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Chapter 4 -

Harry and Bathsheda were currently sitting in a corner inside 'Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor', and the two were happily eating ice cream. Bathsheda had opted to go for a chocolate flavor while Harry was going to go for vanilla but then at the last minute decided to go chocolate as well, after all it's not like the Dursley's would ever buy him chocolate ice cream.

"Thank you for the ice cream, and the owl." Harry smiled as he looked at the snowy white owl, who was sadly still in her cage but Harry was hoping to let her out as soon as he got home.

"You're welcome Harry," Bathsheda smiled. "the ice cream's just a little treat for the both of us."

"Well thanks anyway, how much do I have to pay you for both of them?" Harry asked.

"Pay me?" Bathsheda frowned. "Harry, they are gifts, you don't have to pay me for them."

"Oh, are you sure?" This time it was Harry who frowned. "I really don't want to owe you anything so if you want some payment then I'd like to deal with it as soon as possible."

"No Harry, you don't have to pay me for either of them." Bathsheda said, wondering why Harry was so worried about getting simple gifts.

"Oh...if you're sure." Harry said in an odd voice.

"I am," She nodded. "now, have you decided what you are going to call your owl?" Bathsheda asked.

"I am going to decide later," Harry responded. "I'd like to think about it first, it needs to be a nice name that I like but she needs to like it as well." The snowy owl nodded as if to say 'you are a smart human'.

"Harry," Bathsheda briefly bit her lip. "do you mind if I ask you a question? You don't have to answer it, but I am curious."

"What about?" Harry asked.

"Your scar." Bathsheda gestured to Harry's scar.

"What about it?" Harry asked.

"Well, from what everyone else has heard you were supposed to have a single lightning bolt, not...this." She said as she gestured to his scar.

"It just ended up like that one day." Harry shrugged. "If everyone supposedly knows about my scar then why hasn't anyone said anything and while we are talking about it, why does everyone know about it?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure about the answer to your last question," Bathsheda admitted. "after you-know-who died the news spread across the country that you had defeated him, I really don't know. As for the first part, well I didn't say anything when we first me because we barely knew each other and I didn't want to be rude, as for everyone else I think people didn't know who you were and just thought you have a weird scar or were just so excited to meet the boy-who-lived that they hadn't thought about it, or they might have just thought that you had done something weird to it or maybe something else."

"Well I didn't," Harry rolled his eyes. "anyway, I have another question. If I want to come here again then do I have to contact you or something?"

"Hmm, not really," Bathsheda shook her head. "you can if you want but you can just have someone drop you off at Charing Cross Road, one thing you could do is use the 'Knight bus'."

"Knight bus?" Harry asked.

"Yes, it's a special bus for wizards and witches," Bathsheda explained. "just go on any street and make sure nobody's watching before you pull your wand out and hold it out, it should come for you. Just pay the fee and it'll take you anywhere you want. We can actually take the Knight bus back to your home if you want."

"I'd like that." Harry smiled.

"I didn't like that." Harry said once he got off the knight bus, a trunk with all of his school stuff in his left hand and his owls cage in his right hand. The owl and Jet let out a few irritated noises once they were off, they hadn't liked the ride either. The knight bus was like being in a very fast roller coaster - not that Harry had ever been in one of those - but without any of the safety systems, Harry had nearly flown out of his seat and landed on his owl and would have done if not for Bathsheda managing to catch him.

"Yeah," Bathsheda said in a sympathetic voice as she stepped next to him, the bus drove off and pout of sight as she began talking. "I prefer apparition."

"I like that even less." Harry snorted.

"You really do get used to it," Bathsheda shrugged. "anyway, we're back. Do you want me to come in and talk to your family?" She asked upon noticing the car in the driveway.

"No, that's fine." Harry shook his head. "If I have any questions then I just need to send you my owl, right?" Harry asked.

"That's right," Bathsheda nodded. "I explained the trace to you, didn't I?" She asked.

"Yes, you did." Harry nodded, while he hid it well he was very disappointed at not being able to use magic at home, all he had to do until he was of age was just imagine the things he could do to the Dursley's if he could do magic. Thankfully his snakes could keep them in line until then.

"Good, I'm glad I didn't mention the part where the trace doesn't actually start working until you start Hogwarts." Bathsheda said casually, causing Harry to gape at her. "You understand that I am not allowed to tell you that, right?" She asked him, a smile tugging at her lips.

"Of yeah," Harry grinned. "totally understand." He smiled brightly.

"Good." Bathsheda smiled back, she knew she probably shouldn't have told him that but there was something about the kid that just made her want to help him. And that smile, oh the pure joy and glee on his face made it worth it. She supposed it was probably the impression she got of his relatives that made her want to help him, she would be speaking to Professor Dumbledore about this. "Are you sure you don't want me to come inside and speak to your relatives?" She asked one last time, hoping he would say 'yes'.

"I'm positive, thank you." Harry nodded to her. She barely stopped herself from frowning but nodded to him.

"Okay, I'll see you at Hogwarts then." She said before apparating away.

Harry shook his head at that before walking towards the door, it was open so he didn't bother knocking. Once Harry had put his stuff down, he remembered something that pissed him off. Harry stormed into the living room when he saw the Dursley's sitting together in nice clothing.

"You lied to me, you fat pieces of pig crap!" Harry said as he waked up to Petunia and Vernon, ignoring Dudley. "You told me my parents were drunks who died in a car crash!" Harry yelled.

"What...what are you..." Vernon began, only to be interrupted.

"I met a teacher who teaches at the same school my parents went to!" Harry shouted. "Why did you tell me my parents were drunk drivers when they were killed by a terrorist?! You fat shit! How dare you?!" Harry roared before noticing that Vernon and Petunia were not focusing on him, but instead focusing on something behind him. Harry looked behind him and saw an elderly man and woman looking at him with open mouths. "Oh...hi," Harry said awkwardly. "you must be Uncle Vernon's business partners, well...don't let me interrupt." Harry said before he quickly left the room.

The day after Professor Babbling had left, Harry had took the damn knight bus back to Diagon Alley and went straight back to Gringotts, so he could ask questions that he didn't want to ask yesterday in front of the professor. Yes, she was nice but Harry was not willing to one hundred percent trust her yet.

"Excuse me." Harry said once he reached the head teller.

"Ah, Mr Potter," The goblin inclined his head. "how may Gringotts help you today?"

"I have questions that need answering about my family and its money," Harry responded. "I would like to speak to whoever it is I need to speak to if I want to get my answers."

"Very well," The goblin nodded. "is there anything else Mr Potter?"

"Not at the moment." Harry shook his head just as a goblin arrived next to him.

"This goblin will take you to the Potter family account manager," The head teller said. "may your gold flow and may your enemy die gruesome deaths."

"Thank you, may your gold flow and may your enemies drown in a vat of their own sweat." Harry replied.

"Mr Potter, where do you come up with these responses?" The goblin asked in a curious voice.

"I have an active imagination and a family I dislike, a sweaty family." Harry shrugged.

"Ha," The goblin barked out a laugh. "you are an interesting human, Mr Potter."

"Thank you, for what it's worth, you're interesting as well." Harry nodded to him before following the other goblin.

Harry sat down in an empty compartment on the Hogwarts express, wearing some black trainers, blue jeans and a grey shirt under a black hoodie. He was thankful that Professor Babbling had remembered to tell him how to get on to the platform, he would have been stranded if she hadn't. Honestly, putting what was basically a portal in a wall that people had to run into, say what you want about the wizarding world but it's at least interesting.

Harry's last few weeks at the Dursley's had say the least. The Dursley's had not been happy that Harry had ruined an important business meeting but were unable to express their anger as Harry still had his snakes and now had a wand. His Aunt Petunia tried to point out that he couldn't do magic outside of school - she knew thanks to Lily being a witch - but Harry happily informed her of the fact that until he attended Hogwarts he was very much allowed to do magic.

Vernon had gotten into a rage and rushed towards Harry, Harry - who had his wand in his hand at the time - was stunned by the sudden charge but thankfully his wand reacted and fired on its own, the blast from it sent Vernon to the floor. Harry had found the whole thing brilliant, Jet was less amused. Of course he was happy that his master had put those stupid humans in their place, but they had dared to try attack Jet's master! And that was not going to be forgiven easily, no sir, which was why the next day an army of snakes terrorized the Dursley home.

After that a sort of cold war had begun where the Dursley's ignored Harry to the point of pretending he didn't exist, Harry was glad for that as it was a big improvement than before. It also meant that he could take whatever food he wanted and they couldn't complain because they were trying to ignore the fact that he existed, the look on Dudley's face when Harry took his cake was a memory that would always stay with Harry.

Another piece of good new was that Harry had managed to find a name for his owl, he had named her Hedwig. Jet and Hedwig were originally quite cold to one another, neither happy about sharing Harry's attention but after a while they eventually got over it as best as they could. Harry had several times told them that he cared and loved them both, which helped. Hedwig took comfort in the fact that she would be the more useful pet, and would be the one who would take Harry's messages. Jet took comfort in the fact that he was Harry's first friend and familiar, which put him a step above being a pet as far as Jet was concerned.

But now Harry was just glad to be going to Hogwarts, Hedwig was not with him as she had chosen to fly to Hogwarts. Harry didn't really blame her, if he could then he would fly to Hogwarts as well. Jet slid out of Harry's left sleeve and sat by the window corner just after Harry took off his hoodie and stood up, he reached up into the rack and put it in his trunk before taking out a book to read. Harry sat back down and began reading, Harry hadn't really practiced much school related stuff.

The last few weeks Harry had really just self taught himself a few jinxes along with the 'Lumos' spell which produces some light from the tip of his wand plus the levitation charm. They were simple things but Harry loved the fact that he could do them. Harry was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the door opened, he looked up from his book and saw two girls. One girl had pretty brown hair that was tied into a ponytail plus blue eyes, the other girl had straight blonde hair that descended down to her shoulders, her eyes were blue like the previous girls but were far more brighter. Both girls paused upon seeing Harry's scar, but wisely didn't comment on it.

"Hello, may we sit here please?" The brown haired girl asked.

"Feel free." Harry nodded.

"Thank you." The blonde haired girl said before both girls brought their trunks in and easily placed them up in the rack.

"Is there some magic involved or are you two stronger than you look?" Harry asked, surprised at how easily the two lifted their trunks.

"There's a featherweight charm on them both to stop them from being too heavy." The brown haired girl said just as the two sat opposite Harry. "I am Tracy, Tracy Davis. This is my friend," She said as she gestured to the blonde. "Daphne Greengrass. What about you? Are you a muggleborn?" She asked. Harry was about to respond when suddenly the blonde girl, Daphne, quickly grabbed Tracy's wrist. She looked stiff and pale, her eyes were wide and she was looking very worried.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked her.

"T...there's a snake." Daphne whispered as she gestured with her head to Jet, Tracy frowned and leaned over and her eyes widened when she saw Jet.

"Oh yeah, this is Jet." Harry said as he picked Jet up, Jet wrapped his body around Harry's arm and placed his head on the back of Harry's hand.

"Jet?" Tracy squeaked.

"Yeah, he's my familiar." Harry nodded.

"Your familiar is a snake?" Daphne asked, after managing to calm down.


"Oh he'll be in Slytherin for sure." Daphne said to Tracy.

"Slytherin? That's one of the Hogwarts houses, isn't it?" Harry asked.

"Are you a muggleborn?" Tracy asked with a little bit of disbelief in her voice, in her defense a muggleborn with a snake familiar is hardly a common sight.

"No," Harry shook his head. "just muggle raised."

"You never told us your name." Daphne pointed out.

"It's Harry, Harry Potter." Harry replied, Daphne and Tracy's eyes slightly widened at that, but they weren't too surprised. The massive scar was a give away, even then it was still surprising to be sitting in a compartment with the most famous kid in the wizarding world, especially when he has a snake for a familiar.

Before anyone could say anything else the door opened and a lanky red headed boy leaning his head in.

"Hey, I...whoa." The boy paused when he saw the scar on Harry's face.

"Can I help you?" Harry asked, knowing why the boy was staring, that didn't mean he liked it.

"Hey! You're Harry Potter! Aren't you?!" He asked in an excited voice.

"Would you believe me if I said 'no'?" Harry asked in a dry voice.

"I didn't know your scar was supposed to be that big!" The boy continued. "I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasley. Do you remember how it happened?" He asked suddenly.

"Remember what?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"How it happened? Do you remember defeating you-know-who?" He asked in an awed voice.

"He was a year old," Daphne pointed out. "he wouldn't remember his own home at that age."

"Who are you?" Ron sniffed when he looked at the two girls.

"I'm Daphne Greengrass and this Tracy Davis." Daphne said in a cold voice, not liking this boy's attitude.

"I know you, both of your families are Slytherin's." Ron said, looking as if he had just ate something foul. "you should stay away from them Harry."

"And why should I do that?" Harry asked with disbelief.

"They're snakes." Ron said as if it was obvious.

"You have a problem with snakes?" Harry asked. "In that case," Harry raised the arm that Jet was resting on, Ron's eyes became comically wide when he saw Jet. "you might want to leave."

"T...that's a snake."

"You're observant." Harry snorted with amusement.

"But you can't have a snake!" Ron cried, only to jump and run out the compartment when Jet hissed and lunged forward, pretending like he was going to bite the boy.

"Well...that was...interesting." Tracy said after a short silence.

"Why are people so scared of snakes?" Harry asked Jet in a confused voice. Jet shook his head as if to say 'don't ask me'.

"Wait, you're hissing at him." Daphne said quickly. "You speak parsletounge!" She gaped.

"Yeah, ever since I was little, or...more little than I am now." Harry nodded.

"Okay, he is definitely going to Slytherin." Daphne said to Tracy.