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Chapter 94 -

" really don't need to do this." Mary, the first year Hufflepuff, weakly protested as she followed Harry down the hallway. She could not help but feel intimidated in his presence, not only was he pretty much the most popular and dangerous student in school, but he had his thunderbird on one shoulder and his snake wrapped around his arm while wearing an expression that honestly made Mary worry about if he was going to kill someone.

"No, I need to do this." Harry half-growled. "There are a great many things that I do not tolerate, and what she did to you is one of those things. So one way or another, she is going to pay."

"Who is?" A voice asked as they turned the corner and found Professor Babbling standing in front of them, giving the two of them a questioning look. "Harry," Professor Babbling frowned. "are you planning to hurt someone?" She asked.

"That rather depend on Professor Dumbledore." Harry answered honestly.

"What are you talking about?" She asked in a confused voice. "And why is Mary with you?"

"Mary has been writing with a blood quill, repeatedly." Harry told her.

"What?!" Professor Babbling's eyes went wide and snapped to Mary. "What on Earth would possess you to do that?"

"I didn't do it because I wanted to!" Mary snapped angrily before realising she had just shouted at a teacher. "Oh...sorry, Professor." She said contritely.

"It's alright," Professor Babbling sighed, waving off her apology. "that was stupid of me. But...why have you been writing with a Merlin-be-dammed blood quill?"

"Umbridge, a very soon to be extinct variation of toads, decided to make her do it." Harry told her. "Which why I'm going to make her pay." Harry said, Jet's hissed helped to emphasize his words.

" are you going to do that?" Professor Babbling could not help but ask.

"I'm going to give Dumbledore a chance to deal with it, let it not be said that I am not fair, and if he doesn't...well...I'm sure I'll think of something."

"Now," Dumbledore began, sitting behind his desk with Professor McGonagall standing next to him. Standing opposite him was Professor Babbling and none other than Harry Potter, Jet was wrapped around Harry's shoulders while Thor had flown over to Fawkes and joined him on his perch. "young little Mary has been sent to the hospital wing, are you sure that it was Professor Umbridge that was responsible for this?" He asked.

"That's what the girl said, that's also what Cedric told me." Harry said. "So, are you going to get rid of her or what?" Harry asked, earning a humourless chuckle from Dumbledore.

"My dear boy," Dumbledore said in a tired voice. "you think I haven't wished for her to leave the very moment she entered this castle? I remember how unpleasant she was as a student, and I know that she had only gotten worse as time went on, I never wanted her here."

"Well, now you have an excuse to get rid of her." Harry replied.

"I'm afraid that it's not that simple, Mr Potter." Professor McGonagall sighed.

"Why not?" Professor Babbling frowned. "Forgive me, but this seems like a pretty simple case, Umbridge..."

"Umbitch." Harry absently corrected.

"Yeah her," Professor Babbling nodded and then continued before Professor McGonagall could tell off Harry for his language. "used a blood quill on a student, that's against Hogwarts school rules and the law, it's a perfect way to get rid of her for good. Hopefully she'll be in Azkaban soon enough."

"Alas, it is not that simple." Dumbledore sighed. "Professor Umbridge was placed here by Minister Fudge himself, you can be assured that he'll do his best to keep her here. To remove her is to say that he made a mistake, and he will not let that be said. I fear that if we force the issue then things will become a lot worse."

"A first year just had to spend hours being forced to write with her own blood and will be forced to continue to write in blood," Harry pointed out angrily as he stepped up to Professor Dumbledore's desk. "I'd argue that we're close enough to worse."

"Harry, my boy, I understand, believe me, I do. It frustrates me to no end but if we were to call the DMLE then I have no doubt that Fudge would stonewall any investigations regarding Professor Umbridge. Madam Bones might be a brilliant woman, but Fudge is still her superior and can limit what she can do." Dumbledore replied. "Fudge is not willing to allow anything that makes him look bad and this will most definitely make him look bad. Like I said, we could force the issue and perhaps remove Professor Umbridge from Hogwarts, but I doubt that we'd be able to do more than that. And if we do then Minister Fudge may force upon us a replacement that is even worse or perhaps find some other way in an attempt to regain control. At this point in time our best option is to find a way to prevent Mary from being made to attend anymore detentions."

"So, that's it?!" Harry growled. "You're not going to do anything?!"

"There is nothing I can do, I..."

"No!" Harry yelled, he swung his arm and knocked several books, papers and various things off of Dumbledore's desk before he slammed his fist down. Jet hissed loudly, Fawkes squawked in surprise while Thor let out a couple of low trills. "You're choosing not to!"

"Mr Potter! Control yourself!" Professor McGonagall said loudly, shocked at his actions.

"No! Control has gone out the bloody window!" Harry snapped before turning to Dumbledore. "I lived the first few years of my life being neglected, abused and beaten because people like you didn't act when you could've."

"Harry," Dumbledore spoke in a quiet voice, his eyes watering slightly. "I am far more sorry than I can express over the first few years of your childhood, truly, but there is nothing that I can dooto..."

"Yes, there is!" Harry hissed. "Fudge is a spineless little coward who would benefit from a healthy dose of fear to keep him in check. You might not be Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump anymore but you still have power! Stop this passive shit and do something about him and this pink toad!"

"Mr Potter, what would you have me do?" Dumbledore sighed.

"Forget it," Harry said, taking a step back. "if you're not going to do something, then I will." He said before a smirk appeared on his face, a smirk that worried Dumbledore greatly.

"Mr Potter?" Dumbledore asked.

"Thor," Harry called and the bird hopped off of Fawkes's perch and landed on Harry's shoulder after Jet made some room for him. "I'll see you later, though if I were you then I would start preparing a new teacher for defence against the dark arts, your current one won't be around for much longer. I'd give her a week or less." Harry said, not allowing a single bit of doubt into his voice, Umbridge would be gone from the castle within a week.

"Mr Potter, I hope you are not planning to do anything illegal," Dumbledore began. "I don't think that..."

"Illegal?" Harry chuckled. "Oh no, I don't think that's necessary. I'm a Slytherin after all," Harry said as he turned and started walking away. "it's much more fun to destroy people and not be sent to prison. I won't do anything illegal, I don't need to." He added just before he left the room.

"Sorry to say this, Headmaster, but you should have just done as he said." Professor Babbling commented.

"My lord," Lucius Malfoy spoke as he approached the dark lord, "I have news from Hogwarts." He said to Lord Voldemort who was currently sat on his throne, lazily spinning his wand while his faithful familiar, Nagini, rested at his side.

"Oh, is that so?" Voldemort asked in an interested voice.

"Indeed, my lord," Lucius nodded. "I have received a letter from my son, as did Nott." Lucius said, not bothering to explain that the only reason Nott wasn't also here was because the dark lord had sent him on a mission somewhere.

"Go on." Voldemort said in an interested voice before gesturing him to continue.

"The letter's both basically stated that sooner or later, Minister Fudge would need to get a new undersecretary." Lucius replied.

"Is that so?" Voldemort asked, sounding curious.

"Yes, apparently Umbridge was unable to control herself," Lucius nodded. "she took out her frustrations on a first year mudblood."

"What did she do?"

"Apparently she used a blood quill," Lucius answered.

"A blood quill?" Voldemort repeated.

"That is what young Draco and young Mr Nott have reported," Lucius replied. "Potter had found out. All they have managed to learn is that Potter is apoplectic with rage and has said that Umbridge would not be around in this school for much longer."

"Really?" Voldemort chuckled in an amused voice. "Now that is interesting."

"What would you like us to do, my lord?" Lucius asked. "Though she may be a simple secretary, she is loyal to the ministry and could be a very beneficial pawn when we take over. Though she never did join the death eaters, she is known to despise those that are not of true blood, along with half-breeds. Should we protect her, my lord?"

"Do nothing," Voldemort said dismissively. "let Potter have his fun, this woman is no great loss. There will be many like her which means that there are many that can replace her, besides...she's old enough to have joined us in the last war yet she didn't. She is not one of mine, I am not obligated to protect her anymore than I am obligated to protect Dumbledore. Besides, I am rather curious about what Potter will do."

"The boy certainly is vicious." Lucius murmured, thinking back to the incident between himself and Potter in the boy's second year.

"Yes, I'm sure you would know." Voldemort laughed, knowing exactly what had happened, Lucius had told him when he had asked and had known better than to leave out any details, after all every death eater knew that Lord Voldemort - the dark lord who they wouldn't even name out of fear - was the best legilimency in the country, no, the world!

'Or at least I was.' Voldemort thought to himself.

He had unfortunately lost his ability to use legilimency and he still wasn't sure how, he thankfully still had the ability to speak to snakes and his magical power was just as strong as ever. He was still as fast as before, he still had all of his magical knowledge as well, or at least he did as far as he was aware. He hadn't detected any changes in his memories or personality either.

But one thing he had detected was the deterioration of his occlumency barriers, his ability to keep others out of his mind! Not that anyone would try to read his mind, nobody was brave or stupid enough to do that, especially amongst his own people, the only person who could probably stand a chance at defeating his shields when he was mentally at full power was Dumbledore and he wouldn't try that in the middle of a fight. But the occlumency skill he possessed did more than just prevent mental intrusions, it also helped him think and increased the speed in which he could think, to lose it would be a disadvantage and he was definitely losing it despite his best events to prevent that from happening.

His best theory about why this was happening was something going wrong in the ritual that brought him back to life, if Macnair wasn't already dead then he would place the idiotic man under the cruciatus curse for a while before shoving a cartload of truth serum down his throat and then keep him alive long enough to find out what happened before he either killed the man himself or let him die from overdosing on truth serum.

His skill in the mind arts were priceless and he needed to know how to prepare the damage or at the very least prevent more damage from happening, at the moment he was still able to use occlumency but definitely not at the same strength as before and he was getting worse and worse. If Dumbledore or Potter...Potter...wait...

'Did the ritual do something to Potter?' He wondered.

Dolores Jane Umbridge, senior undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, defence against the dark arts teacher and Hogwarts High Inquisitor, walked into the great hall for dinner. She would have been here much sooner if not for the fact that she had to spend half an hour getting some disgusting green goo out of her hair and repairing her clothes. Merlin, how she wanted to wring the stupid necks of these students!

At first she thought it was just Potter that had been responsible for all these stupid pranks that had been pulled on her, but she realised that it wasn't just him, there was no way he could pull off so many pranks on his own. She figured that the Weasley twins were involved, but she wasn't entirely sure if it was just them.

As she walked into the hall she suddenly noticed something, the whole hall was entirely silent. Not a single student or teacher spoke, nearly everyone had a newspaper or was reading a neighbours newspaper. She frowned and walked forwards to the teacher's table, as she did she saw a few students notice her. Whispers reached her ear, shortly every pair of eyes in the hall were looking towards her.

Once she reached the table she sat down at her spot and saw that the students were all looking at the teacher's table, in fact they were all looking directly at her. She turned to her fellow teachers and saw that they were all also looking at her, some looked at her like she was diseased while others looked at her like they wanted to say something.

"What? What is it?!" She asked irritably, she had checked her appearance before coming into the hall, there was no prank damage left on her, she had been sure of it.

" haven't seen the news yet, have you?" Professor Sprout asked quietly.

"No." Umbridge huffed before picking up the newspaper in front of her, her gaze fell upon the headline and her eyes became comically wide as all colour drained out of her face and her jaw dropped so low that it caused her actual physical discomfort. It took her several minutes to break out of her daze, she shook her head and blinked to clear her eyes before she read the headline one more time to make sure that she had actually read it right. Unfortunately for her, she had.


" can't be serious!" She sputtered as she turned to her fellow teachers. " can't let that...that horrid boy do this!"

"This is unfortunately out of her hands," Professor McGonagall sighed. "we are simply teachers, we are not able to prevent blood feuds." She said, shaking her head.

"You brought this on yourself." Professor Babbling said, being the least sympathetic amongst the teachers.

" dare you?!" Umbridge shrieked, her pale face suddenly turning an alarming shade of red. "I am..."

"A woman who uses blood quills," Professor Babbling cut her off, disgust and anger clearly heard in her voice. "we know, everyone does, it's in the paper." She said. Umbridge's entire body started shaking, it looked like she was going to start screaming or throwing hexes, but she never got to that thanks to what would happen next.

"Potter's going to kill you." Several voices said, all heads at the teacher's table snapped towards the students. "Potter's going to kill you." Several students chanted as they looked at Umbridge. "Potter's going to kill you!" More students chanted, the chants repeated, slowly but surely more and more students kept chanting until nearly every student in the hall had joined in on the chant.

"ENOUGH!" Umbridge screamed as loud as she could while snapping up to her feet. "I SAID QUIET!" She yelled when the students kept chanting. "I WILL...I WILL HAVE ORDER...SHUT UP!" She roared when the chants didn't stop.

"Potter's going to kill you! Potter's going to kill you!" The students chanted. Umbridge let out a shriek filled with rage before she quickly ran across the table and ran down the hall. "Potter's going to kill you! Potter's going to kill you!" The students kept chanting as she ran down the great hall.

Once she was out she ran to her office, still able to hear the chants in her head. She rushed into the office and slammed the door shut, she was about to rush to her fire place when she saw two things that made her scream and fall back onto her but. The first being black words painted on the wall that quite clearly said 'Potter's going to kill you'. The other being the small army of snakes all around her office. The snakes upon noticing her did not attack like she thought they would, instead they cleared a path for her, allowing her free access straight to the floo. Some of the snakes even gestured to the floo as if telling her to get a move on.

With shaky feet she rose up to a standing position and gingerly made her way to the fireplace while the snakes hissed at her.

"Boss man said he's going to kill you."

"I'm going to defecate on your carpet!"

"Jet told me to tell you that he hates you!"

Umbridge didn't waste a moment and quickly flooed out of there, leaving the office as soon as she could.

"Well, what now?" One snake asked.

"Boss man and Jet told us to destroy the office." A King Cobra reminded them.

"Yeah! Fuck this office!"

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