Chapter 106 -

"Potter's becoming a problem," One of them said.

In the Hogs Head bar, a trio of men sat in the corner, all of them, huddled around a small table. If any person were to inspect their left arms then they would find the death eater's mark tattooed there.

"I know," Another replied. "But it's not like we can do much about it, is there? The dark lord said he wanted Potter for himself, I'm not about to disobey a direct order from him. Do you know what he would do to us?"

"You're right," The third man agreed. "There are very few things that the dark lord would let you get away with and this is not one of them, Potter's personally challenged him. If he doesn't finish Potter himself then it would be seen as a sign of weakness. Potter would just kill us, but if we manage to kill him then the dark lord will do something much worse to us."

"Like any of you could do anything to him," Somebody scoffed, the death eaters turned around and saw a figure leaning against a wall with a butterbeer in his hands, he was dressed in black robes and had a silver wolf mask covering his face.

"Oi," The first death eater blurted out as the trio stood up and pulled out their wands. "You're one of Potter's lot, aren't you?"

"I just might be," The masked figure answered as he put his butterbeer down to the side and pulled out his own wand.

"What are you going to do?" The second death eater scoffed. "You're outnumbered,"

"Look around, dipshit," The figure casually replied whilst gesturing around them, a second later a series of disillusionment charms faded, revealing several more wolf mask-wearing figures.

"Shit," The third death eater blurted out.

"Yep, pretty much," The first Silver Wolf agreed.

*Line Break*

"You're either getting worse or I'm getting better," Harry commented as he dodged a stunner that flew past him and impacted against the wall behind him, Harry flicked his wand and sent a trio of ropes at Tonks who countered with a simple wave of her own wand, changing the ropes into a trio of birds that she shot towards Harry.

"I'm definitely not getting worse, thank you very much," Tonks replied just before Harry transfigured the birds into bird-sized centipedes and sent them towards Tonks. "Hey, none of that!" She said, quickly destroying the centipedes. "I don't like them."

"Sorry," Harry said apologetically before firing a fire blast at Tonks.

The two of them were currently in the basement of Number twelve Grimmauld Place, both were waiting for the next meeting of the Order of the Phoenix to start but several members would be arriving late so the meeting was delayed, resulting in the two of them deciding to go and pass the time with some duelling.

"Excuse me," A voice interrupted, the two of them stopped and turned to see Lupin standing in the doorway. "Sorry to interrupt," He said with an awkward wave of his hand. "But the meeting is about to start so I've been sent to collect you."

"Finally," Harry clicked his tongue and Thor flew over whilst holding Jet in his talons, Thor dropped Jet and he landed on Harry's shoulders before slithering down to his right arm so that Thor could occupy the spot on Harry's right shoulder. "You're getting a bit heavy, aren't you, Champ?" Harry grinned at Thor who affectionately nipped at Harry's ear.

"Let's go," He said to the other two, Thor chirped in agreement and softly bumped Harry's head before they all walked up to the kitchen.

As soon as they arrived they saw that the kitchen was packed full of people, Mad-Eye Moody had taken his usual spot in a corner of the room while the rest of the order members had sat down at the table or stood around it. At one end of the table sat Headmaster Dumbledore with Snape standing right behind him. Harry looked to the other end of the table and couldn't help but smirk slightly as he saw it had been left empty for him.

"So, are we going to start?" Harry asked as he sat down in his seat whilst taking a look around. Some members of the order didn't look like they wanted him to be here, most noticeably Mrs Weasley, but Harry didn't really care. As far as he was concerned he had done more to battle Voldemort than most of them combined.

"Yes," Dumbledore nodded his head. "Firstly, I'd like to ask Mr Bill Weasley about his progress with the goblins." Dumbledore looked questioningly towards the eldest Weasley child.

"Not much to report really," Bill admitted in a disappointed voice. "I think it's best to divert attention away from the goblins, I think neutrality is the best we're going to get from them. If we keep pushing then they'll either start to make some big demands or they just might start making life difficult for us."

"Noted," Dumbledore hummed. "I shall think upon it, now, what of the ministry?"

"Professor," Kingsley Shacklebolt spoke up. "I believe that Amelia Bones is likely to be voted in as the next Minister of Magic," His statement earned many nods and verbal agreement from various members of the orders.

"I do agree with you there," Replied Dumbledore. "Amelia has always been very firm with the law, it's well known that she doesn't accept bribes and her blood is more than pure enough to satisfy the traditionalists."

"She's also competent, more so than that tosser Fudge," Barked Mad-Eye.

"Harry's bird on a bad day is more competent than that idiot," Snorted Tonks.

"Yeah," Chuckled Harry whilst Thor trilled happily. "He didn't really set the bar high,"

"Bones would crack down on those death-munching idiots like a cat on a mouse," Moody continued. "Lass has my vote,"

"What about Rufus Scrimengour?" Asked one order member. "He's pretty good too."

"He's alright," Sirius shrugged. "But he's no Bones, I'd say she'd be our best bet."

"Amelia has made it clear in the past that she would not be working with the order," Remus spoke up. "But I don't think that means she would work against us."

"How strict is she when it comes to upholding the laws?" Harry asked. "Is she a 'black and white,' type or does she have her grey areas?"

"Truthfully, we're not sure," Sirius replied.

"I reckon if you're convincing enough then you might have the slimmest of chances," Moody replied. "She won't be a fan of anyone actively breaking the laws, but she does hate the death eaters, they took her brothers in the last war. It's possible that she could be convinced to bend the law."

"Interesting," Harry hummed.

"I do hope you're not going to be actively trying to break the law," Mrs Weasley said with a disproving frown.

"You mean like attending meetings and being a part of an illegal vigilante organisation?" Harry raised an eyebrow at the Weasley matriarch whose cheeks turned slightly red.

"Headmaster, I have a concern that I'd like to voice," Snape spoke up.

"The floor is all yours, Severus," Dumbledore gestured for him to continue.

"There have been numerous death eaters attacked over the last week," Snape said. "Whispers are starting to travel amongst the death eaters,"

"He's right," Kingsley spoke up. "There have been plenty of death eaters ending up in the ministry, battered and bruised, severely injured most of the time. The ones that are willing to talk have all claimed that they were attacked by 'Potter's army'." Everyone instantly turned to look at Harry who was lazily stroking Jet.

"What?" He asked in an innocent voice.

"Is there something you'd like to tell us about?" Snape drawled.

"Not particularly," Harry shrugged. "Though, coincidentally, I wouldn't mind having a private chat with Professor Dumbledore and Mad-Eye after this meeting has concluded."

"Potter, we all know that you have an army made of Hogwarts students," Snape glared at him.

"Congratulations," Harry said in a dry voice. "Want a cookie?"

"Your army could be a great asset for the order," A member pointed out. "Don't you think you should hand control over it to Professor Dumbledore and..."

"No offence to the great headmaster," Harry cut in. "But if he was truly as great as people claim him to be then he would have been able to stop the dark wanker with just you lot. No offence," He added to Dumbledore.

"None taken," Dumbledore said in a cheery voice, quickly cutting off any members that were about to protest on his behalf.

"Either way, even if I did have an army, I wouldn't be handing control of that army over to anyone," Harry continued. "Move on,"

"Very well," Dumbledore quickly agreed. "Severus, do you have anything else to report?" He asked. Snape didn't look happy but did nod his head and started to answer Dumbledore's question.

"The dark lord is preparing a ritual of some sort," Snape began.

"What kind of ritual?" Sirius asked.

"I don't know, Black," Snape glared at him for a moment before he continued. "The dark lord has tasked various death eaters including Lucius, Lestrange and myself with gathering various supplies. He has even asked me to make several potions for him including blood-replenishing potions and various other ones that are known to be used in rituals."

"Do you have any guesses about what he wants to do?" Mr Weasley asked.

"The only theory I have at the moment is that he is planning to make a new body for himself," Snape answered.

"A new body?" Moody narrowed his eyes.

"Yes," Snape grunted. "His body had been damaged severely, whatever Potter had done to him has him barely functioning."

"You're welcome," Harry said cheerily.

"If he needs so many things from you then why don't you sabotage one of his potions?" Sirius questioned.

"Because unlike you, Black, he's not an arrogant Gryffindor who would..."

"Snape," Harry cut him off. "If you want to trade insults then I assure you that we are more than happy to do so, so unless you want us to begin insulting you, which I promise, won't be a hardship for us, I'd like to ask you to behave appropriately for a man your age, mind your tongue and just answer the damn question."

"Mr Potter is quite right," Dumbledore said, giving Snape a disapproving look. "Please cease with the insults, Severus, we have more important matters at hand than childhood grudges."

"You know, an apology would be nice," Sirius grinned.

"Don't push it, Black," Snape sent him and Harry a glare before he continued. "When I first joined the dark lord he had made me swear a magical vow to make sure that any potions I made for him would always work and to never try and poison him."

"Smart," Harry conceded, "Do you have any idea what ritual he is going to use?"

"I know of a few rituals that he could be possibly using," Dumbledore frowned. "I shall check my library as soon as I return back to Hogwarts."

"I've got a few books that I could check out as well," Harry hummed. "Is that the only ritual he is preparing?"

"I don't know," Snape admitted. "Why do you ask?"

"He's Voldemort and he's been losing, he's not going to let that slide," Harry ran a hand through his hair. "It's possible that he might want to add a bit more of an advantage to fights. It's possible that he might start to use sacrificial rituals,"

"You mean like sacrificing someone to boost his own power?" Bill Weasley asked.

"That's exactly what I mean," Harry nodded before turning his attention back to Snape. "He can only do a limited amount of those rituals, you need to keep an eye on him and see if he starts sacrificing anybody." Snape stiffened and had to fight back his first urge to remind Potter that he didn't have the authority to order anyone around here, he reluctantly had to admit to himself that Potter was right and that did seem like the sort of thing that the dark lord would do.

*Line Break*

"It worked," Voldemort gleefully whispered.

The ritual was not an easy one, as evidenced by the seven bodies surrounding him. The bodies, covered in bruises and cuts, were a necessary sacrifice for the ritual, they were only low-ranking death eaters so he didn't really see them as a big loss. Besides, their 'willing sacrifice' had benefited him far more than they were capable of. The only big regret that he had was that he had to sacrifice one of his valuable horcruxes for the ritual, the cup itself had ended up being destroyed along with the piece of his soul, but right now he felt like it was worth it. He still had a few horcruxes left and the benefits were definitely visible.

He had been tempted to make his new body similar to the body he had before his first defeat, but chose against it, he much preferred the current look he had.

His new body was just like his previous one, milky white with red eyes and slits for a nose, but it was also much different. He could feel his magic surging through his body, travelling up and down his limbs, circling throughout his body. He looked down and saw black smoke surrounding his legs like a cloud, his hands glided up and touched the top of his head and found a small spike. His hands followed the spike and several others behind it before he felt them even at the base of his neck, he could feel the spikes travelling down his very spine. He turned around and spotted his beloved Nagini slithering towards him with his wand in her mouth.

He took his wand from her and ignored her concerned hissing before he conjured himself some robes and placed them on before making a mirror appear in front of him.

He stood in shock for several moments as he looked at his reflection, he could see the spikes on his head travelling down to his neck before his robes covered the rest, despite that he could feel them travelling all the way to his lower back. His right eye was just as red as his other one yet it was verticle instead of horizontal like his left, there was also the glaring new addition to his face which was the third red eye that was placed on his left cheek just below his other eye. He was most definitely no longer an omnivore as his teeth were all sharp and pointy now, they looked like rows of Nagini's fangs.

"Look at what you did to me, Potter," Voldemort whispered as he stared at his reflection. "I should find a way to thank you."

*Line Break*

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