Boom! A loud sound wave was generated, as two fists clashed against one another. Percy and Diana met against one another in a flurry of blows, throwing fist after fist at each other. The two had been sparring with one another, ever since Percy was brought to the island months ago. He had gotten even physically stronger as well as his powers developed well. He was learning to control his abilities, but some of them were taking longer than others. Kara herself, had also gotten stronger, and her own abilities were developing, while not as powerful as Percy's they were still growing strong.

Of course that doesn't mean that Percy neglected his training with his elemental powers, or training with a weapon. Under Diana's and even Hippolyta's tutelage, he grew in leaps and bounds with the sword, with which he was naturally gifted, and a trident that his father also left for him, he sparred with his brother Triton, and his sisters Kymolopeia and Rhode. Even his step mother Amphitrite would often come by to visit and spar with him, usually bringing with her two Atlanteans that served in his father's court, Atlanna and Mera, both of whom were about his age, shockingly enough.

The only ones who seemed to not be getting stronger as fast, were Diana and Donna, both of whom got frustrated with how little their progress seemed to grow. Not to say they were weak, because they weren't, both of them were very powerful, with Diana capable of taking on any minor god or goddess, possibly even taking on a major one, and Donna was most likely able to give any normal demigod a fight of their life.

Large shock waves generated through the air around Themyscira, while craters would form on the ground from the strength exhibited by the two fighting warriors. Neither gave an inch to the other, both determined to be the winner. Boom! Two figures crashed into one another, their arms pushing against each other, Diana smirked, her blood was pumping, the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she was enjoying the fight. She brought her other arm up and swung her fist towards her opponent, who after leaning his to the side just enough to dodge the punch, managed to bring his arm up and lock hers close enough to his chest, then yanking just sharp enough to force her to slightly stumble forwards, he slammed his head into hers, causing her to yelp in pain, letting go of her arms, she fell backwards, barely avoiding falling on her ass.

Rushing forwards, he kicked her into the air, and taking off after her, he brought his hands down on top of her head, causing her to rocket into the ground, leaving a small crater. He hovered in the air, panting from the fight. They had been sparring all day, both of them going all out, he was exhausted, covered in bruises, cuts, and blood.

Floating down to the ground, he noticed Diana was struggling to get up, her pride wouldn't allow him to win that easily. Rolling his eyes, he glided over to her, and offered her his hand, after a moment, she grumbled but took it.

"Good spar. I can't believe I actually won. I have to say that was probably the toughest spar we have had yet." Percy told her, while she narrowed her eyes at him, with a playful look of anger and hatred in her eyes.

"Just you wait, I will have my revenge, you will not leave me in the dust, I will avenge this defeat!" she declared boldly, all was silent in the clearing, before the two of them, along with Kara and Donna, both of whom had shown up halfway in the fight, started laughing.

"Well, who's hungry, because I'm starving!" Percy said as they all walked back towards the palace.

The others all rolled their eyes, "Percy, you're always hungry. That's nothing new." Kara told him flatly.

"Hey don't make fun of my appetite. I'm a growing boy, and fighting with Diana didn't really help matters." again with the eye rolls, before they all started speed walking, leaving Percy by himself for a moment.

"OI don't just walk off and leave me, wait up!" he ran after the other three. Walking into the throne room, to let Hippolyta know they were finished with sparring for the time being, they knelt before the gorgeous queen, as she stared down at the four of them rather imperiously.

In a loud, clear, and commanding voice, she called out, "Why have the four of you come to the throne room? For what purpose are you here?"

'Hm, maybe dramatics run throughout the whole mythology? I have heard how dramatic the gods can be.' Percy thought as he tuned out what Diana and her mother were talking about, while also picking it up, subconsciously. Diana then turned around and glared at him slightly, while saying the last bit of her sentence to her mother.

"Percy has grown much stronger mother, much stronger. He has grown in leaps and bounds since coming to the island. Really I think all that he needs now is possibly some experience in the real world, as in perhaps fighting actual monsters, since they won't be holding back, and will be actively trying to kill him." she finished, and was it just him or was she still glaring at him?

'She looks even hotter with that pissed off look on her face….wait, what the hell am I saying?! She's my cousin, my friend, and my mentor...i shouldn't be thinking about her like that?!' Percy then tried to will away his thoughts, being very disturbed.

As if she could sense what he was thinking about, Hippolyta just shot him a knowing look, before smirking, slightly, and then stating out loud, "I see. I will think on what you have told me Diana, and decide accordingly. I will call you later to discuss what our options are at this point. In the meantime, why don't you all get something to eat, and Diana and Perseus can rest? Donna and Kara should spar during that time though, the two of you need to grow as well."

"Very well, by your leave, my queen." Diana knelt, placing one arm over her chest, and bowing her head. Percy and the others followed suit. Getting to their feet, the foursome turned and walked out the door, heading down to grab something to eat. Heading outside to bathe in the sun, and enjoy nature, Percy found himself occasionally glancing at Diana. Watching her as she moved around, soaking in her nice supple ass, her large breasts, her nice long tanned legs, her muscular arms, her shiny long black hair, her beautiful blue eyes.

'What is this feeling? It's like a burning, intense….desire, for lack of a better term. I can feel my it in my veins, like liquid fire is rushing through me. Telling me to kiss Diana, but why? Yes she's beautiful, there's no disputing that. She's powerful, she's kind and wise. She would make a great mother. Her wide hips would be perfect for birthing children.' Percy thought about his mentor.

'I like to spar with her, I spend most of my time with her, but lately I have been thinking more about her, as in she dominates most of my thoughts. Every waking moment if I'm not with her, and when I am asleep I dream of her. I think about what her lips would feel like and what they would taste like. Why do I feel like this? What can I do about it? Who can I talk to? Normally if I had a problem I would talk to Diana, but I'm not quite sure that is the route to take here? If mom were here, she would be someone I could talk to.' he further reflected.

Feeling eyes on her, Diana turned around and noticing Percy staring at her, she blinked, and suddenly felt self conscious. She saw his appreciation for her strength and skill in his eyes, as well as his approval of her body, which she knew she should have been very angry about, but for some reason she wasn't. She was actually flattered. He was about equal to her in terms of strength, and he would only get stronger, he would live for a long time, if she had anything to say about it, yet he seemed to appreciate her?

'Hm maybe, once he gets a little bit older, a year or two at the max, I could see where this would go? I can see the lust and desire in his eyes, but he's a little on the young side for now. So if he still wants me in the future, perhaps we can go down the route?' the busty amazon mused to herself.

Kara and Donna were unaware of the sexual tension Percy had unknowingly created, when he reflected on his thoughts of and for Diana.

Well that's a wrap. So what do you all think?

We see, or rather it's implied that Percy has grown in strength by quite a bit. There's been mention of some other characters as well, such as his immortal siblings, and both Atlanna and Mera have been mentioned, though they are both much younger here, at least Atlanna is.

Which makes me ask this, should Arthur be around? If so I have an idea on how. So Percy is crushing on Diana, hopefully I made it somewhat realistic and reasonable for both of them, after all the way I see it, is both of them are going to be new to the idea of romance. So I'm going to attempt to make it awkward a bit, especially since in my mind, they are both relatively young, after all Percy is only 12, with him turning thirteen in about a year, and Diana is only a few hundred years old.

How do you all feel about other mythologies being present here? Aside from the Norse and Egyptian, and Greeco-Roman, that is.

Any thoughts or suggestions, let me know.