The Night Of The Revolving Door

James West and Artemus Gordon were exhausted the past three weeks searching for those responsible for the deaths of the wagon train coming in from Arizona and Montana. There were no reports of indians or any other causes.

They were having drinks in the saloon in Washington, D.C. Yellow Brick owned by a friend named Jack Elroy Jenkins ex Secret service agent having been injured in a skirtism with some unknown Indian attack. He was shot twice in the right leg for which he wasn't able to walk proper afterwards using of a wooden cane. His aged in his early forties had invited his friends from the secret service.

The bar was busy for a Friday night evening with the temperatures in the low sixties with very little cloud cover in the sky and no doubt anyone will be able to see the North star.

Jenkins walked over to his buddies asking on whether they were interested in another drink or whether they were hungry.

"Matter in fact Jack we are hungry. We have not had a proper meal in a little over a week or so trying to catch the one and only enemy Doctor Loveless." James West says with some slight sarcasm in his tone of voice and his demeanor.

"Sure enough Jim, I will be sure to let the cook know. What would you like to have anyrate my friends?" He will asked with scanning the crowd from inside the saloon. While taking a fast glance. He thought that he might of seen someone that his friends were talking with Doctor Loveless as well his arch enemy.

James West taking a sip of his drink that was brought over by the bartender. He asked the following... "What's wrong Jack?

Shaking his head for a brief moment. "I really don't know Jim. I had thought for a moment that I had saw Doctor Miguelito Loveless in the corner laughing before disappearing." He will have said with seeing the looks on their faces.

"That's not possible Jack! Doctor Loveless had disappeared months ago thinking that he might of been killed during a rock slide in Montana close to one of the largest caves." Artemus will reply with taking a sip of his drink and with taking off his hat and placing it on the bar's counter.

"Did it ever occur to you that just maybe he's still alive and was able to recover and get out from the landslide of the cave? Who knows on whether his so call friends might of been able to dig him out and even take him to some doctor or indian doctor to save his life?" Jenkins will mention to his two friends still not believing what he wa saying in the first place.

As they continued to talk at the bar of the saloon. Jenkins had turned in their orders for the cook processing them. He had to check for himself to find nothing at all or whether it was part of his imagination for the most part.

He even went out into the back alley to see nothing with the darkness arising. He was wondering on whether his two friends were able to find any rooms to stay in for the night.

He walked back inside to see his friends still at the bar counter instead of taking a now empty table that one of the waitresses named Eleanor age 36 years of age having moved from San Francisco to live in Washington, D.C. both as a waitress and part time school teacher. She had married once for five years before her husband Jerome was killed in an wagon train accident with falling off when the wheel broke off and his body being crushed by other wagons.

Jack walked over slowly with his cane to inform his friends of the table and with their orders being out soon. James West turned to face his friend having finished his third drink feeling slightly mellow. Eleanor had come over to let them know that their table was ready for them to move.

Artemus Gordon had grabbed his drink to walk over to the table while James West his friend was flirting with the beautiful waitress and no doubt very much interested in having a night out with her if possible.

Quickly she will say the following smiling. "I get off in two hours James. Here is where I live if your interested in meeting me their at the rooming house for where I stay." She was able to hand him a piece of paper using her pencil to write down the address...

"Thanks I will be there Eleanor." He motion to head on over to their table and seeing the food being brought in by the cook having to be annoyed that Eleanor was supposed to been doing her job and not him.

"I am sorry for not bringing the food. I just hope that the cook doesn't complain to the owner." She was scared having to walk back to the bar and the cook saying something into her ear to scare her and following the orders given...

Artemus was laughing slightly along with shaking of his head watching his friend and his charm working once more with the ladies...


As for Miguelito Loveless he was hiding in an abandoned warehouse five miles south of the Washington, D.C. saloon and town. His friends were sitting inside the small office with Loveless raised high on the chair in order to drink his beer and sandwich made by one of his stupid friends.

Even though they had been with him a while now after saving his life in the land slide, and carrying his fragile body to a medicine man offering to help him for promise not to have their Indian group The Shawnee of 15 not taken in by the sheriff in Montana.

He was eventually able to recover with a great deal of rest, fluids and food to build up his strength. His friends had stayed with him once he was able to recover fully with his strength coming back with help from the medicine man using his herbs for the most part.

Afterwards the Shawnee would leave for another location. While Loveless had left the area with his friends and his latest girlfriend Eleanor. He would help her get a job as a part time school teacher and waitress in Washington, D.C. fo which she loves to do over the years.

However she would eventually used Loveless to get what she wanted along with some fringe benefits with the U.S. government helping her along and as well an agent for the better of two years. She didn't know on whether she was able to pull it off with bringing in Secret Service agent James West as Loveless pawn.

He had been contacted by a courier in town that Eleanor had made contact with James West and will be setting up a date of sorts to talk and whatever else that comes to mind. She didn't wish to think about the sexual aspect making her think that she was a dirty slut for those times and era.

She had watched West and Artemis pay for their food knowing full well she was going to be seeing him at her rooming house address.