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Chapter 95 -

Right in the heart of the Ministry of Magic was the atrium, a large, splendid area that served as the primary point of entry and exit for workers and visitors. The ceiling was a beautiful blue with golden symbols moving over it, the floor a lovely polished dark wood, halfway into the Atrium was the 'Fountain of Magical Brethren'. The fountain featured golden statues of a wizard, a witch, a centaur, a goblin, and a house-elf, all of which were shooting out into the pool of water below, and each of the last three of which was shown to be happily basking in the generosity, wisdom and superiority of wizard kind.

There was a series of fireplaces lining the left-hand side of the long hallway leading into the atrium which allowed people to floo in while visitors departed through a series of fireplaces lining the right-hand side of the hall.

"Minister!" Umbridge screamed loudly as she stumbled out of a floo grate and nearly landed on her face, all conversation in the atrium stopped and everyone turned to look at the frantic looking witch that had just arrived. "Minister!" She cried as she began running into the atrium, fortunately for her she had been able to spot Minister Fudge who was walking towards her. "Minister!" She said happily before rushing towards him.

"Dolores!" Minister Fudge hissed as she stopped in front of him, she noted that he had several aurors with him, something which made her feel somewhat better. "What the hell is this?!" He demanded as he held up the newspaper to her face , his face an unhealthy shade of red that was diving into purple. "A blood feud?!"

"Minister, it was that horrid Potter boy!" She began explaining. "He saw that I was succeeding in our plan and decided to try and get rid of me!"

"I don't..." Whatever Fudge was about to say was cut off as Harry's owl, Hedwig, flew into the atrium and dropped off a red howler on top of Umbridge's head before flying away.

"Hi Dolores," The voice of Harry Potter spoke from the howler. "you've really pissed me off, did you know that? I mean firing my adopted sister just because of her connection to me? Invading Hogwarts which was basically a home for me and hundreds of other kids? Trying to turn Hogwarts into a prison and enforce your special brand of order on us in an attempt to impress your beloved Minister? Trying and failing to spy on me? Trying and failing to turn my own friends against me and then using a blood quill on a first year? Oh, I'm royally pissed off, Umbridge which is why I, Harry James Potter, formally declare a blood feud between House Potter and Dolores Jane Umbridge, the feud will start at 1pm, tomorrow afternoon. Don't try and run, that'll just make things worse for you. I'll meet you here tomorrow. Bye-Bye." The voice said just before the howler started ripping itself into pieces.

"You see?! That boy is a menace!" Umbridge screeched.

"Quiet!" Fudge snapped at her, in no mood to listen to her screaming.

"So...this is a bit awkward, isn't it?" Harry asked as he was sat opposite Professor Dumbledore in his office, Thor had joined Fawkes on his perch as usual while Jet was resting on Harry's shoulders, as usual. There were no other professors in here, leaving just Harry with Dumbledore, which was something Harry could clearly see was intentional. He knew that Dumbledore wanted to speak to him alone, he could only guess that the man wanted him to cancel the blood feud.

"Harry," Dumbledore sighed, looking quite tired. "why did you do this?" He said, dropping a copy of the Daily Prophet on the desk.

"Why do any of us do anything?" Harry asked philosophically. "Because we want to or need to. I wanted and needed to do this." Harry shrugged.

"No, no you didn't." Dumbledore said, sadly shaking his head. "There were other ways to get rid of Miss Umbridge, other ways..."

"You mean other ways like telling your headmaster and hoping he deals with it?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "You mean telling one of the most famously powerful and influential wizards in the world perhaps? Oh wait, I did that. I seem to remember it didn't go that well." Harry said, finishing with a small shrug.

"Mr Potter, you're going to kill a woman, she..."

"Is she though?" Harry asked curiously.

"I beg your pardon?" Dumbledore gave him a questioning look.

"Is she really a woman?" Harry said, wrinkling his nose slightly. "If she is then I have simultaneously lost a great deal of respect for the female species while gaining a great deal of appreciation for the other females I've met."

"Mr Potter," Dumbledore glared at him, "this is not a joke." He said, expressing just how upset he was by allowing his magical aura to fill the room.

"Impressive," Harry freely admitted, he did so honestly as well, he truly was impressed by how powerful Dumbledore was. The man didn't feel as powerful as Voldemort but Harry couldn't be totally sure since he hadn't seen either man at full strength, plus Dumbledore was hardly in his prime. Jet hissed at Dumbledore but didn't do more than that thanks to Harry stroking his head. "are you going to follow up?" Harry asked curiously.


"Are you going to follow up?" Harry repeated. "Because you see I'm not a scared little child anymore, Dumbledore. So, if you're going to try and intimidate me..." Harry raised a hand and allowed it to become covered in lightning. " had better be willing to follow through, because if you push hard enough, I promise you that I'll push back harder." Dumbledore stared at Harry for several moments.

"I am sorry." Dumbledore sighed as he let his magical presence die down.

"So, the great Albus Dumbledore resorts to intimidation when he wants to get his way?" Harry asked in a casual voice as the lightning died down. He saw Dumbledore open his mouth to protest and decided to try and get one last gibe in. "Maybe that's why you want to help Umbridge, hmm, I mean you both like to use intimidation on those younger than you. Honestly, it's a wonder you're not on the Minister Fudge's side, Professor, you and his toad seem to have much in common." He said, causing Dumbledore look as if he had been physically struck.

"Mr Potter, you have my sincerest apologise. I let my emotions get the best of me, for that I am sorry. But we must not work against each other, especially now!" Dumbledore protested. "Voldemort is growing stronger and we can't afford to be at each other's throats."

"You were the one flexing your magic on me," Harry reminded him. "plus you're the one complaining about my simple plan to smear Umbridge's blood over Fudge's wall."

"Mr Potter, I understand that you are not happy with my handling of this situation, but I fear that you are not seeing the big picture." Dumbledore replied.

"You're right." Harry laughed humourlessly. "What would I know about seeing the big picture? Oh wait, I was the one who saw Dolores Umbridge come into the school and came up with a great big plan the second I saw Umbridge's stupid face take her very first bite of food. Don't think that I couldn't have gotten rid of Umbridge at the start of the year, there were plenty of legal and illegal ways to get rid of her, but I didn't because I saw the big picture."

"What big picture is that?" Dumbledore frowned.

"I saw how useful she would be in making everyone see that Voldemort back and I was right, her obsession with denying it helped convince more people and helped me in a few other ways that I plan to reveal later once I've confronted Umbridge. But still, do you know the key difference between yourself and I, sir?"

"No, but I am sure that you're willing to enlighten me." Dumbledore said in a calm voice, gesturing Harry to continue.

"You see the big picture, so do I, but you don't see the smaller pictures, I do." Harry answered. "You see, for me the big picture is the Ministry and Voldemort, but the small picture was that eleven year old girl who has had her first year in the magical world tainted by Umbridge and her abusive, discriminatory brand of justice. The smaller picture for me is every other kid who is in danger of suffering under Umbridge's reign of terror."

"Harry, I understand but..."

"I don't think you do," Harry interrupted, shaking his head slightly. "do you remember what it's like to be a child, Professor? I do, some might say I still am, but I'm not, not magically or mentally anyway. You know what I remember from my life before coming here to Hogwarts? Belts, slaps, blood, cold, hunger, pain. That's what I remember, Dumbledore. And if you think I would ever let any innocent child suffer through that when I can prevent it then you don't know me, Dumbledore."

"I...but what is the purpose of all of this? Why are you..."

"To win the war because frankly, you're not cutting it." Harry said, cutting him off. "I've been paying close attention to you and your group and how you've been operating and I find it lacking. You're fighting a 1940's war, Voldemort isn't. You're not doing enough, because - with all due respect - you're not the leader we need, sir."

"I beg your pardon, Harry?" Dumbledore asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm just being honest, sir." Harry said apologetically. "From what I know, you didn't participate in the war against Grindelwald until the very end when you defeated him in a duel, a duel sir, then after that you went right back to Hogwarts. Then when Voldemort started being a prick you tried to lead the order against him but you were failing and the war only ended on a fluke." Harry shrugged. "Sorry, but I'm not risking my life or anybody else's on the hopes of another fluke."

"So what are you saying? That you'd like to take over the order?"

"Hell no," Harry snorted. "I would if I could but I doubt that many of the members of your little group will like that." Harry added as he stood up. "Just think about what I said, Dumbledore."

"Harry, I..."

"Just wait," Harry told him. "just wait and watch the results."

"Harry, I cannot approve of this." Dumbledore said, looking far older than normal.

"You don't have to." Harry said as Thor flew onto his shoulder. "Just wait and watch the results." Harry repeated before he turned and walked off.

"I am becoming deeply concerned," Dumbledore called just as Harry opened the door. "you are reminding me of another student," He said, causing Harry to stop. "of a rather brilliant boy named Tom Riddle."

"I can see why," Harry sighed before glancing back at Dumbledore. "and it may surprise you to know that right now I'm not the only one in this room with some resemblance to our favourite milk-skinned villain. Just think about what I've said, sir, I'd be more than willing to have another conversation with you once you have." Harry said before walking out the door, leaving a disturbed Dumbledore.

"This is excellent, Minister!" Umbridge crowed with delight as she and Minister Fudge were stood in the Ministry of Magic's atrium alongside a whole army of aurors.

"Minister, I really must advise against this." Amelia Bones, head of the DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement), said for what felt like the hundredth time. "If Potter is coming after Miss Umbridge then it is far better for her to be taken away to a safe house and..."

"Absolutely not!" Fudge barked, red faced. "Can you imagine what the public will think if they see that we are hiding from a teenager?" He said, gesturing to the reporters that had shown up and were standing off to the side.

"Exactly!" Umbridge quickly agreed. "I'm not afraid of Potter. That little trouble maker won't be able to get past all of these aurors." She smirked as she gestured to all of the aurors in front of them.

"Perhaps not, but I'd rather not risk the health and wellbeing of my aurors in this blood feud against Potter." Amelia protested.

"The health of your...he's just a boy!" Fudge scoffed.

"A boy who defeats dragons and manticores in the same day and is widely known to be the next Albus Dumbledore with the way he's going," Amelia pointed out. "and you are all clearly at least somewhat worried, if you weren't then you wouldn't have brought so many aurors for what you claim to be a simple fifteen year old. Mad-Eye Moody was even involved in his training and the last time we talked he told me the boy could likely out fight a great many of my aurors and..."

"Moody is an old man who everyone knows is losing his mind!" Umbridge snapped. "I am not going to run or hide from a mere boy! Potter is just..." Whatever she was about to say was cut off as a floo grate activated and none other than Harry Potter with Jet wrapped around his left arm.

"Oh Umbridge!" Harry called before looking around and spotting her. "Ah, there you are." He smiled, "Oh and you brought friends!" He said when he looked at the aurors, acting as if he had just noticed them.

"Exactly!" Umbridge smile widely. "I..."

"Don't lie, we both know you don't have friends." Harry said, cutting her off. "So, you got scared and decided to call the entire government?" Harry snorted.

"In a blood feud we are allowed to have help from our allies," Umbridge pointed out as she sneered at him. "and the Minister is an ally of mine, therefore the whole ministry is my ally."

"Oh, so you got the entire ministry on your side?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "Nice, I suppose if we're fighting with armies then I might as well bring my own." Harry said reaching into his pocket and activating his SW galleon.

"You don't have an army." Fudge laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

"You don't have a brain." Harry replied. "Only of us is correct, let's see who." Harry said as he started walking forwards.

"You don't stand a chance against us, Potter!" Umbridge hissed. "We have an army..."

"I've got a better one." Harry said just as the floo grates behind him all activated. Students of various sizes in Hogwarts school uniforms exited out from the floo stations, the uniforms did not have Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin symbols and covers. Instead the uniforms were black and grey with a silver wolf head symbol instead of a house symbol. The students themselves had their heads covered in silver metallic wolf masks.

Student after student came out of the grate until Harry had an entire army of students behind him, each standing with their wands ready.

"So, Fudge," Harry spoke as Fudge, Umbridge and everyone else in the room stared at him and his army with wide-eyed disbelief. "shit yourself yet?"

"Harry and I call dibs on the pink one!" Jet shouted.

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