Zoe rested her head comfortably on Kyle's chest, running her fingers delicately along his arm. All the moments she had ever felt lost or afraid, sensing danger or worrying of her future, Kyle knew exactly how to ease her into indifference. Allowing her to realise how unnecessary those worries had been all along, allowing her to enjoy the moment and only worry about the true dangers they may face. Simply living from moment to moment with the boy she loved, taking time for headspace. She had been so scared and confused when she first came to the school, the fact that her welcoming committee had faked a sacrificial ritual on her hadn't helped matters. But she soon came to love her sisters with all their odd quirks, finally feeling as though she wasn't alone. But she found peace with herself over time, finding pride in her power and all the good she could do with it. Protecting the school, fighting their enemies and learning of her true potential, learning of a side of herself she never knew before.

Her hazel eyes gazing out of the window across the school gardens. Roaming over the patches of roses, the herb gardens and other grounds belonging to the school, somewhere under it all Madison had been buried after her confrontation with Kyle, returned to being worm food as she deserved before they resurrected her. Reflecting on her personal growth and newfound position in the coven, courtesy of their new supreme, Cordelia. Sat on the bedside window of previously her and Madisons' shared room, now shared by herself and her boyfriend. The room was too big for herself and Kyle was glued to her at the hip so it only made sense. Sharing a room meant they had their privacy as a couple and could practice magic together. Kyle having his own collection of books to enjoy, listening to music until he waited for her to return or helping to clean up her room. Alleviating any further stresses she may harbour.

Zoe was sat comfortably on his lap, his arms wrapped protectively around her as if she would shatter like glass. His nose buried in her long silky dark blonde hair, reminding himself that this wasn't a dream. After the fear of Zoe perishing during the test of the seven wonders, being impaled on the school gates attempting transmutation. Kyle had become more cautious of her safety. Enraged when Madison refused to resurrect after she had been wounded, despite Zoe having previously done the same for her. Carrying a resentment towards the past actress even after she had died. Though he knew of his guilt in being her murderer, none of the witches seemed to hold a grudge against him for slaying her despite the crime. Due to Madison's cruel torments and mocking of her fellow sisters in the past, many were relieved for her to finally be gone and learning her lesson in hell.

But as time went passed, the school now open to the public and new witches previously in hiding now attending the school. Life at Miss Robichaux was now a hive of new faces and new responsibilities. New history to teach younger witches, new powers to develop and new enemies growing every day. When Zoe wasn't teaching the new younger witches and Kyle wasn't busy with household chores. Their time was becoming scarce, having to alternate between their free time. Balancing their hobbies and schedules had become more difficult than ever, taking a slight strain on them. It could become stressful, due to the separation anxiety they suffered due to how intimately close their relationship was. They had always been a very affectionate couple, showing their feelings not only in words but in gestures, touch. Kyle was Zoe's rock, someone to come home to, someone whom brought her comfort. She only needed to gaze at him from across the room and a beaming smile came across her face. Her cheeks dusting with a rosy blush, her eyes shining bright like a star. Sometimes Queenie would tease her for being so distracted but did attempt to help give them more alone time to act as a couple. Allowing them to treasure moments like these, as though they were a gift. The quieter moments with no lessons, no schedule and no having to say goodbye until bedtime or lessons ending. They could go about their day without plans, just having a casual day of whatever came to mind. All the time in the world to do whatever they wanted, breakfast in bed, spend all day cuddling, go for a walk along the grounds, explore New Orleans.

But during this time, Zoe had been able to privatise her magic to make something special for Kyle. If he even got the slightest suspicion he would get nosy and intrude on her while she was trying to focus. She had put all her time and energy into this, Misty day helping her get what she needed and teaching her how to focus her energy. Asking Zoe that she help teach her how to make them too, so she could make one for herself and Miss Cordelia. "Kyle, I made you something. It's a protection charm" Zoe explained bashfully. She had been working on this for some time, wanting to surprise him, so she had to avoid him to keep it a secret. She knew Kyle didn't harbour magic as the rest of the residents in the school did, she wanted him to always be safe. She knew he would be weak to magic from other witches, she knew other stronger enemies with magic could do him harm. He may have been a ward and a butler, but aside from superhuman strength and stamina, he carried no magical abilities to speak of.

She raised one of his hands, previously having been wrapped around her waist. Placing a woven bracelet around his wrist, fastened with a magnetic lock so it would never become lost. It had small shards of rose quartz woven into the strings, they symbolize protection, encouraging love, trust, harmony and purified the heart. The holly wood used to create the bracelet itself harboured luck and protection magic. She had intricately chosen every ingredient, using her knowledge gathered from books to power it. Looking for the best places in their city to find what she needed, in the end all of her effort had paid off. "The rose quartz will protect your love for me, making sure no negative influences will harm you. The holly will bring you good luck" she encouraged. It would certainly ease some of her anxiety towards his wellbeing while she was gone.

Kyle smiled, this had to be the best present someone had ever given him in his life. Zoe was always thinking of him, not a moment was he from her thoughts, to which he felt the same way. She was his sunshine, his angel, while he was her protector and her rock. He truly believed that meeting her that night at the party had been fate, if his selfish frat brothers hadn't ruined the whole evening for them both. But that was behind them now, they had a new life together and he wasn't planning on leaving any time soon. Fingering the gift affectionately, admiring the craftsmanship Zoe had forged to create it. He would treasure it always, wearing on his person from sunrise to sunset, until he breathed his last breath. He would have to repay her for this kindness in every way he knew how. But that could wait until later, feeling her warmth against him was enough for now. Kissing her forehead affectionately, trailing his kisses down her nose to capture her lips in a sweet kiss. She tasted sweeter than honey, like nectar, addicted to the taste of her lips. Nuzzling against her affectionately, silent words of love being expressed "Thank you Zoe" he whispered softly.

Zoe smiled, relieved he appreciated the gesture, she had been somewhat anxious that he would reject it or tell her she needed it more. She wouldn't go this far for just anyone, as a witch and now a member of the coven council, it wasn't only her job to protect her fellow witches but also her lover. She never thought she would find love in this school, she never thought she would meet a boy who drove her as crazy as he did. He was the first good thing to come into her life since learning of her magical gifts. Previously believing it to be a burden she could learn to control and then live a normal life in peace. Then she met Kyle at the party and her whole world changed. Gazing at each other from across the room until he bought her a drink, leading to him swooning over her and following her around like a lost puppy. Trying to repress her feelings for him out of guilt, killing her first boyfriend Charlie and her education to her witchcraft lineage being rather traumatic. But she learned she could love someone, within certain limits, if one died and was resurrected they became immune to her black widow curse. Kyle had become someone irreplaceable to her, she hated sharing him with Madison, she hated pretending she didn't care "You're my family too Kyle".

Kyle chuckled to himself, Zoe had certainly become more confident in speaking her words since then, no longer buckling under pressure and developing a personal strength. No longer the mousy awkward girl she had been at the party, out of place and not knowing what to do with herself. Turning his wrist with a childlike curiosity, admiring her homemade gift with a fond expression, watching the sunlight glitter across the Rose Quartz and silver. He could see and sense the love that went into her present, infusing it with as much magical power as she could muster. This was more beautiful than any fancy jewellery you found in a high end store, shining in the light like an evening star. But he felt guilty, what could he give her aside from unending loyalty? He didn't get paid for his time at the school, he made no money, he lived here free of rent. He no longer had a bank account he could use due to his death at the house party. He needed to give her something in return that she could treasure with as much affection as he did towards her gift. "Isn't it usually the guy's job to give the present?" he joked, but this meant so much to him. His mother had never gifted him with anything as beautiful as this, all she gave him was trauma and loneliness. Causing him to block it out after he moved to college, refusing to admit it to anyone.

Zoe stroked the bracelet, tracing her fingers across the crystals embedded into it "Now I'll always be with you" she reassured him. Her magic would protect him at all times. It would activate a shield around him whenever he was in danger, it could never be removed by anyone but her. Though he continued to be under the coven's protection, now he had further protection from herself that would ease her conscience. Already guilty that she couldn't protect him from the accident the first time they had met each other.

Kyle hummed to himself, stroking the hair from her face affectionately, twirling the ends in amusement. He had always been teased for being the mushy romantic amongst his fellow frat brothers, believing in fate. But he truly believed that Zoe had been the dream girl he'd been waiting for all his life, yet he still found himself questioning something. How the hell did he get so lucky to meet an angel like her?