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Chapter 101 -

The green beam that had shot from Harry's wand barreled towards Tonks, after leaving the wand it had taken two seconds to close the distance. Fortunately, two seconds was plenty of time for Tonks to do what she needed to do. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, Tonks shrunk her body down enough to escape Bart's grip and for the curse to pass over her head and crash against Barty's head.

Barty, still disguised as Percy, stumbled back as Tonks grew back to her regular size. Barty shook his head in an attempt to clear it but didn't get to do much more than that thanks to Tonks hitting him with a piercing curse that pierced through his chest. A short gasp escaped Barty as the air left his body, a second later Harry hit him with a cutting curse to the neck that knocked him down to the floor.

"You alright?" Harry asked Tonks.

"Just dandy," She answered as she walked forwards and stepped next to Harry. "nice try, Lucy," She said to Lucius who was staring at them along with the other death eaters. "but you'll have to do better than."

"What was...what was that?!" Lucius demanded.

"Simple magical theory, Lucy," Harry smirked as he lazily shrugged his shoulders, discreetly and quickly tapping one of the shelves with the tip of his wand. "Tonks can shapeshift and can therefore change her size. So the spell would pass over her and hit Barty Weasley Junior, but there was the possibility that it would hit Tonks if she didn't move in time, so I didn't place any killing intent on the curse. There was a bit of anger, but that was it. So the spell wouldn't have worked no matter who it hit." Harry explained before taking a quick glance to his right to make sure his spell was taking. "Besides," He added as he looked back to Lucius. "I'm not much of a fan of the killing curse, it wastes a lot of energy and power for what I could do with nearly any other spell."

Lucius stared at him with disbelief all over his face, the other death eaters did the same. The long silence of the room was eventually crushed by the sudden and loud laughter that erupted from Bellatrix Lestrange, every pair of eyes in the room turned to face the cackling woman as she bent over slightly and placed one hand over her stomach in what was apparently an attempt to hold back her laughter.

"Why are you laughing?!" Lucius hissed several seconds later. Bellatrix ignored him and continued to laugh for a bit more before she was able to control herself, she looked up at Harry, her lips curled upwards into an unsettling smile and her violet eyes shined with a frightening intensity.

"Oh, I can definitely see why the dark lord wants you," She purred, licking her lips as she stared at him. "join us, Potter. Join the winning side."

"How can it be the winning side when I'm not on it?" Harry laughed, making sure to keep their attention on him. "Besides, I already told him no."

"Oh, so strong and so smart but so dumb." Bellatrix snorted. "You don't tell the dark lord 'no', you do what he says or you perish."

"Maybe, but here's the thing, I'm still standing." Harry pointed out, gesturing to himself.

"Enough of this," Lucius cut back in. "Potter, you still have what I want."

"The ability to please a woman?" Harry guessed.

"The prophecy," Lucius snarled. "give it to us, and we'll let you and your girls go."

"Yeah? And I'm the ruler of England." Tonks snorted disbelievingly as she looked at Lucius. "It's obvious to anyone with two brain cells that you're not going to let us go."

"Great, so now we're going to go and fight death eaters," Tracey rolled her eyes before glancing towards Harry. "my life was a lot more normal before I met you." She smiled at him to show that there was no anger behind her words.

"Maybe, but I'm sure it's a lot more fun now." Harry grinned.

"Oh definitely." Daphne agreed as she raised her wand, ready to fight.

"You think you can beat us?" Lucius laughed. "Potter, you might be a great wizard but you and you're little girlfriends are outnumbered."

"Yes, but you're outmatched," Harry said before he began hissing. "Daphne, on my mark I want you to fire a reducto curse at the shelves behind Lucius and Bella. When we make our escape I want you to contact the Silver Wolves."

"How can I help?" Jet asked.

"Bite any of fucker that gets close enough," Harry answered.


"Speak English!" Lucius snapped at them.

"Racist!" Jet accused.

"Okay, let's wrap this conversation up then," Harry suggested. "I'm going to give you lot one chance to surrender or I'm going to go and kill the whole bleeding lot of you." Harry's words earned him laughter from several death eaters.

"Oh really?" Bellatrix asked, looking very interested. "How are you going to do that?" She asked as she raised her wand.

"No!" Lucius quickly said before she could do anything. "Don't fire a spell! We can't risk the prophecy being damaged! The dark lord would have our heads!" He said, speaking not just to her but also to the other death eaters.

"I wouldn't worry about him at the moment," Harry grinned. "you've got a bigger problem to deal with."

"Let me guess," Lucius sneered at him. "you?"

"No, well...yes, but also no. I was referring to something else," Harry replied. "I was referring to the rotting curse that I had placed on the shelves." Harry's voice was so casual that it took the death eaters a second to register what he had said. When they did their heads snapped to the shelves and they realized that Harry was right and that the shelves had been rotting. "Daphne, signal." The words had barely escaped Harry's mouth before he and Daphne raised their wands.

"Reducto!" Daphne yelled and a blue light burst out from her wand and shot in the direction of Lucius and Bellatrix, the two death eaters quickly raised their wands and just about managed to get a shield up just before Harry's wand let out a bright light that caused them both to close their eyes, they felt the wind shift as the curse shot pass them. The next thing they managed to hear was the spell crashing into the shelves behind them.

They opened their eyes in time to see Harry and his friends running away as part of the shelves began crumbling because of the rotting curse while another part began crumbling down due to the reducto curse, as the shelves fell they knocked into other shelves and soon all of the shelves began falling down.

"Run!" Lucius shouted, though his warning was more than a bit redundant given that the other death eaters had already started running.

"You contacted the SW yet?" Harry asked as he and his friends ran out of the hall of prophecies and continued to do so.

"Done!" Daphne confirmed as she put her galleon away. "What now?"

"Keep running!" Angela yelled.

"She's right!" Harry agreed. "Run, fight, do whatever it takes to survive until back-up arrives," Harry said before he flicked his wand backward, a spell shot out of his wand and connected with the hallway, it hit the walls and a second later various spikes of different sizes protruded out from the walls, blocking off the hallway. "slow them down," Harry added just as they reached another hallway. The girls nodded in response, Tracey was the first to react and aimed her wand behind her, fire burst out and the whole hallway was covered in flames. Once they reached the next hallway Daphne took her turn and covered it all in ice before making an ice wall halfway into it just as they reached the next hallway, Angela decided to turn the floor into quicksand after they got past. When it was Tonks's turn she made it so that the walls and floors would constantly start shaking.

"What are you doing?" Daphne asked when Harry started setting up obstacles in random hallways they passed.

"Our obstacles are also trails, I'm making this shit multi-choice!" Harry responded before causing spikes to rise up on a hallway in his left then waving his wand and making a flock of birds shoot out and start blocking the way, the girls quickly nodded and started helping out.

"Stupid blood traitor...children...little shits!" Lucius resisted the urge to roll his eyes as several of the death eaters continued cursing as they finally managed to exit the department of mysteries.

The collapsing shelves had lowered their numbers to twelve, the others having been crushed before they could escape. Once they were out they tried to chase after the kids, unfortunately, they had to deal with plenty of obstacles along the way. The obstacles wasted a lot of their time and energy, well...not his energy given that he took care of the easy ones and made sure that the others dealt with the rest, but eventually they were able to get out.

After a while, they were able to reach the building's atrium to find a rather surprising sight. Sitting in the middle of everything on a group of chairs was Potter and his girls, all four chairs positioned so they were facing Lucius and his fellow death eaters. Lucius was about to speak but the words failed to come out of his mouth when he noticed what looked like shattered pieces of glass resting by Potter's feet and blue smoke disappearing from view. Lucius's gaze moved upwards to look at Potter, desperately hoping for that glass to be anything else other than the prophecy. Unfortunately, he couldn't see an orb in Potter's hands or any of the other girls, though he did see the devil-child look up at him and give him a shit-eating grin as he waved his wand. Lucius correctly guessed that Potter had just gotten rid of a silencing spell, which means that not only had Potter heard the prophecy and broke the orb, he also had made sure that only he - and possibly his girls - had heard it. At that moment, only one thought went through Lucius's brain.

'I am going to be in so much trouble.'

"Hi Lucy," Harry waved at him. "pleasant day?"

"What...what have you done?" Lucius breathed out, a pained look on his face, he was currently filled with fear and anger, though the anger almost overtook the fear when he saw the devil child have the audacity to giggle.

"I've been a bad boy," Harry said with mock shame as Jet hissed from his position on Harry's shoulder. "ah, that's right, Jet." Harry nodded to Jet before he looked back at Lucius. "not as bad as you thought, Lucy. Weren't you supposed know...was it not your job to get that?" Harry asked, pointing down to the broken prophecy orb. "I had one job."

"How dare you?!" One death eater shouted while Lucius paled, looking unable to even breathe. "How dare you defy the will of the dark lord?!"

"Quiet!" Bellatrix barked at him before turning back to face Potter. "You shouldn't have done that, Potter," Bellatrix said seriously. "now the dark lord will have to punish you."

"He'd have to catch me first," Harry pointed out but nodded in agreement.

"I'd bet on you!" Tonks said brightly.

"Aw, thank you," Harry said appreciatively. "I...

"We'll bring you to the dark lord!" One death eater declared, interrupting Harry.

"Really? You and what army?" Daphne asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We...we have an army." The death eater sounded confused as he gestured to himself and the other death eaters.

"Oh, that's cute." Angela laughed.

"You call that an army?" Tracey asked just before the fire grates activated and the Silver Wolves began flooding in through the floo network, one by one they kept coming in until the death eaters were utterly and hilariously outnumbered. "Now, that's an army." She grinned.

"Indeed, it is." A cold voice echoed throughout the chamber just as a cloud of smoke descended down towards them and near the death eaters, as it got closer it shifted shape, and seconds later none other than Voldemort was standing in front of the death eaters, facing Harry and keeping his back to the death eaters. Daphne, Tracey, Angela, and Tonks quickly jumped up their feet, knowing exactly who this was. Harry, on the other hand, calmly stayed in place while the death eaters all dropped to their knees and bowed their heads. "You disappoint me, Lucius." Voldemort's words were quiet but heard by all.

"Master," Lucius spoke, confirming to those who didn't know that they were indeed dealing with none other than Voldemort himself. "please forgive me." He knew that he had many problems he had to deal with, including but not limited to the fact that a great many students had just seen his face. Fudge was still in charge so it was possible that he could get away with the 'imperious' curse excuse, but all of that wouldn't matter if he wasn't able to appease his master. "I know that..."

"Silence," Voldemort ordered, "I shall deal with you later." his attention shifted to the many people in front of him. "It is indeed an impressive army." Voldemort complimented Harry.

"Thanks, Voldemort," Harry calmly replied as he stood up, he vanished the chairs, taking the opportunity to glance at his army. Despite the fact that they were all wearing masks, Harry could tell that they were shaken and frightened to be standing in the same room as the man that the world had feared since they were all born. "so, how are things?" Harry asked as he looked back at Voldemort.

"As well as they can be, all things considering," Voldemort replied, his gaze briefly drifting to the broken orb. "and yourself?" He asked.

"Same old, same old," Harry answered with a shrug of his shoulders. "I couldn't help but notice that your body was physically smoke a few moments ago."

"Interests you, does it?" Voldemort asked with a knowing smirk.

"Oh definitely," Harry confirmed. "how could it not?"

"I know a great many pieces of magic that many believe to be lost in time or nothing more than stories," Voldemort emphasized his point by casually lifting himself up into the air so his feet were no longer touching the floor, he resisted the urge to laugh when he saw many of Potter's army flinch. "impressive, is it not?"

"It's a cool trick," Harry agreed before he rose up as well. "but I can do it as well." Harry pointed out before allowing Jet to slither off his arm and land on Daphne, Voldemort looked briefly surprised before his face settled into an unsettling grin.

"You continue to impress me, Harry." Voldemort slowly flew forwards while Harry did the same, Voldemort began flying to his right and Harry flew to his own right. Eventually, the two stopped once they were suitably far away from the others and each other before landing, the Silver Wolves on Harry's left and the death eater's on Harry's right.

"Thank you," Harry began but paused as a thought occurred to him. "quick question, do you prefer this lot alive?" Harry asked, gesturing to the death eaters.

"That is preferable, yes." Voldemort nodded.

"Yeah, well, here's the thing. I want a rematch but I don't want you to hurt any of my friends, so I suggest that you allow my friends to leave and you send away your lot."

"Tempting idea, but you have already killed quite a few of my death eaters," Voldemort pointed out. "perhaps I should kill some of yours to even it out?"

"Perhaps, but here's the thing, I am pretty sure I like my army more than you like yours."

"Hmm, most likely," Voldemort admitted without a care in the world. "so?"

"So if you hurt my army then I - childish little shit that I am - will feel like I have to kill ALL of your death munchers," Harry answered. "besides, you involve either your guys or my guys then this becomes an all-out war, and last I checked I have more people here."

"Hmm, valid point, but I want at least one person to watch my back in case of any surprises. I have a counteroffer, you will be allowed to keep one of your members, and I shall keep one of mine, the rest may go."

"Agreed!" Tonks shouted before anyone could respond, "I'll do it."

"Tonks!" Harry protested. "I don't think that..."

"Harry, if you think that I'm going to leave you alone with him..." She paused and gestured to Voldemort. "...then you've got another thing coming, do not make me tell Mum!" Tonks threatened, causing Harry to shiver.

"Fuck, that's checkmate." Harry cursed under his breath before looking up to Voldemort who looked far too amused. "We got a deal, I'll take Tonks."

"In that case, I'll take Bellatrix," Voldemort responded, earning a giggle from Bellatrix who happily clapped her hands together. "the rest of you will leave once Potter's army has gone." He ordered. Harry stared at Voldemort for several moments and performed a rather risky move by using legilimency against Voldemort who seemingly had not noticed him. A second later Harry withdrew without Voldemort being any wiser before turning to his army, he didn't say anything, he simply nodded.

"Harry, are you sure?" Angela asked with a frown. "Please, let me stay, I am your loyal servant and..."

"I know, but if you stay then he'll get another one of his death eaters to stay," Harry told her.

"He's not wrong." Voldemort chimed in.

"The fewer people here, the better."

"Once again, not wrong."

"Very well," To say Angela looked upset was an understatement, despite that she nodded her head and joined the rest of his army in leaving. Daphne shot him an encouraging nod and a look that clearly said she would be more than a little annoyed if he didn't come back alive. As she left she discreetly allowed Jet to slither off her body, allowing the serpent to make his way through the sea of people until he was able to reach Tonks. If Tonks noticed Jet climbing up her and hiding within her clothes, then she didn't show it. Tracey followed shortly after, looking at Harry as several emotions fought for dominance within her, eventually, she nodded and left.

"Leave," Voldemort spoke, his death eaters all left with the exception of Bellatrix. "you're too attached to them," Voldemort told Harry. "that will be your undoing. For wizards like you and I, these people are merely tools. Hundreds and hundreds of tools with the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders, you and me, we're exceptional. I could squash you like a bug, right now, but I'm offering you a choice. Join me, and become more than what you are, think about what we could create, or what we could destroy. We could join forces or fight each other, again and again until we are both dead, is that what you want?" Voldemort asked, staring at Harry who looked quite thoughtful, a moment later, he opened his mouth and gave his answer

"Pretty much, yeah." The words had barely left his mouth before Harry fired a spell at Voldemort and the battle commenced.

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