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Chapter 93 -

A furious Dolores Umbridge walked through the halls of Hogwarts, her fury and anger masked by a polite smile, not that it made the student any more comfortable around her. She honestly felt more angry than she had in years, even dealing with politicians did not bother her as much as being in this school did. Politicians were simple, give them money or something else they want and they do what you want. If they still refuse then you work around them or find something to use against them, they were adults, she can understand and work with adults.

Children, however, she did not understand and apparently she couldn't work with them either. None of them seemed to be willing to work with her, no matter how hard she tried to install in them the proper loyalty they should have towards the ministry and towards Minister Fudge. The children all seemed to be avoiding her, she was sure that that was Potter's doing. He had also poisoned the other teacher's against her, him and Dumbledore, she was sure of it.

'Oh, how I would give anything to be allowed to kill that arrogant brat!' She mentally seethed.

She was sure that all of her problems could be traced back to Harry Potter, if he hadn't started falsely claiming that you-know-who had returned then she'd be back at the ministry behind her comfy desk, sipping on tea and helping to keep the magical world in order. But because of Potter, Cornelius needed a person in Hogwarts to prevent Dumbledore and Potter's horrible influence.

But she felt that she had arrived too late, it seemed to her that Potter had already managed to get the vast majority of students on his side, and those few that were not on his side were not willing to side with her, as if doing so would put them in danger. She knew that Potter was behind it, she had tried to convince the Minister to grant her more power at Hogwarts so she could fix the problem. But he was unwilling to do so, after the first few 'Educational Decrees' were used against her by Potter, the public had begun complaining and questioning him so he was being very, very careful.

Every single time she proposed a new decree it would be analysed by a team that would try to work out if there was any possible way it could backfire on her and the ministry, thanks to that most of her decrees were shot down near immediately. It didn't help that Lucius Malfoy seemed unwilling to help her convince Minister Fudge to act against the boy, she couldn't help but wonder why, was it perhaps because of the friendship that his son had with Potter?

The worst part for her was that she couldn't find a way to get to Potter, the boy always found a way to escape her attempts to get him into detention. If she couldn't punish the brat then the next best bet was to get to him through his friends and family, unfortunately his family was out of her reach and protected by Lord Black, while his friends were purebloods or related to purebloods, and she couldn't harm them. If only the boy had a muggleborn friend she could get to.

A part of her was also highly disappointed that she had not had the chance to use the blood quills she had brought with her, she had been hoping to use them on the Potter brat when bringing him to detention but had decided against it upon realizing that the boy was smarter than she had originally anticipated. He would almost certainly know what they were, and even if he didn't, he wouldn't be the sort to back down and would likely go straight to the press or the DMLE. He might even become angry enough to attack her, she truly believed herself to be a great witch but she knew that Potter was an extremely powerful wizard, one that she did not want to face, even if she was positive that she could beat him. She only hoped that he, nor anyone important, found proof that it was her who had sent those bludgers after him.

Thankfully she had just recently been able to fix part of her problem, she had decided that if she couldn't use the blood quills on Potter then she'd use them on someone else who deserved them. Just yesterday she had been able to bring a first year Hufflepuff girl into two weeks' worth of detention, she hadn't used the quills on her yet but would be doing so soon, the girl was just another mudblood so she didn't really mind using the quills on her. Plus she will be sure to properly hide any evidence so if the girl did complain then it would be her word against the word of Dolores Umbridge, the most powerful woman in the ministry, second only to Minister Fudge himself. She was sure it wouldn't come to that though, a few simple 'non-threats' and 'suggestions' would easily silence the girl. She would keep punishing the girl for a while before moving on to another muggleborn, the very thought brought a smile to her face.

Though that smile was quickly broken apart when she suddenly felt as if her knee caps had done the same thing, she fell to the floor screaming in agony as she felt her knees break. She lay on her front, crying out in pain with tears dripping down her eyes, she looked up and saw two bludgers lying on the floor, causing her teary eyes to widen, with one thought echoing in her head.

'He knows!' She thought to herself. 'The brat found out!'

"Alright boys," Harry said with small smile as he sat on top of a teacher's desk, a glass of milk and some jammy dodgers placed on his right side. Jet was resting on his left side with Thor sat on top of a perch that Harry created . "you want some?" He offered as he held up a jammy dodger to the Weasley twins, who had entered with Angela following behind them both.

"Oh, I'll have one." The twin on Harry's left said.

"No." Harry said before he placed the jammy dodger in his mouth and started eating.

"Why did you offer it then?" The other asked while the first looked extremely offended.

"You were supposed to refuse it, you pricks," Jet hissed. "you don't take a person's jammy dodgers, I know that and I haven't ever eaten one!"

"Exactly, Jet's right, you uncultured swines." Harry agreed before turning to Jet. "Though if I am being honest, I would take one if offered, I mean...they're irresistible." Harry said before turning back to the confused looking twin. "Right, you two pumpkins are probably wondering why I brought you here, right?"

"Yeah, what do you want?" The two said at the same time.

"Yeah, well, the two of you like pranks, right?" Harry asked. "Ah, that was one of those questions you don't need to answer," He said when he saw the two open their mouths. "now, how would you two like to go into the pranking business?" He asked. "By the way, that's a question you can answer." He added helpfully before he reached into the mind of one of them, simply to work out which one of them was which before pulling out.

"What do you mean?" The one that Harry knew to be Fred asked.

"Well Frederick," Harry began. "I am well aware of your desires to continue living the rest of your life as pranksters, not something I would personally devote my life to, but that's apparently the way it is."

"How did you know I'm Fred?" Fred asked with a frown.

"I'm smart like that." Harry smirked.

"What do you want?" George asked.

"What do I want?" Harry echoed. "I want a lot of things, most things I want, I get. As of the moment, I want your services."

"Our services?" The twins repeated in a confused voice.

"Yes, and let's make it clear, not the male prostitute kind." Harry responded. "You see, I've been made aware of you testing your products out on first years." Harry said, having found that out from members of the SW. "That stops now."

"Oh yeah, what happens if it doesn't?" Fred asked defiantly.

"Well boys," Angela spoke up, leaning against the wall behind her with her wand in her hand. "if you continue to test your products on kids then I will test my hexes and curses on you. I know some very nice ones."

"First years are off limits, don't get smart and start testing on second years either." Harry said. "Now, you are well aware that I won the Tri-Wizard tournament last year, by doing so I won quite a bit of money. I'm willing to give that money to you."

" are?" The twins blinked and looked at him with pure disbelief.

"This isn't a gift," Harry said. "if that is not a sufficient amount of money then I will be willing to give you more once you give me an exact amount, such as five-hundred galleons extra, and provide me with evidence to show that you need that amount. Then you will have a year before you pay me back, with interest. After that, if your business is successful then I will be made part-owner. So I will own, shall we say a third of everything?"

"A third?!" They blurted out.

"He is paying for it," Angela reminded them. "plus there are three of you, the two of you will get two thirds of everything."

"Exactly." Harry nodded.

"Why should we work with you?" George asked.

"Because quite frankly, your dreams are toast if you don't." Harry smirked. "You're going to need to pay for a location, products, advertising, staff, and a bunch of other stuff. You two idiot's have made far more enemies than you have friends, and let's face it, none of your friends have the money needed to start your business. Work with me and you'll get the money far faster. Plus I'm not asking for much, am I? I don't plan to impede on you two once the business starts, at least as long as you don't do anything incredibly stupid.

It's a fair exchange, isn't it? I only ask for a few very simple things, the first is that you stop testing potentially dangerous products on young first years, something which could land the two of you in Azkaban prison if something goes wrong. The second thing that I'm asking for is for you to repay the amount of money that I'm generously giving you, though obviously I have to take some more or I'd just lose and regain money. But don't worry, it'll be a fair amount. As for the owner thing, I figured if I'm giving you what is not only your dream but also a way to keep making money for the rest of your life, then I should be rewarded for that."

"And those are the only things you're asking for?" Fred asked suspiciously.

"No," Harry replied. "for one thing, you're not going to be selling anything harmful. Unless you're selling something that will backfire on death eaters, in which case, sell away. Also, you two will need to pass at least three of your newts, that's 'each' of you by the way."

"What? Why?" They both said, looking like he blurted out the last thing they were expecting him to say.

"I am not having a pair of uneducated asshats running what is basically at least partly my business." Harry said, rolling his eyes. "This isn't charity, you need to prove to me that you can handle my money, you need to earn it. If you can't put in the effort for your NEWT exams then how will I know that you will put the effort into maintaining the shop or repaying all of my money? So, is that fair to you?" Harry asked.

The twins did not immediately answer, instead they looked at each other for several long moments before turning back to him.

"Fair." They nodded.

"Good." Harry smiled briefly before giving the two of them a serious look. "I know that in the past we've not gotten along, but right now a war is coming this way. You two believe me, mostly because Dumbledore believes me, but you do believe me. Voldemort and his merry band of death connoisseurs will eventually come for you and your family because as far as everyone is concerned, you're just a band of 'blood traitors' and 'muggle lovers'. Not to mention that each member of your family has made plenty of enemies one way or another."

"So, what are you saying?" They asked impatiently.

"What I am trying to say is that it would be better for us to work with each other, and I am willing to work with you." Harry responded. "I trust that you're aware of a certain study group going around."

"Everyone is aware of it," Fred snorted. "it's basically an open secret in Hogwarts."

"Not surprising," George added. "given the amount of people that are supposedly in it."

"We tried to join," Fred admitted. "but nobody would tell us about it."

"And believe me, we tried hard to find out." George frowned, thinking about how none of their fellow Gryffindor's would tell them about the group.

"That would be because I told them not to." Harry replied.

"What?" They both blinked.

"It's my group." Harry said simply. "And I want the two of you to join."

"What?" They repeated, looking like they weren't entirely sure that this was really happening.

"It's true," Angela spoke up. "Harry has been leading the study group, because - believe it or not - a lot of people are willing to get trained by the underage wizard who went one on one with one of the worst dark lords in history and survived."

"And you want us to join?" Fred asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Like I said, I'm willing to work with you." Harry calmly replied. "Right now, you two are a pair of pranksters, ones who won't last very long if death eaters and the like try to invade your home and kill your family. But if you're willing to work with me then I will help you become strong enough to survive, strong enough to make an actual difference. So, gentlemen, what do you say?" Harry asked.

"Um, give us a minute." Fred said before he and George turned away from Harry and Angela. The two began whispering to each other, and a couple of minutes later they finally turned back to face Harry who was patiently waiting for them.

"Okay, we'll join." George said but before he could say anything more he was interrupted as Angela stepped in front of the two of them and held out a parchment and a quill.

"Write your names here." She said in a voice that promised suffering if her command wasn't immediately met. The twins blinked before wisely doing as they were told. "Great, don't tell anyone about the group and don't talk to anyone about it unless you know that they are in the group." She added.

"Good," Harry smiled while Angela stepped off to the side. "now, unless you have any more questions..." Harry trailed off questioningly.

"Well, what about Ron?" Fred asked.

"What about him?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Is he part of this group?" George asked. "Are you going to ask him to join?" He and Fred asked at the same time.

"No and no." Harry responded. "I asked you both because you're more mature than he is, believe it or not, also because everyone describes you as 'brilliant but lazy', which I can work with, I just need to kick the lazy out of you. Plus I knew what you wanted, so I knew what to talk to you about. Ron, on the other hand, is not mature at all and all he seems to care about is food and quidditch. I could get him food but that's not very effective, and I'm sorry to say but I do not have the effort - nor do I have the desire or patience - to put Ron in a professional quidditch team. Plus he is incredibly unlikely to work with me, still...I suppose this is just better incentive for you, isn't it? You'll have to work hard to protect him and your family. Now, moving on, I will have my adopted father draw up a contract for our business arrangement and we'll bring you to our next 'study group' meeting. I believe that's all, right?" He questioningly looked at Angela.

"Pranks." She said simply.

"Ah yes, pranks." Harry nodded before waving his wand, a ripple passed through the air before next to Harry a large pile of Zonko products suddenly became visible.

"Whoa." Fred breathed while George gaped at him.

"Zonko is currently the best when it comes to to prank toys," Harry smirked at the reaction of the twins. "which means you'll need to take a look at what they are doing. Take these as a gift, study them and use them to help you achieve your dream. If I may offer a suggestion, you'd be able to learn a lot by using these products, perhaps on a certain pink toad." Harry said with a wide smile.

"I do think he has a point." Fred grinned at George who responded with a grin of his own.

"I do agree, dear brother," George agreed. "it's all in the name of science." He said, both twins seeming to come around to the idea that maybe Potter wasn't all bad.

"Are you sure that it was a good idea to bring those two in?" Angela asked Harry once the twins had left.

"Honestly, no, I'm still not sure." Harry admitted. "During our meeting I constantly looked into their minds," Harry began explaining while Angela didn't even blink at his casual admittance to reading the minds of the twins. "if I had gotten even a hint that the two of them would turn us in or cause problems then I would have just oblivated them and sent them on their way. Fortunately, they do seem willing to work with us. But if they do cause problems then we can just fall back onto the old obliviation plan."

"Very well, but I must ask, why bring those two in?"

"Quite simple, the members of the SW that know them have all pretty much agreed that they are talented, plus the more people on my side, the better." Harry said simply. "In a war, every soldier matters."

"Are we soldiers?" Angela asked. "Are we and the other students soldiers?"

"Despite what we want, we will have to make a choice between being fighters, civilians or victims." Harry sighed. "Unfortunately those in the second category will more than likely find themselves pushed into one of the other two."

"Excellent work!" Harry clapped in another SW study session as he passed a group of third years, the third years grinned and blushed in response. "Twist your wrist more." Harry said as he passed a couple of fourth years before he stopped by the Weasley twins.

It had been only about a week since the twins had joined, and thankfully the two hadn't yet caused any problems, even though it was clear that they were severely tempted when they saw how many Slytherin's were in the group. But Harry and Angela kept their eyes on them and the two knew that. Plus the twins, knowing that Harry knew his stuff and with seemingly genuine interest in learning to fight against the death eaters, proved themselves to be good students that, despite joking around a lot, learned quickly.

The two of them had also been pranking Umbridge to hell and back as soon as she had left the hospital wing, at this point it was more a matter of 'what' prank they'd hit her with rather than if they would. It seemed like she couldn't last more than a couple of hours without being pranked in some way or form. Everybody around her could see that the woman was looking crazier and crazier as the days went on, her clothes and hair were no longer perfectly neat all of the time and she appeared to develop a twitch in her right eye that became much more noticeable when she was around Harry, clearly she thought that he was responsible for the pranks, which offended the twins somewhat since Harry had only brought the pranks, they had been the ones to put the effort in.

"Fred," Harry spoke up, causing both of them to look at them. "don't lean so back when you cast. As for you, George, tighten your grip on your wand."

"Seriously, how can you tell which one of us is which?!" Fred gaped at him.

"I'm smart like that." Harry grinned before walking off, he continued walking around before looking around at the room.

He saw Daphne showing off Jet to a couple of second years, they looked absolutely fascinated by him while Jet seemed to enjoy the attention. He could see Tracey and the others practising while the other students were in groups, doing the same. Thor was flying over everyone's head, occasionally letting out a few trills, something which helped keep the mood cheery. Harry couldn't help but smile at how happy everyone looked.

"Harry," Cedric said quietly as he stepped next to Harry. "are you busy?" He asked, a serious look on his face.

"No more than usual," Harry said before frowning at how serious the older Hufflepuff looked. "what's up?"

"Follow me." Cedric said before guiding Harry towards a group of first Hufflepuffs that were huddled up in a corner.

"What's up?" Harry repeated as he noticed the youngest looking one, a small girl with black hair, had red and puffy eyes.

"This is Mary," Cedric explained as he gestured to the youngest. "she had a detention with Professor Umbridge. But then she came back crying, we tried to tell Professor Sprout and even Professor McGonagall but they can't do anything. And..."

"Cedric," Harry gently interrupted before he looked at Mary who had her head facing down and was fidgeting with her hands, covering her right hand with her left. "what happened?"

"Show him." Cedric gently said to Mary. Mary looked hesitant but eventually she removed her left hand to reveal her other hand.

"What the fuck?!" Harry hissed when he saw what was on her hand. The words 'I must respect my superiors' were carved into her hand.

"I...I didn't do anything..." Mary said quietly. "...she put me in detention and made me write hand started bleeding...she gave me another detention when I stopped." She said, a wave of fresh tears pouring out from her eyes. "I have to go tomorrow and..."

"Umbridge made her write with a blood quill," Cedric growled, his eyes on Mary's hand. "that stupid woman is probably hopped up on..."


All eyes in the room snapped towards Harry, Cedric and the first years took a step back as Harry suddenly became covered from head to toe in lightning. Power radiated off of him, causing fear to rise up in those nearby while the others grew quite worried. At first Harry didn't seem to notice the reaction he was receiving as his eyes were firmly locked onto Mary's hand. Eventually though Harry noticed how much he was disturbing the other students, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes before managing to stop putting out lightning.

When he opened his eyes he took a moment to place a privacy spell around himself, Cedric and the first year group before speaking again.

"Tell me more." Harry said in a quiet voice.

"What do you think is happening?" Daphne whispered to Jet.

"My guess is that someone is about to be royally fucked up." Jet answered. "It's time to stop playing with our food."

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