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Chapter 102 -

"Cute," Voldemort commented as he casually tilted his head so that Harry's orange spell shot past him. "though I suppose if you must insist on violence then I must respond in kind." Voldemort flicked his wand at Harry, sending a trio of cutting curses at Harry. Harry ducked down, letting the curses fly past his head.

"So, have you ever thought about getting a wig?" Harry asked in what sounded like genuine curiosity before he jabbed his wand in Voldemort's direction, sending two chains that tried to wrap around the dark lord but bounced off the magical shield that appeared with the barest twist of Voldemort's wand.

"A wig?" Voldemort chuckled as he transfigured the chains into spikes before sending them to Harry who easily vanished them just as Voldemort began speaking in a dry voice. "For some reason, I doubt I'd be able to pull that off."

"Fair enough." Harry twisted his wand while jabbing it in Voldemort's direction, sending a pulsing dark blue curse that shot towards Voldemort's chest. Voldemort lazily stepped to the side, allowing the curse to pass him, without looking he flicked his wand behind him and a shield popped up just in time to block the explosion that happened as the spell exploded a second later.

"Oh, I love that spell," Voldemort said appreciatively. "I remember teaching it to Bellatrix."

"Yep, he did!" Bellatrix chimed in from where she was standing, watching the whole thing with a grin on her face. "It's one of my favourites." She laughed, neither her nor Voldemort noticing Jet sneaking out of Tonk's clothes.

With a wave of his wand, Voldemort sent a trio of blades at Harry, Harry quickly turned the trio of blades into six ravens that flew around him and charged towards Voldemort. With the barest flick of the dark lord's wrist, the ravens vanished as if they were never there. Voldemort jabbed his wand at Harry, a large black spell blasted through the air towards Harry. Harry stepped to the side and allowed the spell to shoot past him, and it was a good thing that he did since a second later it crashed into a wall, melting the part that it had come into contact with.

"Crucio." Voldemort shot the infamous torture curse towards Harry.

"Not this time!" Harry hissed before a swarm of bats shot out from his wand and surrounded him in a protective shield, the curse struck one of the bats, knocking it out of the air. Harry quickly directed the bats towards Voldemort, before aiming his wand at the bat that was shaking in pain on the floor. Harry's first spell turned it into a spider the size of a small dog, the second multiplied it so that there were at least thirty of them, Harry had sent them straight towards Voldemort just a couple of seconds before the dark lord had vanished Harry's bats. Harry followed up his attack with a cutting curse followed by a blasting curse and a bone breaker.

Voldemort waved his wand, sending a wave of burning hot fire that ran across the floor, destroying the spiders before blocking the cutting curse and blasting curse, however, he was unable to properly stop the bone breaker that had hit him in his free arm's forearm. Voldemort hissed in pain before sending a fire blast at Harry before healing his arm, Harry stepped back and slapped the fire to the side with his wand, causing it to disappear.

"Impressive," Voldemort complimented, his arm fully healed. "you've improved. You're faster, and your spells have more of a bite to them."

"Thanks," Harry responded, ducking under a cutting curse and returning fire with an organ-liquifying spell. "you certainly live up to your reputation as well." Harry shot several more spells at Voldemort.

"Why fight me, Harry?" Voldemort asked, defending himself from Harry's spells before firing a dark green spell at Harry who sidestepped. "It is futile and pointless. Why not join me, Harry? Surely at least some part of that offer appeals to you?" Voldemort jabbed his wand forward and sent a fire whip at Harry, Harry cast a flame-freezing spell on himself just before the whip wrapped around his free arm, it was an odd sensation to see fire wrap around your arm but not get burnt by it. He shot a dark blue spell at Voldemort before dispelling the fire whip and attacking Voldemort with a lightning whip. Voldemort swatted away Harry's first spell before conjuring a transparent dome around himself in time to stop the lightning whip that wrapped around it. "I know that you're tempted," Voldemort continued after the whip had disappeared, he allowed his shield to drop. "think about it, Harry. Unlimited access to any and all records of magical knowledge that I and my followers possess, the freedom to practise as much magic as you like!" Voldemort shot a golden spell at Harry who brought his wand down like a knife and slammed it straight into the ground.

"And living in a world where the guy who killed my parents is in charge," Harry replied, in-between shooting spells at Voldemort. "living in a world where the people I care for will end up second-hand citizens at best."

"So disappointing," Voldemort tutted before slicing his wand in Harry's direction, sending a trio of arrows at Harry followed by a black beam of magic that hissed as it ripped through the air. Harry waved his wand and the arrows stopped in mid-air, a small flick caused them to transform into three large metal shields that Harry placed in front of Voldemort's blast. He wasn't stupid enough to think that the shields would stop the beam, but they'd at least slow it down a bit...or at least Harry hoped they would.

Voldemort's beam ripped through Harry's shields like a knife through wet paper. Fortunately, they did stall the beam long enough for Harry to shield, barely. Harry was pushed back several feet as the beam impacted against his shield, he almost fell over but just about kept his balance. Harry gritted his teeth before he let out a shout and cut the beam off by slashing his wand down, Harry wasted no time and shot several spells at Voldemort who was able to counter them all before Harry fired a high powered explosive curse at the ceiling above Voldemort. Large pieces of the ceiling fell down towards Voldemort, while the dark lord was distracted by that, Harry aimed his wand at him and fired a high powered lightning blast.

Angela had a murderous expression on her face as she looked at the rest of the Silver Wolves, as far as she was concerned, this was all their fault. She was currently with them in the Room of Requirement, something that upset her greatly given that she felt like she should currently be with Harry, her sworn master, as he engaged in a life or death battle against one of the most feared wizards of all times. But she wasn't, because she had been sent away with the rest of this ignorant lot. She could tell that the rest of the Silver Wolves weren't exactly happy about being sent away either, but thankfully a few of them understood. Unfortunately, most of them didn't, a small amount of them were currently protesting loudly, the most noticeable one being Zacharias Smith.

It took a great deal of effort for her to not use several painful spells on him, she glanced to her side and saw that Daphne and Tracey didn't look that better, Angela didn't believe that she knew the two of them as well as Harry, does, but she could tell that the two of them were probably the only people as pissed off as she is.

"What the hell was he thinking?!" Zach demanded angrily to the crowd of students behind him. "Sending us off to fight you-know-who on his own?!"

"I'm sure he had a good reason for doing so!" Roman spoke up in Harry's defence.

"Yeah? Well, you don't start your day without bowing at his feet, so excuse me if I don't believe you." Zach sniffed. "He just wanted the glory for himself! He thinks he can beat you-know-who by himself and wants to do it himself to be more famous and..." The rest of his lengthy rant was cut short as he found himself spun around just before a fist slammed into his nose.

Zach fell back and landed on the floor, clutching his nose, he looked up and saw Daphne shaking her hand and glaring at him. Tracey quickly moved over and began waving her wand over Daphne's hand.

"Nice punch," Angela complimented her as she stepped forward. "it's a shame though, I was about to do that."

"I see no reason why you shouldn't have your fun." Daphne shrugged before Tracey stopped waving her wand.

"You had minor damage but nothing that I couldn't fix," Tracey informed Daphne while Zach got back up to his feet

"You bitch!" Zach cursed as blood dripped out of his nose, raising his wand and aiming it at Daphne, only for it to be ripped away by Angela's disarming spell, less than a second late another spell crashed against Zach. A great many males in the room winced as the Hufflepuff boy fell to the floor in a fetal position with his hands in-between his legs.

"Does anybody else want to try something?" Angela asked, twirling her wand in her hand. Unsurprisingly, nobody else volunteered. "Tracey, do you mind?" Angela asked after flicking her wand, causing Zach to flip over onto his back.

"Nope." Tracey jabbed her wand in Zach's direction, the blood disappeared from his face and his nose snapped back into place, perhaps the way it did so was a bit more painful than it needed to be, which would explain the pained gasp that escaped his lips.

"Now, are you idiots ready to listen or what?" Daphne asked the group.

"I'm not sure we should bother with them," Angela said, shaking her head with disappointment. "I wouldn't. After all that Harry has done for them, including teaching them spells that could at some points save their lives, they actually have the gall to question him."

"Now, hold on, you know as well as I do that Harry wouldn't object to being questioned," Tracey pointed out.

"Perhaps not, but this is ridiculous." Daphne hissed, gesturing to the crowd around them. "Especially that!" She pointed to Zach who was still on the floor. "I've never seen such ungratefulness in my life!"

"Either way, as upset as we are, Harry has put a lot of work into this, and it'd be a shame to throw that all the drain, do you agree?" Tracey asked calmly.

"How are you so calm?" Daphne asked irritably, reluctantly conceding Tracey's point.

"I'm not, I'm pissed off too, I just hide it better," Tracey answered before turning to the crowd. "you're all upset that Harry sent us away, fair enough, but you need to understand why. It's not because he wanted to fight Voldemort on his own like that idiot suggested," Tracey gestured to Zach who was slowly getting back up to his feet. "think about it, who wouldn't want competent backup while fighting the most feared dark lord of the modern age? The reason he sent you back was that you were scared." Immediately several members began protesting loudly against Tracey's words and would have continued to do so if Angela hadn't let out a canon blast noise from her wand.

"Zip it!" Angela ordered. "Tracey's right, you were all scared. I noticed it, Voldemort noticed it and so did Harry. That's why he sent you away."

"Fear is fine, it's natural, but when you let it take over then that can make things dangerous," Daphne spoke next. "if you guys were at your best then it would have been an easy victory for us. But half of you were cowering in fear and the chances of you getting hurt had increased. Harry Potter would rather fight Voldemort on his lonesome than risk more of you dying than necessary."

"Honestly," Angela sighed. "it was ridiculous. We outnumbered them all and it had been proven that Harry on his own can at the very least challenge Voldemort to a decent fight, if we had all fought together at our best then we would've won. But despite all Harry has done, you're all still scared of the boogeyman you've heard stories about and are now blaming Harry because you're upset. If any of you truly want to prove me wrong then go back now and help him, Voldemort will probably still be there. Do you want to go, Smith?" She asked Zach who frowned and looked away. "That's what I thought."

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