"Young lady, I come from a time when men achieve power and wealth by standing on the backs of the poor, where prejudice and intolerance are commonplace and power is an end unto itself, and you're telling me that isn't how it is anymore?!"
"That's right." Mark Twain and Deanna Troi, Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Time's Arrow Part II"

But it isn't. Troi doesn't know the world outside of the Federation. Where lawlessness reigns and those forgotten by Starfleet live.

There are the poor in worlds governed by the Federation, except we never see them. We see glimpses of them, with Bajor beset by war and occupation by the Cardissians. But where do the rest go? They go to...the Wildlands.

The Wildlands is on a planet not recognized by Starfleet and for good reason. It is habitable sure, but life is hostile, cruel, and inhabitants are moments away from being killed by the native creatures. Here's some of the inhabitants of this world:

Jack Trencher: Former member of Starfleet and once a captain. Sentenced to the Wildlands for threatening to expose Starfleet's secrets about the Wildlands and succeeded in getting his entire crew save for himself killed in a mission. He knows the truth and knows that Starfleet had his crew killed as a cover.

Array: An android created by a rival of Dr. Soong; more intelligent and emotional perspective but lacks the physical strength of someone like Data and Lore. Came to the Wildlands with Trencher and is the only one who believes him. He and Trencher are trying to find a ship to get off the planet.

M'rgot: A Caitian smuggler on the Wildlands. She is on the run from multiple governments: Starfleet, the Klingon Empire, Romulans, the Cardiassians, even the Ferengi. Has to stay one step ahead and has a phaser under her pillow at all times. Meets Trencher and Array and finds out about their plan to leave the planet and wants in on it too.

Jonathan: Mysterious and unknown, he is only known as Jonathan. Rumored to have powers beyond mortals. But what is doing in the Wildlands and why does he know so much about Jack Trencher? He agrees to help Trencher find a ship if Trencher can help him: Find and kill Q.

Bartok Dinah: A Cardissian with a suicidal desire to be assimilated by the Borg. When the Cardissians don't want a member of their culture and sends that person to the Wildlands, you know there's trouble. Seeks out a way to communicate with the Borg and fulfill his higher purpose. Trencher knows that the Borg coming would lead to death.

Seva: A Vulcan in the Wildlands on a mission from the Vulcan high command. Jack is intrigued by her presence and wonder what her motives are. Seva found out about Trencher and his demotion and the circumstances of it; the Vulcans want Trencher to come to Vulcan to testify but Trencher doesn't trust it. The actual truth of her mission is to kill Trencher and prevent knowledge of the Wildlands from being public, but Trencher doesn't know it yet...

Stella Mudd – An android clone of Harry Mudd's wife, she leaves Denaub V for life beyond that world and a new life. Engine trouble caused her to land on the Wildlands. She meets Jack Trencher and is wanting to leave the planet as well. Little did she know the adventure ahead.

Nestor – Formerly from Rubicon III and a member of the Edo, Nestor comes to the Wildlands to start a new life. Founder of the town of Hope's Peak, Nestor makes sure his inhabitants have everything they need but is harsh once they stray – which is like the life he formerly had.

The Baron – Not much is known about The Baron. What is known he is formerly a Borg and may have been the first selection to serve as a human liasion between Borg and sentient life – similar to Jean-Luc Picard being selected as Locustus. How he went from that status to coming to the Wildlands and becoming one of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy is a mystery.

They live in the only inhabitable settlement of the Wildlands: Hope's Peak. The name in and of itself is an oxymoron for a hopeless world. Trencher and this rag-tag crew's mission: explore the Wildlands, seek out the truth, and go boldly to leave the Wildlands behind.