then looked at Perseus' face, and vowed to do whatever he had to, in order to protect that boy, and keep him safe. He then looked at Hecate, and the two of them nodded to one another, and then began to place seals and limits on Perseus' powers, until such a time, that they were needed at full.

Once done, Poseidon, grabbed Sally and Perseus, and then teleported them to the house that Poseidon bought for Sally. He then left and flashed to Atlantis.

Hecate, after Poseidon left, flashed to the Jackson's house, and after looking at Perseus, thought to herself, 'I can't wait until you get older, my future husband, the fates have told me, you and I shall enjoy a long and pleasurable life together, even if I have to share you, I can't wait until then, goodnight, and goodbye for now, my sweet young prince. I shall be watching over you.' she teleported back to Olympus.

So this will be a percy/female harem most likely, and I already have about two or three picked out. Send suggestions, and give reasons and I will consider it, just make sure they are good reasons, and not shes hot. Also I want to point out, because I don't have access to comics, because I have no internet right now, so getting a little bit of time on the web, and with comics being expensive, I am going to go off a memory, as well as what little bit I can look up, I will try my best to make it a decent story line. Also this goes for my marvel stories as well, lol later people.