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Chapter 96 -

"W...w...what is this?!" A red-faced Fudge demanded to know as he stared at Harry and all the Hogwarts students. "What is this, Potter?"

"This?" Harry raised an eyebrow before lazily gesturing behind him. "Well, 'tis my army, bitch." He said in a casual voice that was ruined by the smirk on his face.

" did this happen?!" Umbridge screeched, a frightened look on her pale face.

"Well, I have you and our 'beloved' Minister to thank for that." Harry grinned. "You're both at least partially responsible for this."

"What?! I did no such thing, you filthy liar!" Umbridge screamed at him.

"Um...yes, yes you did," Harry said calmly. "you see if you had just left me alone then nothing would happen but your behaviour, the extreme denials of Voldemort's returns have helped me convince this lot that the ministry has something to hide. After all, if they didn't then they would have just left me alone to prattle on and wait until they were proven right when nothing happened. But when the right-hand woman, of the guy in charge of the ministry, comes in personally and does her full best to prevent even mentioning the possibility of Voldemort's return, then that raises questions." Harry smirked as he saw understanding dawn on Umbridge and Fudge's faces, both had looks that suggested they realized just how stupid they were.

"Potter is lying to you!" Umbridge shouted towards the Silver Wolves. "He's filling your head with propaganda and false truths! He's trying to turn you against the ministry and..."

"If he's lying then why the hell did you keep bringing it up?!" One of Harry's wolves interrupted with a shout.

"Yeah," Another one agreed. "you brought it up in classes when he wasn't even talking about it, you filthy frog-humping toad." Harry smiled at that.

"And I in no way made you use a blood quill on that first year." Harry pointed out.

"Another lie!" Umbridge hissed, knowing that everyone was paying close attention to her, including Amelia Bones. "I did no such thing, you lying little..."

"Oh yes, you bloody did!" Harry loudly interrupted. "I saw it! We ALL saw it!" Harry said as he gestured behind himself to the Silver Wolves.

"Children, children, listen to me." Fudge spoke up quickly. "You are the future of the wizarding world, don't let that future be thrown away by listening to Potter and..."

"We'd rather listen to him than hear your useless drivel." Harry heard a voice on his right say, a voice he easily recognised as Daphne's.

"Yeah," Tracey's voice agreed, coming from his left. "you tried to ruin our year, our education and our lives with your stupid desire to shove your head in the sand and ignore what was happening around you."

"Yeah, really Umbridge?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "You tried to pass rule after rule that restricted what these students could do and you thought that that would endear you to them? That they would love and support the ministry after you basically shoved rule after rule at them? Not to mention the fact that it's well known that you hate the muggle-born and half-blood students, students that make at least three-quarters of the Hogwarts population. Honestly, you were simultaneously the best and worst person to send." Harry grinned at the growing look of anger on her face. "Face it Umbridge, you weren't even at my level, not in intelligence, looks or even magical strength. You're not at my level, you're not even on the level below me."

"Quiet!" She snapped at him, drawing her wand. "I will have order, Potter!"

"Or what?" Harry grinned challengingly. "What are you going to do, Umbridge? Go and cry to Fudge? We're here and we don't give a shit about what he will do. You're pathetic Umbridge, and I'm going to do the world a favour and get rid of you!"

"You horrible brat!" Umbridge screeched in a pitch high enough to break glass. "Confringo!" She roared, her spell flew over the heads of the aurors that had quickly jumped out of the way and towards Harry who lazily put up a shield that blocked the spell.

"Wow, second only to Fudge-cakes over there and you can't even do non-verbal spells." Harry taunted, causing many of his Silver Wolves to laugh. Umbridge growled before sending a silent stunner at Harry who casually slapped it away with his wand. "Oh look, maybe you can, show me at least one more non-verbal spell and maybe you'll even be allowed to become Minister of Magic."

"Avada Kedavra!" A red-faced Umbridge yelled, her green killing curse shot through the air towards Harry who blocked it with some conjured marble, the marble broke into little pieces and fell to the floor.

"Voldemort's killing curse was faster," Harry said before looking back towards the Silver Wolves. "oh well, she tried to kill me, nothing we can do." He shrugged before turning back to face Umbridge who looked quite exhausted from casting that particular spell, she also seemed to be ignoring the reactions of everyone else. Amelia, Fudge and the aurors were now all looking at her like she was a madwoman, which wasn't that inaccurate. Harry started walking forwards while his army followed behind him.

"Aurors!" Umbridge shouted. "Attack!" She yelled, pointing towards Harry.

"Yeah, do it!" Harry yelled, a grin on his face. "Attack me and all of these pureblooded children behind me! Do it!"

"Aurors!" Amelia Bones ordered. "Stand down! We are not going to attack children!"

"You work for the ministry, now do your jobs!" Umbridge screeched.

"Working for the ministry does not mean that you have to involve yourselves in blood feuds!" Amelia quickly said before turning to Fudge who looked like he had no idea what was happening. "You need to stop this! Do you have any idea what the public would do to you if they learnt that you let aurors harm school children, including pureblooded children, in defence of a woman that they are accusing of abusing children?! You'd be extremely unlikely to even stay Minister for another week." She said, knowing that if the man's morals wouldn't stop this then his greed and fear would.

Fudge gulped as he saw Potter walk forwards with his army, two of his aurors cast stunning spells that were blocked by the two behind Potter. As far as he was concerned this was a lose-lose-lose situation, if he attacked these children and lost then the ministry would look weak, if he attacked the children and won then the public would be baying for his blood because he attacked children, if he did nothing then poor Dolores would be ripped to pieces. Amelia's words helped him come to a decision, he could recover from losing Dolores, there were plenty of people that could work for him, what he would not be able to recover from was the public demanding his head. Besides, if he was part of this feud then that meant that he could also be harmed and nothing could be done about this.

"Forget this!" One auror said. "I didn't join up to hurt kids!" He said before rushing off to the side, out of the way.

"Me neither!" Another agreed before joining him.

"You traitors!" Umbridge cried out after several more joined them. "You..."

"Aurors!" Fudge yelled. "Remove yourselves from this situation, now!" He ordered.

"WHAT?!" Umbridge turned on him, a horrified look on her face as all the aurors quickly moved out of the way, leaving Harry and his army an open path to Umbridge. "Minister! What are you doing?!" She said, her voice filled with hurt and fear.

"I'm sorry, Dolores," Fudge sincerely apologized as he took a couple of steps back. "I am removing my support, I am no longer your ally in this feud." He said loud enough for everyone to hear, his hands fidgeting with the green bowler hat in his hands.

"What?! can't do this!" She wailed, tears dripping down her face. "You can't!"

"I'm sorry, Dolores," Fudge sighed. "but for the good of the ministry itself, I must..."

"For the good of...for lying backstabber!" She roared at him.

"Now Dolores, I..." Fudge nervously took another few steps back and it was a good thing that he had.

"Die! You snivelling bastard!" Umbridge bellowed, pointing her wand at Fudge and casting a cutting curse. Fudge had enough distance to allow himself to dodge, barely. Her cutting curse flew past him towards Amelia who had raised her wand to shield but ended up not needing to when another shield blocked the spell for her.

"Allow me, Miss Bones." Harry said calmly as he dispelled the shield.

" tried to kill me..." Fudge blurted out in a shocked voice, staring at Umbridge who was positively mad with rage. " can't..."

"DIE!" She screamed, pointing her wand at him only for it to be yanked out of her hand by a well placed disarming curse. Her wand flew into the air before being destroyed by another spell.

"Relax Fudge, like with most of your life, a better wizard will deal with the mess you made." Harry said calmly before aiming his wand at Umbridge.

"You can't do this to me!" Umbridge cried, tears dripping down her face. "I am Dolores Umbridge! Senior secretary to the..."

"No! You're fired! You crazy bitch!" Fudge couldn't help but interrupt.

"I...AH!" Umbridge screamed in pain when her left hand was hit with a bone breaker.

"Ah, and that's the hand that you write with, isn't it?" Harry asked, pointing to her wand hand. He flicked his wand and hit it with a cutting curse, the curse didn't go through her hand but did cause a lot of blood to pour out.

"Leave me alone!"

"Now, I can't do that, can I?" Harry tutted. "If I do then you're just going to come back later and try and get me directly or through my friends and family, sorry, but you know I'm right."

"I'll kill you!" The madwoman screamed before charging at him in a rather muggle-like fashion.

"Goodbye, Umbridge." Harry said before pointing his wand at Umbridge, the tip of his wand glowed a bright blue before lightning shot out of it and crashed into her, shooting her off her feet and several meters back. Harry kept pouring out lightning for a few very long moments, stopping once he was sure that Umbridge was dead. Harry looked back at his Silver Wolves and saw that a great many of them looked uncomfortable and were now looking at him. Harry gave them a small nod, 'later' he mouthed before he shifted his gaze towards Fudge.

"I...I..." Fudge stared at Umbridge's burnt corpse. "I...bleurgh!" He vomited, it was hardly a pretty sight, but then again, neither was Fudge. He stared up and his gaze landed on Umbridge once more, causing him to once again empty his stomach.

"Fudge," Harry said as he walked up to the man, Harry quickly vanished the vomit on the floor before casting a few air-freshening spells. "we need to talk."

"I...I don't want to talk to you!" Fudge blurted out before wiping his mouth with his sleeve and turning away, he started walking away but Harry flicked his wand and cast a spell that caused Fudge to spin all the way around so he ended up walking back towards Harry and stopping in front of him. "I...I..."

"Tough shit, Fudge, because we are going to talk now." Harry told him.

" can't hurt me! The blood feud is over!" Fudge said, staring at Harry fearfully.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Fudge." Harry sighed. "I just want you to know something important. Oh, and also that this is all your fault, by the way."

" fault?!" Fudge blinked, looking at Harry like he had just been rapping in French.

"Yes, glad you agree." Harry nodded. "After all, if you hadn't sent that sadistic bitch to a school full of children then I wouldn't have had to do this. If you hadn't targeted my family and Hogwarts in your stupid attempt to deny what is clearly in front of you then this wouldn't happen."

"He's not back!" Fudge said, sounding almost desperate to believe that.

"Surely something this unintelligent can't exist." Jet said with genuine curiosity as looked at Fudge.

"I can argue with a stubborn man, but not a stupid one, believe whatever you want, Fudge. Just don't blame me if he goes after you or your family." Harry said before he allowed his eyes to narrow. "Let's make something perfectly clear though, send another person to Hogwarts if you want, let them shit out whatever stupid crap you want them to say. But if you dare send a second person that will harm the kids in Hogwarts then the next blood-feud I declare will be against you." Harry warned before stepping away from the shell-shocked Minister. "Miss Bones." Harry nodded respectfully to Amelia.

"Mr Potter." She nodded back, taking a deep breath.

"You might want to help talk some sense into your minister, I feel like he doesn't have any left," Harry said before looking over to the Silver Wolves. "come on guys, the show's over." He said before he and the rest of the SW's made their ways to the floo network and flooed out.

Once they were gone Fudge looked around the atrium, just a short distance away he saw the dead body of his undersecretary, the woman that tried to kill him and was accused of child abuse. He saw the aurors, many of which looked like they wanted nothing to do with him, he saw the reporters that were looking at him with concern, though he knew that concern was fake and if it wasn't it would only last so long, they would rip into him like wolves into a rabbit. Every word of what had happened today would be known to the public and he knew it.

"Minister!" Percy Weasley cried as he rushed into the atrium, unaware of what had just happened, carrying a piece of parchment in his hand. "I...I got news from Azkaban, it's been broken into! Several prisoners have escaped, including the Lestranges!" He said as he dropped the parchment into the hands of Fudge who looked like he was a few seconds away from a heart attack. "I..." Percy's gaze drifted away from Fudge for a moment. "...what the hell happened to Miss Umbridge?!" He blurted out.

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