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You know, people call me lucky. And trust me, it's not my name, even though my father did one tell me my name was based off the word. But no, they call me lucky because I'm the daughter of the Symbol of Piece.

You'd think because I'm his daughter, I'd always be safe.



It means I have to deal with,

People expecting me to be perfect,

News reporters,

Gold diggers,



And on some days all of the above.

My dad's always out saving other people, to the point, he sometimes forgets to save me…

But when he failed to save me,

Sensei came to me,

And opened my eyes to the truth of the world.

Now, It's my turn to repay all that Sensei has done for me.

Join me, on my journey of juggling, school work, hero work, villian work, and my love life.

I dropped to my knees, my hands touching his bare chest, looking for a heartbeat.



To tell me that he was still alive.

That he was still with me!

"Please Tomura, wake up! For me!" His body was still warm, maybe if I could set an electrical current through him, like I had seen Nighteye do to my father once, I could kick start his heart again. And didn't Leo once tell me one of his abilities was electrical currents - small - but maybe, just maybe they would be enough.

I moved my hands to my waist, frantically looking for Leo's key, trying to find it in the packed keyring. "Please Tomura, hold on. I'm sorry for what I said before. I still want you. Hold on, I still need you!"