Summary: After a fateful night, I woke up as the twin sister of our beloved Nara boy. I have never wanted to have a second life, but hey, I didn't expect to die young either. So, this story is about me as I struggle as a lazy and smart Nara, as a girl that lived a life once and knows what will happen, as a girl that somehow befriends a known ANBU, somehow ends in Danzo's hands, loves to kill, acts weird, becomes part of a team, screws up the main plot and still manages to keep things happening just the same. Yup, that's my story, it sounds troublesome, doesn't it?

This story contains a little bit of gore, violence, mental breaking, but it doesn't contain that explicit content, so in my book it's T-rated, but there is a chance I might be wrong and it's actually an M-rated story. Either way, it goes from funny to frightening, from fluffy to dramatic, etc.

About the story, I started it on the 13th of August and ended it on the 3rd of September, I wrote 132 pages (without grammar checking during the second read), which is a lot in my book. I have never written a story like this one, it's the first I write in English that contains the first-person mode, the POV of our main character. It's a completely new approach from my part and sometimes it felt weird, but other times it felt amazing. This story was in my head since around of February and it just kept bugging me, so much, that I had to stop writing my other Naruto story (currently on hiatus on another site) and focus on this one. So, I experienced many emotions during the writing of the story, I admit, once I even ended up crying, I let myself be part of the character and tried to imagine if I was her how would I react in that situation. Then, of course, I wanted to add a little bit of humor, some irony from fate, some dramatics, of course, psychological problems and confusion. I wanted the character to act real, but still, have that something that suggests she is part of an anime. This is the first story that made me dream the next part, the first story that kept me at bay with writer block in the middle of the night, the first one that made me write all day and night, the first to actually feel okay to write. I like writing, don't get me wrong, but this story was just different. I tried to imagine the other characters, how would they react? What line should they say? So, yeah, I really enjoyed writing and imagining it all, I am really proud of it, actually, it's my first story that made me proud to call it mine. Which is wow.

Anyway. There will be author's notes on the way, maybe I'll put in warnings at the beginning, stuff like that, or how I felt when I wrote it, I'll see, or maybe I'll write how I felt when I re-read it, after all, I am reading it with you guys and when I read it, I don't read it, like it's mine, I try to distance myself and just be a reader.

Have a good read! Hope you enjoy it and of course, I don't own Naruto.

I have never imagined that one night after I had to bear so much pain coming from my stomach, I would wake up seeing some weird blurry creatures above me. The first thing that came to my mind was, that maybe I fucked it up and ended up having another sleep paralysis, so, fear engulfed me and I began panicking, remembering the last time I got sleep paralysis.

Frozen in panic, I realized one creature coming closer and closer, and I began cursing my vision, I could not see anything, like everything was in fog, fuck, when did I lose my vision this badly? I knew I should have worn my glasses, but my vision was not that bad! Damn it! Then it began clearing and I could finally focus and I saw… A man? Heck, I have never in my life seen anyone's face in my dreams, what the fuck? The man had black hair pinned in a ponytail, he had goatee beard and scars on his face. My fear began dissipating and curiosity got the best of me, so I opened my mouth to ask who was he? And why was he so huge? Was he Gulliver? But then I thought about it for a second and I decided to pinch myself, after all, it has always worked, I pinched myself in a dream, realized I cannot feel it, so I woke up. I began moving my arm… Only to find it disturbingly short and it was like I could not control my own freaking arm… The fuck…

I brought my arm in front of me only to see it tiny and chubby and… Was that a baby's arm and hand and stuff? The man began chuckling in a deep voice, that I did not recognize and he began talking in a different language. I recognized some distant words, but almost nothing… After all, if I recall it correctly those words he spoke were Japanese…

Okay, maybe I ate too much sushi or maybe watching anime made me having this weird dream, I should get a break from that stuff. Or maybe not, I guess the soya sauce is the problem in the equation, I bet that's it and nothing else. I would not give up on my sushi or Naruto that easily. After all, it took me a while to learn how to make sushi and I cannot finish Naruto. I have been watching anime since I was around 8 years old, and I still haven't finished it. I mean 720 episodes in total? Geez, I cannot sit in a place for 10 minutes, let alone watch a freaking 25 minutes episode.

Then there was another big creature in fog, it began coming closer as well and when the fog dissipated I saw a brown-haired woman smiling at me. Okay, that was getting weird for a dream. So, I decided to do what I usually do in such situations, I tried imagining myself standing in my room. That was a tactic I learned years ago when I began having weird dreams, I tried controlling my dreams and after a while, I managed, of course, most of the times I woke up, but that was the point, I wanted to wake up, so my dream would just stop.

It didn't work.

So, I opened my mouth and tried speaking, but… Did it come out as babbling? Did I say guh-gah? In a weird baby noise? What was going on… I heard the man and the woman chuckling and after that, I saw two huge arms coming closer to get me. Oh, no. I gulped. Then the arms lifted me up and everything began spinning in the fog, the next thing I noticed I was placed down, next to a baby… That baby was huge! It had the same height as me! I was freaking 166 centime… Wait a minute… Huge people, little arm, big baby, guh gah…


Oh noooooooo, I would not piss my pants or make poop in it, no no no, I would not go through another puberty, never again!

My mind was going nuts, so I tried calming myself down, maybe it was just a long nightmare. I would wake up. But my mind wasn't calming down, freaking over productive brain, sometimes I cursed my mind, it worked when I didn't need it, but it was a lazy ass when I needed it. I think that was why my third favorite character of Naruto was Shikamaru, I completely understood that laziness that came with some brains. My brain was going through thousands of theories, maybe I was in such a pain, that the nightmare is a defense mechanism? I might have ended in a coma, I might have gone nuts, or might have… died… Well, heck.

By dying, I became a baby. Brilliant!

But did I really die? Guess, time would tell. Until then… I would not piss or poop in my pants!