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Chapter 108 -

"Andromeda, I've stated it a great many times and I will say it again, if you weren't married, I would marry you," Harry said before taking another mouthful of the delicious food that Andromeda had prepared for his breakfast.

"And as always, I am very flattered," She smiled as she poured some seeds into a bowl for Thor.

"As well you should be," Harry nodded before glancing towards Jet, curled up in the corner. "Jet, you want something?"

"I've already eaten this week," Jet said, lying down on the floor.

"Thor," Andromeda called loudly before whistling. "Breakfast time," She added, a few seconds later the sound of flapping wings echoed throughout the house before Thor flew in and landed on the table before promptly beginning to eat his seeds. "Good boy," She said approvingly, as she stroked his feathers. "So, Harry, are you looking forward to going back to school?" She asked.

"Not really," Harry confessed, taking a break from eating to look at her. "I do miss school, but I just can't help but feel like I have more important things to do. Voldemort is out there, and I can't help but feel like I'd be more valuable actively taking the fight to him. But then again the Silver Wolves are also extremely valuable, so maybe I should be there to make sure they're ready to take the fight to the Death Eaters." He said thoughtfully.

"It is a shame that war is a priority for someone your age," Andromeda sighed deeply. "It's even worse that I can't blame you, stopping this war and killing them seems to be the only way out of this. It's a shame they weren't dealt with properly during the last war. If they had arrested them properly and made sure that snake-faced bastard was dead then none of this would be happening now."

"Idiots shape history just as much as geniuses," Harry said with a small sigh. "All we can do now is hope for the best and stop as many of them as possible. Speaking of which, we've never really deeply discussed your sister."

"What does Narcissa have to do with anything?" Andromeda asked in a confused voice.

"Not that sister, the other one," Harry replied. "Bellatrix. I killed her, and you've never really said anything about it, I just thought that..."

"Harry," Andromeda gently cut him off. "I've never said anything about it because there is absolutely nothing to be said. My sister Bellatrix was lost long ago when she decided to join a group of terrorists that want people like my husband dead. What you did was put down a monster, a monster that is no better than the dark lord himself and was threatening my daughter. You did the whole world a favour, that horrid creature is not my sister, no matter what anyone says. It's not the blood connections that make us family, they are often just a base for why we care for each other." She smiled as she placed her hand on top of his. "We are family, Harry, no matter what."

"Thank you," Harry said, slowly breathing out a small sigh of relief. "I am glad, I want you to know that...the day that you all brought me into your home...was one of the best days of my life. Truly."

"That goes both ways," She gave him a watery smile before leaning forward and kissing his forehead. "Now, you're a growing boy, I think you need a second helping of breakfast." She winked at him before turning and walking off to the kitchen.

"Best mother ever," Harry grinned before pausing and remembering that Lily Potter might just not appreciate that. He looked up with an apologetic look on his face. "No offence," He quickly said.

"So, it's a bit of an odd situation," Tonks told Harry as the two walked into the ministry along with Angela, all dressed in casual clothes even though they didn't look quite as casual. Tonks stood out with her punk-rock clothes and pink hair, Angela was a stunning beauty and Harry was not only one of the most famous wizards in the world but was also carrying around a snake and had a thunderbird on his shoulder. One that would casually leap up into the air and fly around several times before landing on his shoulder. "When I worked here as an auror I would rarely ever see the Minister but now it's one of my old bosses and I'm invited to see her with you, not even a day after she got elected." She added, causing Harry to smile.

The newest Minister of Magic was none other than Amelia Bones, the aunt of Susan Bones in Harry's year and now ex-head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE). Harry had only ever heard good things about her, according to both Tonks and Moody, she was tough but incredibly fair and exactly the type of Minister that the wizarding world needed right now. Harry had done his own research into her and what he found had mostly confirmed what he had been told. Though he was quite honestly surprised that Voldemort hadn't taken her out already, that's what Harry would have done had he been in his situation.

"Here to see Madam Bones," Harry said as they stopped in front of the receptionist, the woman behind the desk looked quite tired. She muttered something under her breath and looked up.

"Oh...Harry Potter..." She blinked before glancing at Angela and then her gaze filtered to Tonks. "Oh, hello Tonks, good to see you again."

"Alright, Sarah," Tonks waved at her. "What's up, old Bones got you working overtime or something?"

"Nah, just working for the Minister is apparently a lot harder when you have one that works as Miss Bones does," The woman who was now named Sarah explained. "When I was a receptionist for Fudge I could pretty much just waste a day doing what I wanted and just had to do about an hour of paperwork and making sure that only rich purebloods come in for meetings. Miss Bones is a whole different breed of animal, and now I have to try and remember how to do my job, which is not fun, but least I'm still getting paid for it. Plus, I doubt she'd try to cop a feel like old Fudge did."

"He what?!" Tonks blurted out.

"Don't worry," Sarah laughed. "He missed, was aiming for my ass and ended up grabbing the junk of the guy next to me, never tried again after that."

"That man is a thundering dumbass," Angela sighed, looking like she wanted nothing more than to never think about Fudge ever again.

"Anyway," Sarah continued. "A meeting with Madam Bones, you said," She turned to Harry while looking over some papers. "Ah yes, she should be free now, go ahead down the hallway and head right to the door at the end.

"Thank you very much," Harry nodded politely and was about to move when suddenly Sarah pulled out a piece of parchment and held it out for him.

"Autograph?" She asked hopefully.

Harry took a good look around as he entered the Minister's office, he had no idea what the place would have looked like while Fudge was in charge, but he was sure it probably looked different now. The walls were plain white with elaborate golden designs, the floor was covered in a soft red carpet. A couple of thick drawers were placed on the sides of the room along with burgundy sofas and shelves filled with books. A golden chandelier hung from the ceiling and the walls were scattered with portraits just like in Professor Dumbledore's office, though Harry could tell that these portraits were former Ministers.

At the end of the room, sitting behind a large desk that was somehow a serious shade of brown, was Amelia Bones. Dressed in black robes mixed with soft blue, she had a square-jawed face that was every bit as serious as Professor McGongall's, copper hair that descended down to her shoulders and on her right eye had a monocle glass that she took off and gently placed on her desk.

"Mr Potter, please join me," She said, gesturing to the seats in front of her desk. Harry and his two companions walked over and calmly took their seats. "First things first," Amelia reached into an open drawer on her desk and then tossed an auror badge to Tonks.

"What...this is...this is my badge!" Tonks gaped at her.

"Yes, I'm expecting you next week to come in at your usual times," Amelia nodded. "Fudge was an imbecile who got rid of a valuable auror because he wasn't willing to look ten seconds into a case and realise what many of us realised a long time ago, the dark lord is back. And that means I need every competent auror I have. Fudge got rid of you because of politics, not because you did anything wrong. As far as I'm concerned, you're back on the force, like I said, you'll be working next week, at your usual shift."

"If you're trying to make me like you by giving Tonks her job back then you should at least try and be more subtle about it," Harry said flatly, causing her to turn to him.

"This is not about making you happy," Amelia told him bluntly. "I have many advisors that have advised me to do so, and I will attempt to do so, but I meant every word I said. Auror Tonks is an exceptional auror and I'm not going to get rid of her simply because of Fudge's inability to see what was in front of her. Tonks will be one of my aurors, regardless of if you like it or not." She paused before turning to Tonks. "Unless you do not want this job?"

"No, no, I do!" Tonks said quickly, pinning the badge to her clothes quickly as if afraid that Madam Bones would take it away from her.

"So, what did you call me here for?" Harry asked patiently.

"I wanted to discuss the dark lord with you," She told him honestly. "I have information about him that I believe you might want, and you have info about him that I might want."

"Well, I got to admit, I already like you more than Fudge," He told her before glancing up and spotting a portrait of Fudge who was now looking quite nervous. Harry's eyes narrowed as he sent a deathly glare at it.

"Mr Potter, please refrain from frightening my portraits," Amelia requested him, sounding not at all amused, even though the slight curve of her lips said overwise.

"Where are they?" Daphne wondered as she finally made her way onto the Hogwarts Express. She had said her goodbyes to her parents and had walked her little sister to her friends before searching for Harry and Tracey. She knew that the two of them would like to make it here early just like she did. About a minute into her search, she found the compartment they were in, though she was more shocked about what they were doing. Her gaze was firmly fixed on Harry who had his hands on Tracey's face as the two snogged each other with an intense passion. "About bleeding time!" She blurted out as she opened the door, interrupting Harry and Tracey's snogging session, and causing the two to split apart.

"Daph!" Tracey whined. "Did you have to interrupt?!"

"I'm just happy!" Daphne said defensively, a wide grin on her face as she plopped down next to Harry and leered at the two. "When did this happen?"

"Just now?" Harry smirked as he leaned back into his chair and wrapped one arm around each of their waists. "I remember our conversations from last year," He told Daphne before kissing her on the cheek. "I thought about what you said and considered it. We're all in a war now, might as well enjoy ourselves as much as we can. Though I want to make it clear that there will be no more additions from now on," He told Daphne with a mock stern look.

"Understood Master," Daphne said in a droll voice before turning to Tracey. "So, spill, did you enjoy yourself?" She grinned.

"I just might have," Tracey grinned back.

"I'm already regretting this," Harry mock sighed.

"Shut it you," Daphne said, leaning into him. "It's a shame Angela isn't here, she'd like this. Where is she anyway?"

"That's a surprise," Harry told her. "She asked me not to tell anyone."

"So she'd be at Hogwarts then?" Tracey guessed.

"Maybe, maybe not." Harry shrugged, not really answering the question. Fortunately for him, the girls didn't really get a chance to ask again as the door to the compartment opened up again and their fellow sixth-year Slytherins climbed in and sat down.

"Harry, good summer?" Blaise greeted him before gesturing between Harry and the two girls clinging to him.

"It was alright," Harry replied as he looked around the compartment and greeted everyone. "What about you, Blaise?" Harry asked. "How was your summer?"

"It was okay," Blaise shrugged. "Mother and Angela say 'hi' by the way."

"Wait, Blaise doesn't know either?" Daphne asked Harry.

"Doesn't know what?" Blaise blinked.

"The fact that your sister might just be at Hogwarts this year," She answered, causing Blaise to look at Harry before letting out a small huff.

"You know, I'm not really surprised anymore that Harry knows more about my sister than me," He said in an amused voice.

"So, everyone, how have your holidays been?" Harry asked.

"Alright," Crabbe and Goyle grunted.

"Same as usual," Pansy said casually before pulling out a book and quickly burying her nose into it.

"It was alright," Draco said, somewhat stiffly.

"Yeah," Theo nodded at that. "Same as usual," He quickly added.

"Hmm," Harry hummed thoughtfully, staring between both Draco and Theo, both of whom shifted in their seats for a moment before the compartment door opened to reveal a nervous-looking third-year Hufflepuff boy, holding a trio of letters.

"E...excuse me...Mr Potter," The third year stuttered. "Pr...Professor Slughorn has asked me to deliver this letter to you," He added, giving Harry the letter before quickly handing Daphne and Blaise the other two and then turning and leaving.

"Why's he so nervous?" Crabbe grunted confusedly.

"I don't know, maybe because he entered a compartment full of Slytherin, one of which is Harry Bloody Potter!" Nott said sarcastically, unable to prevent himself from rolling his eyes.

"Hmm, it appears that Daphne and I have been invited to a party of some sort," Harry said after reading through the letter and glancing at Daphne's.

"Same here," Blaise nodded.

"A party?" Draco asked curiously. "I wasn't invited!"

"Neither was half the school, most likely," Nott told him.

"It's a club that Professor Slughorn - a new teacher at Hogwarts - hosts," Harry began explaining. "He used to teach here a while ago, he uses the club as a chance to network and gain contacts amongst students. He's inviting me and asked me to bring Daphne and Blaise with me, though he did emphasise Daphne."

"So he already knows we're in a relationship? Good, means he's done his research." Daphne commented.

"Didn't know that Tracey and I are also together though," Harry couldn't help but point out.

"Yeah, but that just happened a bit ago," Daphne reminded him.


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