"Seva, this is Vulcan High Command. Have you located Mr. Trencher yet?"

"No, I have not. It is proving very difficult to have a visual given the conditions."

"We understand. It is important that you maintain the mission and locate Mr. Trencher. He must come to Vulcan."


Seva surveys what is before her. A dust storm has begun and visibility is very low. Given her debriefing prior to landing, she understands that the Wildlands have native creatures capable of killing everywhere. She has her hand on her holster for her phaser.

"Where would Trencher be?" Seva asked aloud and to no one. She walks along and locates the mode of transportation for her on this barren world. A form of a speeder bike, sent from Vulcan. She also located her beacon and her navigational device.

Looking over the map of the Wildlands based on intelligence gathered, Seva knows that Hope's Peak, the only inhabitantable area on the planet, is several kilometers away.

She starts up the bike and begins to head to Hope's Peak.

Meanwhile, Trencher and his crew just arrived at Hope's Peak. M'rgot seems miffed as usual as she steps out of the jeep.

Trencher, Array and Stella follow out as Stella secures the jeep.

"Now what?" asks M'rgot. "Do you know anyone here?"

"I do," says Trencher. "Array and I have dealings with the mayor here."

Trencher walks up to a town guard. "Hey, where's Nestor?"

The guard looks at Trencher and doesn't answer. "What...I understand. He's here. I'll let him know."

"Jack Trencher, Nestor would like to meet with you at the town's inn."

Trencher nods and they head towards the inn. People eye them warily.

"They must not like strangers," says M'rgot.

"We have been here before," says Array. "It must be something else."

"It's because I look like a walking cat, isn't it?" asks M'rgot.

"No, that's not what I was implying..."

"Save it. Nestor would shoot us dead if he wanted to. He would shoot me dead for sure," says Trencher.

They arrive at the inn and head inside up the stairs. The interior of the inn is bustling with activity but becomes quiet as they enter.

A bearded long haired blonde man sees the group from a poker table. He gets up and walks toward Trencher.

"Welcome back to Hope's Peak. Let's go to my office."

They walk up the stairs as ladies of the night watch the group. One of them says something to Array.

"I can make it worth your while, are you sick?"

"No, I'm –" says Array.

"He's taken," says M'rgot interrupting.

M'rgot whispers to Array. "They aren't sure about androids. Don't mention what you are."

"I understand, thank you."

Nestor opens the door with a swipe card and they enter.

"So what can I do for you?"

"Well, we're here about The Baron. Do you know him?"

Nestor looks outside and seems to be lost in thought as Trencher asks about the Baron.

"I know that you do not want to mess with the Baron."

"He has sent bounty hunters after me."

"Then you are as good as dead. I'm not sure I can help you there. The last time I got on the bad side of the Baron, I lost my sheriff. You see those guards outside, Jack?"

Trencher nods.

"Those are the Baron's men. They are probably reporting your location now."

"So what can be done?" asks Array.

"Knowing the Baron, nothing."

Stella seems perplexed and Nestor notices.

"You seem to have something on your mind."
"Who exactly is the Baron?"

Nestor contemplates the question before answering.

"The Baron is one of the most dangerous people in the Federation. He used to be a Borg, you know. He still has their implants so he has communications with the Collective. But the Borg don't even want him. They tried to shut him down but he evaded them."

Shows a Borg being subdued by other Borgs when...they suddenly fall to the ground.

"He unleashed a virus into the Collective that only he had a cure for."

"I thought the Borg completely removed a person's individuality," says Trencher.

"They do – but somehow it didn't work on the Baron. I'm not even sure how he avoided assimilation, at least completely. Once he gave the Borg the cure, they let him leave. That's what makes him dangerous."

"How did you know him?" asks Stella.

"I came here to the Wildlands from Edo. You know about that planet, right?"

The group nods.

"Yes, they made you wear some...interesting outfits," says M'rgot, trying to hold back laughter.

"Yes, they do." Nestor stands up and walks to a closet and opens it. He throws out what could be drapes on a hanger.

"We wore that," says Nestor. "A higher intelligence granted everything we needed...at a price. It was after the Federation came with the Enterprise did I realize that life on Edo wasn't everything I wanted. I wanted something different – so I came here. Little did I know what this place was."

A guard knocks on the door.

"Come," says Nestor.

"Sir," as the guard enters. "There's someone here to see you."

"Send her in."

A Vulcan walks in and pulls out her phaser on Trencher.

"I have been ordered to kill you."