Why did we have to get flowers?

Oh yeah, Suzume-sensei said we must learn how to pass as normal women (more like a civilian) during undercover missions. But since when did knowing how to arrange a flower bouquet made us women? And why did I have to know every flower's name? Oh, this was so sexist!

I was totally fuming inside, but I wasn't showing. Well, I tried not showing…

"It's just a flower, I don't need to know its name!" I snapped at Suzume-sensei.

"You must know it, it would help you-"

"During missions, yeah yeah." I earned an irritated look for that. "But which woman will come to me and ask, oh miss, do you like roses or petunias more?" I mocked it and every classmate began laughing.

And that's how I ended up having to stay even after school…

After my punishment, I began walking alone and Kakashi appeared in front of me.

"Yo!" he greeted, like every single time he saw me.

"Leave me." I grunted back.

"Ouch! You hurt me." he touched his chest.

"Stop acting, Hatake! I hate it and you know it." he turned serious.

Kakashi was a constant in my life, after that episode in which I cried five months ago, he began appearing more and more around me. Maybe he was trying to make sure I wasn't becoming a depressed version of me, but anyway, when I was angry I started calling him only by his last name. At first, he looked at me strangely, but then he understood it, when I called him Hatake, I was either angry or livid, maybe both.

"What happened?" he asked, but I only huffed in response. He began chuckling, he told me a while ago that I was adorable when I was angry. I hated him even more for that!

"Apparently I should know what is a calendula!" I exclaimed and looked at him, he was trying hard not to laugh at me. "Why is it so damn hard to understand, every flower is the same!" he nodded.

"Well in missions-"

"Don't you dare tell me that speech, Hatake! I got that speech all day long, kunoichi up, kunoichi down. Gaaaah!" I grunted and looked up at the sky. "Why didn't I become a boy? Shikamaru doesn't even have those freaking classes!" I turned to him. "What if guys need those classes as well? It's just not fair!" Kakashi watched me, not daring to say a word, but his eye betrayed his amusement. I looked at him and he held a finger up, then he bit his thumb and performed some hand seals. In the next moment three dogs appeared and they looked at their master, Kakashi pointed at me and the dogs began circling me and licking me. "You know me too damn well, Hatake." I shook my head, but my anger dissipated between the dogs and I was laughing before I knew it.

Then the year went by and when we entered the second year of the Academy I thanked God I saw him. Umino Iruka was finally here to save our sorry asses! I was full with that bastard Mizuki and Suzume.

Iruka introduced himself and told us that he would take our classes. I was so relieved, no more anger from classes! But then he said he wants an essay in which we describe who we are, our family life, how we feel about school, our friends, what we like or we don't like, stuff like that so that he would learn to adapt to us better. Genius idea Iruka, but it was such a drag!

"What will you write, Shikanai?" I was having lunch at Ino with her and her father.

"I have no idea." I admitted. "How troublesome." I muttered and I heard Inoichi chuckle at that, I eyed him.

"You sound just like Shikaku." he said and smiled at me.

"Well, he's my father after all." I commented. "Anyway, what about you, Ino?" she shook her head.

"I can't just write that my name is Ino and I live with my father, my friends are Sakura and Shikanai. I need something more to it." she played with her rice.

"Aren't we enough?" Inoichi asked slightly hurt, but well it was an act, Ino rolled her eyes.

"It's not like that, dad." she whined and shook her head. "I don't think I like Iruka-sensei." she muttered. "First day and he gives us an essay."

"At least we have 'til next week." I shrugged. "And I don't think he's that bad, after all, he has to run a psychological test on us." yeah, psychological tests became part of the Academy, but they weren't like the one I took last year. "By learning about us he has a base to build on, and then he can observe us in classes or outside, it's way better than the test we took last time." she nodded. "That and he gets more time to teach us if he skips the whole, let me tell you about my name, clan, family, part. He told us about himself, and he manages to learn about us in a week." I shrugged. "I think it's a smart move. Troublesome, but smart." I realized Inoichi was watching me with narrowed eyes. Heck. Was he watching me like that the whole time?

"And you deduced that only after a few hours with him?" he asked with disbelief and I shrugged.

"Yeah..?" fuck. That guy still had that 'I can see into your soul look'. Inoichi scared me, but at least he wasn't on my bad side… Or I wasn't on his… He shook his head and snorted.

"Definitely yours Shikaku." he muttered to himself.

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