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Chapter 100 -

"If-you-dumb-say-what?" Harry said in a voice so fast that his words were barely able to be heard as he raised an eyebrow at Fudge.

"What?" Fudge blinked, having not properly heard him.

"That's what I thought, now repeat that once again please," Harry replied. "you want my help? That's the words that came out of your mouth?"

"Yes," Fudge sighed, looking like he was stuck between sending a glare at Harry and falling on his knees to beg for help. "your antics have caused me all sorts of trouble and..."

"Antics?" Harry repeated in a cold voice. "If I am going to be talked down to and treated like a child then I think it's best if we leave."

"What?!" Fudge blinked. "No! Don't...I..."

"In that case, talk...and do it respectfully." The warning in Harry's voice was unmissable for even the dimmest of children, yet Harry was slightly surprised that Fudge had managed to understand.

"Of course," Fudge coughed, apparently taking a moment to remember that it helped to be nice to the person who could offer the help you needed. "of course, forgive me...I'm just under quite a lot of stress."

"Under stress, I wonder what that's like," Tonks muttered in a voice that was just loud enough to be heard by everyone.

"In case you haven't noticed, our year hasn't been perfect either," Daphne replied. "so whose fault do you think that?" She asked.

"I don't have an answer that you would like," Fudge honestly admitted. "but I believe that it is in everyone's best interest if I continue to keep my position."

"Everyone's best interests?" Angela scoffed, narrowly beating out Harry. "I doubt that, you're just looking out for your own interests."

"Harry told you that Voldemort was back," Tracey spoke, ignoring the urge to roll her eyes when Fudge flinched. "and what did you do? You tried your best to ruin his public image and make things difficult for him instead of investigating it."

"Because his claim of you-know-who being back is pure poppycock," Fudge said through gritted teeth.

"Perhaps it was," Tracey said in a voice that made it clear that she thought it was anything but that. "but either way, there should have been an investigation. He came back half-dead and was suffering from exposure to the torture curse, as was confirmed by Madam Pomfrey who nearly everyone knows as one of the best healers in Britain, there should have been some investigation into what happened."

"Well...he was clearly attacked and confounded by some wizard that resembles he-who-must-not-be-named and..."

"Even if that was true - and no it fucking isn't - we won't know for sure because you didn't look into it since you preferred to duck your double-chinned head into the first pile of sand you could find." Harry glared at Fudge before continuing to speak. "You're a spineless coward who had likely loaned his balls to Umbridge, give me one good reason why I should even consider helping you." Fudge coughed into his hand, for a moment an internal battle between anger and desperation happened inside of his head, eventually, though...desperation won out.

"Please, Mr...Lord Potter," Fudge quickly corrected himself. "please, I am the best thing that has ever happened to the ministry and..." Fudge found himself as Harry, Tracey, Angela, and Daphne all snorted with disbelief at the same time.

"We didn't even practice that." Harry let Fudge know.

"Yes...well...I could help you!" Fudge blurted out. "You...I can tell people that you were right, tell them that you-know-who is back!"

"But you don't believe he's back," Daphne pointed out. "so, you're going to lie to the public?"

"W...well, no...but..."

"Doesn't matter either way." Angela interrupted.

"What? What do you mean?

"Too little, too late, Fudge," Harry spoke in a cold voice. "you think it matters now? You'll soon be out and we can make a deal with your replacement who will hopefully at least be mildly competent. Do you actually want my help? Because as far as I'm concerned, you can kiss the inner side of my ass crack! Enjoy your last few days as Minister," Harry spat as he stood up, the girls standing along with him. "you are a prime example of what is wrong with magical Britain, and I'll be glad to see you become nothing more than a hurdle in this world's path to greatness." Harry added before he turned and walked out, the girls walking alongside him, leaving Fudge to slam his head into his hands and letting out a large groan as he realized he had just lost his best chance to keep his job.

"Well, that went well," Daphne said cheerfully once they had gotten out of Fudge's office and started walking down the hallway. "I mean...we just insulted one of the most powerful men in Magical Britan and have just basically made it so that one of the most important people in our government would be replaced and..."

"Daph, we get it," Tracey gently interrupted with an amused expression on her face. "we get it. Still, it has been a rather dramatic day."

"I thought we would have gotten used to that by now." Angela joked. "I mean, we have spent the last few years with Harry, haven't we?"

"Hey!" Harry protested in a mock-offended voice.

"Yeah," Tonks snorted. "I think that I...fuck!" Tonks yelped as she suddenly found herself yanked backward, her arms quickly became painfully tied behind her back by some ropes as she stopped a short distance away from the group. She felt an arm wrap across her, holding onto her shoulders, a second later she felt a wand tip press against her neck. Her eyes widened, she saw that Harry and the others had their wands aimed in her direction with Jet hissing loudly. She looked back and managed to catch a look at who had just captured her and her eyes widened.

"Percival," Harry spoke calmly, his wand and gaze locked onto the face of Percy Weasley. "you are making what is called 'a stupid'. I'd advise stopping."

"I didn't even detect him!" Jet hissed furiously.

"Perhaps it is a bit stupid, but orders are orders." Percy shrugged with a wide grin on his face and an odd gleam in his eye. He glanced towards Jet. "Sorry, Snakey, but you can't sniff me out. There are spells for that, you know."

"Orders?" Tracey asked.

"Did that bitch just call me 'Snakey'?!" Jet hissed, sounding very offended.

"You're not Percy Weasley," Angela realized. "you got his looks but you're acting nothing like the ponce."

"Correct," The fake Percy laughed. "this polyjuice shit tastes horrible but needs must and all. Now, you lot will follow me." Faux-Percy ordered.

"Where is everyone else?" Harry asked, glancing around, expecting there to be at least a few other ministry workers, only to find the whole place empty.

"There was an alarm that for 'unexplained reasons' wasn't heard in the Minister's office, now come on or I blast Pinky over here." He said impatiently, pressing his wand harder into Tonk's neck.

"Ow!" Tonks hissed. "Did you seriously just call me 'Pinky'? I will bitch-slap you back to whatever country you were born in!"

"This IS the country I was born in," Fake-Percy said with a slightly confused look on his face.

"Then I'll bitch-slap you into another one!" Tonks yelled without missing a beat. Her gaze shifted to Harry and she noticed his free hand, she saw him discreetly wiggle his first two fingers. She recognized what he was doing, she and Harry had come up with their own form of secret communication at the Tonks house to avoid getting into trouble, and they did often do enough things that could get them into trouble. She recognized the gesture for what it was, basically, Harry was telling her to play along.

"Just...just...just come on." Fake-Percy sighed.

"Right, of course, we would be coming here of all places." Harry cursed under his breath as the fake-Percy had forced them into the 'Department of Mysteries' before taking them into the 'Hall of Prophecy', the chamber that Dumbledore and his order had been guarding all year. All Harry knew was that there was a prophecy involving himself and Voldemort and that the madman apparently wanted to get his hands on it.

The hall was a vast, cold chamber with a ceiling as intimidatingly high as that of a cathedral. It was filled with row upon row of towering shelves from start to end, each filled with dust. On these shelves were hundreds of small, dusty, glass orbs each with a yellowed and dusty label below. The room would be completely covered in darkness if not for the many candles set up all over the room.

"Prophecies, really?" Harry snorted, looking back over his shoulder, he looked past Angela, Tracey, and Daphne to Fake-Percy who still had a hold of Tonks. "You realize that none of the cool kids listen to them?"

"Shut it, Potter," Fake-Percy rolled his eyes.

"You know, the guy you're imitating might be an annoying little asshole, but you're just a dick," Harry commented just as they arrived at a specific shelf. Harry looked to his right and couldn't help but notice one specific orb, an orb with something special written on the label under it.

S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D

Dark Lord and (?) Harry Potter.

"Ah, finally, you're here." A silky voice cut through the tense silence of the room, Harry and his friends looked forwards and saw a death eater walk out of the shadows, with a wave of his wand his mask was removed, revealing the face of none other than Lucius Malfoy.

"Ah, Lucius, glad you're here," Harry spoke calmly as if he himself had planned everything that was happening here. "matter of fact, why are you here? A prophecy? Seems a bit too much like a children's tale to me."

"Potter," Lucius smirked. "it's so good to see you again."

"I get that a lot." Harry gave him a small shrug in response. "You're looking very chipper today, finally managed to convince your wife to give you a handjob? I guess hard work and determination does pay off."

"Crude, Potter." Lucius's lips tightened as he glared at Harry.

"...Yeah," Harry admitted with a nod, sounding almost apologetic. "kind of is."

"Now, be a good boy and retrieve that prophecy for me," Lucius ordered.

"And why don't you get it yourself?" Harry asked curiously, despite knowing the answer. The name of the game at the moment was to waste as much time as possible until he was able to come up with a plan. "Let me guess, magical protections?"

"Correct, only one that the prophecy speaks of can remove it." Lucius nodded.

"Which means either me or the dark lord will have to remove it but he won't do that since it could end up letting the public know that Voldemort's back," Harry concluded, taking no small amount of pleasure in watching Lucius flinch, he also knew from Tonks's snort that Fake-Percy had flinched as well.

"He dares..." A male voice whispered from the shadows, followed by several other voices muttering. "...he dares speak the dark lord's name?!"

"You don't speak his name!" Fake-Percy yelled, causing Tonks to wince.

"Quiet!" Malfoy barked, resisting the urge to curse these idiots. They were supposed to stay silent and out of sight until ordered, he had been very tempted to argue when the dark lord tasked these idiots to join him on this mission. In his opinion, they were all still very unstable due to their stay in Azkaban, not that they were very stable before. But still, he wasn't going to argue against the dark lord. Besides, they might be idiots but they were still competent with wands.

"So, how many people are we dealing with here?" Angela asked, looking around the room.

"I detect twenty different people, though there might be more." Jet quietly hissed into Harry's ear.

"My guess is...about twenty," Harry said loudly, a second later nineteen death eaters stepped out of the shadows, surrounding the group.

"Stupefy!" A stunner shot towards them from beside Lucius, Harry's wand quickly shot into his hand and a non-verbal shield quickly stopped the stunner before it reached himself or the rest of his group. A cackle was heard, Harry saw Lucius roll his eyes just before a woman walked out of the shadows, stopping next to him. She was dressed in black, her skin noticeably pale, her lips were colored in a red that reminded Harry of blood. She was skinny, not overly so but it was noticeable. She had dark, curly black hair that descended down to her shoulders and a mad look on her otherwise beautiful face.

"He knows how to play!" She laughed as she eyed Harry with interest. "Still, I have yet to see why the dark lord is so interested in him."

"Oh for fuck sakes!" Tonks groaned when she realized who she was looking at.

"Ah, and here would be my 'darling niece'." The woman said those last two words with disgust.

"Love you too, bitch." Tonks rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah, Bellatrix Lestrange," Harry said. "Andromeda told me about you."

"Oh, did she?" Bellatrix asked with a wide grin. "Oh yes, you're living with the blood traitor, aren't you? Such a shame, living with such a silly, stupid..."

"THAT WOMAN IS A GODDESS, YOU BITCH!" Harry violently interrupted, causing everyone to stare at him. "Sorry, that was an outburst, sorry," He said a couple of seconds later in a much quieter voice. "...she makes nice food." He added defensively.

"Enough of this, I have more important things to do." Lucius cut back into the conversation.

"Title of your mum's sex tape," Tonks called out.

"And his wife's," Harry added, causing the two of them to laugh while the others wondered what a 'sex tape' was.

"Enough of this, pick up the prophecy, now!" Fake-Percy ordered.

"Listen to Barty, Potter," Bellatrix laughed, twirling her wand in her hand. "we don't want things to get bloody, actually...that's a lie! We'd love it if that happened!"

"Barty as in..."

"Barty Crouch Junior, a proud member of the dark lord's army!" Fake-Percy, apparently Barty Crouch Junior, grinned.

"Yeah, well now you're a Weasley." Harry rolled his eyes before reaching out and picking up the prophecy.

"Good, good boy," Lucius grinned. "now, give it to me."

"Hmm, nope." Harry didn't even look at Lucius, choosing to instead examine the orb.

"That wasn't a request."

"Doesn't matter, I refuse either way," Harry replied, not looking away from the orb.

"Well, clearly you've decided to be difficult," Lucius sighed. "Barty." He called.

"Potter!" Barty grinned as he dug his wand harder into Tonk's neck. "You give us that prophecy or I blast off this pretty little bird's head."

"Not a bird, and go right ahead." Harry shrugged, causing everyone to stare at him.

"I'll do it, Potter!" Barty warned.

"Prove it." Harry calmly looked away from the orb and looked at Barty. "Go right ahead and shoot her."

"He'll do it, Potter," Lucius spoke up. "we all know that you care for her. Give us what we want or Barty will kill her."

"Undoubtedly." Harry nodded, causing everyone to once again stare at him.

"Ha!" Bellatrix laughed loudly, she stared at Harry, licking her lips as she did so. "The dark lord was right, he is interesting."

"Appreciated." Harry nodded to her before turning to Lucius."You see, Lucy, I could give you the prophecy. But why would I do that when I'm the one in control of the whole situation?" Harry grinned. Lucius frowned, his mind working overtime, trying to spot if there was some way Potter could have possibly pulled one over on them. When he came up with nothing he continued speaking.

"You're lying, Potter," Lucius said confidently. "you're nowhere close to being in control of this situation. You're outnumbered and surrounded, your adopted sister is in our hold and your three most valued friends are in our reach. You have nothing!"

"Is that what you think?" Harry chuckled. "You think that I, the great Harry Potter, haven't planned for this? You haven't realized that every move you've made tonight has been exactly what I expected you to do? You haven't realized that I planned all of this?" He asked, causing the death eaters to stare at each other.

"Really?" Jet whispered into Harry's ear.

"Fuck no," Harry whispered back before he glanced at the prophecy. "you guys want this? That's what you're holding her hostage for?" Harry snorted. "A useless orb with a poem inside?"

"Give it to us, or..."

"Or what?" Harry cut Lucius off. "Shoot at me and you risk the prophecy, so you can't do that. Let me guess, you'll kill her? I got a better idea, let me remove your little bargaining chip." Harry smirked before he spun around, aiming his wand at a wide-eyed Tonks. His wand tip glowed a bright green that cut through the darkness of the room. "Avada Kedavra!" Harry yelled to the shock of everyone in the room, a second later a green spell shot out of Harry's wand and speared through the air. It shot past the heads of Daphne, Tracey, and Angela towards Tonks.

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